Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Vacation" almost over

DH is making his way home now. Should be here mid day Friday. He's taking a half day extra to stop in and see a friend on his way home, have dinner with him Thursday and stay at his place and then make the rest of the trip home Friday morning.

It's been a very nice, quiet 10 days so far! But, I'll be glad he's back to scoop dog poop. HA! I'm sure I didn't get it all before it snowed Sunday night so there's probably some left under there :/ I'm heading out there soon to see what I can pick up. I haven't done it for a couple days. I'll have to get super bundled up, it's 15 degrees out.

Not sure how/why it happened but the seller of DD/BF's new house had the gas turned off on Monday (the day it closed). They didn't get the keys until like 6pm on Monday. They called Tuesday but gas company said they couldn't come back out to turn on until today! Good grief and it's like 25 degrees there this week. WTH?! They aren't staying there yet (not until they get all moved in this weekend) but it certainly is cold enough to freeze pipes with no heat on. When we sold/bought nothing was turned off on our old our or this new one.

In the backyard of DD's new house is a shed. They never got to see inside it, as it was locked. They got the key now and she sent me a pic of what was inside the "mystery shed" (I assumed nothing - ha!). Inside was sections of a tree that had been cut down (in their back yard). My immediate thought was all the Pinterest things I have been seeing recently made with slices of big logs! DD said she thought the same thing and was excited to see them :) Her BF saw firewood - haha!

 I told her to save me a slice :)

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  1. Nice logs! I can see coffee tables and flower-pot holders along with firewood:) Wish your DD and her BF the best with their new home. I can anticipate how excited they mus