Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Not starting off to a very good day so far

I just got DH signed up for a new health insurance plan. UGH. An extra $158 a month was not in my budget planning. I'm offsetting some of it with not having money deducted from my paycheck for FSA in 2017. That will be about $100 a month (pre-tax). Mostly what I had used it for was chiropractor visits and DH's expensive Crestor prescription - neither of which I have anymore. At least I'm trying to go without seeing a chiropractor monthly (I went about every 5 weeks) and see how it goes. Probably come spring, when I can safely drive to the city on a regular basis, I will find a chiropractor there to go to at least every few months to get adjusted. I need to also let his old health insurance company know he will not be renewing for 2017.

Well, that's just great. When I signed up I had to provide a credit (debit) card # and clicked on set up for recurring monthly payments - it's already hit my account! I assumed it would come out when due on the 1st of January. So, now I'm $511 short, as well as the $124 I got double deducted earlier for 2 electricity payments that came out of my account for some reason. Not very happy right now.

I think I am done Christmas shopping for DH, at least. I just ordered a CD from of a musician he really likes. The actual CD is coming in the mail, but figured out I can also listen to it now in the Amazon music app! .

When I decided to go out and drive at noon yesterday our street had all melted. Nice - now it will be a normal drive into town. No - all the other streets were still covered in snow! Why in the world just our street had melted I have absolutely no idea! So weird. But, I had no problems, other then when I was backing out of my parking space at the store and then turning to go forward I slid a bit, as it sloped off a little. But I had parked as far out as I could, so no issues, LOL.

DH will be home mid day Friday sometime. He's going to take an extra half a day to come home, which I am glad about. He has a good friend on the other side our our state (which is on his route home) and will stop in Thursday afternoon to have dinner and stay at his place the night. Friday morning he'll have about a 5 hour drive home.

One of the changes for us, living here, is no more fast food. Obviously a good thing, but still a bit of an adjustment that I just can't run and pick up burgers, Subway, Chinese food, etc, whenever I feel like it.  Or order a pizza delivered. We do go eat at the restaurant in town once a week. We are regulars now - Even have a punch card ;)


  1. I don't give my main checking account access to anyone. My banker told me to set up a separate account used specifically for online automatic payments. This way you limit the amount in the account and 'they' can't bleed you dry. Think about doing that.
    Oh, and I solved our fast food cravings by buying frozen cooked foods. 30 seconds in the microwave saves my wallet.
    Happy happy!

    1. that's probably a good idea, but I'd probably forget to make sure I had enough to cover what I spent or set up to come out each month and make a mess. I have found a frozen pizza that wasn't too bad and bought it a few times. I'll have to check out more frozen foods for convenience.