Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow and the week ahead

It was a quiet weekend. Lots of snow falling. We made a snowman just for fun. Got that out of our system, LOL.

DH got home Thursday afternoon. He had borrowed friends truck to use so I picked him up at friends house about a 30 minute drive down the highway. He got in just in time before the snow started falling on Friday and thankfully I only had dry roads before then to go pick him up. Saturday morning he took me to the grocery store in town. I'm not too happy with their stocking of breads! They are always out of the sandwich bread we like, as well as English muffins. They were out when I went last Thursday too. At first he was like "can't you just drive yourself?" and I said that was the deal you promised me to move to where it snows! You drive me! It's certainly not like he has anything else to do and he's already saying he's bored. Which is exactly what I told him would happen when we first talked about moving here. Duh. He always has to be doing something and there's not much to do now.

Dinner last night was courtesy of some leftovers I had frozen. "Taco Soup" and I made some corn bread to go with it. I like those easy kind of meals. Tonight will be some chicken breast tenders I thawed out in casserole type dish with white rice and mixed vegetables. Tomorrow we will head back to "the restaurant" for our weekly dinner we have missed the last 2 weeks.

Thursday I fly out to go to a work meeting on Friday. Our year end company meeting and bonus check hand out :). I'm staying in town through Sunday afternoon. I will drive to DD's Thursday evening (I get in at 5pm) and see her new house and stay with her. I think I will spend the rest of the weekend at my mom's. DD has a friend flying in from Australia on Friday afternoon and will be busy with her all weekend. They started being pen pals when they were probably 10 years old and have kept in touch ever since. I'm just going to rent a car, so I can come and go as I please. It'll only be about $60 to rent one.


  1. We are expecting snow in Istanbul today as well but it will not be on the ground for long. So, no snowman in sight yet.

  2. Have you ever used a breadmaker? Maybe your husband could take that on a his job. He might be really creative and enjoy it.

    1. Hi = yes I do have a breadmaker that I make bread every so often, usually just when I do up a pot roast in the crockpot. He doesn't like that kind of bread for his sandwiches. Just a certain kind - 9 grain - he's picky!