Thursday, December 8, 2016

It pays to ask

My company is generous with paid holidays. We get Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after off. Usually we get all of New Years Eve and New Years Day off. I was looking at the company calendar and noticed we did not get the Monday after New Years Day off. I always thought if a holiday falls on a Sunday, then Monday is usually considered the paid holiday. The company I do my side job for is closed that day. DD's company is closed that day. Normally, I would just not say anything, but I decided to ask my boss. She was like "you know, I didn't even think about it! Let me check and see if our main manufacturer is closed....". Today we got an email that not only now are we closed that day, but our owner's also added in Dec 22nd. I'm glad I asked :)

DH should be home around dinner time this evening, instead of tomorrow. He's making better time back, not pulling a trailer, and got to the town his friend lives in, this morning, so they went and had a late breakfast instead of dinner and DH is now back on the road. A winter snow storm is supposed to be coming tonight, so he is wanting to get back before then. He had a bit of scary driving through Wyoming last night - got blown off the road a couple of times and it was very icy. He got to a hotel as soon as he could.

I need some groceries! Gotta start planning dinners again (ugh! LOL). Well, it's cold cold here right now at 12 degrees but I'm going to go to the little grocery store during lunch break and get some things. The dogs don't even want to go out .They go out for a minute and want right back in. Apparently the kids at the grade school I can see out my office window don't mind it - they've been out at recess playing! BRRR!


  1. Kids need that running around time. That is generous holiday time, congrats. I'll use a combination of reserved comp time, my regular day off, holiday, and three days vavation to have off December 23-January 2nd, back in the 3rd.

    1. Hi SAM - back in Washington if it was that cold out they'd make the kids stay inside LOL. Just not used to it over here yet ;)

  2. You have always sounded like you have a very generous employer. I do too. I will never understand the mindset that says "screw your employees over till they drop" because I have always felt that if you treat people well they give more. Anna