Friday, February 21, 2014

So glad it's Friday

Well, the sick germs finally caught up with me. It's been a long chase. I honestly can't remember the last time I was sick with a cold or flu - at least a few years. But, the crud has settled in my throat and chest with a nice cough and not much voice to talk.  At least it's not all congested in my nose and I can sleep pretty well. My boss had it last week, so I probably have her to thank. One of our company owners found out yesterday his had turned into pneumonia.

Glad it's a work from home day and I'll work as much as I feel like, though I don't see me making it 8 hours. Maybe I'll take a lunch break nap and be able to finish the day.  I do need to get in the shower soon and get myself over to the vehicle licensing office. DH and I are putting son on the road to self sufficiency and getting the vehicle he drives (and has with him in Canada) into his name and him and the vehicle off of our names and insurance liability is one step.  The other step was telling him he had to get his own health insurance and pay for it himself.  With those 2 steps I am freeing up at least $250 per month.  The health insurance is $200 per month and as soon as I get these vehicle papers sent back up to him and can call my insurance company to drop him and the vehicle I will know how much per month I'll save there.

We had a very rough patch with him for a couple of weeks. Him trying to assert his independence, but trying to do it while we were still at risk with our vehicle in our names in another's mostly resolved and apparently time for us to back out of the financial support we have been covering and time for him to be the adult he kept trying to tell us he is. Sadly, though, I have a huge feeling he won't bother with the health insurance until the point and time he is back living in the states. The earliest that would be is July, but I'm sure he'll try to extend it again. I guess it's all things he will have to figure out and hopefully make the right decisions and choices.

I haven't figured out yet what I will do with the extra monthly money. I'm pretty sure I'm going put some of it toward my 401k and increase that withholding. I pay my mom $300 a month (car loan) and will likely increase that some too and put the rest as more monthly EF savings.

If I feel better this weekend, I want to finish up our tax return. I got most of it done last Sunday and it appears we are only getting $58 back. Oh well, better than owing I guess! I need to get it done so I can report the actual numbers back to FAFSA and be done with that.


  1. I am so sorry you feel so bad! Being sick is the worst. I know how losing your voice is. I am without now, but I don't feel bad. Mine is more allergy related. It is difficult letting go. We are just starting the process with our first and I can already see how worried I will be. Does that ever stop?

    1. DS is our first too, and it is hard, especially when he's 1000 miles away. I'm sure it will all work out but it's still hard. It will be hard for him to adjust to having to be responsible for things he's never had to worry about before, but I have a feeling it will make him appreciate us more in the long run.

  2. Be careful with this virus that is going around. We have had several hospitalizations here because of this flu.

  3. We just recovered from the same crud--not really flu but a nasty respiratory thing. Yuck. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Thanks all - I'm still coughing so I think I'll go get some cough medicine today to take when I go to bed tonight. I woke up a couple of times really coughing hard. Ugh. I had a flu shot (yay me!) so hopefully I don't get sick like that.