Friday, February 28, 2014


We had our meeting with the undercover narcotics team. They came in an unmarked vehicle and sat at our dining table talking with us for an hour and a half.  Kind of disappointing in some respects. The head guy (or the one that did most of the talking) said he thinks they have enough evidence built up to go into the drug house behind us (that's if a judge ok's it) but that they have nothing against the renter's at the end of our street. I feel sorry for the detectives - they are so short on the manpower they really need. Basically they said they could try to bust the drug house behind us, but since these people (the guys and their parents) have lived there for 30 years they aren't going anywhere and they'll just be back at it in 6 months.  If they start working a  case on the renters it's more likely they would end up moving if busted and be gone. So they are going to focus on the renters place for now, as like I told them, the activity going in and out of our private dead end road is making the activity going in and out of the drug house behind us look tame in comparison....though alot of the activity is connected as many of the cars and walkers go back and forth between both houses. We have so many people walking (with backpacks) and on bicycles going in and out, it's crazy.

DH said he heard on the scanner after midnight that they made an arrest on the next block over, just outside our neighborhood (the only way out of our neighborhood) - 2 walkers with backpacks (sound familiar??) and they arrested one. So hopefully it was someone who had just come from the renters. They will have to keep trying to make arrests and then get them to work with the undercover guys to help them get the evidence to go into the house and bust.  Patience is all we can do right now, I guess, though it's run so thin, as you can imagine.

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