Monday, February 3, 2014

From a drip to a leak

DD has had her car for 3 years now and it's been reliable and just a couple minor problems. Like it needed a new battery, but not much else. But, it has always had a very small oil leak (more like a small occasional drip) that has gotten worse the past couple of months. Quite a bit worse. We had a mechanic we used for years (father in law of a friend) but the last couple of times we took a car to him (it's been several years ago now) we weren't as pleased. He changed the oil without us authorizing it (and had nothing to do with the problem we brought it in for) and DH is picky - he does it himself and always uses same brand of oil and filter. Anyhow, we didn't really want to take DD's car there, so DH put the word out to his Facebook friends for a good recommendation on a mechanic to check out her car and fix what needs to be fixed. We didn't want to take it to someone we have no knowledge of, because our luck is always to get the one that would say she needs thousands of dollars worth of work and doesn't. We just got a good recommendation from a very good friend and will take it to his repair guy. Hopefully it's nothing major and won't cost DD much. I will help her out what I can, but she has way more money than me, LOL, so if it's major, she's just going to have to bite the bullet and use some of her $7,000 in savings.  DH had taught her from the day she got the car to always check her oil level when she gets gas.  I was with her a couple of weeks ago to get gas and she checked her oil and the guy in the car next to us filling up was like "wow, I've never seen a lady checking her own oil - that's awesome!". Made DD feel good :-)


  1. Is everything okay? I miss reading you.... Please tell us you haven't vanished into the Witness Protection Program!

    1. Still here - just dealing with some family problems (ie Son) and am too exhausted to do much blogging right now. Thanks so much for asking!