Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just checking in

I'm still around (thank you for asking Joan!). We've just been dealing with issues regarding our son and it's zapped all my energy and then some. Usually, when we have a problem it's dealt with very quickly - we don't let things go on and on, but with him 1000 miles away (and ignoring our attempts at communication) it's been dragging on for 2 weeks now. Still not resolved, but at least last night was a good conversation about it.

Add that to the insane amount of drug traffic (vehicle and pedestrians) going on up and down our little private road every single night and the one behind us....a regular nights sleep is a distant memory for me. Last Friday night, after I'd been asleep a couple of hours DH comes in the bedroom and says look outside...the police had a car pulled over at the end of our road (in front of the renters). We heard over the scanner the officer report one in custody, while we watched them search the car for almost a half hour while 2 passengers stood off to the side. Well, we found out the next morning that the person arrested was slum landlord's meth head son! Woo hoo! According to county jail records online he was arrested for DWI and no valid drivers license or ID. $25,000 bail (that high I think because of all his priors) and mandatory court before being bailed out. So he had to sit in jail until Monday morning and apparently he was given 4 more days in jail and will be released Friday.

Then come to find out yesterday that the stolen property that DH found stashed in the bushes in the back of our property (it borders the private road behind us that the drug house is on) - another story I don't think I blogged about - was stuff really stolen from slum landlords place - by his own renter's son! except renter and son are blaming it on son's friend, of course. The police are working all this drug traffic hard, but the 2 assigned to it apparently only work Wed-Sat nights, and they are doing at least one arrest a night and working at trying to get the ones arrested to talk and help get them in their to bust the dealers. We are just trying to be patient. 

DD has excitedly already found her dorm roommate via the school online dorm mate match site. She is from out of state and they have similar interests and both will be business majors. I think she will get to meet her this spring, when she comes to the school for an open house type of thing going on, that we will attend too, so DD can meet her (even though we've already done the tour, etc). I think we'll go up the night before and spend the night, since it starts at like 8am and it's a 2 hour drive. Leave at 5:30am to get up there by 8am - no thank you!

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  1. Glad you are back! And the neighbor/landlord situation sounds totally scary!