Sunday, February 16, 2014

A day off

I'm having a rare day to myself today.......ahhh...the silence is relaxing.  Well, except for the dishwasher running and the smell of the oven on self-cleaning ;)  I have been wanting to run that self clean cycle for the longeset time but I know the smell gets pretty bad, even with the exhaust fan on and the kitchen window open. DH is so sensitive to smells that I've been waiting for a day where he will be gone all day (which is like never ever!). Even though the parakeets are 2 rooms away, I still put them in DD's room with the door shut and her window cracked a bit. Don't need a couple of birds keeling over.

I cleaned the kitchen laminate flooring - on my hands and creaky old knees with some water and vinegar, wrung out with a cloth and wiped down. Mostly doggie drool spots. Even though they aren't allowed in the kitchen, young dog manages to hang as much of his body over the "line" as he can at any opportunity.

DH is out for the whole day with our good neighbor. They are attending a gun training/defense class that is about 6 hours long, plus almost an hour travel each way. I don't expect him until about dinner time. It's good for both of them to get out and do something. DH hardly ever leaves the house and neighbor goes to work and that's about it, for him. DD is at work and won't be home until mid afternoon and we plan to go to Kohl's and Target after she gets home. I need to pick up some things at Target and we both have $10 off $30 coupons, each have $10 in Kohl's cash and a 30% off coupon if I put the purchase(s) on my Kohl's charge. I'm not sure what I'll get but figure if find something for $30, I will only be out of pocket $7. I'm kind of in need of a new bra, so that might be a good purchase.

As soon as the dishwasher is done I'll throw our dog hair covered duvet cover in the washing machine. Right now, I'm going to go clean my bathroom and then I think I'll take a break and watch a movie or read.....or nap. It's been a long stressful week (well, 2 weeks actually) and I'm going to get as much from this day to myself as I can, no matter what I'm doing!

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  1. I have the day free from the hubby and well. And I pretty much did what you did--clean house. It's kind of zen-like to be able to clean with no one getting in the way!