Friday, February 1, 2013

You call that customer service?

Ok, so I called Expedia again and was again, told no way, they could not change the return flight to an "open date". So, I called the airline direct again and was given the same info that I was given yesterday on how they do this (so I was encouraged that I got 2 answers the same!).  I canceled his return flight and it is "on  hold" for one year. When he knows his return date, we can call to rebook and at that time the $150 fee will be charged, along with any difference in ticket price . I felt good that I had gotten the same answer twice from the airline (and both times customer service agents who seemed to know what  they were doing and were very helpful!) and this is the same info on their website about changing/canceling a ticket. The only scary part is they don't send out any written/email type of confirmation that this change took place! Eeek! I think I will call again, the day before he was supposed to return home and have them verify to me again that this ticket got cancelled and is on "hold" for one year. He's just not going to know his return date until after March 2nd. Fortunately, once he knows he's ready to return home, he's totally flexible on the actual date, so hopefully we can find the cheapest possible and not pay any extra.

Not so sure I will be using Expedia again. This is about the 4th trip I have booked with them over the past several years and this was the first I've actually needed to speak with their customer service and get assistance. I was not impressed, to say the least. The person I talked with today was even harder to understand than the person I talked with yesterday.  My boss said she uses sites like Expedia to just get the flight times and prices when she is looking and then goes direct to the airlines website and books through them, usually same price or even cheaper. She books alot of our company employees business flights and is always having to change/cancel and doesn't usually have any problems doing this, no matter which airline she uses.

I'm glad it's resolved and I can enjoy the rest of my day......because DH actually went somewhere today and will be gone probably 4 hours! DD was as excited as I am about having some "dad free" time in the house. He wanted her to go with him, but she talked her way out of it :-)

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  1. I agree with you regarding Expedia. When you use them and nothing changes - everything is fine. We had our flights changed due to weather a few months ago; my husband ended up cancelling his flight due to not being able to go at that point - and it took me to file a claim with Mastercard regarding his ticket fee being credited back to us. I think you are best to deal directly with the airline (go directly to their site to book) and dealing with them for changes. Keeping my fingers crossed there will be no trouble later! Enjoy your DH-free time! I hear ya - I do love my time alone - love my husband, but I am totally OK being on my own.