Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting lots done

I am relieved to have gotten several things to do off my plate. Friday morning I got the year end financials finished up for my side job and the Quickbooks file sent off to their accountant. Whew! Glad to have that done, for sure. Friday in the mail I received the last 1099 I needed to finish up DS's tax return. They apparently had the zip code wrong on our address so it got sent back to them and then they didn't do anything until DS emailed them asking where it was. I got his tax return finished and submitted and he will be getting back $635.

Yesterday afternoon I sat down to finish up my tax return. I had entered most of it back in January, but I was waiting for the tax forms from the kids's college. They came in the beginning of February but by then I was too busy doing other stuff to sit down and finish. I was guessing about an $800 tax return, but once I put those dollars in and a few other things, the refund is going to be $1303! That sure helps. I can put a big chunk of it in my savings, but some of it will go towards a new desk chair for DH and a new mattress for DS's bed. I didn't realize how terrible his mattress is until DH was snoring so bad one night I finally got up and realized there was an empty bed in the house I could use! But, it's a terrible matress. He has a captain's type twin bed, so I only need to buy the top mattress, so I'm hoping I can get something decent in the $200 range. Some of it will also go towards getting DH some glasses at a better optometrist office.

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. Was up early and got things done around the house. Took DH's darn glasses back to Walmart for a refund and did a bit of shopping there and then went to my bank and deposited the money from the refund and also a check I had for selling that juicer I bought quite awhile back. My boss ended up buying it from me for $60, so I am happy to be rid of that and get a good portion of my money back that I spent on it. When I got back home I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms and dusted. As usual, by about 1pm my energy was gone. I tried to take a short nap but kept getting interrupted so I just watched some tv for a bit and read a book.

Then later, while dinner was cooking and I was trying to get my tax return finished DH was in a terrible feeling sorry for himself mood and I pretty much told him I'm doing all I can and he needs to start finding things to do to keep busy, to which he replied - anything he could do costs money and he/we don't have any. I said there are things he could do out in the shop that don't cost money, at least to start on the projects and his response was that it will eventually take money and there is none, so why bother. Don't know what he did with the $500 he just got from selling a little dirt bike that wasn't being used anymore (and I didn't think to ask that, I just thought of it as I was typing this).  I suggested again he should go to his doctor and see about anti-depressant meds. For the most part it was all a crappy conversation that got nowhere, and I don't really care anymore. He couldn't even be bothered to take 20 seconds to look in his desk files for something I needed for tax purposes. I knew he had the papers filed in his desk - I have never filed ANYTHING in his desk and I knew this was something he had. Finally I just started going through his file folders until I found what I needed. All's he had to do was look through like 4 folders to find the receipt, but that was too much work, I guess.

Even the good news from DS that he has been picked up (sponsored) to race at least 3 races (here at home and Canada) this summer, and it will probably turn into more, wasn't enough to pull DH out of his mood. His response to me about it was that he doesn't have any money to even go watch him race - which is a TOTAL CROCK!. I said how have we been going to his races the past 3 years?? Does he think we just got in free? Geez - he's feeling so sorry for himself that he's being stupid now. At that point I realized it was pointless to even try to keep talking to him.

I had planned on going to Home Depot today to get some metal posts and black plastic poultry type fencing we need for the back of our property to keep puppy on the property and not go over to the neighbors junk yard. DH had emailed me links to what exactly he wanted but after looking at them closer I realized they aren't available at the store so I had to just order them. At least free shipping for over $50 and I don't have to go to the store, so that works for me. Though I was looking forward to getting out of the house for awhile. Guess I'll have to find something else to go do. There is a movie on hold at the library to pick up. DD wanted to see Saving Private Ryan. She saw part of it in her history class and thought it looked good and I've never seen it either.

So, off to try and be productive again today. I do need to vacuum and maybe it will stay dry long enough (and my energy will stay long enough) for me to wash my car and vacuum it too.


  1. Wow I love days like that when there is a lot to do and a lot gets done. Congrats on the bigger than expected tax refund--what a wonderful surprise!

  2. You were really busy this weekend :) I'm glad your tax return is bigger than you expected- it's always nice! And I'm sorry that your DH is in a bad mood again...:(