Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nook Reader freebies

I thought I would pass along this little freebie tip I have been using the past year to those of you who own a Nook Reader.  Every Friday is "Free Friday" and Barnes and Noble offers a free book to download. You can find the free book each Friday on their website's "Nook Blog" or on the Nook Facebook page. I use the Facebook page, since it shows up in my newsfeed and gives me a reminder it's Friday and a free book is available!

I download most of them (unless it just sounds like something that I totally am not interested in reading) and have read quite a few very good books over the past year! I'm currently reading one I got a couple of weeks ago - a sci-fi type set inside the world of a computer game and haven't been able to put it down. I see there is a 2nd (with more in the series coming) book in the series out too, which is probably how they get people to buy more. They get hooked on the first book or just the author in general and end up purchasing more. I did that with one book that had a sequel out, but luckily it was only $1.99 for the second book. I will look for the second book first via the library, of course. One of my few actual purchases for my Nook, since I seem to have plenty to read with the weekly free books and those I download as a loan from the library.

My Nook was a gift from my mom and I just love it. I rarely have to spend money on gas and time going to the library anymore, as I just hop online with my library and borrow books to download direct to my Nook - instant gratification.........well, unless there is a waiting line for the book :-)

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