Saturday, September 15, 2012

Squished, decluttered and reimbursed

It's been a busy Saturday so far.  I Went in first thing this morning and got my annual boob-squishing mammogram out of the way for another year.  Then I stopped at Walmart and returned a couple of things that have been sitting in my car awhile - I just haven't been to Walmart much lately to get the returns done.  I bought a small basket of items and it came to $72! Geez, I need to stay out of there more.  Vitamin supplments for DH's cholesterol management at $20 (but 80 pills, so we are good for over 2 1/2 months now), Rid-X septic treatment, cans of compressed air to clean the computers, and a few grocery items.  My grocery bill yesterday at my new regular grocery store was only $93, so I was really happy with that total.  I've got the crockpot going today with a pork roast and will also make some bread in my bread machine.  Last night we got treated to a family dinner by my mom. Yummy Mexican restaurant with 8 of us having a good time.

I've got everything around the house dusted and the old red metal file cabinet cleaned out. Yes, RED! A gift from my mother in law years and years ago. She seriously has no taste in decor and this red thing has never matched anything in our desk/office areas over the years. It's always stuck out like a sore thumb. I threw away about half of the junk in there (who needs old phone bills from 1989?) and filed the rest in one of the file drawers in DH's new desk. Then getting rid of it somehow - Craigslist or maybe DH can use it for storage out in the shop.  One less item in our family room.  We sold DD's old computer desk yesterday for $20 and a couple of days before that we sold the old ugly hide-a-bed sofa for $30. Just one more thing to get ride of - the old oak entertainment center.

The neighbor guy finally reimbursed us for his share of the block retaining wall we put in a few weeks ago, so $400 back into our home improvement fund. Hey - maybe just enough to do DD's floor??! 

Now, on to vacuuming the house and I'll probably be done in for the day after that.  DH and DS are going to paint and put the trim on our shed, so that it matches the house and garage better.  All in all, a pretty productive day around the OneFamily house.

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