Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grocery store does good

The grocery store that had the club card coupon issues last week came through! When I logged into their website yesterday to see what new coupons they had to offer there was a $5 off your order coupon for "sorry for our recent technical difficulties".  Nice!

I realized this morning that though my regular payday is tomorrow I actually get paid my small side job today ($112) so I'll be able to get that deposited and not feel the pain quite so bad of only having $72 left in my bank account.  My regular paycheck tomorrow will be $2507 and then Monday I can get paid for my other side job - about $700.  Then life will be better again.  I'm paid hourly at my regular job and the last paycheck and tomorrows both only had 80 hours on it, a short month for paydays! I don't like those coming 2 in a row - that's like being short about $400 for the month, when most pay periods are 88 hours.  I know it all evens out, but I just hate it when there are 2 80 hours pay periods in a row.

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