Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More home improvements coming?

DH just seems to be turning into a DIY-er around the place lately. I am LIKING this! So far, he's been focusing his attentions on the outside and landscaping, where he seems more comfortable taking on projects.  But, I've secretly been hoping some of the confidence he's gotten from doing these outside projects will flow over into getting some confidence to try some indoor projects. He's never been a handy-man at all.

DD has wanted wood laminate flooring in her bedroom for quite awhile. But, of course when she mentioned it a year or two ago, DH said no. I've mentioned that people I know that have done it themselves say it's pretty easy.  The other day he was over at a friends house who recently just converted her garage into a room to expand her small home. She did the laminate flooring herself.  Last night he said "I think DS and I are ready to tackle putting in laminate in DD's bedroom"! I again mentioned that everyone I have talked to said it's easy. He said he didn't think our friend did that great of job putting it in (he's the type that see's every little flaw) but I told him he's a perfectionist, so DS's room will be done right, right?!  He wants to surprise her and do it when she's not here.  Not sure how we are going to pull that one off yet as usually the longest she is gone is about 6 hours, but maybe I can secretly call her best friend and have her invite DD overnight and we'd have a weekend to do it.  She will freak out if we get this done!

I'm thinking for the size of her room it shouldn't cost much more than $300? DH has all the tools needed and we don't need super expensive laminate, either. I want to get this done sooner than later (strike while he's in the mood!) and I am hoping that it will lead to re-doing our kitchen floor!!  I emailed him some video's on "how to install" this morning. 


  1. I wish my Hubby would get this bug too. So far every time I mention household projects, he rolls his eyes. We did do laminate kitchen floors in our old condo and it is pretty easy and surprisingly quick.

  2. OMG, I have a painting project, the WHOLE condo when things calm down but it will be awhile and it will be a mess!

    Awesome that you have a hubby!

  3. That's pretty cool. Nothing like a little incentive to get him in the mood for a challenge! Hopefully you can get DD to stay away long enough for this to be pulled off. I think she'd love it.

  4. As he gains confidence, you guys can $ave a TON of money! When he's not sure or has questions, have him look on line (You Tube is amazing for watching tutorials/techniques), or get some books out at the library. Fortunately my hubby can do ANY.Thing. He even built our beautiful home. He was an electrical engineer so he can do electrical, but also plumbing, woodworking, tiling, anything else you can think of. And when he's not sure, he does just what I mentioned above. My family LOVES having my hubby - he's helped my younger brothers learn a LOT by helping them with their home improvement projects. So you hubby shouldn't be afraid to ASK someone he knows who might be knowledgeable in that area for a bit of help (offer dinner/drinks for the help). Will be anxious to hear if you can pull off the flooring in daughter's room! She'll be THRILLED!!

    1. Actually, all his DIY stuff is costing us more money - haha. It just plain didn't get done before (he'd never hire someone to do it, so it just didn't get done). Now that he wants to try to do stuff, it's starting to cost me!

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