Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pre-payday blues

Payday is not until Friday and looks like I will be down to my last $75 until then. EEEK! Looking back at my blog posts, it appears that hasn't happened in almost a year, so at least I have made improvements in that area.  Just too many doctor's bills and prescription bills the past couple of months totally drained my savings. I do NOT like this feeling at all!

Lots of bills still to pay coming out of this next paycheck.  A $136 doctor bill, a $304 doctor bill and an $892 MRI bill (darn deductible!). Out of this check I'm going to pay the $136 bill in full and half of the $304 bill and call the Radiology office and see about splitting the $892 bill into 3 or 4 payments. I actually haven't even gotten the bill from the Radiology yet - just saw what I will owe from looking at the insurance EOB. I probably won't even have to worry about that bill until next month.

I'll just be glad when Friday gets here and my bank account is looking back to normal.


  1. Medical expenses are crazy, aren't they? Oh for a world where good old competition amongst providers drives costs to the public down to a rational level. Never gonna happen as long as 3rd party payers or the govt. is involved....sigh.

    We have a bad month as far as expenses in Sept. too. My Savings Challenge contribution for Sept. will be a NEGATIVE number. Not liking that! 8-(

  2. I'm with you... Friday can't get here fast enough. These pre-payday blues are starting earlier and earlier in the week!