Friday, September 7, 2012

Medicine costs going down

The prescription costs for DH should be going down even more now, at least for the short term future.  We went to DH's follow up doctor visit today.  He has been on the increased Lyrica dosage for one week now. While there hasn't been any change one way or the other yet, the doctor would like him to continue trying the Lyrica and also eliminating (gradually) his 2 other pain medications completely.  I haven't filled the new prescription yet (now it will be 150 mg capsules, instead of 75 mg), but according to the online price comparison I can do with his health insurance company, the 150mg capsules will cost about the same as the 75mg.  So, one more prescription to shell out $200 and hopefully by the next month's refill my assistance paperwork will be approved and we will be getting it free from then on.  Once that takes place, my only prescription costs will be a $4 generic medicine he takes for inflammation.  Whew!  Now, we just gotta hope the Lyrica starts working like it's supposed to!

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  1. Great news that soon the meds will be free! I am also glad that DH's DR is willing to keep increasing the dosage of Lyrica and that you and DH aren't giving up. Its hard but huge!