Friday, December 20, 2013

Still getting ready for it all

I'm still trying to get ready for Christmas. Seems like my son got home and I totally got de-railed! And I've been trying to get everything I need to get done for work, since I have the next 2 weeks off.  I think I remembered to do and pay everything that needs to get done before my return on Jan 6th.  This evening is our company party and family gets to come with, so that should be fun for us all...and good food and a live band.

My mom is not feeling too well.  I think a combination of the root canal from hell she's been going through (worse than mine!) and the medication change. She called last night and said she was thinking of canceling our family Christmas party that is on Sunday at her house. She just hasn't felt well all week and when I talked to her last night I said I'm no one will have a problem if she wants to wait until Saturday to see how she is doing and cancel then, if she has to. I was going to give her a call early this afternoon and see how she was feeling today and also let her know that everyone would understand if she wants to cancel. She doesn't need to stress herself out about it.  Then she called me a little while ago and said she decided to cancel and I told her that I was just going to call and tell her that too. This is an annual get together we have with my step siblings, cousin, and their families. I feel bad for mom - not the time of year you want to feel bad and be messing with medications and such.  Hopefully we can give her a nice relaxing Christmas day/dinner with just us and my uncle.

Good to have the boy home and the time is going by too fast, already. He must be growing up - he even remembered that I had told him about my company party to go to and he packed some dress clothes :-)  Good job!  Had to go buy DH a new pair of khaki's....the couple pair he has are years and years old and way too tight. I put on my black dress pants I bought a few years ago and haven't worn for probably a year or more and they are snug too, but still fit.

My boss gave me a couple of nice gift cards for Christmas. One to Red Robin and one to a movie theater. DD is already making plans to go eat and go to a movie, LOL.