Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY pays

I just found us some savings of $42 a month. We have a pest control company come monthly to spray around our house for kitchen/sugar ants at a cost of $43.67 every month. This morning I was looking at the bill to pay it and was looking at the detail, which shows which pesticide they use, even the EPA# associated with it and how much they use and at what % strength.  I googled the pesticide and found we can buy it ourselves online. The exact same stuff and mixed with water at the same ratio they are using the quart size would give us 32 monthly applications for $37.....TOTAL! That's almost 3 years of ant spray for less than I have been paying monthly now, for at least a couple of years.

DH has the same kind of sprayer type bottles they use to spray around the perimeter of our house (we used one when we sprayed for spider mites on our trees). So, I'm hiring DH to be our ant sprayer! We can save over $500 per year doing it ourselves.  This is one bill I have been wishing there was a way to gt rid of (and still keep the ants away) and I'm thrilled that I decided to do a little online search and found a way.


  1. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of DIY stuff you can do to save money!! If only more people would take the time to look into doing things themselves (which does take a bit of time) - the savings can be enormous! Too many people are totally OK paying out hard earned money to have someone come and do something you can usually do yourself (again, you may need to do a little research, etc.). YAY for YOU!!! $$$$$$

    1. We try DIY as much as possible, I just didn't realize the pesticide could be purchased by regular folk and had just never looked at the detail of our bill to realize they state right on it everything I needed to research which product they use and how much. We did a DIY security camera system recently and that saved a bunch. We have less than $1000 into a system we can monitor from home or away and no monthly ongoing fees like we would have if we had gone with a security company. The next thing we want is an alarm on the garage door and that appears to be about $200 and then we should be good with it for many years.

  2. Wow... that's awesome! That's a nice chunk of change too!! :) Well done!