Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

I got a couple of errands ran this morning. I ended up with 2 toasters for Christmas. My uncle mailed me his receipt and I returned that one to Walmart. I haven't decided what to get myself with the cash yet ($25 plus tax), but I'm leaning toward a new pair of jeans (I need more in my new size) and will probably check Ross again to see if they have any more of the brand I really like (Jones New York). I also had to return some computer hardware that I had purchased almost 3 months ago online from Walmart. DS thought we would need it to extend our internet range out to the garage for the security camera's, but they ended up hard wiring an ethernet cable out to the garage and we don't need the repeater/router. I looked at their return policy online and it said computer hardware needed to be returned within 15 days (I bought it mid-October and it just sat at my desk here for 2 months until DS got home to help install). But, I figured it was worth a shot - if they told me it was too late, then I was just going to take it back another day without the receipt and say it was a Christmas gift and I didn't have a receipt and they'd just give me the money on a gift card. But, I worried for nothing. The girl didn't even question how long ago I purchased it, so now I have $109 back in my checking - woo!

I also got good news yesterday of another bonus.  $500 from my part time side job! I got online yesterday morning to check my work emails and the owner's wife (she works there too) had sent me an email titled "OH NO" and I thought - oh great, something is wrong that we need to fix. But it was an email of her saying she was talking to her hubby and mentioned she had sent me a Christmas card (a personal one from their family, not business) and he said "oh no, I usually give her a Christmas bonus and I forgot" and to tell me to add $500 to my next invoice to them, for a bonus. Nice! Last year I got $300 and I think last year was the first year he did that for me, so I wasn't sure if he'd remember or not. I'm definitely not telling DH about this one and it's going straight into savings, which will bring me up to $2046. Another woo! And that's not counting the $1200 I still have (that DH knows about) left from my other work bonus.

We are all enjoying our new blu-ray player and Netflix. We're hooked on Sons of Anarchy, but DH is way ahead of me now on watching episodes because he watches for hours after I go to bed. I'm only on the beginning of season 3 and he's probably well into season 4 after last night. I guess the next good series to watch is Breaking Bad, from what I'm told. I'm sure DH will like that too and gives him something to do when he can't sleep, plus all the movies to choose from.

DS flies out this evening back to his home away from home. Sad to see him go, but all in all it was a nice visit. He still hasn't received his work visa yet, but we are hoping it's getting close to being finalized now. We will take him to the airport this evening and then come home and most likely just watch tv for the evening. I doubt I'll make it up to midnight to ring in the New Year. DD has to work early in the morning, so she'll probably be in bed by 10 or so, too. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!


  1. I'm glad you had a good Christmas and that DS had an opportunity to come celebrate with you, guys. But I can't believe how long it takes to get his visa. Crazy!

  2. What a fantastic surprise from your job. Happy New Years!