Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ok, that was weird...

My mom called and we were chatting and she mentioned my uncle is only coming for Christmas Day (he lives about a 2 1/2 hour drive away) and that she was planning on making a ham and then I said "I was going to ask you which day Uncle was coming....would you guys like to come to my house this year instead? And she goes "oh......big long pause....I guess we could.....another big long pause....if you want to go to the trouble of making dinner...."(then I said it would be no big deal to make a ham, as that's what I was thinking of having, too) and then she says "well, I just thought you'd be busy with work before and after" and I said no, I have 2 weeks off. (I always take off between Christmas and New Years).

So, I guess I am having her and my uncle over on Christmas! I was just so surprised she was so hesitant about it. I figured she'd love to not cook a big dinner as she just had to cook Thanksgiving (and kind of botched some of it - her age is starting to catch up with her, I think)....The only reason I haven't had them over in the past few years was because of my Grandma. I just knew it was easier on her being at my mom's. Usually my mom kept her for a few days and she was more comfortable there in her own recliner than having to get her in the car and then try to be comfortable at my house, with dogs, etc. Now that she's passed and not with us this year, I thought it would be no big deal for my mom and uncle to come over to our place and figured she'd jump at the idea.  Seems to me it would be easier for 2 of them to come to my house then the 4 of us to have to go somewhere. Guess I was wrong!


  1. I think its just hard to change a tradition after someone passes. I'm happy for you that DS will be home soon.

    1. My Mom is not really stuck in staying with traditions at all - she's usually super flexible and goes along with whatever. I guess I just caught her by surprise, LOL

  2. Can you ask your mom why she seems hesitant to go to your home for Christmas? If she is usually happy and flexible then her reaction would be concerning.