Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday update

I'm sorry to see the weekend is almost over. It was a nice weekend, overall. It didn't start out the greatest on Saturday. DS had left Friday night to go see his girlfriend "for a bit" says, he. But then he texted that he was staying over at her place. Ok, no prob. Then he texted he'd be home in the "morning" to get to work on the latest yard project. He showed up at almost noon....half the day gone and me and DH none too happy, since we were waiting on him to help go to Home Depot to get the landscaping blocks. He did the same thing a few days ago, too...said he'd be home in the morning and showed up at 2pm. Since he's not working (now looking again, that's he's back home), still living at home for free, and will be 22 this, I think he can spend his days working around the home - not sleeping in with his girlfriend.

But after that discussion was over the rest of the weekend went well. The restaurant DD works at is opening a new restaurant in a town about 30 miles away. Employees were invited to bring family or friends for a free meal, so the staff can test everything out and get some practice before the official opening. Free breakfast food for dinner? Heck ya! She and I, and one of her friends from tennis took the drive up late yesterday afternoon. We had to do it pretty early because we had to be back at her highschool to watch a show by 7pm.  Dinner was most excellent. The menu was a bit limited from their full menu, for this occasion, but still good things to choose from. I had a pepperjack and sausage omelet. OMG! Their omelets take up almost the whole plate - 6 eggs! Plus hasbrowns and fresh squeezed OJ. I could only eat half of it (as did DD with her omelet) so we had the leftovers boxed up to take home with us and headed back to our town so we could watch the show at the highschool. We didn't get home until after 9pm. DH took one look at my leftover omelet and hasbrowns and said "bring it on", so I heated it up and he ate it all.  DS finished hers up for lunch when she got home from work today.

DH and DS worked a good 6 hours today putting in the block wall in our back yard where we tore out the old railroad tie wall last summer. Looks nice, but we'll need 2 more pallets to finish it off. We've decided to save some money and instead of putting in a patio where our old deck was, we are just going to plant grass up to our back patio doors, with some small step area.

Tonight's dinner was homemade pizza and salad and settling in to just relax the rest of the evening. I have an episode or two of Vikings to catch up on :-)


  1. That's awesome about the free meal, haha. Wonder if DS might want to try and apply to that new restaurant? A family referral is usually pretty good. 6 eggs to an omelet? Wow!

  2. It would be too far of a drive for DS to get a job there - it's like almost an hour drive each way - not worth that for a part-time min. wage job. He'd be better to work at a fast food place down the street, then spend all his money on gas. He's educated and has some job experience from his 2 IT jobs he has worked, so I'm sure he'll eventually find something.