Saturday, April 6, 2013

Recent good deals

DD and I got some good savings while out shopping last evening. She has been looking at new tennis shoes - ones to actually wear while playing tennis as her current ones have a year of play on them now and were starting to wear quite a bit on the bottom. She had found some online she liked that were like $60 and I thought she had ordered them, but apparently changed her mind. We had looked at Kohl's the other day, but she didn't see anything she really liked. We just haven't had time yet to get to Big 5 or Sports Authority.  We want something fairly quality (so not Payless or Walmart) so we have been expecting to pay a minimum of $40.  The other day I got an email from a nearby store I have a rewards card with (that I have never gotten ANYTHING from in way of rewards in all the years I've had it!) that gave a 50% off any shoes coupon.  This store usually has a pretty good selection of athletic shoes (it's where I found my my recent pair of tennis shoes) so we stopped in last night and she found a shoe she liked that was on sale for $35. When we got to checkout the nice lady added another 15% off coupon on top of the 50% off coupon! Whoo hoo! Great deal on the shoes.

My sweet mom stopped by the other day to drop me off her coupon inserts and also gave me a $30 Kohl's cash coupon. She had bought two new rings (one of her birthstone to replace the one stolen when her house got burlarized) so spent a nice bit and got the Kohl's cash.  I've put on about 8 pounds the past few months (it sucks getting old!) and really only have one pair of jeans (size 6) that fit comfortably now, my other jeans are size 4 and it's apparently just time to say goodbye to that size, unfortunately. I found a pair of Lee jeans for $32, and I had a 20% off so I wasn't out of pocket any money and now I have another pair of dark jeans to wear to work.

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  1. Nice deal on shoes! Finding a quality athletic shoes for a good price is not easy.