Sunday, April 7, 2013

Home maintenance

Taking care of a home is expensive! I went to Home Depot today and spent over $100.  $20 of it was for some organizing things DH wanted for the garage, but the rest was home and lawn maintenance items. More moss killer for the lawn, blackberry bush and vine killer and a gallon of simple green.  Sometime soon I'm sure I'll have to buy a bag or two of dandelion/weed and feed for the lawn.

One of the things on our "to-do" list of fixing up the home is 2 solar lamps on posts out on each side of the driveway near the road.  The cheapest I have found is around $100 each. I was kind of thinking about combining it as a gift from me and the kids (have them chip in with the cost) for DH's birthday and Father's Day combined since they are about a week apart.   Today I was looking online at Home Depot and noticed you can buy just the solar lamps that go on top of a post, pretty cheap - they have one on sale for $5. It's 4 inch square base and fits on a same size fence post.  That would probably be alot cheaper (even though DH wanted all black post and lights). Then DH had an idea of just buying some black pvc pipe and putting a lamp on top. That would probably be even cheaper and it would still be black, though then we'd need a lamp with a circular base, but I'm sure they make those too.  From a distance no one is going to know if it's aluminum/metal or plastic. Good idea!

Today I cleaned house - love my new vacuum! I especially like how I can just grab the hand hose when needed and clean with it and not have to stop, turn it off and plug in the hose, like I had to do with my old one. The bag on this new vacuum is about half the size and I'd say that's the only negative thing so far about this new vacuum. It picks up all the dog hair great.

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