Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh dear.....

Every once in awhile I wear a foam ear plug in one of my ears while sleeping - to help drown out DH's snoring. They aren't very comfortable to me and I only can wear in one ear and not the ear on the side I am laying on.  Then usually some time during the night or before I get up I take it out and set it on my nightstand next to my alarm clock.  They always seem disappear! At first I thought it fell down on the side or behind my night stand.  I finally figured out what must be happening to dog has been eating them!!


  1. Oh my!! Hope he's passing them through! They can't possibly be healthy! lol!

  2. Yikes. I agree with Carla... they cannot be healthy! Definitely buy a glass/crystal box to put them in, or some other container.

  3. Oh no! You know, one thing that helped my husband with snoring is sleeping with a body pillow. He read it online somewhere, and it works. Have no idea why but it's worth a try!

  4. I keep the box of ear plugs in the drawer of the nightstand - I'll just have to make sure when I take the ear plug out I put it back in the drawer and not leave it where he can gat to it!

    DH hasn't been snoring too bad - it stopped when he lost the 15 pounds or so last Fall, but he's gained most of it back and most of the snoring has returned IF he lays on his back. As long as I can get him to roll to his side, he's quiet. He doesn't have a body pillow but he does have a regular pillow he hugs around.

  5. Ohmy goodness.. I hope he's 'passing them".. Hi! :) Im a new reader to your blog and I've been reading through the archives. Im in the process of trying to dig out of debt and my husband and I live on a fixed income.. I am really enjoying your posts :)

    1. Hi Robyn - thanks for commenting and reading! I'll be checking our your blog - I love getting to know new blogs :-)

  6. My cats eat q-tips! Ugh!