Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spending so far this week

Food/groceries came to $100.50, which is really good.  I spent an additonal $36.46 at Walmart for some oil for ds's car, shop towels and some speakers for my computer.  We were doing great eating the meals I've planned until last night.  Dh wanted Wendy's, not the steak I had planned.  But, I only spent $9.61 at Wendy's, the rest of us ate stuff from home.  Sunday night I had a craving for Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait's! I thought I'd splurge on the treat since we hadn't done any take out in 4 nights. That came to over $16! If I had known dh would pull a fast food night last night I probably wouldn't have done the Dairy Queeen.  Oh well.

So, tonight's plan is for the steak and no take out for the rest of the week. (I plan my menu's from Fri - Thurs since I usually shop on Friday's). I will need to make one more store trip this week for more milk and hopefully I can get out of the store with only milk.

Dh spent $24 for something on ebay...I don't remember what it was...some tool he "has" to have.

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