Friday, February 19, 2010

No Spend Days

I read about "no spend days" all the time on blogs and message boards.  I just can't seem to grasp the concept to apply it to my life.  I mean, sure I understand something like not making a major purchase or making yourself wait a few days to see if you still really want it, rather than an impulse buy.  But, I do not understand how proudly stating "I just had 3 no spend days" really helps the budget.

I'm going to spend each month what I'm going to spend, whether I do it today or wait until tomorrow.  If I have to buy my Dd a new pair of black dress shoes she needs for concert band, I have to buy them.  Doesn't matter if I wait and not spend anything for 3 days, I still have to buy those shoes...or gallon of milk, or whatever it is that is needed.   And, since I try to make my shopping stops when I'm already running errands or to/from work I'm not wasting extra gas.  If I purposely don't go buy the needed gallon of milk today on my way home from work (because it's a no spend day) then the next day (when I work from home and don't need to drive anywhere) I would have to make a special trip just to the store because we gotta have the milk.

When the month's all said and done, my spending is most likely going to be exactly the same, whether I spent a little every day or waited and spent it all on one day.  I think I'll skip this "no spend days" method of getting out of debt/saving money and focus my time on finding other solutions to reducing our spending.

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