Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making Do

We try to make do with what we have.  It can be hard to curb the "wants" when you live in such an affluent area where my kids friends all live in big nice homes and their parents drive Lexus's and BMW's....

and our place looks something like this....

We live on just the edge of these nice neighborhoods, on a little private road with 1+ acre lots with a mixture of dwellings...houses, manuf. homes (of which we have) and single wide trailers.  So, while our neighbors aren't 10 feet away, like the nicer homes nearby, they aren't the most quality neighbors, either.  We make do with our 20 yr old, run down home.

We drive older, paid off cars.  Dh's truck is 11 yrs old, my car is 6 yrs old and Ds drives a 24 yr old car to school and back. We make do and make sure we do regular maintenance on our cars.

Our couch is looking at it's last days, the hole(s) in the seating getting bigger every day.  I have a towel tucked in over one section of seat. It would probably look better if I had it on the other 2 sections so it all matched, but I bought one towel just to see how it would work.  It's always coming loose and I'm always tucking it back in.  Haven't decided if I feel like doing that for all 3 seat sections yet.  Our spoiled 15 month old dog pushed the couch over the edge of shabbiness and I don't feel like making him stay off a brand new couch so we make do with this one for now. (though I do have my eye on one that has been on sale for $400 (from $750) a few times.

The only thing we stopped making do with is our bed.  When I got my last bonus we dumped our old 23 yr old mattress with the big "sink hole" in the middle and bought the cherry sleigh bed I've always wanted, with a quality plush top mattress (couldn't afford the matching dresser, night stands and armoire).  After over a year, I still get into bed every night feeling like I've died and gone to heaven :-)  Making do with that old mattress had gone on way longer than was healthy (I'm thinking those invisible dust mites) for our system or our backs!

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