Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally Friday!

This week has seemed so long. I spent most of it (until this morning) unable to access into my desktop at work so that I could work from home, as I do about 24 hrs a week out of my 40.  Seems we had server changes at work which affected those of us with remote login.

I started my usual Thursday evening task, last night, of making a grocery list.  I was having a mental block as to what dinners to plan for the upcoming week.  As of lunchtime today I still only have 3 ideas of meals that sound good for dinner. This isn't like me at all.  Maybe I'm just tired from the computer struggles of the week....but the grocery shopping trip is only 3 hrs away...

Ds signed up for his spring quarter college classes this morning.  He wanted to start going to day classes but EVERY single class they offer during the day is filled.  And finding night classes was even a struggle. I think because he's a high school/running start student his registration comes after regular college students in the priority line.  He did manage to get 3 classes on 2 nights a week (this quarter he has been going 4 nights) starting at 2:15 and ending at 10pm.  A long day but only twice a week and the last class on Tues is only on Tues nights, so on Thurs he'll be done at 7:40.

Dh has off and on for the past year been trying to sell off a couple of large pieces of equipment he has left from his business, on Criagslist.  He's had the price down really low and still no luck. Nobody has any money to spend in this economy. Well this morning he got a call from someone who seems pretty darn interested in one of them.  Would be about $4000, I think! I'm keeping my fingers crossed :-)

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