Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Partial success

Well, I have achieved partial success in getting the new Comcast modem/router installed. My IT guy said to do it and he'll figure out the VPN issue. So, I opened the box to see all the parts, modem, cords, etc.  Then I looked at my current set up and everything that is plugged into my current modem and router. Geesh!  plug in for the wireless printer, plug in for the phone, plug in for the cable, plug in for the security system and plug in that was apparently from when DS hardwired DH's desktop direct to the router, instead of being wi-fi (why I have no idea).

I took pics of how and what was plugged in before I unplugged it all (just in case I had to go back to using the old set up).  Then I took a look at the back of the new modem/router to see where everything should plug in. I disconnected from the old, plugged into the new and all the lights came on :-).  Then I figured out how to find the new network and get logged into that so I could then get online with Comcast to activate the new modem/router. That took about 15 minutes and success. TV, phone and internet worked.  Of course VPN into work did not. Got all our other devices working - laptops, ipad minis and phones.

Got on the phone with our awesomesauce IT guy. He had a new VPN program to try and within minutes it was working! Happy Day. 

Printer and access into our security camera system still is not working. IT guy wasn't sure why it wasn't detecting my wireless printer and he needed to get to another project, so I told him I'd have DS remote in to my computer and see if he could figure it and our camera system out............still waiting to hear back from DS, so that's been the only frustrating part of this whole thing. Hopefully he can get back to me soon and figure this out easily.

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