Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's already mid week

It's been a busy week. I got home Monday from work and DH's childhood friend and his wife had already arrived. We visited for about an hour and then went out to dinner (DD included) for Mexican food. I picked up the tab and while I had budgeted $100 it only came to $72 with tip.  They shared a meal and no one ordered alcoholic drinks, so it was a very reasonable bill.  We visited quite awhile at the restaurant and didn't get back home until almost 8:30.  I had met DH's friend about 8 years ago, but he wasn't married at the time. When I arrived home, said hello and got introduced to his wife and sat down at the table to visit with everyone, she didn't seem too thrilled to be there. Not sure if she's just distant, shy, maybe tired from traveling or what, but by the end of dinner, she had loosened up quite a bit.

Woke up yesterday to an email from my boss that her mom passed away (she just lost her dad recently) so she is out of the office for another week.  I ended up leaving work a 1/2 hour later than normal yesterday, as 15 minutes before I was to leave a "crisis" needed to get taken care of and while it was nothing I couldn't handle, it was just time consuming. Let me tell you, that extra half hour made a huge difference in the traffic going home. While it usually takes me 65-70 minutes to get home in the afternoon, it took me almost an hour and a half.  But we did get fed a yummy Panera Bread lunch at work.

The weekend was nothing exciting. Got a couple of small home maintenance items out of the way. Replaced the lockset and deadbolt on the back laundry room door. The deadbolt wasn't working anymore. Then we replaced the porch light by the front door.  Wow, exciting, huh?!  More of my money spent at Home Depot.  I have been there so much this summer they should give me my own parking spot!

I spent Saturday evening watching a couple of TV shows. I have been waiting FOREVER for the Outlander series books by Diana Gabaldon to come alive on a screen.  These are my absolute favorite books of all time. I'm so glad we get the Starz channel. It was an awesome first episode and did not disappoint. But, I don't think 8 episodes will be nearly enough!  Is anyone else a fan of these books? I watched the whole 3 seasons of Hell on Wheels on Netflix so I could start watching this new season with DH on Saturday nights......and what does he do? Sits out on his computer listening to a race instead!  Men........I ended up watching it by myself and he watched it when they replayed it at 11pm.

Today I think I'll take a break at lunch and run over to the Comcast store and see what they have for an updated modem. Last time I called in a problem the guy said my modem was pretty old and should be updated. He mentioned an all in one modem/router (ours are currently separate) and I mentioned it to my IT guy at work and he said don't get it, it won't work with our VPN set up, a couple others had gotten it and will not work.  So, I am going to see if they have a newer modem that is just the modem. Apparently with this older modem I have we are not getting the speed we are actually paying for!  There is a new Comcast store about 5 minutes from our house, so it shouldn't take me too long. I am not unhooking our current set up until I know we can get a new modem.

I've been trying to get more Swagbucks every day and it's working. Even though I rarely get points anymore for searching, I am getting to take surveys quite often.  Today I have earned 139 swagbucks so far.  Before, I would earn maybe 10 points a day by doing the daily poll and earning a search. I can't seem to get much of anything on searches anymore. I have the toolbar and sometimes even my first attempt searching of the day gets me an "error" message from Swagbucks that I am searching too fast. I can only seem to get one or two searches in a day and then it blocks me. Kind of stupid and annoying! I am searching for something I want to access and so then I have to open google and retype my search in again. GRRR!

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  1. I never do the surveys. I have tried different survey companies and such....and I just can't stand doing them! I am glad that they are working for you though. I probably average about 15-20 but try to get to 30 Swagbucks a get the bonus.

    Not sure if you have their app...but if you do, you get an alert when there is a SwagCode. If you go to one of the "code sites", they give you the code, then you just have to plug it in. It is so helpful on days when they do codes all day.