Sunday, March 9, 2014

Productive Sunday

Since I didn't have to be anywhere this morning, I just slept in until my normal time, so I didn't lose an hour of sleep. DD had to be at work, so she just went to bed earlier. She's like her mom - she loves her sleep :-) 

The weather was halfway decent today so DH and I got outside and washed my car and I started in on picking weeds. My back is feeling all the work now. We were just getting done when DD got home from work to DH got her to vacuum out my car, so all clean now.  Then they started washing his truck and it's raining on them! Ooops.  In my car was a free frisbee we had got at Petsmart the last time we bought dog food and I forgot about it. The dogs loved it - even the 5 year old couch potato was running around like crazy chasing it and chasing our other dog who kept catching it.  I got the dusting done in the house this morning and was going to vacuum after DH got up, but after washing the car and pulling weeds, I decided my back and neck has had enough for one day.

While he got started washing his truck DD and I ran over to Walmart - we both had things that have been sitting on the counter to be returned for weeks, so we each got our $10 back and that to-do item crossed off my list.Then we stopped at the auto parts store down the road for something DH needed.

Dinner is just going to be a heat up meal. A store brand Swedish meatballs meal I thought I'd give a try. We tried the boneless BBQ ribs that heat up in about 20 minutes and they are really good, so I'm hoping this meal is good too. I'll add some veggie and rolls, making an easy dinner. I'm too tired to do much else.  I did pop in some pre-made cookie dough in the oven earlier and made a batch of cookies. I have a tendency to over-bake them, but I was really careful this time and even though I thought they didn't look quite done, I took them out and they turned out perfect. I usually leave the cooking making to DD - she never overbakes and she leaves the brownie baking to me, because she always underbakes them, LOL.

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