Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hanging in there

It's been a pretty crappy last couple of weeks. We are still having major problems with DS, mostly directed at DH, but of course still affects the whole family. It kind of feels like we have been cast aside. I have been trying to email with him the past week to get to some sort of resolve, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope. It's been exhausting and I am beyond sad about it all. All total this has been going on almost 2 months and I'm feeling the effects of the stress.....poor sleep, poor appetite, weight loss, and hard to concentrate (especially at work), not to mention dealing with the ups and downs of how DH is feeling over it all.

He did share with me some news that did make me very happy. It sounds very much like he will be going back to Australia, possibly for 2 years. He didn't get me much details, other than to say he had a job lined up (and I guess work visa's are easier to obtain there than Canada) and a 2 year plan to race for a race team there. I really think Australia is where he belongs and had actually hoped he would have went back there this past fall, but the plans he was trying to make at the time fell through. Where he is now isn't exactly a place anyone I know would actually choose to make a life there (sorry Canada! offense....there are similar places in the US, too). Let's see.....where he is now is 8 months of  sub zero winter, a few good weather months to do some very low level racing (basically "hobby" racing) compared to sunny Australia, where they race 8 months out of the year and at a higher level in the sport. He didn't say when all this is supposed to actually happen, but my guess is early Fall.

Our drug infested neighborhood is still being worked on by the narcotics cops. DH went a bit nuts week before last and actually stapled signs on a utility pole between us and our good neighbor! Stop the meth! Stop the herion! Call xxx-xxxx (sherrif's non emergency #). Well, within a few days the vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic on our little road died down big time and then the renter was walking by with his son about 10 days ago and we were outside. He stopped at our fence (and we thanked him for leaving our mis delivered mail) and he said he kicked out his wife. For the next week our street was silent! Though I think the son is still involved in it.  They have apparently just shifted the traffic to the road behind us and are accessing the property that way, according to our good neighbor, who's property borders the rental property. Then renter (truck driver) apparently went out of town a few days this week (got back last night) and the traffic started to pick up again, but the cops have been around and seem to be working on it all, especially the drug house behind us.  I'm sure renter's wife will be back at some point and it will all start up again, but the quiet week sure was nice and a much needed break from all the stress.

Monday is payday and in the past whenever we got paid on a Monday the direct deposit would show up in my bank account on Saturday. Not there this morning! Boo! I wonder why it's changed. I had planned to get online, get bills paid and be done with that this morning, but now I will have to wait until Monday,

My mom gave me a scare last week. She had been dealing with bronchitis and called me one morning to say she just didn't feel well at all and called 911 and they were on their way. By the time I got over to her house (takes me about 15 minutes) they had come and gone and said her lungs sounded fine and by then she felt better. I did make her make a doctor appointment and took her in later that afternoon. I think she just woke up, felt a bit woozy, etc and panicked. I tried to let her know that she could always call me to take her to ER or urgent care if she didn't feel she could drive herself to her doctors office (as long as it wasn't life and death situation, of course).  She seems fine now and back to normal.  Guess that's a little preview of things to come as she starts getting up there in age.

I think DD and I are going to join the Y.  It's a bit more per month than I had hoped ($84 for the both of us) but if I go 12 times per month (eek!) I would get a $20 reimbursement from my health insurance company. Plus, when DD goes to college at the end of September I can stop paying for her monthly dues. I really need to get in shape and take care of myself and try to get some energy.  My mom said my uncle (who is like 69 or 70) decided to get in shape and joined a gym, lost a good amount of weight and is feeling great. I guess he changed doctors, went in for physical and the doctor asked when was the last time he exercised and my funny uncle said "oh....since like 1959". He's not overweight, maybe had 20-25 pounds or so extra and just out of shape. I'm proud of him to take care of himself like that! 


  1. Its interesting that Canada wouldn't grant your son a work visa. They have such a large land mass with little population. There are a ton of Canadians here. Hopefully he will have better luck in Australia.

  2. I hope he has better luck with Australia. My cousins tried to move to Australia about 8 years ago, and they couldn't get a work visa. They were told that their skill set was not unique enough. They ended up in New Zealand.

  3. Wow you've had some week!.. I'm not really sure whats happening with DS.. Is he a race car driver? I honestly don't know how you handle living in your neighborhood.. You saw my post about the house we were 'supposed' to rent and then found out about all the drugs, violence and gangs etc.. If I had moved there we were even thinking of buying it, if we had and then learned of the above I don't know what I would have done.. Its got to be kind of scary :(

  4. I hope you are able to resolve your differences with your son. Not too many things worse than dealing with conflict between parent and child. I know because I am currently living it myself with my own kid. As for the drug dealing, that's a tough one. A real cancer. We have had to move in the past from neighborhoods in which the residents dealt drugs. I really hope it doesn't start up here in my current neighborhood because I would not want to move right now. What are you going to do if this problem persists??

  5. Ugh, your stories sure make me all the more grateful for the neighborhood we live in! All super nice people & no drugs. Well, as far as I know! We are thinking of joining the Y also - $80 a month for family & neither employer pays part of the fee, but I am checking into our health ins plan to see if even a few dollars would be covered. We go back & forth, with summer coming we are more active & might end up waiting until fall. Let me know if you do join & how much you use it!