Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How I just saved 26.5%

I came across this article today  on ways to save on pet supplies. Several points listed I already do (or have done) but the discounted gift card idea caught my eye. I have heard of these discounted gift card sites, but never have checked into them.

One of our dogs (due to allergies) eats an expensive brand of dog food (Blue Buffalo) that usually runs $55 for a 30lb bag.  The only 2 places around here that carry it is Petsmart or Petco. I usually get it at Petsmart, just because it's the closer store. Once in awhile it's on sale for about $5 less.

I used to search and found a Petco gift card with a balance of $66.93 with a 25.5% discount, making it $49.86 (with free shipping). I also paid for it with my Paypal debit rewards card, saving an additional 1%.  Needless to say, scoring a 26.5% discount on this dog food makes my day! I will definitely have to check out this site regularly to purchase discounted gift cards I can use towards this dog food.  It seems it would also pay to check out gift cards for other stores, if I know I will have a purchase coming up.  Gift cards to stores like Lowe's and Home Depot seem to run about 10-13% off.  Could make for some nice savings on all our yard maintenance purchases we make throughout the summer.


  1. I can understand having to buy an expensive kind of dog food. My Sadie, a beagle/terrier mix has a heart murmur and some fluid issues. She takes her heart pill twice a day, and has a heart healthy diet to follow. It's Hills Prescription Heart Diet. It's a 30 lb bag for 55 dollars. So far, it's lasted about a month. She gets a cup in the AM, and half a cup in the PM. I bought the first bag at the vet, but need to look around at other places for their prices.

    1. Our 30lb bag lasts about 3 weeks or so. Being a bigger dog (65lb) he gets a cup and a half in the morning and then again at dinner. Hopefully you can find it cheaper someplace else!

  2. Good deal on planned purchases. I've also heard of people pushing it even further; as in buying giftcards for Ebay, then using the Ebay giftcard (which was already discounted) to buy giftcards to other places. Can get long winded, but I am sure it'd be worthwhile for big purchases (like appliances).