Monday, March 3, 2014

Engine fixed

We went and picked up DD's car (a 2003), from the friend who worked on it, yesterday. Her total came to just over $1140 - ouch - but probably half what it would have cost at a shop. The shop we had first checked into said $1000 in labor just to pull the engine out, plus then parts and labor to fix the leak. Well, our friend found several things wrong while he had the motor out (one motor mount was completely broke in half, so he replaced both) and he put in new gaskets, water pump, timing set, spark plugs, oil and and antifreeze. I'll bet she would have ended up paying $2500 at that shop to have all that done.  Friend charged her $780 in labor and the parts totaled about $360.  She should be good to go now.........except just before she took it up there to him she noticed her drivers floor mat was very damp and then he noticed it yesterday (because it has been raining non-stop), so she has a window or windshield leak somewhere and we have no idea how to figure out where it's coming from.  Guess that's the next project. It just needs to stop raining!

Even with that huge expense and purchasing her new laptop, she still has over $5000 in the bank and the next 6 months to work and save before she heads off to college. She's just happy to have her wheels back and not be borrowing my car or having to have dad take her to school and pick her up. Tennis tryouts/season starts today - of course, that must be why it's raining :)


  1. Your daughter has spent big bucks on her ride but she (and you too) can sleep better at night since now, she has a more reliable car checked out and repaired by someone you trust.

    We once had a real old car (our first family car back in 1974) and the floor used to get wet due to cracks on the bottom of the car. A VW beetle 1962 which we loved:)

  2. Ouch.. What year is the car and what make and model is it? I can't blame her for being happy to have it back and now at least she knows and YOU know she has reliable wheels under her butt..

    1. It's a 2003 Chevrolet. Not too old, has about just under 100,000 miles on it and is in nice condition. Hopefully now it will last her the next couple of years through college. We put new tires on it last year and since she doesn't really drive much (school and work) they will last her quite awhile.