Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pretty good week so far

Got good news from Progressive today.  Our 6 month renewal premium actually went down $17 a month!  Woohoo!  I think that is the first time EVER I have had it go down for a renewal.  We previously had GMAC insurance for over 10 years and it almost always went up every renewal time (you’d think it would gradually decrese a bit, given that the value of the cars are depreciating every year).  When we got our “new” cars last spring, I was already paying $340 a month and knew it would only go up from there by adding a vehicle, plus of them a 2011 (even though it was used to us).  I did an online quote search and got better coverage – all for $278 a month.  Then I got it down to $260 by sending in Ds’s grade transcripts.  Now my 6 month renewal is next month and it will be another $17 cheaper.  Of course, something else always increases to offset the extra money (as in the Comcast bill) but at least I am at my same monthly budget for total outgoing.  Every bit sure helps.  And if and when we can ever sell my old car (that’s another, long Dh story) I can take that off the policy and get it even lower.   But, on the other hand, when Dd gets her license it will probably go up.  Sigh….

I also got a big rock chip in my window driving to work yesterday. Made me so mad.  But, I had added windshield coverage on my car, so I think it will be covered to have fixed.  I just need to get on that and not procrastinate like I am prone to do. 

Other good news this week was our electricity bill for September was less than I budgeted.  I think that is a first, too.  It’s only $107 and I budgeted $150 (but again, it’s one of those 28 day billing periods too…so next month will probably be way higher.  I really don’t know why they can’t just bill once a month – either 30 or 31 days.  How hard is that??.  But, I’ll take the extra money, especially with Dd’s birthday coming up next month.

I went to RiteAid on Sunday and got in on a few of their deals.  I spent $12.15 and got back $11 in UP rewards to use on future shopping, so not bad.  Hopefully, I can find stuff to keep rolling the UP rewards into more.  I need to stop in a different store on the way home and see if they have the other things the first store was out of.  I can use some of the ones I have to pay.  I’d like to get the toothpaste and Emergen-C vitamins.

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