Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little savings weekend and misc

I didn't have too much extra savings from my grocery shopping trip yesterday. I did price match the soda for $2 savings, but then forgot to give her the one coupon I had for $1 off another item :-(.  I spent $135 between Walmart and Target, including dog food.  Our Target recently remodeled to include a lot more food items and a trip there the other day for water and a couple of things gave me 2 good catalina coupons to use - $1 off Purina One dog food, which I was planning to buy yesterday, and $3 off a grocery purchase of $25 or more.  So, hoping the dog food was considered "grocery" I bought the dog food (plus it was on sale!), some tea, and more water.  And the $3 off coupon worked.  So, I got the dog food for $4 off with coupons, plus another 5% for using my Red Debit card.  I didn't really see anything I need on the drugstore sales this weekend.  I also saved a couple of dollars by trying some store brands.  I bought the Great Value chewy chocolate cookies - tasted fine to me! and some generic SOS pads.  Used them this morning for cleaning and could tell no difference.  I will probably be on the lookout to try more generic items.

Friday I had to spend $20 to apply for Dd's first drivers license and schedule her driving test.  She will take her test on Oct. 26th.  Not sure how this will affect our insurance premium - she was already added as a non-licensed/permit driver when we got this insurance.  But I will be at least saving $30 a month on gas once
she gets her license.  Just making 1 trip to school each day instead of 2 will save $30 plus other trips a few times a month to take her somewhere and then go pick her up, making 2 trips instead of 1.  I think it will cost $55 to get her license when she passes the test.  $40 for the license and an additional $15 for the enhanced license to get across the Canadian border.  We just paid for that in August, thinking we were going in September, and now will have to pay again! Boo!

Dh hs been trying to kill a mole making havoc in our front yard. No luck so far. Usually he's pretty good at catching them.  Guess he needs to channel Carl Spackler some more!  The medicine he's been taking is helping some and he's had some days where he feels pretty good, so that is a good sign.  We still have to get his cholesterol meds figured out and working.

This was a short payday - with only 80 hrs, so that makes it a tight one to get through to the end of the month.  I think I'll have about a $100 cushion, so am hoping nothing big comes up. I will probably make an extra $60 or so from my side job, as they started using a new program that I am going to have to put in some extra time to learn.  Not to wish time away but I wish it was the 31st payday already!

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