Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I've got the 'I want's"

I've been having a case of the "I want's" lately.  Kind of strange for me, really, as I'm not much of a shopper or spender on "things".  I've kind of wanted a Kindle or a Nook for quite awhile, but easily talked myself out of it - due to the price and that I would've had to buy books, which certainly wasn't going to happen on my budget.  But now you can download books for either from the library - for free, it is getting desirable again.  Or I want an iPad...

I want some new clothes for work.  We get to dress very casually, but I still try to wear nice tops with my jeans and I haven't had any new work clothes in over a year.  I'd like a couple of tops and new pair of jeans.  I feel like (and I have) been wearing the same outfits for 3 years.

I want a new refrigerator and dishwasher - mine are 23 year old now. And I want a new toaster.  My 4-slice toaster now only toasts 2 slices at a time.  Not too much of problem on a daily basis, other than when I am trying to make 4 club sandwiches at 3 slices per sandwich.

But, I will make do with what I have:  I have lots of clothes, really, and will try to hint to family I want gift cards for xmas and birthday.

I have a very nice public library a few miles from my house full of books :-) (which I already use all the time)

My refrigerator and dishwasher both still work (knock on wood!) so I will keep using them until they don't. - Same with the toaster (I don't want a toaster for xmas - LOL!)

I "make do" with a lot of things to get by on our one income.  My cell phone is just a basic cheap phone that doesn't do anything fancy with a pay as you go plan. I bought a $100 card at the beginning of the year and still have $60 left on it.  I get my hair cut every 7-8 weeks for $15, including tip, from a lady who cuts hair out of her home.  Then I color it myself.  I drive a "new" used car. It's actually a 2011 that was a rental car that got crashed in the front end and went to auction, with less than 5,000 miles on it.  A guy bought it, had it fixed and we bought it for 1/2 the new price.  It's been a perfect car and was just like brand new, really, even still smells new.  Instead of spending $25,000 we spent $12,600.  Dh has a 1999 vehicle.  I'm not a designer clothes person.  JC Penney or Ross is good enough for me.  I get a Starbucks coffee maybe twice a month (usually with a gift card from MyPoints), the rest of the time I make my morning cup of coffee at home.

I just have to remind myself I have enough when I get a rare case of the "I want's".

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  1. I like your disclaimer about not wanting a toaster for Christmas! lol! It's admirable that you don't rush out to buy all your "wants" when so many people do!