Monday, September 12, 2016

This and that news

The appraisal came in on the house we are buying, at $10K over what we are purchasing it for, so all good.  No word still on when the appraisal will be on our house. We are supposed to close 2 weeks from tomorrow. The u-haul is reserved. The new homeowner's insurance is getting set up on the house being purchased. Wonder if I need to notify my old policy to cancel when this house sale is complete, or if they get notified by the title company when the sale is processed?

I checked with my employer health insurance plan to see if I can see doctors in network, while living in a different state. I figured it was going to be ok, since United Healthcare is a national company and it is. I didn't know about dental though, but that is in network too. Whew. I also see that UHC has virtual visits for minor illnesses. I might have to try that out, if/when I have a need......either that or I can walk out our new back door, down the alley and around the corner to the next block and see real doctors in our new little town. LOL. If worse comes to worse the ambulance is kitty corner behind us (next to the dr's offices) and the small county hospital is across the street. HAHA.

I got credited this morning for 5 of the 6 $500 fraudulent charges from last week, but was still missing one of the $500 charges. I called PayPal and she said it is still being processed and will show within next 24 hours. Not sure why one is lagging behind, but what a total pain. The $3000 already came out of my checking account, which ticks me off. Thankfully I had enough funds to cover, but I called PayPal when the charges were still "pending". You'd think they could put a hold on them before they actually went through. I transferred the $2500 PayPal has credited me so far back to my checking, but of course now that takes another 2 days.  Sigh........

That's about all I know today. 


  1. If I remember correctly, you have to have the insurance in place or signing won't happen. The mortgage company wants you to be insured. Call your attorney.

    1. Yes, the insurance on the house we are buying will be in place. I've already signed for the new policy and my broker is working with the insurance agent to have the binder done before closing. I was just wondering if I need to cancel my previous insurance on the house we are selling or if that gets done thru closing/selling process.