Friday, September 9, 2016

Can we ever stop debit/credit cards being hacked?

After a 2 hour drive home from work yesterday (I did stop at fast food, so that added about 15 minutes) I finally arrived home. Isn't it totally ridiculous that a 36 mile drive takes almost 2 hours?!! I will be SO glad to get away from this. I sit down at my computer to check my emails and get just the most wonderful surprise.......DH's debit card was hacked - Six $500 charges to Giant Super Market, in Haiti, apparently.  $3000. Good grief.  He hardly even uses this card.  He used it this week to pay at the Ford dealer to flush his transmission and he got gas. I think he used it a few weeks ago to pay for something online. We both usually use our cards as "credit" transactions, to get the 1% rewards back. There really should be a way these types of transactions are stopped. You'd think having to use a pin# for a credit transaction, like with a debit card, would work?

DH is heading over the mountains again this weekend to take his pickup, car trailer, and our old car he has kept all these years and leave at good friends house (along with the 53ft trailer loaded with all his shop stuff that is already over there). That way it will all be over there and when we do our final move he can drive the u-haul with our house goods. He's also got the bed of his pickup loaded with stuff too.  Thankfully, since he needs a ride back here, I do not have to follow him over there! He found a ride back with someone who is coming back this way. This guy is going over to do some racing this weekend and DH will catch a ride back with him. Win win.  I get most of a weekend to myself :)  Mostly all packed now.  Will just do a bunch of cleaning.  DD will be here for a little of the weekend. They have to come down for a wedding to attend on Saturday afternoon.

Now DH will have to take my debit card with him to get gas on the trip. He does have some cash to take, too, but likes to have both. If it had to happen, I'm very relieved it wasn't my debit card, at least.  I have most of my bills set to auto pay from it, it's a pain to have to change it all.

I thought I was catching a cold. I woke up in the middle of the night with a couple of sneezes and all stuffed up, a headache, and kept having to blow my nose. Finally I fell back asleep and woke up fine. Weird. I can't even remember when I last had a cold. Several years, at least.  I just assumed with how run down I have been I was probably due for a cold.

Ok, so how long does it take to get an appraisal scheduled? It's been almost 2 weeks now and we still don't have an appraisal scheduled on our house yet. And supposed to close in 2 1/2 weeks? I'm starting to get nervous again. I just got text from my agent on house we are buying and the appraisal went fine. Whew. One more thing out of the way. I'm working with an insurance agent to get insurance on new house and he's also giving me auto insurance quote, as if I bundle I can save $100-$200 a year.

The other frustration this week was with my side job.  I couldn't access my email on Tuesday, after the long weekend. That happens occasionally, but usually fixed in hour or so. By Wed I still couldn't, so I called up to ask what's up. Oh, they changed to a different email system/server or something and totally forgot that I have a company email too. They always forget about me. LOL.  I got the link to new email, but all my old emails are gone. Yikes! I need all those! Since I work 100% remotely those emails are how I get all my info to do my job. I have much saved and much still to get to.  Supposedly I am supposed to have access back to those today.  I feel totally lost without all that info to do my job.

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  1. I never use a debit or credit card at the pump of a gas station I always go inside. We had a major problem here with people attaching some little device to the thing you run the card through at the pump and as long as they were sitting in the parking lot they could access your card number. Yikes! So better safe than sorry and I go inside if paying with a card. Take care.