Tuesday, June 18, 2019

an all over the place post

I think I've mentioned before that Go Fund me accounts people ask/expect you to donate to, often annoy the heck out of me.  Like the one where the relative wanted to go study abroad for a semester, so rather than work to save up the money to do it, she asked for donations. She didn't get much, so, of course didn't go. Or the relative, who a year and a half ago was asking for money so she could go to another state and live and do her masters degree...who a year and a half later can afford to go to Hawaii on vacation.......(not to mention several trips home and a trip to Vegas, the past year and a half). I couldn't even bring myself to ask for something like that for like a medical expense/emergency, let alone for something that is a "want".

Ok, that was my little rant.

DH is wearing himself out. He won't take a break to rest and recover. Over the years he's realized that after he's over done it, he needs a couple of days of rest and just taking it easy. Then he can start up again. Rinse. Repeat. He's just going all the time and won't stop to rest. He's now in so much pain, says it's the worst he's had. I reminded him he used to take a couple of days and rest and that is what he needs to start doing again. Of course he won't listen to me. Says there's too much to get done and it won't get done if he rests. It will get done, just will take a bit longer. He has no problem telling people about his muscles problem......yet then he will not show them that he needs any relief. So, then he's mad when "no one thinks anything is wrong with me". Well, geez - you'll be on your legs for 6 straight hours with the wood worker guy and not take a break, or grab a stool. Someone will stop by to visit (and people like to do that around here) and he'll have to stand there (cuz usually they just stand outside and talk) and he'll stand for like an hour or two visiting. Instead of saying something like "hey, I'm sorry, my legs can't stand any more right now, how about we go sit?". Makes me so mad. Then, I have to listen to him complain on and on how bad he feels. No kidding. 

We have a guy we know (and friends on Facebook) from DH's previous working days. About our age. He has a relative he is close with who is super wealthy and regularly flies him (in a private jet!) to visit them and attend their parties. OMG! He will post pics. They have 2 little children, You should see the extravagant (and that's putting it mildly) birthday parties these little one's get! Every birthday. Full blown extravaganza's. They must cost at least $50,000 each (and that's probably a low guess). I cannot even imagine having one of these parties thrown for me in my lifetime. Can you imagine having a party thrown for you every year like that? It's a bit hard to imagine a lifestyle like that. He's just a regular working joe, like most of us, so I'm sure he's still not used to it, haha.

Apparently, I just got the one day, last Saturday, for feeling relaxed and rested, LOL. I'll take it, though. Hopefully,  there are more to come. It has just been months since I felt like that, I forgot what it feels like. The weekend of 4th of July, I get 4th and 5th off work, and I'm looking forward to that. I keep hoping DH will make a friend he can go do stuff with every so often, LOL. He makes friends super easy, but most people work, or have spouses, etc, so are too busy to do much (not to mention he is busy himself). It's just that if he goes off for a few hours, it's so peaceful, LOL.

Last night (at 8pm, no less) DH says "let's put up these blinds in the bedroom". I think it took about an hour to get all 3 up. I'm quite happy with them (blinds.com).

Kind of hard to tell in the picture. The side windows are fabric roman shades. It's a nice heavy, lined fabric. the horizontal window is a cellular shade. It's just about the same color as the window, so when it's up you barely notice there's a blind up there. I put them down when we went to bed. It did help some, with the morning light. I still haven't decided what to put in my office or the guest bedrooms. I'm thinking the cellular shade in my office. The sun doesn't hit my desk/computer screen until around 5pm, so at this point having no blinds/curtains isn't affecting my working.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Starting to get relaxed

Saturday was one of the most relaxing days I have had in a very long time. Spent the morning puttering around, cleaning. DH was outside puttering around and cleaning. Around noon, the guy who built our dining table showed up (unexpectedly) to get started on the bar countertop. He and DH spent the rest of the afternoon working on that. I worked on getting that wi-fi extender to work. Of and on I'd see how they were coming along.

About mid afternoon woodworker guy got a call from another guy about a bar he is going to make for him. We recently met this other guy about a month ago. He was working for the guy doing the last bit of our rockery. He lives up on the mountain straight across from us. Seemed like a super nice guy. He had invited us up to his house that next day, but we couldn't go, as one of the subs had showed up to work, so we had to stay. Haven't talked to him since, I don't think. He pulled in with his truck and some wood slabs he picked up, so woodworker could look at it. His wife (who we hadn't met yet) was in the truck. The guys were standing at the end of the pickup looking at the wood as I walked out there. She had her head turned (though window was rolled down) so she wasn't looking my way as I was walking towards the guys. She never did get out of the truck. Then woodworker wanted to show him the table he built us, so we started to go inside. He hollered over to his wife "do you want to come inside and see the table?". She kind of rolled her eyes at him, like she was annoyed and then got out. Her DH and woodguy were already on their way towards the house, but DH and I stopped and introduced ourselves to her. How weird. To go to someone's house, who you haven't met before, and not at least get out and introduce yourself, or at least say hello from the window of the truck. Once she got inside, she seemed pretty nice, but still was odd to me.

Awhile later that afternoon DH and woodworker ran over to his house to do some planing on the pieces or something or other. I figured they'd probably be gone close to an hour. I was going to take a nap, but I was cold! (still adjusting to the a/c in house). So, I took a bath instead, LOL.  They came back and worked until about 6;30, so we didn't get dinner until around 7, but I just did some steaks so that was quick.

Yesterday, I didn't feel as rested, for some reason. Woodguy came back around 10am and they worked a few hours. I fiddled some on my Dyson, to see if I could figure out why it was sooo hard to push over the carpet and got it to work better. Still not the easiest to push, but much better. I can handle it now. Since I have to vacuum upstairs and down, I've decided to leave it on the floor I finished and start on that floor next time, saving a trip up or down each time.

I also made a turkey dinner with the trimmings yesterday. We never got a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey dinner living in the shop. The biggest turkey I could find was only 9.5 pounds, so not too many leftovers from it. But, we'll get leftovers for dinner tonight and a few days of turkey sandwiches.  DH appreciated it. Kind of a bittersweet Father's Day. He's missing his dad, of course, and missing our son, as always. He did get a very sweet text from a thoughtful young man. We have known him since he was a kid (same age as our son). His father died from cancer last year. He's missing his dad and he knows DH is missing our son, so he sent DH a happy father's day message.

We have sparrows trying to bring straw and stuff up in our back patio rafters. Guess we'll have to figure out how to stop that, now.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

So, I am a little bit "geek"

Well, I'm just (barely) smart enough to figure out this wi-fi extender. I figured out how to access it "manually" via the internet and put in my network wi-fi password and it synced the device with my router. Before I went any farther, I went back downstairs to the extender and now the 2.4G light was lit up solid. Yay. Then I moved it to the outlet in the laundry room and went back out to the shop with our devices.

Same issue - my phone, ipad, and DH's ipad worked ok. DH's iphone would switch to LTE again as soon as you tried to access something on the internet. ARRGHH!. I tried some various "solutions" found on the internet. Turned the airplane mode on, then off. Turned the phone off and back on. Did a system update (that he'd been ignoring). Then I decided to move the extender device and plug it into the shop, right inside the door (where the regular wi-fi signal was reaching anyway) and bam! got full bar signal from DH's phone all over the shop (well, where I could physically get to, without standing on bins). I sat out there awhile, using his phone and it stayed on wi-fi.  I'm keeping fingers crossed I have fixed the problem!

Our woodworker guy is here now. Measuring and figuring out our kitchen bar countertop. When we were living in the shop we could hear someone pull in the driveway. In the house, we cannot. Even the dogs don't hear it. Until someone rings the doorbell........and then they go bat$h%t crazy. They are pretty well behaved dogs, but that is one thing I have never been able to train them. Usually, we'll hear someone pull in and so will they, so they start barking and I'll just put them in a room with the door shut, so I can answer the door, by the the time the person is getting to the front door.

Tech frustrations

I'm now in the process of getting my end loan mortgage. Thankfully, while we were delayed getting this construction done, the mortgage rates have continued to decline.  But, I really hate trying to decide, do I lock in now or just wait and see? The banker asked me if I wanted to lock in.  I needed a bit more info first: is there a fee to lock in? and how long does he think it will take to close the loan? So far, this year, the rates have been on a slow downward trend. From what I am reading, this is expected to continue, at least in the short term. I'm thinking of just holding out and hoping the rates go down a bit more by the time I get closed.  Opinions?

I bought a "wi-fi extender" to try to get more/better wi-fi out to the shop. This is what I had read I would need, as well as the phone guy told me the same thing. I bought one that is the same brand as our router (Comtrend) that we have through the phone company. Figured that might make set up as easy as possible. It's supposed to be just a plug in thing and easy to set up. But, I'm not sure if it's working correctly or not. We get some wi-fi just inside the shop, but the farther in you go it weakens and then is spotty/off and on.  It still seems to be doing the same, even with the extender.

Per instructions I plug it in a wall socket near the router/modem. Push the WPS button for 2 seconds. Then push the WPS button on the router for 2 seconds. The two are supposed to connect in about 2 minutes, which it seems to do. There are 2 "signals" it uses: 2.4 and 5G. Once they connected my phone (and other devices) now showed two new networks available: Extender 5011 and Extender 5012. Then you are supposed to be able to unplug it and try some different plug in locations between your router and the weak area.

But, according to the instructions the top 2 lights of the extender (one is marked 2.4G and one 5G" are supposed to be lit up, telling you the signal strength. Neither light up. They don't light up when it's plugged right near the router, either. So, I'm not sure what to do.

I first went out in the shop with my phone and ipad and they worked in the shop bathroom and farther away. I then went and got DH's phone and it seemed to be working. Later he went and sat out there. He'd be connected to wi-fi, but as soon as he tried to look at anything with his phone, it would switch back to LTE/data use. I took my phone (iphone 6) and his phone (iphone 7) out and sat is same spot. Mine would work, his would switch back to LTE.

I REALLY hate trying to figure out technology!!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Dining table love

Our mason guy is done. Yay! Boy, all these self employed subcontractors sure make a lot of money, LOL. Who needs a college degree? Just learn a trade and go into business for yourself. They all have more work than they can handle (because there's not enough of them to do all the work). I'll bet if they'd work a 40 hour week (this guy sure seems to, though one of the few) they make six figures a year, easy. He sure was a nice guy though. Supposedly, we are invited to a BBQ he has next month. I think he lives up north about an hours drive.

DH is taking a much needed "sleeping in" morning. Now that we had the final bill from the mason (and no surprises) we do have a little bit of money still in the bank, to put towards our next stuff that needs to be done. We were holding on to it, to make sure we had enough to cover his final bill. We don't have a lot, but will have to figure out the priority to allocate it to what still needs to be done. We need some gravel for our driveway, so we can use our garage and shop parking pads! It needs to be added to fill in, up to the parking pads, so there is a smooth driving transition. We also need the shelving in the closets and pantry. We need to take a trip to the dump to get rid of all the construction debris that is in the little dump trailer. That will be at least $300 to dump it. But, then DH can use the trailer for a couple of projects and then he is supposed to sell it.....I say supposed, because DH can rarely sell anything once he owns it. But, that has always been the plan since he got it 2 years ago. He should be able to get $6000-$6500 for it and we need that to finish up things here. Landscaping, the fencing, a riding lawn mower, etc. You watch...he'll have some excuse why he needs to keep it, rather than selling it. He won't want it parked outside (it's a bit of an eyesore) so he'll cram it in his shop and be back to having a shop that he can't move around in.

The woodworking guy delivered our farmhouse table yesterday! It's gorgeous. He does really nice work and it's nice that it's more personal, since it came from trees on our property. It's nice the trees got used for something purposeful, rather than DH's buddy who was originally offered to come and get the cut trees for his firewood! (he was too lazy to come and saw it up).

And the dress I got at Target for $25 do wear to DD's wedding (T'Pol asked for a photo)


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mom, memory, and emails

Had a bit of a confusing phone call with my mom on Tuesday afternoon. When I answered she said "hi, that is so strange, I tried this number and I got someone else". I'm like what? my number? Then she said her BF tried it and got someone else, too. Plus, he was trying to email me and it wasn't going through.

As far as I know she has my number in her cell phone contacts, she she doesn't specifically have to dial it each time (or heaven knows who'd she be calling). She was trying to give my info to her BF, so he could call or email me. She said he wanted to thank us for a good visit, when they stopped by a few weeks ago (mostly he wanted to let me know about the upcoming dr. visit and his concerns). I don't know what number or email she was giving him or she was dialing. She read me off my ph# that was correct. I gave her my email again, but haven't yet received an email from him. I have his email address, from one of her "funny" emails she will occasionally forward, that includes, his email, so I am just going to email him directly, so then he can just reply to me.

She said she has a doctor appointment on July 1st and her BF is going to go with her, so that is good. She's been having several days off and on where she doesn't feel well, when she gets up, and then it passes. Plus, her memory problems, and her BF thinks she should get checked out again. I'm glad he's going, as he'll be able to tell the doctor more, as well as remember what the doctor tells her. She already had a brain MRI the last time she went (this was last December) and they said it was normal. At that time, she told me the doctor told her he might have her go off of the anxiety medication(s), as that can cause cognitive problems, but he wasn't going to do it until summer. I had asked her why he wanted to wait until summer and she didn't know.  Then a couple months ago, I asked her about that again, (because I figured the doctor wouldn't follow up, she would have to) and she had no recollection of her doctor telling her that at all. In fact, she didn't even know why she was taking the medication or what it was for...she thought it was for her excessive sweating. I said, no, those are for anxiety. You don't take anything for the sweating (she's had that for years), though they think that might also be caused by that medication. Then she said "oh, well I don't even know why I'm still taking that".

I do know that several years (maybe 4-5) ago, she tried to go off one or both (she takes Paxil and Zanax) and it sent her emotions all over the place for a week or two, so she went back on. I just googled:

Using ALPRAZolam together with PARoxetine may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. Some people, especially the elderly, may also experience impairment in thinking, judgment, and motor coordination.taking these meds together

She's probably been on these for at least 15 years, so would have been 63 or so when she started.

She says she's not having any issues driving or getting lost. Or taking her meds, or paying bills. She's just forgetful of words for things and also doesn't remember people telling her stuff, at times. It will be interesting to see what another doctor appointment brings. I know as my grandma got older, she often didn't feel well in the mornings and if she had scheduled an appointment in the morning, my mom often had to reschedule it.

So, I haven't looked at her AOL account in a few weeks, to check her spam. I was checking it almost daily and the majority of it seemed to be now going directly to her spam folder, so I felt the issue wasn't a problem much now and I thought she now understood to ignore those deactivation emails and not reply. WELL, I just went into her account again....tons of spam in her regular inbox. I checked her sent emails.....sure enough, she's been getting some emails from some fake account, saying they were going to deactivate her AOL account.  She keeps replying!! I don't know how many times I have explained to her these are SCAMS, just ignore these emails, do NOT open and do NOT reply. So, I guess it's back to monitoring and getting rid of those emails before she see's them.

Obviously, if she can't remember to just simply ignore these emails, after we've repeatedly discussed them, she is having cognitive problems. I sent her an email asking if she's getting much spam anymore? and to just remember, if she gets any about deactivating to just ignore and do not reply.  She replied back to me last night that she is getting some spam, but she is just ignoring them. No..she is not! LOL. Since June 4th she has replied 11 times "do not deactivate my account".

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Easing back into "normal" life

I was talking with my boss on the phone (when I was having trouble getting logged in) and mentioned that while I was waiting for the fix, I just stood up for awhile and looked out the window at the river. I explained that due to the dormer and roof line, the window had to be higher than my desk to see out of sitting. She suggested one of those varidesk set ups and that the company would buy me one, if I'd like to try that. I think I would like that, if I could still sit at it, with it raised, so maybe a stool type office chair would work with it. I'd need a footrest on the stool, though. Years ago, when I first started working from home, the only spot I had to set up my "desk" was on our bar countertop and I sat on one of our barstools that just have a bar across the bottom for a foot rest. Eventually, the bottom of my foot started aching. I'd need something with a flat foot rest.  I'm going to think on that! The varidesk has a model that sits on top of your existing desk and can raise up, when you want it to.

We have some friends moving from our old drug neighborhood area, to another state. They are using PODS to move their stuff. Sounds like it has turned into a huge nightmare for them and a huge rip off. They have a contract, to move the pods from their old house to their new house. First they wouldn't show up and pick them up. Now they picked them up and then are saying they will only move the pods to a place an hour and a half from their new house and they'd have to unload them there. They also had a set price for their 3 pods in the contract. Now they are raising the price by $800 each for the second and third pods! Like friend said - they have his stuff - what's he supposed to do now?! They are literally in the middle of driving across the county to their new home. Incredible. The local offices on both ends have been no help to him. The corporate office just says "ya, we know people complain about us on our Facebook page, but we don't care". So, just a warning, if anyone out there is thinking of using them for a big move. Hopefully friends can get this resolved. It's stressful enough moving across the country without having to deal with that on top of it.

I made some brownies. I do not mind baking. Maybe because it's just one thing to make, compared to a meal. The mason was still here and the woodworking guy, who is making our farmhouse table, stopped by, so I shared some with them. The woodworking guy said he put the last coat of finish on the table and it should be dry/ready in a few days. We saw it over the weekend and I love it.

Our neighbor guy is apparently gone all week. Explains why their dogs are all upset and pretty much barking all day. Ugh! Of course they don't know they are barking....he's gone and she's gone 12 hours a day. I was texting with her yesterday, because she had asked us to accept a delivery for them and she said her hubby is gone all week. I commented "oh that explains why the doggies have seemed out of sorts!"  I was hoping she'd get the hint and put the bark collars on them while she is at work all day.

The roman shades I ordered are supposed to be here tomorrow. That will give DH something else to do, haha. I've never had roman shades before. Just blinds and cellular type shades. Hopefully, they are easy to install.

The mason is expecting to finish up today. Then we will have no more subs here. He's a super nice guy, though. Very reliable. But, it will be nice to finally have the whole place to ourselves.

DD got her ancestry DNA results back. It said she is 55% England/Wales and 45% Ireland/Scotland. But it also said the 55% England/Wales can include Denmark and Northern Germany. I would think so, since my great grandfather on my mom's side emigrated from Denmark. DH's great grandparents, from Germany. My grandpa (dad's father) was born in Scotland. The rest seem to be from England. Interesting, stuff.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This, that, and the other

It's a nice sunny morning. I can't get remotely logged into my desktop at work. It gets part way in and freezes. I'm having my boss try to reboot my computer there. In the meantime I stood up, with my coffee cup in hand, and looked out the window, so I could watch the river. I think that's part of what I like about our view....it's always moving! The river is losing it's spring brown color and starting to turn green now.  Soon, we will start seeing "floaters" (people who float down the river) and fishermen going by.  Sometimes the fishermen stop at a spot across from our neighbors and fish from there awhile (same spot the bald eagles like to fish, haha).

I'm still working on getting my office organized. Things I had just kept in boxes (even at our house in town) I'm now going through and getting put away. I have created one box that is just papers to shred or burn, so that helps. Eventually, I think I need to get one more file cabinet. I just have two 2-drawer ones, plus some storage in my desk.

My neighbor just called. They are trying to have some wine delivered, but her hubby isn't home to sign for it, so she wanted to know if she could see if they could try to re-deliver it to us, to sign for. I told her we don't drink, but we might be starting from all this stress, so we might drink it all! LOL.

I had seen this toilet paper holder (online ad) that was like bear claws. It looked cute. It was on Black Forest Decor, but I found it on ebay for almost half. Well, it arrived and it was cracked and broken. Not to mention, seeing it in person, I didn't really like it much. Kind of plastic and ugly looking. Fortunately, rather than saying they'd send a replacement, the ebay seller just credited me (I sent them pictures).  They really didn't pack it very well, so I'm not surprised it broke.

Ok, so I'm already tired of having to cook dinner meals! LOL. It's just not my thing, I don't know why. I need to find a way to at least enjoy it a little bit. We did do leftovers twice in the past week, so that is helpful. I will say I love looking at my sink, haha. I haven't figured out the convection part of the oven yet, but otherwise it works great and the microwave, too. I craved popcorn all these months (our microwave in the shop was too small for the popcorn bag) and now that I can make it, I haven't because I don't want to stink up the house to smell like popcorn!

I have never understood how our property taxes here work. It's like they are a year behind or something. And it seems they assess every 2 years, but based on a year before's assessment. I just received a notification that 2019 is the first year of the 2019/2020 valuation cycle. But, the notification shows the current assessed value as of 1/1/18 (a few months before we started building), so it's appearing to me like our property taxes for the next two years will be based on that, so still only around $600 for the year. If I'm understanding this, then they will assess again, based on 1/1/20, and then we'll start paying including the house and shop in 2021? Hopefully, they don't go back and add on the prior almost 2 years? I have no idea how this works, but if I only have to pay $600 in taxes each of the next 2 years, that would be great, haha.  I'm not holding my breath, though.

Monday, June 10, 2019

TV and hard drive

We received the tv wall mount that I ordered, on Friday. DH got the tv up above the fireplace. Not the easiest thing to install, but he got it. Ok, then on to me to figure out if there was any possible way to get the live tv he watches (namely FoxNews) streaming, without having to purchase a $40 a month subscription service. I watched a video on how to download Xfinity Stream (using my mom's account log in) and I got it loaded on (back door method) but on that it would not let me watch live tv (like we can on our computers by logging into same thing). Shoot. Then as I was scrolling back I saw there is a standalone app for FoxNews, that you access by entering your subscription log in to Xfinity. That worked! Wooo! We'll give this a try for awhile and see if it's workable with how DH likes to watch tv. About the only other thing he watches is Discovery Channel and it appears there is an app for that, too, so we should be able to watch that the same way.

DH's external hard drive stopped working. Because of his "weirdness" (he always has to do things so backwards) of not wanting to save anything on his actual computer's harddrive,  he puts it all on his external drive....well, then he has no back up! Of course it finally died. I took it into a computer repair place in the city today. He took the hard drive out of the casing and tried to plug in directly but no luck. He recommended a company out of California that specializes in data recovery, but said they are like $700 on up. He also said there is a guy, (about another 45 minutes farther than the city) who does data recovery and would probably be half that cost. He said he didn't know anything about him, other  than he stopped in and left his info for data recovery. It seems there might be a chance a company that specializes in data recovery could get the files off of it. I guess they take it apart and repair and recover. The "local-ish" guy said his pricing starts at $399 - if you don't need an emergency rush job. I said no, no rush. Just hoping to save what we can off of it. Expensive lesson will be learned. Or maybe not, maybe nothing will be recoverable and it won't cost that.

It was a nice visit with DD. I found a summer dress to wear to her wedding. At Target, on sale for $25. A summery, flowery dress. While in the city I picked up my Walmart food order. That was pretty nifty. Check in with an app, they bring out the groceries and load in the car. We even got a free donut, each. I guess they had leftovers from the prior day, National Donut Day. But they tasted fresh, almost like a Krispy Kreme glazed donut. I will be using this service again. What a time saver. I did opt for "substitutions" and one was ok, one not so great. They didn't have the smaller size of OJ, so substituted the big jug at same price. They didn't have the bread, so substituted another brand of "honey wheat" bread, which isn't very similar, but I guess will do.

DH and I aren't getting along very well right now. He's become extremely critical and rude. Hopefully, it passes soon. I'm tired enough as it is, without dealing with that on my plate, too. 

Friday, June 7, 2019


I can't remember if I mentioned it already or not, and I'm too tired/lazy to look back through the last few posts. I recently received our electric bill for the past month - $138. The cheapest our summer bills were at our little house in town (different power company) was $160, so this is good! I know we did use some heat the first couple weeks in May. It didn't get warm here until Memorial weekend. And our furnace was running on the electric, because the heat pump hadn't been turned on yet. It sure was nice having a/c in the house this past few days, (though temps just dropped 30 degrees today and it's cold and rainy). DH has it set a little too cold for me, but he'll figure out a more comfortable setting, I'm sure.

The mason hasn't been here all week. He worked last Saturday, because he had another job to go do on Monday, but that turned into Tuesday and Wednesday. Then he was ready to come back yesterday and it was pouring rain all day. Today is better weather, so I see he made it and is back to work. We're not too worried about him. He's a solid guy and will get it done. Him and DH have a "date" on Sept 10th to go listen to elk bugling, LOL. I said why that specific date? I guess that's when they are calling for their ladies, haha.

My little cafe tier curtains I bought from Target arrived. I just used tension rods to install, so no screws. I think they look ok. I just wanted something in a creamy color that kind of blended in with the wall color and to give us a little privacy.

It sounds like my company will be opening a satellite type office about 2 hours from where I live! That's pretty neat. I'm not sure of any details yet, like how many people will work out of there, but if we actually need office space to rent, I imagine it will be at least 2-3 people. We had a salesman in that territory years and years ago, but I think he worked out of his home as the "office". I'd imagine we'll have a salesperson, or two, and one or two office support people. Kind of exciting news. And I'm sure my boss would have to visit the office a few times a year and it would be a 2 hour drive for me to go there and visit with her ;)

My DD worked half a day this morning (5:30-9:30) and is about to leave her work and drive over here.YAY! I cannot wait to see her. It'll take her about 7 hours drive to get here.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Hectic morning

Well, we are done with the contractor. Hallelujah! Of course there were overages, still. More door hardware, over by $759.  We had received a bid on all that from the building supply company, so I'm going to have to dig down more and see what happened there. I'm sure it was some stuff that the contractor put into that "bucket" line item on a previous draw. And the staircase railing - he budgeted $2000 total for materials and labor, but it came to $2965. He's so frustrating to try and figure out with why it was over. Well, I know why - he just threw numbers in the bid, that weren't actually figured out to begin with! He did take off a bunch of all the concrete work just done......because that was all supposed to be done in the shop construction loan money and he used it for all his other overages on the shop. So, we were happy with that and weren't expecting it, so we didn't fuss about the extra hardware and staircase costs. He more than made up for that in the concrete charge adjustment.

It is a HUGE relief to at least be done with dealing with him - not that we hardly ever even saw him or heard from him anyway, but still. It felt like a huge weight lifted off our shoulders when he left. He says he'll be back in winter/spring to fix a couple of things related to the concrete.....but he won't, LOL. DH will end up doing it himself, which is fine. We did the "paperwork" with him in the shop - because my computer and scanner is still there. Then he said he wanted a tour of the house. Ya, you should take a look at what "you" built, LOL. I cannot imagine how any of this would have gotten done right, if we hadn't been here 24/7, here to answer all the zillion sub questions. They certainly didn't have a contractor to ask or have on site.

This morning was hectic. I had to get up a little earlier to make sure I was all ready in case the phone company guy showed up right at 8 (they said between 8 and 9). He got here at 8:45. Took him maybe a half hour or 45 minutes. He hooked up the wiring from the house to their box outside the shop. Then brought the modem into the house and hooked it up. All good now. Then I spent an hour or two getting my computer and peripherals all moved into my office and hooked up.

When I went to turn my computer on I got an error message that Windows could not start and it was running a "fix". I have no idea what could have caused that, but it finally fixed and came on........except Firefox was missing. I re-installed Firefox, but all my saved websites, passwords, etc. were gone. I thought I had signed up for Firefox sync years ago, but every email address I tried didn't work. UGH!!! I wanted to cry. Then I googled to see if the old profile was saved anywhere on my computer and it was. There was a new profile folder and the old one. But the Firefox instructions were crappy on how to restore it. I basically figured it out on my own. I wrote down the name of the new profile folder. Then deleted it. Then renamed my old profile with the new profile name. Opened Firefox back up and it all came back up. THANK GOD! Now I'm going to sign up again for sync and write the info down this time.

I ordered a wall mount for our tv, that should be here tomorrow and we can hang it above our fireplace. I think DH will put our smaller 32" tv in his den, but I will need to get another streaming device for it.  And right now he doesn't have anything to set the tv on anyway. Basically, I just need to figure out the best/cheapest way to stream FoxNews to it and he'll be good to go, LOL. He'd just have that running all day, haha. If I can get xfinity (my mom's account) on the Firestick somehow, then I don't need to subscribe to any service

DH is happy to be getting shop space now. If we didn't have all the extra wood (from our trees cut down and extra beams from construction) stored in our garage, DH could move his pick up and the older car into the garage and really give himself shop space. But, we have the wood inside, because it needed to dry out more and acclimate, so that we can use some of it for our bar countertop.

It's so nice to have internet back for my ipad and phone. The data was really getting sucked up the past week.

Ahhhh.....it's so nice and quiet and private up here in my office. And it's so big!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wednesday update

I'm not in my office yet. Apparently it takes 5 weeks for the phone company to get out here, LOL. I called weeks ago. They are coming tomorrow morning and then we should have internet in the house. Computers, tablets and tv streaming will work again. I'm looking forward to watching something on a tv! Our phones have been sucking up the data. One of my Verizon Up rewards offered was 1GB of extra data, so I took that option last night. That should get us through to Thursday. Then we hardly ever use data on our phones, unless we go somewhere.

I've got my "grocery cart" loaded at Walmart online and on Friday will submit the order for pick up on Saturday. So far it's at $260, but that's a bit high because I have to stock up on so much again. Foods we can eat again! I like shopping this way, you can see the total in your cart as you are adding items. Helps keep a person on budget. Plus, when I'm physically shopping I always forget something on my list, or get 6 aisles away and realized I passed it and don't want to lug the cart heavy with everything halfway across the store again. This way, it's easy to add something forgotten. I also have a $10 off online order code that DD sent me.

I ordered some cafe tier type curtains from Target for the two master bathroom windows. Sure taking a long time to get here, but they are finally supposed to be here today. Even though no one can really see in them, the front one still faces the road and when it's night and lights are on inside then you can see inside. Plus we still have the mason working around. I'll feel better when they are up, LOL. One of the blinds for the bedroom arrived yesterday, but we haven't attempted to put it up yet.

I worked all day yesterday and by afternoon I was literally so tired and about to fall asleep at the desk. But, even after work was done I still had work to do. I cleaned the bathroom in the shop, cleaned out the small refrigerator and vacuumed up all the black dog hair from the couch, still in the shop. It does look much better now, but still not nice enough for the new house. It is now getting a little worn in spots, too.

Even though we already put up toilet paper holders, (came with set) a cute bear claw tp holder on Black Forest Decor came across my Facebook feed. I showed it to DH, who wanted it, LOL. Black Forest Decor wants $35 plus shipping for it. I googled it. Found the exact same thing on Ebay for $20, including shipping.  We're going to put it upstairs bathroom, where the towels have a bear/moose theme and the bathroom is next to the bedroom with the bear log bed.

We still need mirrors for all the bathrooms. DH is going to make them with scrap lumber trim and just buy mirror sheets. But, I saw a nice wood mirror at Ross when I was in the city on Monday. $16!! I should have bought it! I  took a pic of it and measured it (it would go perfect is 1/2 bath, over sink). I'm hoping it's still there on Saturday, but probably won't be.

Our contractor is coming out today to do final bills. oh joy. Should be the last time we have to see him, I hope. We're both making ourselves sick wondering what overages he's going to hit us with now/again. He has not even been to our site since before last Christmas! Can you believe that?! Or maybe that's how all contractors who are building a house, work. I don't know. I can't imagine all these subs here these past months, if we hadn't been living here and were working at jobs M-F and weren't able to be here dealing with it all.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


I'm making my way through bins and digging out of mounds of packing paper and bubble wrap! Gosh we have a lot of stuff, haha. Well, not really any more than the average person, it just seems like it after living in such a tiny space with very little stuff the past 9 months. Why in the world do I have a dozen or more coffee cups? LOL. We have started a couple of bins to either take to Goodwill/Salvation Army or have a garage sale.

I'm officially exhausted. I was just going to take Friday off work, but ended up taking off yesterday, too. My phone app showed that on Friday I walked 3 miles and 13 flights. We hired that same moving company, who moved all our stuff over here, to help with the heavy furniture stuff. Not as impressed with the 2 guys that came this time, compared to last time. If they had been the ones who moved us here, I wouldn't have used them again. First off they were 2 hours late. There was a 2 hour minimum charge. We didn't think it would take the whole 2 hours and if it didn't DH was just going to have them move some bins in, but since they were kind of annoying, after they got done in 90 minutes, we just let them go. Plus, he charged me 2 hours travel time - at the same $90/hr moving rate! I get that everyone around here charges travel time to come "way out here" but most do it at like $100 or $120 total, they don't charge their working rate for travel. Plus it's not 2 hours round trip from the city. It's an hour and 20 minutes RT, at the most. But, they got all the heavy stuff in AND up stairs, so it was worth hiring out.

It is so nice to finally have some space and room to move around and get to our things. There are quite a few bins I haven't been able to unpack yet, because we don't have closet shelves yet. DH will be making those, so for now the stuff is still in bins. Mostly just clothing and stuff we haven't gotten into in 9 months anyway. I do have lots of linen storage (2 linen closets in master bathroom and one in upstairs guest bath) so I was able to get all my linens stuff unpacked. Most all the kitchen stuff is unpacked, except for food.....again, no pantry shelves yet, which is where all the dry food is going. We just took the little bookcase we had put our food in in the shop and set it in the pantry for now and I moved the food stuffs to there. Having a full sized refrigerator is heaven. Having a sink in the cooking area (compared to having to go in to the bathroom in the shop) is even better. Last night I made our first real dinner meal in a kitchen, in 9 months. Just tuna casserole, but sure beat pot pies. I don't care if I ever see another pot pie again.

I also can't unpack 2-3 bins that have china hutch stuff. In our original house we had a huge built in china hutch, as well as a free standing one. I only have the smaller freestanding one and all the dishes and such that were in the built in (2 1/2 years ago) are still in bins. I have room to put another hutch or credenza in my dining room, so that will have to be a future purchase. I'd either like a farmhouse hutch for the other corner of dining room, or a credenza type cabinet for under the window. If I can come across something for a farmhouse hutch on craigslist, I'll probably get one of those.

I went into the city yesterday and ordered our living room sofa, loveseat and recliner. It's supposed to take 2 weeks to get here. Hopefully it's not much longer than that. I got it at Ashley Home Store. It really isn't very expensive, but we aren't hard on furniture now, with just the two of us, so I think it will last us at least several years. Total for all 3 pieces, including delivery charge was $1200. It was on sale online, but quite a bit more in the store. The guy matched the online pricing. We didn't bring in our old couch and recliner from the shop. Everything got so dusty in there over the months (construction dust, mostly).It was already an old couch to begin with, added dust and the dog slept on it all this time. We didn't even want to bring it into the clean new house since we aren't keeping it. The recliner has been busted seat springs since before we moved a couple of years ago. We shouldn't even have brought it with us then.  I still need more furniture, but that will have to wait until we have the money. I need a queen mattress set for one of the guest beds (the bear log bed) and a loveseat, chair and coffee table for the upstairs sitting loft.

The guy building our farmhouse style dining table has gotten quite far on it. He had us come over to answer a few questions. I didn't know he had even started it, but it's all ready to screw together and stain.

Well, that's all I got for an update, for now. There is still a bunch to do, but we'll get to it.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Slow service

While we will start moving in, I won't be able to set up my work computer inside the house until next Thursday. Our telephone/internet company is so slow at getting things done. I called a few weeks ago to get the phone and internet hooked up at the house. They told me about 1-2 weeks. A guy showed up last week (I think it was last week, might have been the week before) just to look at what needs to be done. It's really an easy job. All the wiring is in the house, done by our electricians. The wires are sticking out at the end of the house, next to a piece of conduit that already runs under the ground 10 feet over to the shop, to their box. That's all they have to do, pull the wire to their box and plug it in and whatever they need to do to make the phone jacks in the house work.  He says it might be 3 more weeks (for what he says is maybe an hour job). I called this morning and they said they left me a voice mail yesterday to schedule a time to come out. No voice mail is on my phone. Anyhow, the earliest they can come out is next Thursday morning.

We want the mover guys to carry my desk (2 parts) upstairs, since it's heavy, but our modem (that is currently in the shop) won't signal that far to my office in the house. So, until it gets hooked up in the house, I'll have to just set up a table (we have several folding tables) in the shop and still work out here. Oh well. So much for trying to plan ahead a few weeks so it was ready.

The receptionist at my office sent an email yesterday to everyone that there were several different Brother printer cartridges in the supply closet, and if anyone has Brother printers at home, feel free to take them (I guess the office isn't using that brand now). She sent a photo of the available ones. I still have a Brother printer and there was a printer cartridge and a printer drum for my model, so I quickly sent and email that I would take the ones for my printer! She is UPS'ing them over to me. I was just thinking the other day I'd better get a printer cartridge ordered, because I don't have a spare and the one I have is probably getting about ready to run out. Glad I don't have to spend the money now on a cartridge. They aren't cheap.

I'm taking tomorrow off work. The mover helper guys are supposed to come around noon. Last evening we moved out our 2 guest bedroom bedframes into the bedrooms and got the log bed put together. We still need a mattress set for one of the queen beds.

It's my lunch break, so I'm going to take my new bath mats and put in the upstairs guest bathroom. These were a Kohl's clearance that I got for almost nothing with a Kohl's reward. They are thick and plush.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Movin' in/Movin' up

Ok, is this weird? it's like we are scared to move in! haha! It doesn't seem real. I know there are no permits or inspections required by our county, but I wasn't sure if we needed some "final" approval by the bank to move in or what. They said nope - go ahead and move in. We are going to need help with the heaviest stuff, though. My back will go out, if I do anything too heavy and DH can't lift some things by himself. I called the moving company who moved us here last August to see if they could help move stuff from the shop over to the house (no truck needed). They do have a 2 hour minimum (which I thought they did) but that is probably about what we'd need them for for just the big/heavy stuff. And if there is time left we still have in the 2 hours, well, then we'll have them move some light stuff too.

It's not something I've verbalized much, but throughout this whole build, even when the stuff I picked out went in, and I see what we designed, I feel like I'm in someone else's house! It has never felt like my house. I don't know how to describe it. Part of me feels like "this is too nice. I don't deserve to have something like this".  Pretty much my whole life I've never felt like I should have anything really nice. I wonder why that is? Twenty years ago when we had our really nice RV motorhome (for about 8 years we owned it), I never felt like I should have something that nice. Part of me feels like all these people that have been in and out, working on the house, it hasn't really felt like it was mine. We didn't have a lot when I was growing up, but we weren't poor. My mom has always been a cheapskate about everything, so I'm sure that is part of it. But, when I go into other people's nice homes (or nice cars) I never think to myself that they don't deserve it. I think wow, they are lucky/blessed/smart/work hard, etc.

Maybe once I've lived in the house awhile, I'll get used to it! Sometimes the whole thing is just too much. The beautiful house and big shop.....the beautiful property........the view of the river!  

Just this and that

DD will be coming over for a weekend visit next weekend. Yay! It will be wonderful to see her. Haven't seen her since they came over last November - eek! Once we get past this build and all the money suck with it, and I can get on a regular monthly budget, I'm going to get back to setting aside some money each month for "travel" - to either drive or fly back to see her and my mom at least a couple times a year. If planned ahead enough, I can get a RT flight for around $200. I figure about $33 a month set aside gets me about $400 saved a year to put toward a couple of trips. That's doable.

The mason did the sealant on our fireplace and breakfast bar stone. Really changes it. Just gives it a more shiny finished look. Now DH is doing the outside of the shop stone with it. It just gets sprayed on with a garden pump type sprayer and a little brushing on.  Trying to save a little by doing it himself, rather than paying the mason to do it. It's still a big job and his arms are already worn out.

My neighbor emailed that someone in town is starting up one of those "bountiful baskets" type of produce purchases. I had heard of these before. She was placing an order and going to town on Saturday morning to pick it up and wanted to know if I was interested. I said I might be - but not until after we get settled in our house and I can start making real meals again. I'll keep it in mind. Sounds like it will be every other Saturday.

While I've managed to do over $40 a week (my goal is $25) in M-Turk income the past 3 weeks in a row, I feel like it's been a total struggle on some days to find any hits. I constantly refresh, but it's all the same stuff I've either done/tried or looked at already. Or it literally just came up in the few seconds I just refreshed and already not available any longer. Oh well, I just keep plugging away at it and am managing to exceed my goal, so guess I shouldn't complain. I also watch my emails, as occasionally I will get emailed about a hit I qualify for or it's a follow up survey. And just as I was typing that out, I received an email for a Part 2 of a survey that took me about 15 minutes and is supposed to pay me $4. Some days are like that, haha.

The end of next week Fri or Sat would be my normal grocery shopping trip, but with DD going to be here I don't want to be spending time grocery shopping. With the success of the Target order pick up, I've decided to give the Walmart online grocery shopping/pick up at store a try. We will be in the city Saturday morning (shopping for dresses), so I see you can schedule for what day/hour you'd like to pick up and you can apparently buy everything - steaks, produce, etc. I also see you can refer a friend and earn $10. I'm going to text my friend, who told me she uses it, and see if she wants to refer me, so she can earn $10. I'm pretty sure I'll really like just pulling up and having my order loaded in my car, LOL. Plus, if I start shopping at Walmart, again, I'll probably save some money compared to the grocery store we have been shopping at.

It's really gotten nice weather the past 2 days. Sunny and 70's. I was sure getting tired of the gray skies every day the past couple of weeks.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Updates on this and that

I still follow a Facebook page from our old druggie/homeless infested town. I think because I keep hoping those people dealing with it will get some change/relief at some point. It's gotten worse, from the posts, though last year one new council person was voted in, who wants to get rid of the problems. (though still outnumbered by the liberal council members who want to allow it). They have tied the police's hands. There is currently an election going on for one of the council positions, where one of the local business owners/residents, who has gotten so fed up with the town turning to crap (literally and figuratively) he is running. It will be interesting to see if he wins. If he doesn't, then I honestly think there is no hope for that town. The town was always such a nice little town (we lived about 6 miles out, in the unincorporated part). Nice shops and restaurants, lots of parks, a river to walk along or fish. Now there is comment after comment about how no one feels safe to take their kids to the parks, no one feels safe to walk along the river, because of all the drug/homeless activity going on. Kids have to walk by all this to get to schools. It's just sad. My DD's future in-laws still live there. They will be retiring in a few years and sounds like they will be selling and moving.

The problem is several years ago the town let this homeless "resource center" open up right in downtown, next to small local businesses, homes, an elementary and jr. high school. It is basically run (if you dig down into it far enough) by an activist attorney, who profits off (follow the money trail) of getting these people SSI and disability. The place is just a hang out for all the druggies, inside and outside. A majority are not even from that town, they were told "free stuff" so they came and stay camped all around. Not to mention all the crime it has brought. City council meetings, for several years now, have been a constant source of the community complaining and trying to get something done about it, but anything the city has tried to do, this attorney and his group file law suits against the city, in addition to a majority of the council doesn't want to solve it. Over the past 5 years the activity from this place has spread out from a small radius around the place to all over the town. Needles, feces, public urination, etc all over the town. The main grocery store area is so bad now that the police opened up a satellite office in the shopping complex! I'm also glad my DD doesn't live in that town anymore. While her area she lives in isn't perfect, it's much better than the town she grew up in. Her town doesn't allow (and enforces the laws) loitering and camping.

DD might come over for a quick weekend visit weekend after next. She looked into flights, coming over the weekend after 4th of July (and other weekends) but the cost is back up at $335.  She starts work at 6:30am, so she's thinking she could work half day that Friday, leave straight from her office at 10:30am and be over here in about 6:30pm. I had been thinking to myself I wish she could come over and we could go dress shopping for something for me (summer dress) to wear to her outdoor wedding. I know she's swamped with the remaining weekends, so I didn't even say anything. I just asked what she thought I should wear. Then she said she should come over for a quick weekend so we can go shopping :). She's going to double check with her DF and make sure he's got nothing planned for that weekend and she'll just drive over by herself. I found a couple of cute summer dresses online with Target, that they have in store. Since I rarely/never wear dresses, and in keeping with her low budget wedding (haha), I figure a $30 is a good deal :).  We can start there and if I can't find anything try Kohl's or Ross. I always find dresses look totally different on the hanger than they do once I get them on. Last time I wore a dress was to her college graduation, 3 years ago, LOL.

I guess DH has a $400 check on it's way from a life insurance policy his dad had through his union. SIL couldn't even get the policy amount right in her communications - she told him and his brothers it was a $1000 policy, so he'd get $200, but it was a $2000 policy. They've still got about 2 1/2 months to wait on the will with the creditors notification.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Window treatments

Last day of the 3 day weekend. Boo! The weather has been crap, but oh well. The mason is here today working, so that is good. A friend stopped by and he picked up some scrap wood DH wants to get rid of, so that is good, too.  DH is building some wood "frames" (I don't know what you would call them) around the base of our back patio and front porch posts, so they can have stone put around the base of them, too.

I got some bedroom and bathroom window treatments ordered. The only reason I haven't done it before is because I could not decide what look I wanted! And this weekend seems to be the weekend all the blinds/window treatment stores are having big sales. For now I am getting some cheap tier curtains for the two bathroom windows. They are pretty big windows (34x46 and 46x46). I'm just going to do tier curtains that are 24" in height and leave the top of the windows uncovered. It should give us privacy (if someone was outside, LOL) but still have the light and be able to see outside. I will put them on bronze tension rods, inside the window casing. Total cost, after my $10 in Target gift cards I have is $52.

For the bedroom I'm just getting treatments for the windows that face side of house. I'm not going to do anything yet with the one's facing the river, but most likely I will end up getting something for that too. We have windows on each side of where our bed will be (28x54) that are tall and narrow and a horizontal window (70x16) across above the bed up near ceiling. For the two windows on each side of the bed I'm going with roman shades. I've never had those before. For the long horizontal window I'm doing a cellular shade (like I did with the long horizontal window in my office room and our previous house.

First I priced out at Lowes (because when I was in there the other day I noticed a sign that said custom blinds and shades were 40% off). Then I priced at blinds.com. Blinds.com won. They were on sale there, plus I got a coupon code for $20 off my order, plus 3.5% Ebates cash back.

Once I decided on what styles I wanted, then I had to decide on color....so that was another hour of trying to decide, LOL. For the roman shades I went with "Chenille Flagstone" and for the cellular shade I went with "Sandy Beige".  Both said about 9 days to make, so I'm guessing they will be here in about 2 weeks.  Total for those 3 shades/blinds was $224.

I will also need something for my office and 2 guest bedrooms. Again, I haven't decided what I want. Probably will just go with wood blinds in those rooms. We will also probably put up something in the dining room on the two windows that face the end of the house and look to our neighbors house. Nothing urgent and I will figure it out later.

Our neighbors we had in town are supposed to stop by today, but we haven't seen them yet. I'm ready for a nap, but I know if I lay down, they will come, haha. I've gotten a bunch of laundry done today. My clothes and washed all the bedding.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Carpet is in

The carpeting is done. They didn't get finished until after 7pm last night. DH said they busted their butts all day, not the slower pace as they had done the first 2 days. I know if we had not made a stink yesterday morning, they would not have gotten it done and would have said "oh, we'll just have to come back "first thing" Tuesday morning.

carpeting in the upstairs sitting loft. Above the fireplace is the ledge (and wood window wraps) where they just set their soda and water bottles. DH and I were in our bathrooms this morning and I brought him in a bottle of water and set it on the granite countertop. I told DH I LIVE here and I wouldn't even set something with a drink in it on my wood surfaces....why would they think it's ok?!

We are having a disagreement about the setting of furniture up here, LOL. We have that new little wood table. I plan to set it in front of the fireplace with the long side facing the sides of room. A small love seat will go on one side of it and a chair (maybe 2)  will go across from it, so the table will be in the middle between the chair and loveseat, facing each other. That way you can look over at the fireplace and those windows OR you can look over the other direction into the greatroom/those big windows. DH thinks the loveseat should be facing the fireplace with the table in front of it. I told him to stay out of the interior design part, haha.  When sitting up there I want to sit in either the chair or loveseat and see both the fireplace and look out over the greatroom/river view. Those windows above look out the front of our house, the greatroom windows look out the back.

I tried the Target order online/pick up in store. It's the bees knees! I walked up to the (no line) customer service desk. She scanned my bar code for my order on my phone. Brought out my order. I put it in a cart, took it out to my car and done. I will definitely be using that service again. Why not have someone shop for me, for the same price (or less)? haha!

We  spent part of today installing our bathroom stuff: towels rods, towel ring, toilet paper holders. They seem decent and the price for 4 piece sets couldn't be beat at $21 each set. Now DH is making himself a new set of saw horses out of some leftover lumber. The ones he has are ages old and so rickety. I think they used to belong to his dad and we got them years ago.

Friday, May 24, 2019

TGIF and other headaches

I am completely exhausted this morning. Oh hey, it's almost 10am and the carpet guys still aren't here....when the guy left yesterday around 5:30 he said (again, LOL) we'll be here first thing tomorrow, so we can get this done. Ya, pretty sure it's not even going to get finished today, by the looks of it. It was supposed to be a 2 day job. And since Monday is a holiday, they won't be here until Tuesday, then.

By now it's almost 10:30. Still no carpet guys. We have someone scheduled on Tuesday (hvac finish up) that can't do their work until all the carpet is done (part of what they are doing is setting all the furnace vent covers). At 10:15 DH called the carpet store owner to ask him if he knew if they are coming today or not, because we need this finished today, so we don't have to push our next guy out. At 10:35 he calls back and says they should be pulling in any minute and the head installer assures him that it will get finished today.  I'll bet money, if we just hadn't raised a stink, it wouldn't be getting finished today. The mason guy that has been working here every day, is also having a house built. I guess he was commenting to his contractor how long our carpet is taking to get installed in our house and the guy is like what are they doing? it's a one day job! It's not like there is tons of carpet - just our master bedroom and the upstairs rooms, about 1600 sq ft total carpet. Plus, only 2 of the 3 guys are here today, he already said he had to send his other guy on another job.

We went up into the house last night to look around. Pop cans and water bottles left on our wood window ledges and on this nicely finished wood ledge we have up in our sitting loft. We threw the pop can away and set their water bottles on a piece of cardboard. Do you think they'll get the hint?

I only have to work a half day. I also have to go into the city and do grocery shopping and pick up misc stuff at hardware store for DH. Just thinking about it, exhausts me right now. The carpet guys are supposed to be here all day, so DH doesn't want to leave in case they have questions (which they do every so often) so I'm going to have to go do it myself. I tried to suggest we go tomorrow morning, but he said he's got stuff he wants to get working on in the morning (with the stuff I pick up today).

I cannot stand shopping online with Walmart anymore. They have so many 3rd party vendors now, that it's so hard to find stuff. I just want to buy what Walmart sells, at their pricing, that's the reason I've always shopped there. Plus, half the stuff isn't eligible for shipping any more. I can't even have a roll of Great Value aluminum foil shipped. So, back to Target online. I was adding to my cart and saw some discounts for picking up the order in the store. Well, since I'm heading into the city this afternoon, I'm going to give it a try! Says the order will be ready in 2 hours. And it will save time shopping around in the store. Might be my new thing to use :)

Thursday, May 23, 2019

For a less complaining post, I watched the finale of The Voice yesterday. I have to watch on demand, so don't see it live. I skipped through some of the finale that I didn't care to watch, but was glad to see Maelyn won. She has a beautiful voice.

Anyone watch The Kids Are Alright? That show is great and makes me laugh and smile. It is so reminiscent of growing up in the era (even though I was an only child). Growing up then, parents seemed much more distant from their kids than I was as a parent. I can remember going out to play all day, coming home for dinner. My parents had no idea where I was around the neighborhood. But, maybe my kids will look back and think we were distant parents, I don't know. haha.

I'm currently reading a book called Earnest, by Kristin von Kreisler. An ok book, about a couple and their labrador dog. An easy read, but nothing spectacular.

I'll probably spend some of the long weekend getting back to watching Blacklist. I'm on the second season, mid way through. I keep checking to see if season 11 of Heartland is on Netflix or Amazon yet, but nothing yet.

The past several months we've had signs on the front door and the door to the mudroom in front of house that say "Please use garage door". No need to have those doors continually used, scuffed up (because they'll just push whatever they are carrying against the doors) and dirt/mud tracked in those entrances. So, DH took them down last week, though it would be ok. For the carpet guys one of the big garage doors is rolled up anyway, as they have their supplies/carpet/padding set in the garage, so the logical spot to go in and out. No, no. I think they have used every single exterior door we have, LOL. The signs went back up this morning.

The HVAC guy is here installing our heat pump. Apparently it is a super efficient unit. He said that for temps like today (60's and kind of cool) where we would need some heat on, it will operate at 350% efficiency - meaning for ever dollar spent we are saving $3.50, or something like that. The gist of it is at this temperature/climate it's saving us from spending that on using our furnace/electricity. Our furnace won't even hardly have to run, it will just heat the house using the heat pump air and a bit of electricity to run the fan. The HVAC guy has a house a bit bigger than ours, with same system. He said his electricity bill is less than $100/mo. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed this is what we experience. I can't imagine only having a $100 electricity bill in the winter! We'll see. I'll believe it when I see it! It will also be very nice to have a/c in the summer. DH is a crab when he gets too hot, so it will be awesome not listening to him complain any more summers, haha.

more of the same

and while I'm complaining, why do all these people think it's ok to bring their dog(s) with them? Our neighbor likes to let his dogs out of their kennel area a couple times a day - a walk to the mailbox, or some ball throwing out in their front yard, etc. But, of course these dogs that workers bring are stranger dogs, so barking and tussles ensue.

Yesterday afternoon, when the head carpet installer showed up with the carpet, he had 2 big dogs with him and lets them out of his truck. Our dogs were outside, neighbor had just let his dogs out....fighting started. We and neighbor ended up putting OUR dogs inside....Good grief. I guess I could see it, if we lived where no neighbors were, but you don't bring your dog to hang around outside all day where other dogs are. Or at least ASK if it's ok!

Now the carpet guy is saying they won't finish up until Friday.

We had contacted a lady recommended to us who does cleaning - to see what she'd charge to clean all the construction dust, windows, etc, before we move in. We don't have the ladders (yet) to get up to the upper great room windows and frankly, we are both just completely worn out and exhausted. She came last Mon or Tues and said she'd have the quote to me in a couple of days. We told her carpet was going in this week, Wed and Thurs and would be ready to clean after that. She emails me a couple days later saying she's still working on quote (busy with her son's graduation) but would get it to me in another couple days and was carpet still scheduled for 22/23rd? I replied yet is it. Finally, on Tuesday morning she emails he her quote. So I email back, ok, when can you do it? Eventually she emails back yesterday and says "when are going planning to move in?" ...Um....as soon as it's cleaned! LOL, but I said carpet is going in today and tomorrow, so as soon as possible after that. Then she replies back that she had penciled us in for next week (she is booked this week) and I said that is fine, what day can you schedule us?.  No reply. ARGH! I'm really tired of begging people to take my money. How hard is it to just say, yes, I can come on such and such day, if that works for you.

DH ran into town to get some more caulk. I guess the carpet installers (head guy didn't get here until just now, 11am, even though he told dh he'd be here "first thing in the morning") thought he was gone and not back. DH goes to do some caulking at the back patio area and there they are...just sitting there enjoying our patio (they've only been here like an hour so far this morning).

and after yesterdays good $13 M-Turk day, I can't find anything to earn on today. Glad I took advantage of what I could find yesterday, I guess.

I'm tired, boss.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Dumb people and millipedes

So, the carpet installers are here. Our furnace floor vents are not covered, as the HVAC guy is waiting until all the flooring is in, to put them in. One of them dropped his water bottle down one of the vents! So, now DH is trying to figure out how to get that out. Not to mention they just set their water bottles down on top of our finished wood. Sure, let's just get water rings on our wood. Are people really that dumb? or is it that they don't have anything nice, so they have no idea how to treat stuff?

And millipedes...........just EEEEWWWWW!!!We've found a few in the shop. Now they are invading the house. DH can't even figure out  how they are getting in. Yesterday evening he spayed our pesticide stuff we have always used for those kitchen ants, around the outside of the house. Found more in the house today. I looked up the stuff we use to see all what creepy crawlies it works on and millipedes are one of them. Hopefully, it was just the spraying that cause them to run and we are just seeing them in the house because of that and no more will get inside. We've never had those anywhere we've lived before. The neighbor down the street said they were getting them too. Hopefully it's just a quick seasonal thing and they aren't around long.

I called the telephone company at least 2 weeks ago to get us on the schedule to get the internet and phone hooked up to the house. She said 1-2 weeks, but shouldn't be more than 2 weeks. A guy finally shows up today, but he's just here to see what the technicians need to do...then he says 2-3 more weeks!  We are like that's not what they told us when I called over 2 weeks ago. Then he said since everything is basically done (by the electricians) it's just about an hours worth of work to hook up and they have another job to do soon, near us, so maybe they can do both on same day. He'll have to check. Plus, we don't really understand how the electricians did the wiring, so couldn't really 100% answer his questions. They have a cat wire coming into our central entryway closet, where he said to put the modem and then it was my understanding that he somehow ran wiring from both my office and dh's den that will go to the modem, so we can be hardwired into the modem, and not wi-fi, with our computers. But, there is only one wire sticking out where the modem is supposed to go. Wouldn't you think there needs to be 2...one from each office? He said when the technician comes he can figure it out and where the wiring and phone/internet jacks go to. Basically, they have the wiring from the house all done, it's sitting rolled up on the wall outside the end of the garage, waiting to be ran thru the conduit that is there, over to the shop, and hooked up to their phone box that is on that shop outside wall.

The the head carpet installer shows up with the rolls of carpet. They rolled the biggest roll out on the front driveway concrete, so they can cut it........and just walk all over it in their shoes! OMG. I just don't get people.

Early is mid morning

The carpet install guy showed up yesterday afternoon, as he wanted to drop off the padding and do measurements himself, just to make sure. He said his guys would be here early morning.....well, we all know what that means around here, LOL. It's 9:30 and they aren't here yet. What does "early morning" or "first thing in the morning" mean in your neck of the woods? For me, that is 7, 8am at the latest.

I ordered the bathroom hardware yesterday. I discovered they make sets of towel bar, toilet paper holder, hand towel ring and hook. It was cheaper than ordering individually, too.  I ordered 3 sets, for 3 bathrooms, but was at first thinking I would need 4 rings for hand towel, as we need 2 in our master bathroom. Then I remembered I have a standing hand towel holder (also in bronze) that I can use to set on the counter in the upstairs guest bathroom, so do not need a ring for that bathroom. At first I was looking at the set on Home Depot, but then the shopping app on my computer said it was a bit cheaper at Walmart, so I ordered it from there, plus that was 2 day shipping, so it should be here by Friday. That will give DH something to do this weekend.

Now I need to figure out window treatments for our bedroom and master bathroom. I'll worry about the upstairs bedrooms later. I like to see a room furnished to decide what window treatments. I think in the master bathroom, where we have two big windows, I am just going to do cafe/tier style on the bottom half. It's not like anyone will be able to see in them, but need some privacy, of course. I can't decide what to do in our bedroom. Blinds or shades. Which is why I haven't bought any yet, because I can't decide what I want. I know I don't want curtains, as I want the wood trim around the windows to show. I need to go out and measure the windows, to start.

Our neighbor from down at the end of the street stopped by yesterday to see if DH had a tool he could borrow. He did. He had his little one with him. Such a cutie. He turns 2 next week. He's very afraid of dogs. One of our dogs was out when they pulled in and got out. At least this time he didn't cry, he just looked at him and said "dog", so that is better. One time the other neighbors dogs were barking (from their kennel) and he started crying, just hearing them. I always feel bad that he's so scared of dogs.

Well, that's all I know so far, for today.  I'll get back to earning  money to pay for all this..LOL       

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A little of this and that

Another niece is pregnant. She is only 21, unmarried and living with her BF of about a year or so. Kind of surprised at this one. She's a go-getter. Did the first 2 years of college while in high school. Got her Bachelors degree at 20. Is now doing her master's (and she moved states to do this program). How hard is it to not get pregnant? It will be interesting to see if she finishes her masters, plus she was supposed to commit teaching where she is at for 5 years.

Economics was never my strong subject. Can someone explain to me how the 25% tariff is hurting China? From what I understand, all they are doing is passing the cost back to the American manufacturer and then on to the consumer. I'm seeing email after email from our manufacturer's where I work, of price increases due to the tariff. What am I missing in the big picture of all of this?

We finished sealing the the last part of concrete yesterday evening. This was a second coat of our back patio, which we had done last summer, the first time. I think it needs to be done every year or so. DH bought a longer sized roller while he was in town yesterday and that made the job much quicker. And much easier than re-staining a wood deck patio, I think.

I recently just finished reading A Discovery of Witches. And then yesterday I found out it's a tv series, too. So, I got hooked on watching that last night. I've only read the first of the 3 books. I'm on wait list with library for the second ebook. The library has the first and 3 book individually to borrow, but to read the 2nd ebook they have all 3 books in one. That works too. When it's eventually my turn, then I can read the 3rd book right away. The only problem with watching a tv version, right after reading the book, is the characters are so fresh in my mind, that when they don't quite match up to how they are written, or I imagined them, it's annoying. LOL. It's still a good show, though.

As far as I know (I haven't  heard otherwise) we are still on schedule for carpeting getting installed tomorrow and Thursday. That's about the last of the inside work, other than closets finished and things like towel rods and toilet paper holders. The mason is still working outside on the stonework. Hopefully DH will just want to send the sanican back after carpet guys are done working and just let the mason use our shop bathroom. That will save $95 for June and going forward. I'm so tired of paying for it.

I'm looking forward to weekend and not looking forward to weekend. DH can never just sit and relax very often, which means I don't get much sitting and relaxing. I can't wait until he can have his shop to himself, go out and putter with whatever he wants to do to keep busy and I don't have to help him. Most of his stuff he does, is just because he needs to be busy or he sits there and the pain catches up to his brain. I've worked all week and would just like to relax. I don't mind doing stuff part of the day, but when he starts in on something it ends up being an all day thing. One thing leads to another thing.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Weekend update

It was a tiring weekend. DH was a crab and still is. Every. Little. Thing. Saturday he spent most of the day starting to do the inside of closets. We decided to do ourselves, rather than pay the contractor, not to mention, who knows when they would ever get finished.

Yesterday we spent almost all day sealing the concrete. It was kind of cold outside, too, so not too enjoyable to be out. The concrete they poured in front of our garage looks like old crappy concrete (even sealed), while the pads in front of the shop look great. They were both supposed to be same color (a tan color premixed in) but the color in front of the shop is barely there. We're guessing a result of they didn't have enough help and it started drying too fast? Or the plant didn't put enough color in it. Sealing it made it a bit darker, but still looks like crap.

DH ran to town this morning to get a form notarized. To claim his portion of the small life insurance policy his dad had through his union. DH stresses over every little thing. Will the bank charge to notarize. I said, not usually, since you are a customer. Then he says he only has $6 cash. I said, well then if you are worried about it, take your checkbook and write a check to the bank for the fee, if they charge you! Geez. Or make a withdrawal while you are there, so you have some cash in your wallet. First, because of his crabby mood, he wasn't even going to get it notarized and sent in to the insurance company. I'm like you know what....parents age and then they die. And then there is paperwork and stuff to deal with. It's a fact of life. Just take care of it, so you aren't holding up possibly paying out the others, thinking you are just slow in getting it in.

A week or so ago DH had gone over to that woodworking guy's place again. He had a neat little coffee type table (or could probably be used as a bench) he had finished. Log style with an eagle scene burned into the top. DH was like, oh I'd like to buy that or one like it from you, but we're outta cash right now. Maybe once we get the dining table and bar countertop done, we can have you make one of these or buy this one if you still have it. The guy called yesterday and said he needs room in his little workshop, he's just going to bring it over and we can pay him for it when we pay him for the other stuff (down the road). Ok. haha.

I'm thinking either a little coffee table up in my upstairs sitting loft or it would be cute as a little bench for suitcase in guest bedroom with the log bed. When DH showed me pics of it before I asked if he knew how much it cost. He didn't. I guessed $300. He said he thought more like $400. So, I asked the guy how much is it, so I know how much I need to save for? He himhawed and said $150....both DH and I at same time said NO! that's too cheap! That's a lot of work he puts into the burning.

My boss is thinking of switching payroll/HR companies. We've been with the same one for many many years. Mostly staying because of our HR person there, but the company was bought out a couple of years ago and the service just isn't as good anymore. She had a prelim meeting with potential nationwide company last week and just sent me some links to look at and see what I think. I used this company for payroll many years ago at a different company I worked for (with 600 employees) so have a little familiarity with them. It was an easy system to use, I do remember that.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday tid bits

The dogs and I are kind of locked in the shop for the day. More concrete is being poured (because it hasn't rained). They are pouring the part right in front of the shop door, so no way out at the moment. And concrete is being replaced. Why? Because the border around our front entrance slab was crap, because they poured it at the beginning of last winter, it was 18 degrees that night and they didn't put blankets over it to protect it, while it cured. They also had to tear out a strip at the edge of our garage pad, that they just poured Tuesday, because it (I guess) dried too fast, before they could get it prepped and it cracked a bunch. (that was mostly a result of them not having enough crew for what they poured). So, the 3 of them spent yesterday afternoon until like 8pm last night cutting and digging out the bad concrete.

We let the dogs out a whole bunch this morning, before the mixer truck got here, so hopefully they can manage to stay in until this afternoon. By then we should also be able to open one of the front shop big doors to get out of (I mean squeeze out of. as there is all our stuff stored up to the doors). Right now, if DH needs something out of the shop, he's coming to a window in the back and I'm handing it out to him. LOL. He's been joking that this is just like the walk up drug window we lived next door to for so many years. I told him he hasn't been giving me anything good in trade for what I'm handing out the window, haha.

My mom and her BF made it home to her house. Sounds like kind of a long drive. I'm not sure where they stayed past our place (I think about 25 or 30 miles, is all) but should have been about a 6 hour drive from there, but took them like 9 hours. She said they hit some traffic areas. I'm sure they stopped for lunch, too.

My M-Turks earning is going well. I've been beating my $5 Mon-Fri goal most days. Usually I can get to $5 by lunch time and then anything I can get after that I keep trying for. Some days $7, some days up to $12. If I have time on weekends, I see what I can do, but it's usually very minimal, like .50 to a $1. I transfer to my bank account when I hit $25 and the past couple of weeks I've been hitting $25 every 3-4 work days.  Today, I am at $5.35 (before noon) and supposedly I also will be getting a $2 bonus from one of the hits.

The guy from the bank just stopped in for a progress check. Asked DH how's it going? while DH is being one of the concrete guys.....DH says "I'm tired of paying people for work I'M doing!". He asked what is left and DH told him. Then he said "should I have bank lady call for an appraisal?" DH was like I don't know, you guys know how all that works. Apparently, we have to know their job, too.

I've been reading a good book (e book borrowed from library) called A Discovery of Witches. Basically, a more adult version of Twighlight series (which I enjoyed). I'm just about done with the first book (3 books in series) and why isn't the 2nd book available as an e-book? how dumb. They also have the 3rd book. I did just find that they offer the whole trilogy as an e-book, so I have reserved that on my waiting list. I see someone offers a "pdf e-book" version of all 3 books for .99 on ebay. Wonder how that would be to read on my ipad? According to my library the wait time is estimated at 20 weeks. Ugh. I do have quite a few other books that just released out of my "holds", so maybe those can keep me busy, but only for a few weeks.          

Dish sent me a box to send back my equipment in. It showed up yesterday. This morning I got a recorded call that I have 2 days to get it sent back. Well, it's going to have to wait until tomorrow, as I can't even get myself out of here today, let alone my car.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Can we just get a break....or do your job right?

Geez Louise! This place is never going to get done. They poured the pad in front of (3 car garage). DH says it turned out like crap in one section, it was hot yesterday, they didn't have enough crew to keep up with it, based on the size they poured at one time. They say the concrete plant sent "old mix" meaning they had 2-3 yards left in the mixer when they got back to the plant and instead of dumping that out to mix our fresh load, they leave it and add it to the new stuff, so it's not as good. Who knows. And now since it "might" rain tomorrow, they want to leave tonight and not finish it, until "another day".

It was nice seeing my mom yesterday, even if it was just for a quick hour and a half or so. They totally got lost! Honestly, I don't know how they could have missed the exit. It's a highway with very little traffic and exits are like 5-10 miles apart, so it's not like a bunch close together to miss. The only thing in between the exits is trees, LOL. Our place couldn't be much more easier to get to. They missed the exit...and the next one....ended up taking the town exit (which I told her was 10 miles too far), so then they had to come back 10 miles. They finally made it. They were both pretty worn out. They've been gone a week. I don't know if the treatments her BF got have helped yet or not. Didn't appear so. He needs a walker and even then doesn't want to walk very far. He just got his walker inside the house and sat down on the seat. Dh talked to him while I gave my mom a tour of the house. She's walking very slow herself.  Part of it is all the weight she is carrying for her small frame and short legs. Makes her steps short. I know she was very tired, too, but I can tell she's not near the energizer bunny she's always been. I always figured she'd be one of those ladies in her early to mid 80's still getting around pretty good, but she just turned 78. My aunt (dads sis) was in her 80's and still worked part time at a Hallmark store, until she got cancer.

I'd say 90% of the reason they got lost is her, LOL. She's so ditzy. I told her to call me when they got past the city and I'd give directions. So, you'd think she'd have a pen and paper? nope. So, I tell her the exit number and start to give directions after that (just two turns after that) and she says I'll call you back when we get off the exit. Then she calls back and says they stopped at a rest stop. I'm like well then you went past our exit! I said call me at the next exit, which they missed and ended up taking the exit for our town, itself. They were sitting at the restaurant parking lot. I'm trying to tell her how to get from there to head back to our place. She puts her BF on the phone. He gets confused. Finally, I said put my mom on the phone and I'll stay on the phone with her while I give directions, until you get here. So, that is working well, they are on the main road out to our place. She's telling me what they are passing. I say yep, next you will pass a meat packing place. For some reason she thought I meant she had turn there or something (even though I had already said you will stay on this road for 10 miles) so she tells her BF "oh, slow down here". I said no...just keep going. You have 6 more miles to go. LOL  After they left, they decided to drive a bit farther and then stop and get a motel for the night. Then they will have about 6 more hours today to drive until they get home.

Right now they are pouring the pad in front of the shop garage doors.But before we can move stuff (easily and with a hard cart or pallet jack) we need the piece poured in between the shop and garage! That way Dh can put the stuff on the cart or pallet jack in the shop and roll it over into the house garage. Can't roll it across dirt and rocks :/

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Lions, tigers and bears

Ok, not tigers, but lions and bears! Over the winter we had the hunter catch a mountain lion right across the road. Yesterday the guys that are camping here this week, while they do the concrete work, went bear hunting nearby after they got done working. Ya, they got one. By the time they got it back to their truck and then back here, it was midnight when they were taking care of skinning it in our driveway, LOL. DH went out and watched. I stayed asleep.

The electricians and the fireplace guy didn't really figure out the problem with the electrical yesterday. There was a screw for the fireplace near wiring that they said could have been the culprit, but they aren't sure. They can't get the power to go out again, so hopefully it's fixed.  The head electrician (who was out here to first look at the problem last week) messaged DH  yesterday and asked if he could come back sometime and take pictures of our house lighting to use in his advertising brochure. DH told him sure!

The concrete is being poured for our garage parking slabs right as I type this. Quite the comical scene. It's a warm day, so they are in shorts...no shirts, and these tall mud boots, LOL

My mom and her boyfriend are supposed to be here sometime early afternoon. Will be so nice to see her. Her BF got some type of new treatment for pain in his legs. I'll have to get more info from her. I think she said it was some kind of stem cell thing. I hope it helps him. I know he's been in a lot of pain the past couple of years, but he doesn't want to have surgery. It sounds like they might just stay in the motel in town, (they'll have driven 5 or 6 hours) and head home tomorrow morning. Then I'll get more time with them. We can go eat dinner at the restaurant in town or something. I'm just going to work until noon and take a half day off. I want to go out and mop the laminate (again!) so it doesn't look so dirty and dusty.

I'm tired. I didn't sleep very well. Kept getting woken up. First it was DH's phone ringing like 11pm (or later) and him talking to a friend. Then he went outside to watch the bear happenings and of course when he came back in woke me up to tell me about it. Then about 4am one of the dogs woke up and wanted outside. I need a nap!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Another week in the works

I've been trying to finish and post this all morning and keep getting distracted.

I hope all you mom's had a nice Mother's Day. I got a call from DD in the morning and a nice chat. Later I talked to my mom. I get to see her tomorrow, it sounds like! She and her BF are supposed to be coming through our way on their way home and are going to stop in for a quick visit and see the house. It will be really nice to see her, even if it's only a super quick visit.

The weekend weather was beautiful and warm. Saturday the local guy who does our gutters came to finish up the last of it. He's been telling DH he's going to show him how to fly fish (waiting for better weather), so he came back around 6pm. We ran into town earlier in the afternoon, so DH could get a fishing permit at the hardware store. We bbq'd some burgers (and they were edible this time! ha!) and then he and DH took the trail down to the river and spent a couple hours learning to fly fish. DH said he really enjoyed it. They didn't catch a thing, LOL. It was nice to sit on our back patio and have the little bbq.

Yesterday we did a little yard work behind our house. Just raked up all the pinecones and twigs, etc. DH threw them in the burn pile, but will have to go get a burn permit now.

Today is a busy day here, lots of subs. The mason is here. The concrete guys will be here for 4 days. The electricians are coming for their final day of work, as well as the fireplace guy is supposed to come, too, so they can figure out the electrical issue. So far, they haven't figured out the problem. GRRR.... The finish guy is here, too. The electricians usually come at 8:30, so that's when the fireplace guy got here...then electricians texted DH that wouldn't be here until 9:30, so the poor guy had to sit here an hour. He did tell DH that he thinks our home is one of the most beautiful he's seen. Then the mason guy (who was working on another job part of last week) told DH he was working on a house that used to be owned by Hank Williams Jr. I guess the story is he thought he was getting a divorce so he sold it, below market value. Then he didn't get a divorce and wanted the house back and offered the guy double what he just paid him for it. The guy turned him down. Now the guy is remodeling it. Mason said just the fireplace stone was like $46,000. He put in a $40,000 hot tub! But mason told DH that the house is really isn't that nice and he thinks ours is nicer than that. haha. When he showed us a picture of the fireplace (it's huge and looks like marble or something) I thought to myself I'm glad I don't have that kind of money to spend, that's ugly, LOL.

DD spent a bundle and got her hair cut and colored. It turned out amazing. She looked like a movie star :).  She has very curly hair, so it's always been a struggle for her to style. Most of the time she just puts it in a messy bun and calls it good, LOL. The funny part is I guess looking at the picture she shared, her fiance kept saying to her, man you look like your mom. We do look a lot alike, everyone has always said so. My niece posted a picture of her little baby (now about 7 months old). oh my - what crazy curly hair. It so much reminded me of DD when she was a baby, too. So cute.

It's almost noon and the concrete guys still haven't shown up. I'm sure we got pushed out for them to do another job (that came after contracting with us). I sent our  neighbor an email that concrete is going to be poured for a few days starting tomorrow, so unless they want concrete paws.....LOL.