Monday, March 25, 2019

Pebbles heartburn

What a headache today has been. All because of shower floor tiles! OMG. I had asked the flooring guy if they sold the stuff that looks like pebbles. It comes in sheets of 12x12 with mesh backing. Should be an easy install, right?! Apparently, not. The sheets did not really "fit" together, leaving big gaps. Our finishing guy, who is also doing our shower, was stressing out. He opened every box and tried to lay them all out. What do do with these big gaps?

I looked at the link the flooring guy's assistant had sent me, to see what they were supposed to look like finished. I could only find a finished example in a really dark color, but it looked like there were lots of grout areas, where there was gaps and more grout between some pebbles. But, then in looking at the link she sent me, what we had didn't really quite look the same. The link she sent showed squares that looked to be designed for interlocking layout. Plus, the link she had sent the stones were a bit more elongated and a bit more color to them. Hmmm..

I called her up (owner is out of town until mid week) to see what she knew. She had me take a picture of it and also the box label. But, apparently her supplier/mfg couldn't give us an answer until tomorrow if we even got the right stuff. Well, our guy is trying to tile it today!  Then I called back and asked her if there was anyone at her office or at the mfg that was familiar with laying it and could give our tile guy some tips. I talked to a guy who said, basically it has to be laid pebble by pebble! Then what is the point of having these on mesh backings?  I then called back again and asked if I could just return these and we'd get something quicker/easier to install. Our budget doesn't include days of laying out individual pebbles. She said yes, but with a 25% restocking free, plus freight back.

Then finisher and I looked online at Lowes and Home Depot for an alternative, maybe I could pick up tomorrow. They both had several of the pebble style, but they were mesh with interlocking. I watched a few YouTube videos of people laying the pebbles with the mesh backing. They just zippy went down and basically fit right next to the next sheet, no big gaps. The sheets were patterned to fit together. But, neither store had enough in stock. Then flooring lady called me back and gave me the total cost to return and said the boxes can't be opened. Well - our finishing guy opened up all 5 boxes! So,  now he's just going to have to figure out how to lay them. So, now I'm sure I'm going to get a bigger bill for the tile work than planned on. Geez. I figured these square mesh tiles would be quicker and easier for someone to lay down than individual tile squares. DH was no help either, he was freaking out about it, which probably wasn't helping the finishing guy figure it out.

I'm kind of like trying to again, show them the picture, where there is lots of grout between some area more than others. I'm ok with that. Would save some time not trying to pull of pebbles from sheets and fit them in every little gap. But, no one seemed to be listening to me.

What we got:
what they are supposed to look more like:
See how these are notched, so they could interlock with the next sheet? Others I saw online of different brands were kind of S-shaped on the sides and fit together. Supposedly what I got is supposed to be the same thing as the one on the left. I don't even thinK the pebble shapes or colors look the same.

Well, so I was looking at the website of the link the flooring gal originally sent me, going through all their pebble tile options. So, they did send and/or order me the wrong stuff. They have "river rock" and "river pebbles". They look almost the same, both in ivory. The top one, that I received is pebbles. the pictures on bottom left is "river rock".  On their website for each of these they also have a drawing what the squares look like. Rock has those interlocking sides. Pebbles is drawn square, just like I received above.

I called this company to ask if the "river rock" is indeed interlocking. But I tell her I got "river pebbles" and it doesn't appear to be interlocking. She said it was all supposed to interlock, either kind and then she said their owner walked by behind her and said the same thing. Well, what we got sure doesn't meet up and interlock.

Then I called our flooring girl back. She said from their experience with this river pebbles/rock tile, none of it fits together, it has to be bascially layed piece by piece. I told her regardless, I didn't get what I ordered.  Too late now, they are making it work because they have a schedule to keep (and we thought at the time it was the right kind) but I am going to complain to the flooring owner about it, when he gets back. Why does it take until tomorrow to find out how we got the wrong stuff! Either our flooring guy ordered "pebbles" instead of "rock" or he ordered "rock" and they sent "pebbles" in error. How about our flooring girl look at their order sheet and see if they even ordered it right! There's your answer right there.

Friend update and more pics of doors

While we were chatting with our friend on Saturday, I wasn't there the whole visit (I had gone back in the shop for some water and soda) but when I came back he was talking about his wife. It will not surprise me if they end up divorcing in a few years. Their daughter graduates high school this year and their son in 3 more years. Friend said that he's thinking of moving to a different part of the state after son graduates, whether his wife wants to or not. He also mentioned their separate money is still an issue, mostly because he has no idea how much debt she has and she has never had very good credit. He said he was in her car the other day and there was some mail in it. One of mail was from one of those credit repair companies (he said she always gets mail like that, he, who has good credit, doesn't get that kind of mail addressed to him). It said something like "we estimate you total debt to be $35,000, you may benefit from our services" or something to that effect. He said he looked at it and said to her "you have $35,000 in debt?!". She denies it, but he has no idea.  Geez...what does a spouse do in that kind of circumstance?

He said he puts more into retirement, she puts very little (though she makes more money than he does). Friend said he thinks she has the debt and is not saving much for their retirement because her mom is well off and some day she'll get an inheritance, so she's not worrying about it. I think her mom is in her 70's. With the way she is about money I can't imagine her "sharing" any inheritance with her hubby. It's just so weird to me to be married and have separate money.  My DD has a good friend who has been married a couple of years and they keep their money separate and split the house payment and bills. She said they are constantly fighting about money.

And pretty much turns out, friend came over because he wants to borrow DH's pressure washer in about a month or so. LOL. Umm's underneath 10 feet of all our other stuff until the house is done and DH can even get to it.

The finishing guy worked all day by himself yesterday. Well, DH helped him with stuff, like he put the door handles and lock sets on and also the door stops. This guy does work hard, unlike most of the rest of them. I like him, he's pretty opposite his wife's personality. The building supply guy apparently didn't send enough trim. He did get the Dutch door between kitchen and laundry room put up and we are really liking that door, too.

He picked up the shower tile on the way here this morning and get started on that. With needing more trim boards, painter lady will just have more to stain and lacquer, again. Sigh.....

Tomorrow I have most of the day off work, as I have to go into the city for my annual physical and do a bunch of other errands.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday for a few more hours

I wish the weekends didn't seem to go so fast. Both the finish work guy and his wife/painter came and worked all day yesterday. He's here again today, but she was worn out and stayed home.

Here is a picture of our entryway. I think it looks amazing and it isn't even finished, LOL. The side and top windows for the door aren't in yet. The floor is still covered in paper. There's wiring for the thermostat sticking out the wall.

DH's buddy (the one we didn't see for a long time) came over again yesterday morning for a few hours. It was good for DH to get a break just to visit and talk.

Originally we were going to do grocery shopping yesterday but DH wanted to go do it Sunday, since his friend was coming over and the subs were here working. But, I told him I have to go into the city on Tuesday morning for my annual physical, so I can just do the grocery shopping by myself, after I get done with my appointment. He was happy with that. I did run into town yesterday afternoon to pick up a few things from the grocery store, to tide us over through Tuesday. Milk and break. They finally had some of the yogurt I like. And I picked up some fried chicken for dinner. I was ready to eat something that doesn't come out of the microwave, for a change.

It was 60 degrees by yesterday afternoon. Seemed strange to be 60 out and still so much snow on the ground. 

I'm just going to try to relax the rest of today. I'm still working my way through Doctor Who episodes. I'm up to season 5, though I'm not sure I'm liking the new cast yet in this season. I've also got a book to finish, before my borrowing time runs out. It's just a Danielle Steele book - so an easy light read. I used to read all her books years and years ago, but got tired of them, as they are basically all the same format. But, when I was desperate for stuff to read the past couple of months, I added a couple of her books to my wait list.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

People and wildlife (you can guess which I prefer!)

Well, we don't get a break today (Saturday) from painter lady. Ugh. When other subs are working here all day and take their lunch break? They go sit in their vehicles. She plops her butt down on our fireplace hearth or the staircase steps and eats her lunch. The stone on the fireplace and heart isn't sealed yet, so don't stick your pop can on it. Just shaking my head. I can guarantee you she would be using the new microwave in the house if DH hadn't said no. Both she and her dh made comments like "hey, we can heat our lunch up now". DH just said "no one is using my wife's brand new appliances before she gets to use them".

Then we had a big upset time with her and her hubby. Our front entry door has 2 sidelight windows and a top window. Only the two sidelights have been delivered, the top one is apparently lost at the building supplier. BOTH dh and I asked her on Monday if she needed those sidelights with the door,as she was starting to stain it. Nope. Yesterday she kept asking DH about them, in a round about way, and he said, well they are being stored in my shop so they don't get broken, you said you didn't need them? So he comes in and unwraps them. Turns out they are surrounded by wood that needs to be stained. She thought she was all done staining and lacquering! Plus, something to do with our contractor submitted a draw for ALL the painting work last week, paid in full. (We even questioned him and he said well, then just approve how much you think is done. Mostly we questioned because you pay someone before it's done and then it never seems to get finished, just like there is still work she needs to do on our shop!). There is still lots of work left for her to do (especially caulking on the outside that they didn't get done before it was too cold).

According to painter and her hubby she hasn't been paid anything yet, for the house painting, by our contractor (but then they both said they don't bill him until the job is completely done). He took a partial draw of $2500 on it a couple months ago and the rest last week. I don't know, but she sure was upset (not at us) and her hubby's face was all red. I walked in in the middle of their and Dh's conversation about it all and I'm like what's going on?!  Well, she had sitting on her butt, literally, all afternoon doing absolutely nothing, while her hubby does trim work, trying to talk him into leaving early because she didn't have anything to do. So, guess now she has something to do, eh?

I decided to get some cabinet pulls for all the cabinets doors and drawers. I looked at Lowe's last Friday. They were like $3 to $4 each. I need 66. Then I found some in bigger packages on Amazon and much cheaper. Pulls were .98 ea and the handles were $1.30 each. But I couldn't come to a decision on which ones to order. Just a bit difference in styles to chose from. I'd look and not decide. Look and not decide. I'm kind of glad I kept waiting and looking, because finally I think I figured out what I wasn't liking. I looked through cabinet pictures on Pinterest and realized I didn't like the look of using knobs on the doors and handles on the drawers. I liked the look where they were all handles used. Whew!. So I ordered 7 boxes that hold 10 each and saved some money at $1.30 each compared to Lowe's. 

The guy who did our rockery work on the property last spring stopped by. He and Dh got to be pretty good friends. He hadn't seen DH in quite awhile and the first thing he said was "you've lost a lot of weight". Yep, 40 pounds in the last year, since this build began.  While we were showing him the house, we were in my office room and this is what we saw outside :)

Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday pictures

The oven/microwave these workers need to keep their hands off! LOL

The door to my has a lock ;)  hehehee

And lastly - this is one of my favorite pictures. The upstairs hallway to the bonus room above the garage. I am in love with these doors (we will have same doors on DH's den downstairs).

The door to the left is the upstairs bathroom.  I'm thinking some bookshelves along that hallway wall.

Enjoy your weekend :)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Delivery central

More deliveries today.  First one was at 5 freaking 30 am!! WTH?! The bathtub was being delivered. Who delivers at that time of morning? Woke neighbor dogs up, woke us up. Oh well,  haha.

Second delivery was the wall oven/microwave.  Third delivery was the stove cooktop.  DH managed to install the wall oven/microwave basically by himself, while the electricians are here today, they were able to hook it up. It look really nice in the built in cabinets.  I'm just relieved it fits, LOL.

I've also got some UPS I'm expecting from my offices. Both are needing to send me checks. Side job, because of their checking account being stolen. But, apparently they mailed them to my old address, so now waiting on the re-routing. My regular boss is mailing me a bunch of signed checks, as she's going to be out for a couple of weeks on medical leave, so we are just trying to cover all the bases, in case an emergency check needs to go out and one of the owners aren't around to sign one. I"m sure there will be at least one salesperson who won't heed her warning to get their expense report in by 4/1, or they will have to wait a couple weeks for their checks and then they will be begging for a check.  I told her today I may have to forge her name on a credit card payment authorization while she is out. Wouldn't be the first time, but it's been a long time since I had to, LOL.

The neighbor guy down at the end of our street who is building a house...he stopped by last night - turns out he now has mold in his attic space. Dang! He wanted to get the name of the company we used to get rid of ours in our crawlspace. We told him we almost had mold in the attic, too. DH noticed it was wet up there, but no mold yet. We ended up having to use fans and due to the structure of our roof system, (because our attic space is mostly all living space) we had to end up spray foam insulating the parts they had previously done with spray in regular insulation. Just another big bill we didn't need. He's pretty sick about it. Attic space is harder to fix than crawlspace. The HVAC guy was out to finish getting our furnace installed in the crawlspace. He said all the houses he's doing now have mold. What is going on?! It sounds like it's the osb board now being used causing it. The compressed wood and glue they use has mold in it that will activate in the right conditions and everyone seems to be having the right conditions, it appears. I'll bet someday there'll be a big class action lawsuit over this. Like there was with defective Hardy siding several years back.

We've been letting painter lady come in the shop to use our microwave to heat up lunch she has brought for them. No biggie. But, as soon as that microwave/oven combo got installed and turned on, sure enough they say "oh hey, we can just heat our lunch up in that!" NO! you are not using my brand new stuff before I even get to use it! This is my brand new house.  You want to use our shower or soaking tub, too? Give me a break.

Well, time for lunch. I've been craving a tuna fish sandwich (with some relish mixed in).

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

On to a better life

DH talked to one of our friends from drugville, last night.  He and his wife lived in the next neighborhood over and that is how we met them - trying to fight the drug problem. Though they lasted longer with dealing with it than we did, they finally got worn out and have given up, too. They just put their house up for sale and accepted an offer yesterday for a bit more than their asking price. Soon they will be more than halfway across the county, looking for a place with some acreage for their horses and some much needed peace and quiet. His wife has a really good job (he is on disability) that she is going to be able to keep and work remotely, like I do. So happy for them.

Same friend had sent us this link to watch.

It's an hour long, but worth the watch. It is the first ever report I have seen showing the truth of it all. This is exactly what we were dealing with - even in the smaller suburb town in the county we lived in. So much of what was reported is what DH learned, years ago. He would go through the county sheriff jail roster. Repeated name after name arrested, released, repeat over and over. In our suburb area he had figured out that there were about 30 or so that were arrested time and time again causing most of the drug dealing and theft problems. The deputies arrest and the next day they are out. The comment "we aren't going to arrest our way out of this". DH and I both snorted at the same time. If we had a dollar for every time we heard that from the head sheriff, the prosecutors, etc...

I continue to follow a Facebook page from our old town - the group running the page documents all the homeless camps, arrests, etc in the town of about 40,000. It's just getting worse and worse. The police blotter shows the 2 grocery stores in town are daily dealing with issues (people being accosted in the parking lots) and shoplifting. Same with the Walmart. The parks and trails in town are taken over now. They have had this Facebook page going for a few years. It has inspired one of the contributors (a local business owner) to now run for city council, whereas before he never had any interest in becoming a politician. Last year another trying to fight it ran in his district and won. But, until they vote those allowing it to happen out of that city council, it's just going to get worse. The city police dept's hands are tied, just as is the county sheriff deputies. They are told not to enforce the laws of no loitering, no camping, etc.  There was tent encampment on some railroad property. Finally, last week, with enough citizen complaining (and the police doing nothing) the RR took it into their own hands and literally covered the ground in big rocks, rather than a nice grassy area. They just moved their tents across the street. Still breaking the law and still nothing done to them. The town is now basically being "run" by an attorney who profits from a homeless resource center. Anytime the city gov't tries to do anything they get sued by him or other organizations he has under his belt.

That documentary could be the title for just about any city around there, at this point. The politicians want to call it a homeless problem. It is not. It is an addiction problem that then creates a homeless problem. It is an enabling problem because none of these people are held responsible for their actions and choices. It is why the company I work for moved to a safer location. It is most likely why, a year later, that nice office space is still vacant. Who wants to put their business where homeless live in rv's all along the street the building is on? While the city police say there is nothing they can do about it.

The small (pop. 20,000) suburb town my dd lives in is trying a completely opposite approach (literally, the only town in that area that I think is doing this) And guess what?! It's working. The addicts are offered help. Told to either accept it and get off the streets or they will put them in jail for breaking the law. They have enforced the no loitering and no camping laws.  For DD's sake, I hope their town continues to stay tough.  The answer isn't just taxing the hardworking people more and throwing more money at letting them keep doing it. Taxpayer dollars already funded the laws that are in place and taxpayer dollars already fund the departments to enforce those laws. She actually went to college with and was friends with a young man who is on her county council. So refreshing to see a young conservative and that he won, at his young age.

I am so glad to be away from there and all the failed policies that just keep becoming the norm. We have another couple we are friends with (though they didn't live in our neighborhood, are still living in all that crap) who are in the process of leaving, too. A couple months ago they went and scouted out the area in the state they want to move to. I see on Facebook they are selling off excess stuff, so they don't have to move it. I'm sure they are just waiting for school to get out for the year, as they have 2 young kids. I look forward to seeing them share (on Facebook and phone calls) their new life, back to how living and raising a family should be.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Brain fog

As I start to get overwhelmed and overloaded with all the stuff I need to take care of (besides work) I start getting forgetful. I received an email notification from PayPal that my debit card linked to my account expired at the end of February. It's a debit card to a checking account I rarely use anymore. Oh, I don't think I got a replacement card in the past month! That is something I'd surely remember, isn't it?! I was about to call the bank about it, but then I decided to go through this stack of papers that got shoved over into another stack and see, if by chance, an envelope from the bank with a debit card was amongst it. Sure enough, it was. I don't even recall getting it.  I'm losing my mind, for sure.

I've lost track of what all I've ordered and through who the past couple of weeks. Stuff just keeps arriving via UPS or FedEx and I'm like "oh ya". Today's deliveries were 2 bathroom faucets and 6 corbels, for under the kitchen island bar countertop.  Our plan is to try to use some of the slabs of wood cut from our trees to make the countertop. I ordered some Alder corbel's from Lowes. They weren't super expensive (though some sure were) at only about $20 each. Originally the granite place had thought the bar countertop was to be granite and they included corbels/support braces as as separate line item in the quote.....$450 just for the supports! No thanks! We'll just do our own for $120.

Speaking of minds - oooh boy, my mom sure has her days. I did her tax return for her, again. In past years she got a refund, so I did the online filing and direct deposit method. This year she owes some and I told her she can either have it taken directly out of her account or mail in the return with a check. She wanted to do the mail return & check (that's what I would have done), so I mailed her the completed return. It's just 3 pages. First page is 2/3 instructions and the bottom is the payment voucher. The next 2 pages are her return. She could not figure out what she is supposed to mail in! I think it was that she hasn't actually seen a return in years. She thinks they are supposed to look like way back when you'd get the forms packet mailed to you or pick up extras at the library or post office...and hand fill them in. She's like, well what you sent me looks like copies. Plus, the 2 pages of the return are short pages. The first page is about half a page of return and blank on bottom, the second page is about 2/3. She was very confused by that and if she should cut off the blank areas. And, of course she's not mailing it in for awhile since she owes, so by the time she decides to mail it in in a couple of weeks, she's totally going to forget what to do, so I'm going to have to have this same conversation all over again. I actually did not do her tax return last year. She had some neighbor she barely knows do it (and then though it was wrong and I had to look at it anyway). She doesn't even remember now that she had this lady do it last year. I told her, no I didn't do your return last year and she's like "oh, well who did I have do it?" I had to remind her and then remind her that I don't mind at all doing it, it doesn't take me very long, but if she wants someone else to do it for her, I'd really like her to use a CPA or someone licensed/bonded to do taxes, rather than giving her social security and bank and investment account info to some woman she barely knows!

Our HVAC guy lives out near DH's buddy (who our contractor built the house for a few years ago). He just built a big house (he was his own contractor) and shop. I'd say they've probably been in it 6 months. He told DH today that he told his wife he wants to sell it, because the housing market is so hot, they'd make a bunch of money on it. He was told it would probably be worth 1.5 million. He said he and his wife got in a fight, LOL. She just went through a year of living in a shop, haha, finally has  her house, and now he wants to sell it. DH laughed and said he said the same thing to me the other day. We should sell it and make money and just go buy something else, haha. I wasn't having any of that either. LOL. DH wasn't really serious, anyway. He has no desire to move ever again, either. Or at least not for a very long time.

The painter lady and hubby/finish guy brought separate vehicles today. Maybe that means she's not working a full day, LOL. Finish guy does actually work a full 8 hour day here, so she's been having to stay until like 5:30, until he's ready to leave. But, at least she's been getting more done, being here all day. I don't mind her hubby at all. He's very laid back and easy to be around.

DD's future MIL is doing, so I guess she's having DD do a DNA test. That will sure be interesting to see her results! I told her I'd guess German, Scottish and Danish for the most part, but I'll bet we'll be surprised, haha. She asked if I still had my account and can she link her results to me? I said, technically I still have an account, I would just have to pay the monthly fee to reactivate it, which I'd love to do again someday. I have no idea if her DNA results can link to my account or not.

Monday, March 18, 2019

and Monday rolls around again

FIL was doing a lot better yesterday. It sounds like he wasn't using his oxygen enough. They had him use it all night while he was sleeping. DH talked to him twice yesterday and last night they talked for probably a good 20 minutes. Apparently he goes back to SIL's today and then once his house closes (very soon) I'm not sure where he's going. I'm sure it must be hard to keep getting moved around. The sale of the house (knock on wood) sounds like it is going smoothly. FIL had been worried they might ask for concessions after the inspection. DH had told him not to worry about that at all. With 10 offers and them offering 43k over asking price, they'd have been dumb to ask for money back! And they didn't, so it's all moving forward on schedule.

For those that think I am being unfair to my SIL. I totally get that she has done so much for him (and MIL when she was alive). We (nor do his brothers) do not live in the same state as FIL. SIL lives in the same town as FIL. Bottom line is she's either just going to have to take on the responsibility or not  - and have him live in a care home. And if she's going to take on the responsibility, then I think she needs to understand that her life is going to be different during these months she's caring for him. She's not going to have time for the extensive social life she had before. Sure, DH could go visit him for a few days, but living in a different state doesn't allow for DH to participate in any daily care solution. Of course, a daily (or sometimes 2x) phone call isn't the same as caring for him on a regular basis. I'm certainly not saying "Look at all dh does for him". DH and his brother basically do squat. But, also in the same vein, as she chose have him move in with her and take care of him, we would expect her to be there for him and not leaving him to figure out himself who to call to have pizza delivered because she is mad at him. And not to blame Dh and his brother (I'm leaving the older brother out of any of this as he is an alcoholic and his life revolves around that) because she is ticked off she is giving up all her events (her words).  FIL has said to DH a couple of times, once the house is sold he's moving into a care home. I'm still assuming that's what he will do. I'm sure he will be happier overall and obviously so will SIL. Due to his health problems, we all know his time is limited and we all know all's he really wants is to go be with MIL. He tells DH that regularly. It seems to DH maybe he's just really been holding on these past 3 months, since she passed, to see getting his house sold. If, by some chance, he does want to come and live with us, once our house is done, we have no hesitation in doing that for him. We both are under no illusions that it would be easy.

Our hvac is getting installed today (all the duct work had been done quite awhile back). I think the plumbers are coming back today to install toilets. Friday the two sets of french doors that will go on DH's den (just off the entry way) and into the bonus room upstairs were delivered and painter lady stained them Saturday. I love those kind of doors inside and the stained wood is so pretty with the windows.

It's really warming up during the day (still 20 at night) but still a whole bunch of snow that needs to melt. And then of course it will be a muddy mess, haha. The river was still floating some ice chunks by the other day.

I haven't ordered from Walmart online in quite awhile, but DH needed some blue shop paper towels and that's usually where I get them at best price. But, I needed to order $35 to have the free shipping. Boy, it sure is hard now to just find "regular" stuff on line with them. You just can't order normal sizes/amounts that you would buy in the store. It has to be large packs. And a lot of the stuff I would buy in the store just aren't available for sale online anymore.  It took me awhile to find $35 worth of stuff! I couldn't even buy a stick of deodorant he uses.  And it seems a majority of the items they sell now aren't shipped/sold through Walmart. They are using lots of 3rd parties and you have to weed through them and all their (usually higher) prices.  I used to really like Walmart online shopping. It was the same sizes and prices they sold in the store and was easy to shop online. Target and Amazon seem to be the best online shopping options these days.

My cooktop, ordered through Lowe's, was supposed to be delivered yesterday (thought that was kind of weird on a Sunday). It didn't show up and this morning I received an email that it's been rescheduled to Thursday. Not sure how it goes from Sunday to Thursday, LOL.  

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Keeping busy

Ever since FIL went into the nursing home a few days ago, he's going downhill fast. I had hoped he might actually feel a little better staying there, as he'd have more care and help, rather than being alone at SIL's home so much.  He only talked to dh on the phone like 2 minutes last evening. He called him again later this morning and again it was only a couple of minutes call again and he seemed confused. DH was trying to tell him that our DD was going to visit him today and he had to repeat it a couple of times. DH is a bit miffed at his sister for her attitude and I think he kind of feels like it's her fault that he's suddenly gone so downhill the past few days, after being put in that nursing home. I told him he can be upset with her for how she's acting, but it's not her fault he is dying. He's 80 years old and has heart and lung disease as a result of smoking for 60+ years. That part is not her fault.

DH is guessing her sudden change in attitude towards FIL and DH and his brother, is a few weeks ago, when FIL told DH about accepting the offer on the house, he said he wants to split whatever money is left from the house between the 4 kids (there is another older brother). DH has a feeling she is mad about that, hence the change in attitude toward FIL and DH and his younger brother. Most problems are really usually about money, right?

Surprise - the mason guy, the finish guy and the painter are here working on a Saturday.  The mason guy should be finished up with the island/bar stonework today. He finished the fireplace stone yesterday. When the weather is warm enough, he will come back to do the outside stonework to finish the shop and house. It's 50 degrees today! Spring is finally starting to come and hopefully all this snow will melt soon.

I finally got my hair cut and layered . It's so much nicer. All one length just doesn't look that good on me. I like it to the top of my shoulders, but not all one length.  I just went into Great Clips. I put the app on my phone to see the wait time and so I could check in when I got into the city and if there was going to be a wait I'd go run one of my other errands first. But, there was zero wait time, so I got right in and out. I did feel quite old, though...when the girl was processing my payment and says "do you qualify for senior citizens discount?" I asked what age and she said 65..........enough said (beings I'm 55)

It sure was nice to just get out and do something on my own for a change. While there is still lots of snow covering the ground, the roads are all clear and bare now. I stopped at the granite place and took a look at the whole slab, that they will be using for my kitchen and master bath countertops. Then I decided I'd get us some Subway sandwiches to take home for dinner. Use up a giftcard I have. The only two Subways I knew of were one inside Walmart and one back where I'd get on the freeway to go home, but it was on the other side of the street and would be pretty much impossible to get back across. I googled to see if there might be another one near the granite place. LOL. It was literally around the corner, so I went to that one.

Next stop was a quick stop at the grocery store for some milk. That is something we always run out of in between our 2 week shopping trips. I decided to get gas, too, at the gas station there. It was packed, but I got pulled in one spot left. My credit card wouldn't work. So, then I used my debit card and it wouldn't work. Said see cashier. Grrrr.. I wasn't in the mood and still had over a half a tank, so decided to forget it. Then I went to the bank and deposited a check. Then across the parking lot to Lowe's to look at drawer pulls and pick up a few things.  On  my way back to the freeway, I stopped at another gas station, where my card, of course, worked fine and filled up the tank.

I spent this morning cleaning "house" in the shop. Vacuumed our carpet/rug areas, washed dishes, did a load of laundry, and cleaned the bathroom. I was trying to take a little nap earlier. DH was out in the house and texted me that the painter lady and hubby were going to come in the shop and borrow the  microwave to heat up their lunch. Oh well, so much for a nap, haha.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday thoughts and pictures

So, DH calls his dad (his dad has a cell phone) just about every single evening. Calls him up last night and FIL tells him he's staying at a nursing home/care place. DH is like what? why? Well, SIL  needed a break. He said it was better (though I'm sure he was just saying that) because now he doesn't have to make his own breakfast and lunches and make his own bed.  His house is supposed to close in 9 more days. I'm not sure if this will be the place he's staying in, after that, or not. He told DH he has a roommate, which I'm sure must be hard. DH said the guy had the tv on so loud in the background, that it was hard for FIL and DH to talk/hear each other.  You'd think, these places/homes where they have to share rooms, they could have the people use headphones. That way, each person could have their own tv and watch what they want to watch and not have to listen to a tv on full blast. My dad always had to have the tv so loud, so mom got him those tv ears, so he could watch tv and she didn't have to have it on loud.

SIL never even messaged DH yesterday that this change was happening.  Like my DD said, she just can't imagine Grandpa is that hard to deal with. He's very quiet and doesn't like to make waves or conflict at all.

I follow a couple of dog rescue Facebook pages. Peoples comments and ideas just amaze me sometimes. One of the rescues (who has a lot of followers) posted a cute little video of her own pack and her rescues going out for a quick midnight potty break (captured on her surveillance cam). There was literally like 8 flakes of snow on the ground and it was probably at freezing temps.  Based on a whole bunch of idiotic comments you'd think she was engaging in animal abuse! It's too cold for the dogs to be outside, etc. Good grief. These people either don't have dogs or they don't live in cold climates, LOL. If I  never let my dogs outside because of the snow and the cold temps they wouldn't have been outside since last November! Our neighbors dogs have a dog door that they can go outside whenever they please. They spend  more time outdoors than indoors and will sit outside in 20 degrees without a care. Like some people replied - what is she (or any dog owner in a cold climate) supposed to do? just let their dogs pee and poop in the house? It sounds like someone on some other page, who doesn't like her, posted about the video, with misleading info, and got all their followers to bombard her with rude comments. People!

And the painter lady put another hole in our drywall! It was her fault and DH says she was yelling at her son and hubby like it was their fault. They needed to move the scaffolding in the great room and DH told them that wasn't going to work, that they needed to take off the top row....and she was pushing it over, while her son was yelling at her to stop and she punched a hole in the ceiling. Just another thing for the taper guy to fix. I guess he's supposed to come next week to do the repairs.

She asked me a long time ago what colors I wanted to paint the inside and outside of the patio doors and the doors from garage and laundry to outside. Inside was the wall color, outside was to be dark brown to match the garage doors. She asked me awhile back what color stain I wanted for inside and outside on the front entry door. I told her both sides the same as the stain being used on all the inside doors and trim. Yesterday she tells DH she needs to know what stain I want on the entry door.  Today, DH comes in the shop and says, she's pulling off the patio doors to paint, you might want to go out there and check with her because I'm getting the impression she is going to paint them the light outside trim color. So, I went out there and yes, she was going to paint the light trim color. She doesn't even remember she already asked me what I wanted to do months ago. If she's not ready for that part, or going to remember when the time comes, then why even ask. LOL. Or take notes, so you have them when the time comes, instead of just assuming.

I'm only working a half day today, so have decided to go into the city by myself this afternoon and do a few errands. #1 - get my hair cut! I can't stand it all one length anymore. I need some layers. #2 - stop in the granite place and look at the whole slab. The lady said she had her husband move it out from behind all the slabs so I could stop in some time and look at the whole thing. #3 - stop at Lowe's and look at drawer pulls and knobs. We think we want them on all the cabinets. The cabinet guys said they would install them when they come back out to finish in a couple of weeks. (because they had to re-order a couple of the cabinets, it will be a couple of weeks).

I took a few kitchen pics last night:

They didn't hang the upper cabinets because one of them was the wrong size. At the corner, where the 2 upper cabinets will meet will be a shelf unit, in between the two upper cabinets.  For knicknacks, etc.  I didn't even realize the garbage can drawer actually comes with garbage cans, LOL. I think I'm really going to like those lower pull out drawers, for like mixing bowls and pots and pans.

There are birds in the trees outside chirping like crazy. Spring must finally be here!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cabinets going in

Here are some cabinet pictures.  I guess I don't have any of the kitchen that don't have a guy working on them in the picture, LOL.

 Master bathroom.

Mud/laundry room. I've always dreamed of having a "finished" looking laundry room.  And there is so much storage with the cabinets.

Two more cabinet issues came up. I'm not sure who messed up on this one, but it wasn't me. I told the cabinet lady it was a wall oven/microwave combo and gave her the exact measurements of the whole unit, per the spec sheet. The cabinet was built as if the oven and microwave were separate units. I did not give her separate measurements, so where the cabinet company got info for what they built, I have no idea. The guy doing the installing even had my email to the cabinet lady (she orders them from a mfg) where it said it was a combo and had the measurements.  They think they are going to be able to make it work. They can remove the shelf separating them and adjust the trim in front, I guess.  And apparently the plug in the wall wasn't put up high enough. The other issue is one of the upper cabinets was the wrong size, so that will have to be re-ordered too. Oh well, not much I can do about it.

Now the painter lady is annoyed because other subs are inside and she chooses today to start working on the inside doors for all the patio doors. She had many days, where she was the only one here, she only worked 2 hours, and said she didn't have anything else she could work on, because she needed the trim she stained out in the garage to dry. Well, she totally could  have done this work any of those days....and had the house to herself. She just didn't want to work, so just pushed it off to do down the road.

The painter and finish guy called the tape and texture guy themselves to have him come out and fix the hole in the wall, so that is good. Not sure when, but at least they took the initiative for getting it fixed.

They stayed until around 5:30 yesterday. That's like a first for them.  The cabinet guys left about 4:00, but they were here first thing this morning. And they cleaned up behind them, rather than leaving it for someone else to do.

We've known, from what a couple of the contractor's workers have told us, that our contractor pays them as sub contract labor with a 1099, so they have to pay their own taxes, etc. He pays them a flat rate per day. (no wonder she only wants to work half days). Found out today that his young guy that does the concrete foundations (who is painter and finisher's son) is leaving him to go work for someone who pays him by the hour and on a w-2.  And one of the contractor's own sons, who works with one of the other sons, framing, is leaving to go into a different line of work, altogether. I'm not too surprised. He was my favorite of his 4 boys that work for him.

The mason guy is also here and should have the fireplace stone added by the end of today. That will be neat to see, too. They figured out the hearth, by taking it apart and cutting it down the 1/2 inch he needed to get the hearth stone on there, below the bottom of the fireplace.

I woke up with a pounding headache and felt like I was going to throw up. I almost emailed my boss I wasn't working this morning, but once I got up, the headache subsided for the most part and now that it's now pounding I don't feel sick.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Busy day

It's hopping around the house today. 4 subs are here working. Painter, finish guy, mason and cabinets.

I am LOVING the cabinets!! They are just what I wanted. A bit rustic and beautiful.  There is one issue that came up with an overhead corner cabinet. Apparently they didn't do the angle right on the edge of it, so that one piece will probably have to be re-ordered.  And then DH just came in and said one of the lower cabinets is broken, so she's going to have to re-order that, too. The cabinet people are super professional. There are about 5 guys here, plus the cabinet lady. The first thing the head guy said to his guys, was "lay some cardboard down over this front outside concrete (under the front porch) so we don't track all over it". The painter lady and crew should take notes!

I will post cabinets pic when I can take one without all the workers in the picture, haha.

Speaking of the painter lady. She's working on the front entry door today for staining. The flooring is covered partially in ram board and there are rectangles of wood covering all the heating vent openings. Apparently she wasn't paying attention, pushed the board out of the way, put her little 2ft ladder where the hole is, stepped on it, it tipped over and put a hole in the wall. Sigh.....

She is literally making DH sick to his stomach. I cannot wait for her to be done and gone - forever. 

Six weeks ago was when I picked out the appliances I wanted, online with Lowes. Three of them they no longer carry, already. Good grief. I ordered a different, but same size and price, cooktop about a week ago from Lowes. Today I ended up ordering the wall oven/microwave combo from Amazon. It was same price as Lowe's, but no 10% off I would have gotten with Lowe's. Home Depot had it, but would only deliver to the store, so we'd have to go get it and it was $270 more. So, I went with Amazon. It's supposed to be here sometime next week. We are hoping it gets here before the electricians come next and they can get it wired up.

I don't know how people build a house who aren't on site, like we are.  So many questions. How do these subs get answers when no one is there to answer? DH answers what he can, but a lot of the interior stuff isn't his dept (for good reason, LOL) so he has to text me to come out and answer. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Catching up after a few days

Blogger/reader T'Pol reminded me I haven't posted since last Friday. The days just got away from me. I've been trying to write this post all morning and keep getting interrupted every few sentences. I really just tried to relax over the weekend, though both DH and I were grumpy and short with each other. The shop living, long extended building process, is wearing, that's for sure.

Saturday morning we went grocery shopping and a stop at Lowe's. Seems like we are always needing supplies there. This time it was more "ram board" to cover up the flooring in certain areas. I also bought the floor cleaning stuff the installer recommended. Bona. I bought a mop kit and solution for laminate and vinyl floors. I also bought a big dust mop.

I had some good savings at the grocery store. The prior trip I earned bonus reward points, which I was able to convert to $17 off this trip. Plus, I'm playing the Monopoly game and got 3 free donuts. I've also won (though haven't turned in yet) a $5 store gift card and enough "tokens" for a $10 store gift card.

I got my mom's tax return done for her. I think it took me a whole 15 minutes, if that.

I haven't been reading much lately. Partly, because I haven't found anything to read that's holding my attention, partly because I've just been watching episodes of Doctor Who on Amazon Prime. It's a nice break to relax to.

DD had a good first business trip last week and no delay's getting home. She has to turn around the last week of this month and do the same week long trip again. Saturday they picked up their new dog. A 5 year old pooch, who seems to be settling in with them, their other dog and cat, just fine.

The painter lady is still working on staining all the trim boards. She actually worked a "full" day yesterday........which means she worked 6 hours, LOL. DH just completely stayed out of the garage/house all day. Didn't go out there once. Her hubby was supposed to be back today to start installing all the trim and doing the shower tiling. Now he's supposed to come tomorrow. We found a local guy (within same budget builder was going to have his finish guy do it for) to do the mason work on our fireplace and around the breakfast bar front. He's getting started today, so that will get done and out of the way. But, for some reason the fireplace did not get installed high enough above the hearth, so he can lay the stone there! Apparently that was the fireplace installer's goof up. He said we could put granite there, as that is thin enough, but I really don't want granite there. So, now the hearth is going to have to be taken apart and re-done (just more money to spend) so we can get some flat type stone on there, before the fireplace. GRRR.

While we were talking to the mason guy, the plumbing guys showed up, to do a little work. The head plumber is a nice guy. He's from Ukraine, or somewhere around there. I like listening to his accent and he likes to say "it's a beautiful thing". LOL. He's here today to install the hot water heaters. My kitchen sink is supposed to get delivered today and the cabinet lady called this morning and they are starting to install cabinets tomorrow.

Well, before I get interrupted again, I'm going to post this.  

Friday, March 8, 2019

Almost through to the end of the week

DH still keeps in regular touch with our old "good neighbor".  He's still there. He has a few more years before he can retire. He said the owner of our old house has a couple of travel trailers parked on her property that people apparently live in. Good grief. He said they are nice trailers though, all quiet, and since they don't deal drugs, he's ok with it, LOL. He always says he misses having us as neighbors :)

He's having a new fence put up. The old one has been there like 30 years, so it's time. The first owner of his place installed it. Though we had replaced part of it several years ago, that was getting pretty run down. He texted DH a couple of pics of the new fence going in and from the pics we could see into our old yard. Our flowering plum tree in the front yard is even bigger and all the thuja's we planted are getting really tall now! Like 10 feet tall! That's pretty neat to see.

Did I mention that DH found out that one of the drug dealers from the house behind us, with the walk up drug dealing window, finally got sent away to prison for a long time? He got sentenced to like 10 years. Wooo! It's about damn time.  Not sure about his brother - probably still dealing drugs. As that is all they know. The slumlandlord neighbor's son (the one who is like 40 years old now) is going through "drug court" for the umpteenth time. Ya....cuz that has worked out so well the last 10 times.  Such failed policies, because they think he is a "victim". He'll clean up this time, stop doing and selling drugs....he promises! Then yesterday DH found out one of slumlandlord's grandson's is in jail for burglary and drugs. Just like his dad. I had hoped those kids got away from that life, when their mom divorced slumlandlord's son years ago and went on to a better life (she got her degree and a good job).

DH had a guy from town ask him if he'd recommend our contractor....DH told him that's a loaded answer, LOL. I guess he was asking for someone else. A new business owner in town (moved here about a year ago) and wants to build a house.  DH told him, while we are happy with the quality of the work, that is all we are happy with. He would not recommend our contractor, at all, though there are several subs we would definitely recommend. DH gave him the name of the guy who did our insulation. He is also a general contractor and if he runs that part of his business anything like he's done with the insulation, he would be good. The insulation guy has given DH lots of advice, above and beyond the insulation, because our contractor can't be bothered with figuring it out.

DH is really struggling with the painter lady. Some of it is due to his own ocd'ness and the need to have everything clean and perfect, even while he's working on something. He's the type that will clean up after himself. But, I also get his point. The flooring in the garage is covered in paper, has been since taper guy put it down (in garage and house). Painter was like oh good, he left all his paper down, now I don't have to do it. The framing guys used the garage to cut all the beams and stuff to build the staircase. Of course they couldn't grab a broom and sweep up all the sawdust. I did that. Then, after the other days major lacquering job, the floor was covered in stuff that needs to be swept. (she sprays the lacquer, rather than brushing, so it's a big mess). The inside house flooring is all installed and done (and looks beautiful, by the way). They need to move all the doors inside the house to store and finish lets just track all that crap on the floor of the garage onto the brand new finished flooring in the house. DH said to them the other morning, can you sweep the garage up first, so it doesn't get tracked all in on the new flooring? Her response was "it's just going to keep getting dirty, so why bother?" track it all in the house and it all will STILL will have to be swept and cleaned up! So, why not just sweep it up in the garage first and limit the mess and sweeping to the garage floor? I think part of the problem is most of the houses they do are spec type houses that don't have owner's yet, so who cares, right? So, DH grabbed a broom. Spent maybe 10 minutes sweeping it all up. Yet, her 2 boys that help her spend half their time doing nothing, on their phones or ipads. DH said when he worked at a tire store as a young adult the motto was "if you are leaning, then you are cleaning!".

I've seen jokes made about men that have joint Facebook accounts with their wives....that the wives are control freaks...painter lady and her hubby have a joint it all makes sense....LOL!

They weren't even here 2 hours again yesterday. Supposedly, the contractor pays them by the day, so of course they really have no incentive to work very long. In one of DH's conversations with the contractor he wasn't very happy with them. Says when he is not there on job sites with them, they pull this stuff of leaving early all the time, but tell him they were there all day. I guess he told them to knock it off, because he and DH talk on the phone for updates, so he knows how long they were there. It apparently didn't do any good, haha.

Tomorrow morning is our bi-weekly trip into the city to do grocery shopping. As always, the couple of days before we down to the last of the food and snacks.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Money in limbo

UGH! The company I work my side job for, got their bank account info stolen. Apparently, someone in Florida printed out checks with their information and tried to cash a check for about $2,000. The banks fraud dept. caught it, but the company had to close out their bank account and open a new account. This was last Friday.  Last Thursday, at the end of the month, I deposited my check from them for my February work. Tuesday morning I see in my bank account, online, a debit for the same amount as my check I deposited last Thursday.

Great, now I am short the money, until a replacement check can be done. I have company checks, but of course now they are no good, and the company CFO is in the process of getting new checks (and will mail me some). But, it could be a week until I get them. She still doesn't even have new checks, yet, I guess.

At least, I have enough in my checking to cover it, thank goodness, but it's close, with all the expenses related to building I have been paying out, our cash flow is wonky.

I emailed the CFO to ask her how soon she thinks new checks will get to me (plus I still haven't received a new signature card to fill out, as I am also a signer on the checking account).  I also asked her if all the checks she had written/sent out prior to the breach, and haven't cleared yet, are going to bounce on the recipients? What a total pain!

Just as I'm typing this out I got an email from their banker, sending me the signature cards to sign.  Then the CFO emailed me back that the banker has been presenting her with checks to make sure they are legit and ok to just clear through the new account, but she said mine wasn't one of them. Well, somehow it got declined. I had deposited the check via mobile phone app. Yesterday I received a "legal" copy in the mail from my bank. The company's banker said to re-deposit it. I did that yesterday afternoon late. This morning I get an email from my bank saying it's declined as it's a duplicate deposit. I emailed back explaining what is going on and someone called me back and said to mobile deposit it again and they will watch for it to ok it.  Now, I just gotta hope it goes through on the other bank's end this time.

You have to laugh at the logic of people in this day and age of instant information. I follow a Facebook page for our town, where people post things for sale, news about town, etc. It's a teeny tiny town. Someone just posted a question asking where the library is and what are it's hours. If you have the time to sit and type that out, why don't you just type the same thing in google and find out yourself?! LOL.

We thought the tape and texture guy was going to push DH off the deep end? Nope, it's going to be this painter lady. Now we find out that SHE told the building supply guy who is handling our stuff (doors, windows, etc) when to deliver them....delaying it (they were ready 2 weeks before) so she can delay and work her partial days, most likely. She's been told by the contractor and DH she has the 1000 sf garage for all her work area and to store the stuff until ready to install doors and trim. Nope. she tells DH she really needs to move the doors back in the house (they smell so strong with stain and lacquer!) because  they will dry better in the house. DH tells her it's actually the same exact temp (well, garage is actually 1 degree warmer) in the garage as house. But, ok, fine, but put them in the dining room area, not the kitchen, as supposedly cabinets are supposed to come this week and we don't need to move the doors again....she wants to argue about that too! DH says "it's 3 extra steps from the kitchen to the dining room". She says all snotty "is it really? is it really just 3 steps?" (ok, it's FOUR steps!) OMG. She is just too much. Then it turns out that she wants to wear a respirator while the stuff is still in the garage (it really is bad, I can see why) and so DH told her - there are people working in the house every day now....flooring, electricians, soon the cabinet people. They can't wear respirators! DH told our contractor this is exactly why he did not want to be building in the winter time! It's a total pain in the butt. If this was warm weather, doors and windows could be left open. The garage and house would not need to be kept heated so they can paint and stain and lacquer. Her only saving grace is that she does do good work (just as all the subs have done). Now, we know why the outside stone mason guy quit part way through doing the shop. He was fine, until she showed up to paint. She was most likely being herself towards him, he got put in his super crabby mood and was arguing with everyone, including DH, so DH got blamed for him  leaving. It all makes sense now. All of these subs working here around her and just shaking their heads.

But, our doors are turning out beautiful. They are knotty alder. DH called up the building supply guy, just to tell him thanks for doing such a great job helping us pick all that out and that we really appreciated him.  DH is like that's all I'm calling about, LOL. The guy was like "really?! In 25 years I can count on one hand the number of customers who called just to say thank you."  Then somehow he brought up the painter lady....he doesn't like her either. Said she acts like this on all the jobs and he hates going to job sites if she is there. So, I guess in some ways that made DH feel better -  it's not just him she can't get along with.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How I saved $143 today

I had to get my kitchen sink (copper farmhouse) and cooktop ordered. I already knew what I wanted to get, so that part was easy. I picked out the sink months ago. I picked out the cooktop from Lowes a month or so ago and the model one I wrote down is no longer offered at Lowes but they had a similar one for same price and same size (as I had already given our cabinet lady sizes of appliances.)

The sink and strainer was $498 total at Home Depot. My Ebates app on my desktop popped up and said it would be cheaper buying from Houzz, plus a 2.5% cash back that Home Depot doesn't have with Ebates.

Price at Home Depot: $498
Price at Houzz: $485

When I was checking out, my "Honey" app did some coupon code searching and as usual, found nothing (I just need to delete that app!) so I googled coupon codes and found one for $40 off a $400 order!

(I'm rounding some numbers to nearest dollar, for ease of reading)
$498 - Home Depot price I thought I was going to pay
- $40 coupon code
- $12 ebates
-$9 credit card cash back

total savings $74

The cooktop was on sale for $539 at Lowes
I spent $1 and bought a 10% off Lowes online coupon code from ebay.

-$54 (10% off $539, rounded)
-$5 ebates
-$11 credit card cash back

total savings $69

Just trying to save a dollar wherever I can!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Let the week begin

I just think we've been dealing with contractor and subs for wayyyyy toooo long now.  We are so over it, LOL. At the end of this month it will be a year since we started this! They are just getting on our nerves, big time.

The finishing guy (hubby of painter lady) and painter lady and their two boys, show up Monday morning (well, mid morning, as usual). She's in a bitchy mood, as usual. She will be using the 1000 sq ft garage area to do her sanding, staining, lacquering of doors and trim. Apparently that is not good enough for her. DH had told her he wants our garage roll up doors covered in plastic, since she'll be spraying in there. She said it wasn't necessary, because the lacquer doesn't stick and just floats to the ground. Hmm...  But, Sunday DH and I took some cheap plastic sheets we picked up at Lowe's and covered two of the garage doors, just to be safe. We didn't cover the middle one, because sometime soon, all the trim is supposed to get delivered and they'll need to open that door.

She walks in, all attitude, and is getting set up in the garage. Says to DH "YOU need to cover up that 3rd door with plastic". DH had the extra roll of plastic next to the door and picked it up and started to hand it to her. She says "I'm not doing it". OMG. - that is the painters job! DH turns to one of her sons and says 'Ok, well then you are going to help me with it because it takes two to hold it up and get it started with tape". I told him he should have just handed it to her anyway. Said, it's not my job. I did these two doors for you yesterday. Your Welcome.  And just walked out!

After an hour and a half she ran out of stain, so had to go drive back to the city to get more stain. Obviously she would have had to know when she was here an hour and a half on Friday, that she wouldn't have enough stain left to do all the doors and door frames. Her excuse on Friday that since the doors got delivered late (they showed up at noon, instead of 10:30) so that is why they didn't get to start staining the doors on Friday, so they left. Well, obviously she didn't have enough stain to do the doors on Friday anyway! Just silly.

So, there goes 3 hours of her working Monday, with a trip back to the city. I've been inside to answer questions twice (from electrician and about shower tile) and since she's gone to get paint her 2 boys are just sitting in the garage on their phones, while she's gone.

Back up to Friday. She didn't show up Thursday (and worked an hour and 45 min on Wed) and the flooring guy asked if she was coming on Friday, because she's still staining and lacquering the staircase and if she was coming Friday he wasn't going to come because the fumes give him a headache. So, DH makes a couple of calls and finally finds out she is coming Friday. She was here a whole hour and a half and left. We lost a whole day with the flooring guy because she was here an hour and a half?!

When they got here Monday morning, the finish work guy asks my DH if he has any more space heaters, as they need to get the garage warmer. DH says, no, he's already used all his. Then the guy goes out in his trailer and gets 2 heaters. WTH?!! That's what your heaters are for! Then he says they need the garage warmer and DH asks them what temp it needs to be at? (we have a sensor in there from our weather station, so dh can go look on our weather station thing inside the shop and tell him what the temp is) and he replies back "what's the temperature in there?". Just rolling our eyes. They just want to be difficult. If DH had said it was 60 degrees, he would have said it needs to be 65.

Let's see what else.....oh Friday afternoon we went into the city as we needed some supplies at Lowe's and we got into the granite place and I picked out the granite. When I was in there months and months ago, they didn't really have much in the colors I had wanted. She said everyone was changing towards whites and grays, not browns and creams, but she had given me some websites of her suppliers where I could look online and tell her what to get from there. But, I had no idea of what any of those cost, as she had quoted me the entry level granite. When I emailed her a few "looks" I liked, she said those weren't entry level. So, we stopped in there. Now she had a whole bunch of slabs in colors I liked and they were entry level priced, LOL. Plus I didn't care if the upstairs bathroom and the laundry room had the exact same granite as kitchen or master bath. I was perfectly happy to pick something out of their remnants section. So, I stood outside in the freezing cold and there were a whole bunch there, that I liked too. So, all that is picked out and I'm happy with it. For the most part the remnant I picked was almost exactly like the slab in their showroom I picked out for the kitchen and master bath.

The interior doors are getting stained. I'm loving those too!!
The electricians got done early on another job they were at (not supposed to be back here until Thursday) so they decided to come out for a couple hours and do some more work. Hung the kitchen pendant lights and the dining room chandelier.

The flooring guy brought a helper yesterday and they really got a lot done. He said he should be all done today. I'm really loving the floor.  Gives it all a warm homey feeling. I'm also really glad I decided to go with a plainer vinyl flooring in the baths and laundry. I think if I had chosen the vinyl planking with the more stone look, it would have looked too busy with the granite on the countertops and the wood look tile that will be in the shower.

DD is on her first business trip this week. She's pretty excited for it. Monday was a travel day, which is good because they got stuck in Denver for a couple of extra hours, to catch their connecting flight. At least she is with a co-worker who has been to this mfg. plant many times, so she's not having to do this first trip on her own.  Sounds like she'll have to go back again at the end of this month.

DD and DF are also adding another dog to their family. It's a 5 year old dog, someone her DF knows, who needs to rehome it. It was her son's dog first. Then he had a baby a couple years ago and now that it's walking I guess he's too rough with the dog. He gave it to his mom, but her other dogs don't get along with it.  So, DD and DF went and did a meet and greet with him and their dog. All got on well and played together. They've been wanting to add a second dog, just not wanting to deal with a puppy, so hopefully this will work out good. They are going to wait until next weekend to pick him up, since she is gone all this week.

We started yesterday morning out at -15 degrees and ended the afternoon with 30 degrees above zero. 45 degree temp change.  Wish when we are starting out at 20 it was ending at 65 one day LOL

Monday, March 4, 2019

Hang in there FIL

Oh my - SIL had a melt down Friday evening over FIL and sent this long ranting text to DH and his brother. That he's rude to her and her husband. That he doesn't pay attention to their new granddaughter (really?!) and is rude to her two grown kids (one of them lives in another state, so not sure how that is possible). That he complains he's bored, but when she offers to take him with them places they are going he doesn't want to. That when DH calls every evening, he's all nice to DH, but not to them. Said she feeds him breakfast, lunch and 5-7 dinners a week.........told DH and his brother that she's done dealing with it all and it's their problem now. (ok... we're all 400 miles away). She said she's given up and missed out on so many things. OMG. NO, she hasn't. She's been on 3 vacations just this past year. She babysits her new baby granddaughter one day a week, on a day she gets to work from home (and she works 4 days a week). She has her granddaughter almost every weekend, because the parents go out. She goes out at least once a week to some event.They got into an argument and since she and her DH were going out for the evening and he doesn't want to go sit 2 hours through a high school basketball game (they don't even have any kids in school anymore), he can just figure out how to get himself dinner.

First off, a couple of things have come up in the past couple of weeks that kind of had us wondering. FIL told DH that SIL is worried he won't have enough money (even with sale of house) to go live in assisted living/care home type place and he'll just have to end up coming back to her house when he runs out of money. This has now been mentioned twice by FIL, so obviously something he is worrying about. It makes no sense why she would even think that. A care place costs about $6,000 a month. He does have some monthly income, obviously. Social security and a union pension. The rest will have to be covered monthly from his savings  ($ he will get when house closes).  I don't know what his income is, but I'm guessing it's at a minimum $3,000 a month. Years ago I used to do their tax returns (after he was retired) and if I recall, between both their social securities (and hers wasn't that much) and what he drew from his retirement it was about $50,000 a year. But, lets just say he has to use $5,000 a month out of his savings to pay for assisted living.  He is going to clear about $260,000 from sale of house. I don't know what his prior savings is, but let's just assume not much left. That $260,000 will last him over 4 years.  AND then once that runs out medicaid will take over. SIL knows this!!! So, why his she telling him he's going to run out of money? Not to mention, he probably won't even last this year, with his congestive heart failure going on. It's a moot point, but even if he does live on for 4 or more years, medicaid would then have to pay for his care.

Second thing was about a week ago, DH made his evening call and it was 7pm at FIL's time zone. He said he hadn't had dinner yet. That SIL was out with friends and her DH wasn't home yet. He didn't know what he was going to do for dinner. Most likely he probably didn't eat, is my guess.

So, in her rant text she says "I feed him dinner 5-7 nights a week". Like what more could she do?! Seriously? He's 80 years old, he can barely breathe from his congestive heart failure. (he's on oxygen). He uses a walker to get around and tires out extremely fast (no wonder he doesn't want to go run around with them and their errands and events). I get that they can't be home and have to be/want to be out some nights, but would it be that hard to make sure arrangements were made to make sure he has some dinner? Call out for something to be delivered to him. Or dump a can of soup or chili in a small crockpot with a ladle and bowl beside it, so all's he has to do is put some in his bowl. Buy one of those prepackaged pot roast meals and dump in a crockpot. If your parent was in a nursing/assisted living place and they told you "well, we feed them at least 5 dinners a week" would you accept that?!

FIL called DH that night. DH didn't say anything to him about SIL's text. Just talked like normal and eased into it, to get FIL to tell him what is going on. He had to figure out who to call and have a pizza delivered. When they rang the door (he was on the phone to DH) he was already so out of breath. DH told him to eat and rest some and he'd call him back in about an hour. He called back and got him to talk about stuff going on, but didn't act like he knew he and SIL had argued. What SIL failed to mention in her text rant.........what brought on the whole argument she had with her dad......

FIL still has a very sharp mind, but, of course with all he has been dealing with the past few months, his failed heart surgery, his failing health, loss of his wife of 60 years, loss of living in his home, etc, of course he's not 100% sharp. Who would be?! I guess MIL had a life insurance policy. At some point they had decided to put SIL as the sole beneficiary, because she was the one who has been taking care of them the past few years and they wanted her to have that money. FIL said he forgot about that and asked SIL that day if the life insurance check ever came. She smarted off (because she can be very snippy and rude at times) "well, yes, it was made out to me, it's my money." Most of the time FIL is a very mild mannered person, but he's tired and he's grumpy now (of course) and he said he snipped back at her. This is what started it all ....but she failed to tell DH and his brother any of this. Of course it's about money.

DH asked his dad if he was asking about the life insurance money because he wanted to use that money to move into assisted living now, rather than waiting until his house is sold or was he just asking about it, because he was curious? FIL said he was just asking because he was curious and just trying to tie up loose ends in his mind. He had forgotten they put her as the beneficiary, but said he wasn't asking because he wanted the money.  And in my mind, if SIL is telling him he won't have enough money to live in assisted living very long then why would she keep the life insurance money for herself? I don't have any idea how much it was, but if it was anything substantial then it should have been given back to FIL, if he's in that dire of straits financially, don't you think? Regardless, there's certainly nothing wrong with him asking about a life insurance policy HE paid for all these years!

He asked his dad if he's bored and was there anything he'd like to to do. He said he does get bored, of course, but at the same time, he doesn't have the energy or the stamina to go do stuff. DH asked him what he likes to eat or where he likes to go eat (we know he's been out to dinner with them a few times, she post Facebook pics, (because they have the grandbaby with them). He said he and mom used to like to go to Shari's and he really likes their fish dinner. But, SIL won't go there because they don't like to eat there. Oh good grief, take him there and let him enjoy a meal he likes, I'm sure they could manage to find something to eat there and suck it up once or twice.

So, she dumps this in our and BIL's lap, basically. BUT, then she's too busy with her life to answer her phone or the text messages from DH or his brother, so they can try to deal with it. Like DH's brother told him that night, when they discussed it, she is just wanting to blame them and be mad at them, not get any help or resolution with it. There is no reason she had to send a text like that to them.I think what bothers me most about that text is DH's brother and his wife are still dealing with the heartache of losing their son not too long ago. They don't need to deal with her whining because she wants to go to a stupid high school basketball game rather than get her dad some dinner.

His house is supposed to close quickly, like a 30 day close. That's all the time left she has to deal with caring for him. Sure he's bored and lonely, but that doesn't mean he CAN go out and do stuff. She could have contacted DH and his brother any time earlier to discuss the issues she's been having. It's only for a few more weeks and he'll have his money to move out. I would think she could handle it that long. DH first texted back that there was a lot in her text to digest so he was going to think on it a bit and get back to her. She didn't respond. Then awhile later he tried to call her, she wouldn't answer (or for the other brother). So, later DH replied in a long text back to both of them. It wasn't the nicest text, though twice he told her no one is discounting all that she and her hubby have done for the parents the past few years. But, he's 80, he's dying, he's missing his wife of 60 years and missing his own home. He doesn't need to entertain his 4 month old great grandchild or go do stuff he can't physically do anymore. Told her his last few months to live are more important than getting pissy because you can't go to a basketball game because he needs dinner and doesn't want to go with you.

DH talked to his dad again Saturday and yesterday. (SIL had never texted or called DH back). DH asked him if everything was going ok, and he said it was, but he's not the type to say it isn't. Last night it was about 7:15 FIL's time and they still hadn't had dinner. Every elderly person I have ever known likes to eat dinner at a certain time and usually likes to eat fairly early. They like a schedule. I thought being at her house would be much better for him, but apparently not. Hopefully, he can get moved soon.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Excuse me........

Excuse me while I play around with backgrounds for my blog. I have no idea what I am doing! And not sure how to go back to my hummingbirds now.  I'm trying to figure out how to just do one big picture as the background, not tiles of it. It looks to "busy" with tiles.

Progress and TGIF

Gosh, I am sure glad it's Friday, not to mention I only have to work a half day.  I placed an order yesterday afternoon for all the light fixtures I forgot. Geez! I don't know if I was thinking they were can/recessed lights or what, but I needed 17 more fixtures. There's another $400. BUT, on a good note......I've been expecting a ridiculously high electricity bill for the past month, as we have had to keep this temporary furnace going non-stop, plus another smaller heater in the garage. The HVAC guy had warned us to expect at least $1000 bill during this time. So, I was planning for $1200-$1500. The billing came today - *only (LOL) $800. So, the $400 less pays for the lights I forgot!

I really am liking the lights I picked out. The hanging lights in the great room and sitting loft are awesome. They really add something to the room. The flooring is getting started. I really like it, too. One of the electricians (I think he's an apprentice to the other guy) - a very young kid really (the owners son) said he really liked the flooring and asked if I picked out all the colors.

From my recent Kohl's purchases I had enough and earned a $5 Kohl's Yes2You reward. Now that I know there are free shipping codes, I found something else on holiday clearance to use it up for. I got this bath rug. Cost me a whopping .69 cents and was regularly $30.
The electricians are back today.  The flooring guy is not. Apparently he wanted to know if the painter was coming today, because if she was, he wasn't. I guess working in the same area as all the lacquering and stain she is using would give him a headache. Just as well, because right next to that flooring picture above is still the big scaffolding in the room (that we don't want rolling over the new flooring) and the electricians still need to use it today to install the ceiling fan that is supposed to be delivered today.

DH was trying to get a hold of the painter yesterday to find out if she was coming today (since flooring guy wanted to know) and couldn't get a hold of her, so he called our contractor. When he called DH back he sounded stressed. Then as they are talking DH hears dogs barking and the contractor saying "f'ing dogs, they freak out every time someone walks by!". Well, we know he was talking about the painter lady and her 2 dogs she leaves in her car while she's working! She does the same thing here. Of course she has to park right by the door as close as she can get and when us or anyone else working here walks by (which is often) the dogs freak out. It's super annoying. DH had said yesterday, next time she comes he's going to ask her to park off towards other side of driveway, away from all the activity.  There's no reason her dogs need to get stressed out like that and no reason we all need to be annoyed like that. With both the electricians and flooring guy here yesterday it was good that she wasn't here. We needed a break from her, LOL.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Just dumbness all around

The snow is delaying stuff. Not really a big deal, but the flooring was supposed to be delivered Tuesday and put in the house to acclimate.  The installer guy show up at 10:45 am yesterday, with the flooring. DH had run into town to mail a package. I went out to the house to talk to them. We went over what flooring goes where.  I explained we really wanted to try and get these great room ceiling fan and lights installed before the flooring got laid down there, because of the scaffolding. He was like "ok, good to know. He said they were going to bring it in and get started. I then asked - doesn't it need to acclimate at least 24 hours before you can start laying it? His reply was "it's been stored in 65 degrees, so it's ok". Doesn't that sound to you like he plans to start laying wood laminate today?

So, I called the flooring guy to ask him. He said that the installer was only supposed to do the vinyl areas and not start on wood laminate until the next day. I said, ok, just making sure because that's sure not what it sounded like. He also said he called the manufacturer of the wood laminate the prior day to ask them how long it needs to acclimate and they said 24 hours is enough.  Ok, we'll trust you. We've been into this project almost a year, so another day or two delay, to make sure it's done right, is not a problem for us. He said he understood and agreed - that they weren't going to be taking any short cuts. He said he would call the installer to make sure he's letting the flooring acclimate at least 24 hours.

Then a little later, when I went back out there to answer some question the installer guy says "oh, we weren't going to start on the wood laminate today, that's tomorrow"........but then about 1 1/2 hours later his other guy leaves in his car and doesn't come back. Probably because he had planned on having him start on the wood laminate?!! (he was working on the vinyl area) My guess is they thought they'd just go ahead and start it and we'd be none the wiser of how it's supposed to be done. Wrong!

So, before the flooring guy left yesterday he told DH he has more boxes to bring in the next morning and wanted to use the front door to bring it in through. We have the front door closed/blocked, also with a sign on it saying "use garage door". From where they have to park out front either door is about equal distance. We don't want everyone using the front door. It will get scratched or stained or something. There's no reason they need to be using it. DH told him no, and he tried to argue with him.  So, he shows up this morning and I got out into the house and tell him "hey, we don't want anyone using the front door. You can use the side garage door or you can open up one of the big garage doors and unload through there. I said it twice! He says ok. 

Next thing you know he's having the electrician move his truck so he can park 3 feet closer to the front door and he's trying to open the front door. I went out there and said "we don't want you to use the front door, you can open the big garage door, if you want". He then says "oh, it's ok. I talked to your husband about using the front door yesterday and he said it was ok". I said no, he said he didn't want you using it. That's why I came out here when you first got here to tell you not to! OMG!!

The painter lady is annoying the heck out of us. She had told DH before she would need the garage space as her "work area". ok, no problem. Then Tuesday and yesterday she does all her sanding, staining and lacquering in the great room and then moved all the staircase steps in our master bedroom.These rooms are now in the "finishing" stage - she doesn't need to be doing that in there! We don't need sanding/dust everywhere over the new flooring and just painted walls. They don't clean up. DH ends up doing it. Not to mention they took these boards they use across saw horses to lay stuff on she's sanding/painting/staining and just set them up against our newly painted bedroom wall. Just dumb! Let's just mark that up. DH was checking in with our contractor about stuff  last night and he said the same thing! "She shouldn't be doing that in the house, she needs to go it all out in the garage. You don't want to be smelling lacquer in your bedroom for the next 10 years!"  She hasn't even shown up today, LOL.

So, our electricians are here. Sure love them, though. They are on the ball and not stupid. All my lights showed up with FedEx right after they got here. Yay. Except, the ceiling fan light........GRRR! I went back online and it was the last thing on the list and showed shipped and I thought it was with everything else. Tracking on it showed "not available". I called Lowes customer service and she was able to tell me that it shipped direct from their vendor and is supposed to arrive to me tomorrow.  And then I realized I totally spaced out on a bunch of light fixtures! I guess I thought they were can lights type (that the electrician is supplying), so, now I need to get a bunch of lights for bedroom ceilings and closets. Dumb me.

And just to start the morning off on a great note.....Dh got up early to plow out the driveway (again!) and somehow smashed his ring finger. It started swelling up. He tried to get the swelling to go down so he could get his wedding ring off. Not happening. He messed with it for a good hour or two. Not happening and it was getting bad. I had mentioned earlier, just cut the ring off! No!. Finally, he said, I think I'm going to have to cut it off. I said I'd rather ruin a $50 (back in 1985 price!) ring than spend $20,000 on your finger!! He got the electrician guy to use cutter/snips and get it off. He's in a much better mood now. Men!