Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday morning

I was up at 3:30 this morning - to make DH a breakfast egg sandwich and a lunch for the road (better than him having to spend $20 to eat breakfast and lunch and take time to stop). He also packed a small cooler with some water and soda and also took 3 salmon on ice. He's having dinner at our good friends house and figured it was time we treated them. He took some dog treats too :)  They have a dog that looks just like our younger dog and just got another puppy that looks the same. Total cuteness. As puppies they look like little black bears.

I, of course, went right back to bed. Both dogs were happy to join me. I'm pretty sure I would have slept past 7:30 but DH texted me that he was at a rest stop and truck and trailer were running along fine together. He's almost halfway. He took one of the car heating pads with him. Said that thing is a blessing for his back. Was sure worth the $20 for that. At least when he catches his ride home late late tonight, he won't have to be driving. I'm sure he'll have a good time catching up and remembering old stories of the kids racing days with the guy and his dad.

I have lots of plans to clean the house today - and really I just kinda feel like getting back in bed! I guess I'll stay up and get busy and I can always take a nap later. I'm sure I won't get done near what I think I will. I never do. My cup of coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

The vet had recommended I start giving our older dog some glucosamine. She had checked out his joint movement and he felt a little creaky in one front leg. He is 8 years old now, so I picked some up last weekend. Big old chewable pill type thing that I was sure he wasn't going to want to take. Nope, he chewed it right up. Waits for it every morning like it's some treat. LOL. Hopefully it will help him. Young pup likes to try to catch bees with his mouth.....enough said there.  Had to give him some benadryl yesterday....

Had to place an Amazon order this morning, as I am getting low on vacuum cleaner bags (stupid things aren't available at stores anymore) and they were an "add on" item, very cheap at $3.62 for a 3-pack but had to place $25 order. So, I added a big box of milk bones, some more flea treatment. Was still a few dollars short of $25. I looked up the price of the glucosamine and it was only like $10 for the 30 day supply (I paid like $14 at Walmart, I think), so I ordered all that too. It's all stuff I'd have to order soon anyway. I don't want to run out of vacuum bags before I move and not have time to get some delivered here. Gotta make sure I can vacuum one last time as we move out.

Ok, I'm getting up from my desk and heading in to take a shower. unless I decide to crawl back in bed as I pass by it!

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