Friday, September 9, 2016

and another thing that is ridiculous

This is the court schedule for our slumlandlord neighbor's son since he got arrested...LAST FEBRUARY!  Is this not just totally ridiculous? Delay, delay, delay, FTA, bench warrant, re-arrrest, let him out, delay, delay, FTA, bench warrant.  At what point in all this doesn't the judge get that he has no intention of going to trial and going to jail? (prosecutor assures us he is going away for like 5 years). A felon with a gun, that they just keep letting out and letting out, while they keep delaying his trial. Just freaking stupid. It's now been almost 7 months since his arrest (he's already been arrested many times before and has spent time in prison before).  So, now the deputies have to waste their time, yet again, finding and arresting him, only to be let out again while he awaits trial, I'm sure.

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