Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Trying to get everything done

I walked down to the mailboxes yesterday afternoon and what a pleasant surprise. They were all (3 of them) decorated for Christmas! So cute. I figured it was probably done by our immediate next door neighbors (and not the ones building down on the last lot) as she likes to decorate, so I walked over and knocked on her door and asked. It was her. I said I love it! Then she asked us if we were going to be home for Christmas and if we weren't doing anything, they'd like us to come over for brunch on Christmas morning. That will be really nice and so nice of them to ask. They are nice company to visit with. I need to figure out a little gift to take with us.

I was thinking of sending SIL and her husband some Harry & Davids gift but hadn't pulled the trigger yet because the free shipping code I had found didn't work. I just decided to send them a gift and also have some of the box of pears sent here, so I can take those with us to our Christmas brunch at neighbors. Total for both came to $82. The free shipping code worked this time, saving almost $24 in shipping. For some reason my ebates didn't pop up to activate savings, so I checked to see if they offer any cash back and it's a nice 7%, so $5.74 will be back from that, and I put it on my rewards credit card, so another 2% back, too. 

The other evening SIL messaged me asking if I had an instapot and said she thought they sounded like a glorified crock pot. I told her I did not, but DD has one she uses pretty regularly, but I figured it would end up another appliance I didn't use. And then I said I had thought about getting a toaster oven for the shop living, but knew I wouldn't use it after the house is done, so I didn't get one. So, what shows up today as a gift from FIL/MIL? Yep, a toaster oven. LOL. Looks like a nice one and the size I would have wanted if I had bought one. It's an Oster Convection toaster oven. Will do a 12 inch pizza. Yay. We get to have pizza for dinners now too. Plus it will hold a good sized casserole dish. I'm sure I will really enjoy having it, even though I'll probably never use it again once we move into the house. Plus, I have no idea where I'm even going to put it here in the shop, LOL. The counter space I have is full. Time to rearrange some more I guess.

DH got the date wrong on the gas company coming to dig the gas line from tank to house. It's tomorrow. Then the gas fireplace people called and said they are going to come tomorrow instead of today.  So, it's not quite as hectic here today, just framers putting up the rest of the siding and the electricians.

I feel like I might be getting a little cold. Had a headache all day yesterday, then last night a bit of a scratchy throat, which I still have this morning. I didn't sleep well, but at least the headache is gone.

We didn't get the snow predicted last night - just rain and freezing rain this morning. But it's 41 degrees now and the ice has melted. They sure do not do a good job in predicting the weather for this area. It's rarely right, other than the temperature. And with this warm up, the painter crew returned today, so that is good. She still has some trim to finish and stain the front porch vertical beams, now that they have been set. I think she is also the one that does the caulking all around windows, etc. I just looked outside, it's 41, sunny and lightly raining/snow sideways LOL

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lots of progress, still lots to do

The electrician showed up yesterday morning and got to work. Super nice guys. This is not the same electrician who finished our shop (after our first electrician died), because they were way too expensive. We actually had not met this guy, because he had given us a bid via email. He brought 3 guys with him and they worked all day. We did a walk through with the owner and another guy, to decide on how many lights, where to put some of the outlets and wall switches, phone lines, etc. They said we were easy to work with, haha.  They also were both good at making suggestions, which was helpful. They expect to have the rough in done by Thursday, if not, they will be back on Monday to finish it up.

A friend from town stopped by to say hi. I just love him. He's the retired (who works all the time, LOL) guy who cut up our trees into lumber for us, as well as lent us his trailer when we moved. He's just a happy guy, who enjoys life.

This morning the electricians showed back up around 8am. The plumber is back, because they forgot to rough in our little half bath downstairs! Our contractor finally sent someone out to get the mold in the foundation crawl space mitigated. He brought 2 "fog machines" that will do some part of it by killing the mold and getting rid of the smell. Then they will spray down with bleach, I guess. Apparently this mold issue is happening in just about every house being built, all the contractors and subs are saying. Supposedly something to do with the glue being used in the flooring boards.

Tomorrow sounds like another busy day. The propane company is coming to dig a ditch (about the last chance to do it before the ground gets too frozen) so they can run the propane to the house. Our hvac guy ended up recommending an electric furnace (with our heat pump) so now the only thing that the propane will be used for in the house is the gas fireplace and a hot water heater. Two of the framing crew is supposed to be back, getting back to work to finish siding the dormers. The framer has decided to wait to build our inside staircase until the drywall is done, because they make such a mess. The fireplace people are supposed to come too, to get that venting installed.

I'm still trying to decide if I want just a soaker tub or a jacuzzi type. Quite a price difference and honestly, I think I probably wouldn't use the jets much. I like peace and quiet when I am soaking in the tub, not noisy bubbles, even though I am sure, at times, that would feel nice.

Last night I tried making chicken fried steak for dinner. Ack - it's just too messy to try to make a real meal, with out a sink right nearby. Back to soup and microwave food! Plus, I had to use a canned gravy I could just heat up in the microwave, since I only have one hot plate, and it didn't taste very good.

My in-laws went home yesterday, after over 6 weeks away from home, either in the hospital or the rehab care facility. Not sure that is a good thing. Apparently they were ready to release MIL, but still wanted FIL to stay in a bit longer to finish clearing up his pneumonia, but he insisted he was going home. I guess we'll see how it goes. I guess when SIL was texting DH about it, she was being pretty bitchy about it (understood). Then she called later in the evening and said her husband told her she was being a bit too bitchy to her brother, so she called to apologize.

We sent a Christmas gift (that we bought just after Christmas last year at a gift shop) to our friend who is struggling with the cheating DH.  She received it yesterday and was happy. She loves Christmas decor, so we had gotten her something. She finally got tough a week or so ago and told him she was filing for divorce (her therapist recommended this). Well, now, for the 3rd time since all this started last summer, he's left his girlfriend (who is 24 years younger than him) and trying to get back together with our friend/his wife. I feel so bad for her. He just keeps jerking her around. Comes back to her, professes his undying love and then a week or 10 days later tells her he can't stand her and he misses his girlfriend. I can't even imagine wanting him back, but she does.

I woke up with a headache this morning that I can't seem to shake. I've even taken some ibuprofen, but it hasn't helped. My boss has been so busy with the changes at work to repping a big new line, that I am trying not to email her unless it's absolutely necessary, because she doesn't have time to respond. A couple of weeks ago I knew we had a little annual spreadsheet due to our payroll company, so I did it up and emailed it to her (sometimes she does it, sometimes I do) a little in advance, knowing she probably won't have time to do it. She emailed me yesterday asking if I could do it, before I could reply that I already did, she sent another email "LOL - I see you already did this! I'm behind 2 weeks on emails". I replied back - have you gotten to my email requesting two days off after Christmas yet? I  might be back from the two days off before you get to it! LOL".

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The usual weekend stuff

The last couple of days my computer has been making a funny noise with the fan. Ugh. I know this computer is getting up there in age, and I know work will buy me a new one, when necessary, but I don't want to have to deal with that, too, right now. DH suggested it probably needs a good blowing out of dust, so he did that this morning and all seems well now.

We've been having a problem with our shop bathroom fan not getting the moisture from our showers out. The window is all fogged up and takes forever to clear. Well, DH did some looking and apparently the vent wasn't opening to the outside when the fan was turned on. Hopefully that is fixed now. I'm tired of him yelling at me that I'm not leaving fan on long enough or not leaving the window open a crack long enough! Or then he's yelling at me this morning because I left the fan on, still for a little while, after I was done in the bathroom - he's saying "leaving the fan on just draws the moisture in" Huh? I thought the whole point of a fan was to pull the moisture out! I gave up trying to talk to him about it.

Friday, the HVAC guy showed up. 3 guys, in about 5 hours, got the venting all roughed in. Now the electrician can come on Monday and get started. The HVAC guy is friend of good friend, and also the guy used to own an insulation business and had done our shop at our house we just sold, in town, so DH feels really comfortable with him and his advice.  He said not to worry at all about the mold in the foundation crawl space. Once our contractor mitigates it, it will all be fine and no worries, so I think that helped DH calm down about it.

It's warmed up. 34 degrees instead of 5! I'll take it. Though now they are predicting snow again. So far, they have been pretty wrong about the snow predictions, so am hoping it will hold off a little longer, still. We do not have anything to plow our driveway with! The original plan had been that this house would be done by late Fall, at the latest, we'd be done with our little dump trailer, sell it, and use that money for something to plow with. We're going to have to figure out something soon. Though again, a lot of it, I think is DH over reacting a bit. We could just hire someone local to come in and plow it out, when it snows. Probably cheaper that way!

My in-laws are supposed to be going home tomorrow. Hopefully it will all go well. I'm sure they are both ready to get back to their own home. I just asked SIL what would be a good gift for them as I have no idea. She said they like Applebee's, which is just down the road, and they can order and do a curbside pick up, so that is what I just ordered via Amazon, and it will come to them in a gift bag. I still need to send my SIL/BIL something. Was going to do Harry & Davids again (we did that 2 years ago), but dang, their shipping is so expensive! We'll see. I'm still thinking about it.

We totally just vegged out yesterday. I took a nap. Then around 4pm DH suggested going out to eat. Neither of us was really hungry for a big dinner, at the nice restaurant we like, so I said, well the drive thru burger place is 20 miles one way and the nice restaurant is 20 miles the other direction, so let's just do the burger place. Then the dogs can ride with us, and get their bacon, from the nice drive thru lady. Plus it was about half the cost of the steakhouse. Then DH ended up taking a nap from 6pm to almost 8pm. Then he wondered why he couldn't sleep last night.

This afternoon DH has been outside, doing what I do not know. Still organizing all the stuff that is getting put inside the (still no doors) garage on the house. Now it's got a bunch of boxes from the Hvac guy. Hvac guy also said I do not have to have a downdraft stove top if I don't want. He doesn't think it will be an issue. My issue with too much smoke from cooking (setting off fire alarm!) isn't from using the stove top, it's when I use the broiler in the oven and the oven will be an in wall unit, so can't vent that anyway. Those down draft stove tops were like $1000+ more than a regular stove top, so I'm glad to be saving that money, for sure. Especially since we will be needing to also purchase a washing machine.

Thursday, December 6, 2018


The switch over to my new phone worked. Whew! There were a few bumps in the process, that I'm not really sure why. The first bump was they needed to send me a 6 digit code to access my apple account, but my old phone was supposed to be turned off and new one wasn't getting the code. Kept trying and trying. It wouldn't come thru my  ipad either. Even turned on my old phone. Tried "other method" and that didn't work. Then it told me I had too many codes sent (that I never got). Finally I had to start over and then it worked. Then towards the end there was another time I had to put in my password for Apple and it kept giving a weird error message. Finally after about 5 tries it went through. Eventually, all my stuff was there and working. I just had to enter passwords for my 3 email accounts I have set up in my phone. I was very relieved it all worked and now I don't have to make a trip to the city to have Verizon do it for me. I think Verizon did a good job with their online instructions, for the most part. Now, I have a cheap phone case ($8) on it's way from Amazon. It's nice having a phone with a bit bigger screen and one that will take good indoor pictures. My old phone stopped taking good indoor pics quite awhile back. I'm also glad I was proactive and ordered this new phone before my old one died. Otherwise, I would have been in a rush to get a new phone and probably would have ended up spending more at the store on a newer model, that I don't really need. $120 for a phone, that will hopefully last me another 4 years, is plenty to spend.

The electrician who is supposed to come Monday called to check on progress, to see if he can start. Which then made DH have to call the HVAC guy and see what is up. He said he will come tomorrow morning and have done what needs to be done so the electrician can get started on Monday. That's good - will give DH something to keep busy with tomorrow while that guy is here working. Maybe he'll even find out what his buddy's issue is.......the good friend that pretty much stopped contacting him once we started building and we have no idea why. This guy knows him pretty well, their kids play sports/go to school together. Maybe it will come out it chatting with him,  haha.

Lucy at A Dime at a Time will be proud of me. I earned $5.90 on M-Turk yesterday. But...then I haven't even been on there today. So, I just went on for about 15 minutes or so and earned $3.20.

Attempting the phone switch

DH had an excursion yesterday. He drove 2 hours to go renew is conceal carry permit. I had called ahead a few weeks ago and got all the info. Hours, cost, etc. They said  he would need to be fingerprinted again, since his permit was done in another county originally. Ok. So, he gets there and they tell him, sorry, we can't fingerprint you today, because it's a federal holiday due to President Bush's funeral. What are the odds, he'd pick that day?! Who knew. So, they tell him maybe try the next county sheriff's office to the north. He has me call and check with them. They said "why does he need fingerprinting again?" I explained what the other county told me and she said no, we do not need to fingerprint him again. But, they only took cash or check, no debit/credit. I had thought he didn't have much cash on him (he was planning to pay with debit card), but luckily he had a check in his wallet. So, he drove another hour to their office. Was in and out in less than 5 minutes. So, at least that is done and good for another 4-5 years. And at least it was a nice sunny (though cold) day for driving.

So, now the HVAC guy, who was supposed to get started this week has been a no show. He was supposed to get done before the electrician, who is supposed to come next week.  Frustrating and discouraging to say the least. I was hoping he'd be here, while the framers aren't, so DH still keeps busy. When he gets bored and nothing is going on, he starts thinking too much. So, far this morning he's keeping busy cleaning up some of the construction debris and reorganizing the pallets of stuff still out there.

My new iphone 6 arrived by FedEx this morning. I'm going to like having a little bigger screen (it will be easier on these old eyes). It's sitting on my desk trying to warm it up to room temperature. The thing feels like an little ice block. It's like 10 degrees outside and apparently it wasn't much warmer in the FedEx guys delivery van, LOL.  Wish me luck with a smooth transition from my old phone content to my new phone..........

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Itchiness and other updates

Can someone explain to me why I have two bites on my leg that will not go away? I know pretty much exactly when they showed up. It was either the day I was coming home from visiting at DD's or the day after. They were small, on the side of my calf, and I figured them just to be flea bites I got from DD's house/dog/cat. She had mentioned she needed to get her dog back to the vet the next week for his flea treatment.

This was on Oct 21st, and I still have the two little bites and they still itch! What the heck?! It's not like they itch all the time, but at least once a day they start to itch and I put a dab of cortisone cream on them. Why in the world are the bites (whatever they are from) staying so long? Crazy.

We got the cabinets for our shop bathroom put up last night, so everything is done in that room now, except for some trim around the window.  Much nicer and cleaner without all the stuff sitting on top of the machines. The brown doesn't exactly match the brown wood of the vanity, but for our budget, this is what I could find. They are the same cabinets we put in the laundry room in our house we just sold, except those ones were white. I liked the white one's better, as far as how it looked more like wood painted white, than this brown looks more "fake", but these were the only brown ones I could find in our budget and for a shop bathroom they will suffice.

There is no work going on at the house, as the framers are waiting for the rest of the siding to come in, which apparently won't be until next Wednesday. He knew last week he wasn't going to have enough, but waited until this week to order. The HVAC guy is supposed to get started this week, but we haven't heard from him yet. They did get the fireplace, for the gas fireplace, built, using a beam for the mantel from a tree cut down on our property, so that is neat.

It's got some live edge on it, plus the framer said since it still has some drying to do (it was cut down summer before last) it will probably still crack some, which is fine, as we want it to look rustic.

Since DH has the day off from being "helper guy", as there is no one working on the house, he decided to go get his conceal carry license renewed. He has to drive 2 hours to do it, so will be gone a good part of the day. Better than being here in the shop, bothering me because he's bored!  He has to pay a little extra for the license because it's expired. He wasn't sure what he was going to do - he could just get a CCL here in this state, but it's not valid in as many states as his old license. He could go back to old state and renew. A small late fee, as long as he renews within 90 days of it expiring. So, that's what he decided to do. A bit of a drive, and honestly, I'm surprised he went by himself to go do it. Usually, he's so hesitant to go take care of stuff by himself.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

New vet

Yesterday afternoon we had to take our older dog to the vet for his checkup and vaccines. Plus, I wanted some bumps and lumps he's been getting checked out. I had hoped they are just a result of him getting old (he's 10 now) and thankfully the vet said they are all benign stuff. I forget the medical names of them. Some fatty type cysts and some wart looking things. He said none of them are an issue and common as dogs get old, mostly it's the owners bothered by them and not the pet, haha.  Other than that, he is doing well. He could stand to loose a few (8 to be exact) pounds, and that has pretty much always been the case, though he is down 2-3 pounds in the past couple of years, as he gets more exercise here.  Again, I am trying to get DH to at least cut down on the treats and table scraps he feeds them. At least give him half a treat - break the milk bone or beggin stip in half. I told DH I don't want to cut down on his food amount (already did that a couple years ago) as that is what he is getting his nutrients from, not the treats.  I do give them some milk bone treats (we have the small size), but I always break them in half to split and I never feed them what I am eating., other than green beans, which they love and which the vet also recommended as a good no calorie treat. So, what does DH do as we stop and get McD's for dinner? Gives the dogs french fries as we are driving home........

I tried a different vet. The closest vets are in the city, but the one I had tried (neighbors recommended) was on the far side of town. Plus, the last time I was there I was not thrilled with the complete chaos in their waiting room. Completely packed. I'm used to walking into a vet office and maybe there is one other person/animal waiting or checking out. So, while we had been at this little business center looking at gas fireplaces a couple of weeks ago, I noticed there was a vet office in the complex. It's right off the first exit to the city and when I googled them, they had 5 star reviews (the other place had 3), so I decided to give them a try. It was certainly much easier to get there then the other place (and better parking) and will probably save 15 minute drive each way. I was the only one in the waiting room, while we waited to be called back. They were prompt and I was out of there with him in 30 minutes. When I went to check out there was one person with a dog waiting for their appt and then someone else walked in with a cat carrier. That's how it should be. Not 20 people crammed into a small waiting room shoulder to shoulder with their pets. I liked the vet. He seemed calm and took time to talk over with me about his lumps and bumps and was good at explaining. While they might have been a bit more expensive then the other place, it was a better experience overall. Most of the $149 bill was 4 vaccines. The office visit was $42. I was just relieved to find out he has nothing serious going on.

We are 35 minutes to the first freeway exit (now that the road construction is done) and the vet office is just down the road a bit from there and also in the same area where we shop, so it was convenient. After the vet visit we had to go over to Lowe's and pick up some cabinets we ordered for the bathroom here in the shop, as well as we picked up some wire shelving that DH is going to put in the mechanical room (where the water heater and stuff is) so he has some more storage space. He started putting together the cabinets last night and got the tall narrow cabinet that goes next to the washing machine done. We now have that filled with towels and toilet paper. He's got the cabinet that goes over the washer and dryer put together, but not on the wall yet. Then we can put the laundry detergent and stuff up in that and we won't feel so cluttered in there.

I see my new iphone I ordered is on it's way. Originally the order email had said it wouldn't be available to ship until the end of December. Now, I'll most likely have to make another trip back to the city to go to the Verizon store and get my old phone swapped to the new one. I only have to work a half a day this Friday, so I may do it then. No snow is forecast, just cold, sunny and dry, so the drive will be fine if I go by myself.

The house progress seems like it has slowed down, even though there have been 4 guys working on it the past couple of weeks. They got most of it sided, but didn't order enough and told DH this morning that today is their last day until the siding comes in.....but didn't say when that would be. You watch, now they'll get off on a new job and it'll be like pulling teeth to get them to come back and get to work again. There is still so much that the framer has to do, regardless of the siding. There is still a fireplace wall inside to build, an enclosure for the drop in tub, as well as the whole staircase!