Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Still here

So........we were supposed to close on our house yesterday. Are you surprised that hasn't happened?!! Well, of course it hasn't happened.  The appraisal was supposed to be turned in last Friday and closing yesterday. I specifically asked if that would be enough time with buyer also getting her 3 day closing disclosures. Oh yes, Saturday counts, blah blah. Our agent must have assured me at least 3 times she was not at all worried about the appraisal.

We asked/listed $300k for our house. Buyer offered $307k, because she wanted to use that extra $7k over asking to get back as an allowance and cover her closing costs. Appraiser came on the 15th and his report was due in by Friday 23rd. Well, apparently that due date actually means he has until midnight Friday. So stupid. Of course he turns it in after business hours, so nobody at lender can even look at it until Monday morning. We find out late Monday afternoon he only appraised it at $300k (he had mentioned when he was leaving here that he hates when agents up the offer to cover closing costs because it's hard for him to appraise more than asking price).

Buyer and agent then expected us to cover at least half of her $7k closing costs! We said No, not going to happen! We are already paying a large commission to sell our house, let alone we are paying OUR closing costs on the house we are buying. We are not paying hers too! By then it's Monday after 5pm. About 6pm we are told she will come up with the money and cover it, but with the appraisal not coming in where she needed it, her loan paperwork was going to have to be re-done and that would take an extra couple days. So then we're told closing Thursday, maybe Friday. No word yesterday, it's apparently not anyone's priority or even their responsibility! Buyer said she even wired the funds to title yesterday, but still hasn't gotten her closing disclosure.

This morning we flipped out on them after they start hinting it probably won't be until next Monday now. A whole week after we were supposed to sign and even as I'm typing this mid day Wednesday, next Monday isn't even a for sure deal and she still hasn't gotten her CD. Agent said it's in lender's hands, then it's blamed on underwriting....then the lender blamed it on the appraiser! What does that still have to wait on with that? supposedly he needed to correct a few items and turn it back in....well, gee - how much more time does he get? it's been 3 days now. Someone start screaming at him to get it in NOW.

We are NOT happy campers to say the least. Late Friday afternoon I specifically called agent and said if you even think this is going to get delayed let me know, because Saturday morning I'm going over and paying $1300 to rent a u-haul and loading it this weekend (when we had people to help us). "oh no, it's all a go. I'm not worried about any of it. At the worst we'll have to close on Wed.  Oh, and can I send you an addendum so the buyer can start moving her stuff into your empty garage?"  oh sure, let's just accommodate everyone but us.

I took off this week, starting yesterday, so that is a complete waste. I am now trying to work from home the rest of this week. sitting at a counter on a bar stool. everything else is packed up.

Apparently we just have signs on our foreheads that say go ahead and do whatever you want to us, we are doormats, yes we are.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A not-planned afternoon of visiting

I had a really nice lunch visit with my old friend and so good to get a chance to see her again before I move. We got to spend about an hour and a half together, but I needed to get back home to work and also, the buyer of our house was coming by, to go over how some of the things work, etc.

Right after I got home (buyer was already here) a Harley motorcycle comes down our road and into our driveway. It was some very old friends! This guy used to work for DH, but it's been at least 10 years now (dh went out of business like 8 years ago). He had worked for DH for 8 years, so quite a long time. We knew his wife really well too. DH was off in the back yard with the buyer and her friend and I went to greet them in the driveway and gave them both big hugs :)  He had just reconnected with DH on Facebook and realized we are moving so wanted to see us before we leave. They were here almost 3 hours.

So, by the time they left and I actually got to sit back down at my desk (which is now at the dining table) it was 4pm! Yikes. I didn't get any work done this afternoon, so I made up what I could in missed time, while I wait for DD to get here. She's on track for a 3 hour trip here, LOL.

It ended up being 3 hours and 20 minutes to go 70 miles. Yup.


Today will be a fairly busy day. I am working from home because my old friend from jr. high and high school and I are going to meet for lunch at a Panera near me.  Then at 1pm the buyer of our house is coming by to go over all the "systems" of the house and shop. She was going to come last week, but had to reschedule.

DD is coming here straight after she gets off work at 3pm.....though it will most likely take her 3 hours to drive the 70 miles to get here. She gets to work from home one Friday a month, so she will just work from home here tomorrow. Her last weekend at the house she grew up in! We will both work from home tomorrow and then take dog to vet in the afternoon.

We are picking up the big u-haul truck Saturday morning, so we have the weekend to load, with help of DD and her BF. He might bring a friend over to help too, which would be nice. Sunday we will load our big bed, as it's so heavy (a big king sized cherry wood sleigh bed) it will take all of us to do it. The only thing we are leaving till just before we move is a twin bed. DH (and dogs) will stay here Sun - Tues nights and I will just go over to my mom's and sleep at her house those last 3 nights. Will be good to spend with her a few days before we leave.

Look at me - making plans before this is all finalized. I'm sure I just jinxed myself.  We are still waiting on the appraisal to be turned in our our house! This ain't over yet!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Budget and expense items

I canceled my Netflix account last June. The price went up $2 and we also have Amazon Prime video, so figured I didn't need it..........but one of my favorite shows is about to have a new season to watch. I love the Longmire show and it starts on Friday.  I'm so close to signing up again. I checked out their pricing plans and I could do the Basic plan for $8 a month, which was what I was paying for the mid-level plan before price went up. I had the mid level plan because 2 could watch at same time and wanted it available for DD when she was at college, but her BF has Netflix and she doesn't need access to mine anymore.  I can get by with one user at a time and no HD.  Shoot - my internet connection in small town will probably barely support HD anyway LOL.

It's not like I can't afford $8 a month. It's not like I HAVE to watch that show.  And then I'll end up binge watching it all in one weekend and still be paying $8 a month. I guess I could cancel again.  We'll see. I think I'll wait to decide until we move. I won't have time to watch it until we get settled anyway.

Apparently we need to get the dogs licenses to live in town. A whopping $5 for a permanent dog tag for a neutered dog. LOL. and they need proof of rabies. My vet records are packed. Their rabies tags say 2013, so due again sometime this year. I called vet and older dog is past due a couple months I must have missed that in all this stress, though why they didn't mention it the last 2 times I've had him into the vet this past month, I have no idea. So, I am getting him in Friday afternoon. The other dog isn't due until December, so I'll find a new vet when we move and get him in when due. Apparently the nearest vet will be like 50 miles away!

I am getting a very good interest rate on my new mortgage. 3.125%.  A few of my expenses I am estimating, but our overall total monthly expenses, including mortgage will be about $3200. My take home (including bonus paid twice a year) is $6727 a month.  That leaves about $3500 a month, which will be going to savings or paying for some of the site work on the land. We'll get the septic and well put in next spring/summer. We are estimating about $5,000 more to put into the new house. Some landscaping, finish the chain link fence (it needs a top rail and we think we will just also go ahead and have backyard fenced too, so dogs have bigger area to be in), insulate and run some power out to the shop. The only thing we need to do inside is add some cabinets above the washer and dryer, put some shelves in the garage and add a doggy door. I also will be buying a queen sized bed for guest bedroom, but not planning on buying anything too expensive. It won't be used that often.

This is something like what I would like to get
it's $260 on Amazon....and I'll save $25 in sales tax living in new state :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

All Clear

Got a phone call from my broker this morning on my way to work.....ALL CLEAR TO CLOSE!!!!

THANK GOD! Closing is scheduled for next Thursday the 29th. Closing on our house is supposed to be Tuesday the 27th.

I think we might finally get there!

Monday, September 19, 2016

When will the "conditions" end?

OMG. This underwriting process is getting completely ridiculous. We were supposedly all set to go a couple of weeks go with the conditions met.  When our sale fell through August 25th, we had to rescind our offers on house and land and we were sent back our earnest monies deposited from both. We were also reimbursed $350 for the foundation inspection we paid out of pocket on our house, that buyer should have paid. Then 2 days later we got the current offer on our house, so we put our offers right back in, and I resent two new earnest monies checks.

First the underwriter wanted to see that I sent new checks that cleared. So, I sent copies of the checks front and back.  That wasn't good enough, so then they wanted to see my bank statement where it cleared. Well, it's only been about a week (now 2 weeks) so I don't have a bank statement yet. So, I printed a transaction of my checking ledger showing them.  Then I had to show where I got refunded and deposited them. . Then that wasn't good enough. They wanted "statements" from the escrow company(s). I'm like all I have is the part of the check stub where they put a little one or two line detail on what the check was for. Then they wanted to see same thing for the first earnest money checks! (that I had already sent the first time, mind you)
Well, that has just led to more and more "conditions". It's getting ridiculous. In beginning of August, when I had exhausted my attempts to obtain a loan for the land we want to buy, and would need about an additional $10k in cash (on top of our house proceeds) to close that deal (and have enough for down on house and moving expenses), we had decided to sell our race car engine. Obviously DS isn't racing anymore and we surely don't need to keep assets worth that much sitting in the garage. We thought that was a MUCH better plan than taking out a 401k loan, don't you think?! We got $15k for it and deposited the money. It's been sitting there ever since. We haven't touched it, other than I already paid the $1500 out of it to have a truck driver move the loaded 53ft trailer over there (storing at friends place).

So, then they need an explanation and all the documents for that! ok. it's just a motor, not like there is a bunch of paperwork or a title for it.  Then wanted proof that we owned it in the first place. Oh good grief. DH found the box he put his desk paperwork in and found the receipt/bill of sale from when we purchased the engine back in 2008.

So, this morning I email her all the remittance stubs (because she emailed me and asked for them) I got with the earnest money refunds and that I deposited all 3 checks on same day. Then she calls me and wants actual copies of the checks. oh good grief. I didn't make copies of the checks before I deposited them. After we talked a bit it became apparent that she didn't open the attachment I sent this morning with what she was asking for in the first place and that is supposedly all she really needs. I had 3 stubs, each saying refund of earnest money and they total what my deposit was - what more do you need?!

Then they wanted another bank transaction statement, going back from 7/27 to today. So, then I had to add explanation of what the $3000 back into my account last week from the fraud debit card charges. Then the next "condition" is what is the $1500 deposit on 7/29? I don't remember. Let me see. oh ya, it was the $1500 earnest money we got to keep from the FIRST sale that failed!

What's the $1000 deposit on 8/31? Umm...that's my monthly deposit of $1000 from my side job. You know, the one you already have all the info on?

By then I said "there's a $108 deposit last week daughter reimburses me for her phone and car insurance...figured they were probably going to ask, so might as well give it to them now.

Then she calls me and tells me that at first the underwriter wanted all this other proof that our current loans on our current house will have been paid to zero AND a new credit report showing such before we can close! That could take a month before our credit report updates! If that was a condition, why in the world wouldn't that have been one from the very beginning of this process, when they had all my info and financial state. She apparently talked the underwriter out of that nonsense. She is having the title company over here send a copy of the wires the day we close on this house and the wires get sent to the banks. She is also having them wire the money to the title company for house we are buying, so the funds are there and ready to go when we can close.

I'm getting nervous again- it's like they are just looking for anything to find to back out now. What the heck?! I'm buying a house half the price of our current house. The total amount owed will be less than the current mortgage total I have been paying on. The monthly payment will be almost half what I've been paying and covered by the income from my SIDE job, for goodness sake. I have good credit, my job of 11 years, my side job of 7 years, letters from both saying I'm invaluable and will continue to be employed. We don't have other debt (no car payments) other than a bit of credit card debt (under $2000) I charged in all our house selling expenses and that will get paid off. I make $98k a year. This nitpicking is getting beyond annoying and after tomorrow, if it continues, will delay our closing.  Ya, we really want to sit there with a u-haul we can't unload, paying extra daily fees while you figure out if you are going to finally approve this or not!


One more week (I hope)

We finally had the appraisal done last Thursday. Got about an hours notice that he was coming to do it. Apparently had an opening so we said, of course come and do it. As far as we know today, closing is still scheduled for next Tuesday, the 27th. The days seem to be dragging....I think mostly because I just keep waiting for some kind of bad news about it all!

The weekend was nice. DD and her BF came down for the weekend on Saturday morning. We really don't have much left to do, so we just spent most of the time visiting. It's starting to hit us that we will be 500 miles away soon. Saturday afternoon we all went to a birthday/campaign fundraiser party. Our good councilman (who is running to be re-elected) had a birthday and Saturday was also the birthday of the signing of our Constitution and he's very strong on the Constitution.

The get-together was held at a couple's very nice lakefront home with a small gathering of some of his supporters. Beautiful home (even though the weather wasn't too good) and very good food (salmon, halibut, etc). Seeing their home made us want to get our new house built! Their entryway/great room was very similar to what we have for our house plan. DH got roped into getting up and speaking again, but he liked it.  We also got to meet some very nice new people. Both DD and her BF said they really enjoyed it too.

I got a phone call a few days ago from one of my old high school friends (one of the ladies from our get together girls night last April) and we are going to meet up for lunch later this week, before our move.  That was so nice of her to call and plan this lunch with me.

The lender for the house we are buying is getting annoying, LOL. "last of the conditions" of course keeps turning into more and more.  Last week I had to send an updated checking transaction statement, which now included a $2350 deposit they want explained.'s the $1000 earnest money we got back from our offer on the land, when our sale fell through and we had to rescind. It's the $1000 earnest money we got back on the house, when our sale fell through and we had to rescind. It's the $350 we got back when we paid for a foundation inspection that the buyer was supposed to pay.

With that explanation they wanted yet another updated bank statement....which now includes my debit card being hacked with (6) $500 transactions to some super market in Haiti from last week, so I just went ahead and included that explanation, too, because I'm sure then they were going to ask about that now.  And while I was at it I included an explanation for the $108 deposit from my daughter, where she reimbursed me her monthly cell phone an car insurance.