Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A visitor

We just had a surprise visit by our banker lady, to come and and see the project. She said she likes to take time out to try and do that with all the construction loans she does. She was pretty much just in awe of it all: the property, the scenery, the house. She especially loves the rockery work. A couple of times she said "it's all just perfect". She also said this is the nicest one she's seen.  Plus she knows our builder and his sons (who work for him) pretty well. They all live in the same community and he built her house, too. I was telling her about my "4 seasons" drone photos of the river I have now and she wants to see them, so I will email them to her. I said I'm thinking of having them printed and framed and hang somewhere in the new house.

I remembered I still have $5.71 in Walmart savings catcher $ to use up. I haven't ordered from Walmart online for quite awhile.  Been using Target or Amazon. I see you still have to really watch the Walmart prices and I really don't like how they also have so many other sellers listed now. I'm not looking to buy from other (usually much higher priced) sellers. I'm looking to buy from Walmart. Makes shopping online there a bit frustrating. But, I ordered a few things, to get to $35 free shipping and got my $5.71 credit used.  I've had Walmart ads show up in my Facebook feed that has something that looks interesting (decor or something) and I'll click on it and it's not really even being sold by Walmart - it's through a 3rd party seller and the dresser will end up being like $500 or something. That's not Walmart priced! LOL.

My neck is feeling better and better the past two days. I spent a lot of time stretching it the last few days. Today is more of a base of the neck dull headache, but that's much better than feeling like a pinched nerve.

Our old dog is driving me nuts,  haha. It's too cold outside for him, so he keeps wanting back inside the shop. But as soon as I let him in, 2 minutes later he wants back out. It's still cold out, buddy! He needs a sweater.

Monday, October 22, 2018

The start of a short work week

We just received a quote from another electrician. MUCH better than the quote from the guy we had finish out the shop (after our electrician died). That electrician wanted $27,000 to do  our house!! DH basically told him he's dreaming and there is no way we can cover that kind of overage out of pocket. Our contractor had $18,000 in our bid for electrical, plus $2000 for fixtures.....but apparently he's been having issues with the guy he normally uses, so encouraged us to get other bids.  This guy who just submitted a quote today was $18,800, but that did include some can lighting fixtures. We are much relieved to get a quote in line with what we need it to be. We are still waiting for a quote from the other guy, who came out last Wednesday. I have a feeling he is going to be in the ballpark, too. Hopefully he'll get us the quote in the next day or two, so we can make a decision. We may end up with electricity and lights, after all now, LOL.

My friend, who's DH was cheating on her and left her, is sure being put through the ringer by him. I feel so bad for her.  A month or two ago, I had said to her, I'll bet if you stop contacting him and stop telling him how much you want to work it out, he'll come back around. Sure enough. About two weeks ago he moved out of his gf's and moved into his mom's. (this guy is 58 years old). Started texting and calling my friend, of course, now wanting to try to work it out. Said he was missing her. Said he couldn't handle the gf's 3 young kids (duh). So, they've been trying to talk through it, etc.  She even went with him to his high school reunion or some function this past weekend. Then last night he tells her he wants a divorce and misses his gf. Good grief!  She's got way more patience than I would have with this crap.

Oh great. DH just said the framing guys brought back some pizza for lunch and were sharing with our two dogs, who were being piggy about it, of course. How much do you want to bet I'll be wiping up dog puke at 3am?! GRRRR.  Our dogs don't do well eating people food.

DD just called me. She's free from her old job. All done. haha.  Her supervisor had left her a nice card and note. She only worked half day Friday and he isn't in the office today, so she didn't really get to say goodbye to him. She really did like him (just not the department manager, over him). Now she gets a few days to relax and hang out at home a bit before jumping into her new job.

I'm reading another good book. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  Very interesting writing style.

Sunday, October 21, 2018


So far, all day today, my neck is bad again. Just feels like it needs to pop so bad. DH got a really really terrible leg cramp last night, after all his working outside yesterday. Says it feels like it's just going to break his leg. Of course, he didn't eat any bananas the past week and a half! Usually he has one every day. I have also read that pickle juice is good for cramps. I ran into town. Stopped at the store and got some bananas and pickles, for the juice. Worth a shot.  He's been working outside all day setting some rocks by hand, so I'm sure he's going to pay for it tonight.

oh! my neck just popped a bit! But not enough that it will help, I doubt.

Lots of orange in town today, LOL.  Hunters stopping at the store. I noticed the little deli section had some premade "hunter's lunch specials" for sale. Two sandwiches, a bag of chips and an orange.

We did some measuring, still trying to figure out how we want our front walkway area done, between the driveway, front entrance covered part, and the pad in front of garage doors. Trying to tie it all together with walkway.

It's 4pm already. I really wanted a nap today, but for some reason that didn't work out.

I don't even know yet what I am making for dinner tonight. My choices are pretty limited, LOL. It's probably going to have to be clam chowder soup or pot roast soup. I'm trying to leave some things DH can/will eat the 4 nights I am gone at the end of next week. He can do soup, chili, sandwiches and cereal, haha. He could probably heat up a pot pie in the microwave, but that's probably too hard for him, LOL.

Won $4 from the Megamillions lottery ticket. Woohoo! Used those winnings to buy 2 more tickets, since nobody won.

DH talked to another mason about finishing our shop and doing the house stonework. I kind of figured this guy wouldn't work. He's the son in law of someone we know. First off, they live like 3 hours away, in another city, and second off, everything I've seen of his work on Facebook looks like huge real rock fireplaces and stuff. (not even my style). For some reason one of his reasons for not doing it was because of our stones needing mortar between (we aren't doing drystack). Huh?! Isn't that what a mason does? puts mortar between stones? Whatever LOL.  Supposedly we are still on tap for a local guy to do it for us, once he's done with the jobs he's already committed to. DH only talked to this guy as kind of a favor to our friend, since it was his son in law.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ow, my neck!

I've had a pinched nerve or something in my neck the past 3 days. Good headache to go along with it and can't seem to get it back to normal. Been applying heat and stretching, but no luck. I'm hoping that a couple of days of not sitting at my desk all day (since it's the weekend) will help.

DH has been adding wheel barrows of the gravel mixture to the front entrance pad, where they were short about a foot or so around it, getting ready for concrete.  He also ended up having to dig up his conduit pipes next to the front entrance and adding some pipe to them to set them farther out. He's been busy today. It's nice and sunny out, in the high 60's. I guess DH decided he doesn't want an elk/mountains stamped in the concrete on the front walkway. We're just going to do it like our back patio is - wood stamped with slate stamping on the border.

We have the roofer lined up to come Wednesday and get started. Same guy who did our shop. There was some question on whether he would do it for the price our contractor had in our cost breakdown, but he said he will do it for that price.  The rain is supposed to hold off until next Friday, so hopefully the roofer will at least have it all dried in, like he said he could/would.

I just placed a Target order. Getting low on laundry detergent. Usually we buy in the store, but I decided to just order online this time. They are having a gift card deal where buy 3 cleaning items and get $10 Target giftcard. I bought 2 detergents and one swiffer duster refill. Once I get the $10 giftcard in my email, I'll use that towards the dog brushing chews I need to order.

It's hunting season starting today. Hearing gun shots in the area off and on. I guess the 2 days prior were open hunting only for youths and the son of our neighbors about 1 mile down the road got a buck yesterday morning, across the road.  DH isn't a hunter. He thought he might want to give it a try once we moved here, but decided he just can't shoot an animal. Not that he has anything against hunting, just not his thing.

My niece is due to have her baby girl any day now. Her first and my SIL's first grandchild. I need to get a baby gift sent soon. Maybe I'll see if she was registered anywhere for baby showers and have something just sent directly to her. Oh, well, I see she is registered with Target, so I will take a look through her list :) Baby stuff is so cute.

DD and her DF went camping again this weekend with their new camper trailer. They went with DF's old boss and his wife and a few other couples. DD drove the truck and pulled the trailer AND parked it!  Ya, she's a bad$%$. haha.  I love her confidence.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Took the plunge

Well, I finally did it.  Got DH on a non-Obamacare plan. It's a 4 month short term plan, that can be renewed. It starts effective 11/1.  While the tax penalty is still in effect for 2018, it is not penalized if you had coverage for at least 10 months, so that is why I waited to start 11/1. I've been paying $560 a month for a bronze piece of crap plan. The 2019 rates are not out yet, but according to an article I read, this company had requested a 10% premium increase for 2019, so I'd most likely be looking at around $615/mo for next year.  Just cannot do it anymore.  The new plan is $181/mo. Compared to what I'd most likely have been paying in 2019, that's over $5000 savings for the year. If nothing else, I could stick that $5000 in a savings every year, just for health expenses. Maybe once the house is done and our monthly expenses are back to normal (and I know exactly what they are), I can start doing that, or at least put some of it in savings account for that.

That has been the one thing I am so disappointed with since Trump got elected and the republicans have both house and senate. They didn't do what they promised, to do away with Obamacare and costs just keep skyrocketing. But, at least the door got opened a crack, for these short term plans to start getting offered and the tax penalty done away with. I'm betting that with the tax penalty going away a lot more people are going to start opting for these cheaper plans.

Speaking of health insurance.....here is something I just do not get. A friend on Facebook recently shared a link to a go fund me page for a woman in her community. I can't remember now what was wrong with her medically, but the gist of why she needs money is she is a hardworking, single mother of 6, who doesn't have health insurance. How in the world doesn't she have health insurance?! Wasn't that the whole point of Obamacare - so those who couldn't afford it would be able to get free (or very subsidized) healthcare? Unless she makes a ton of money (I didn't get that impression) I would think that someone with 6 dependents would qualify for free healthcare? Why does she not have it? I'm required by law to have it (AND PAY FOR IT through the nose!!), but someone who can get it for free doesn't have it? Just stupid.

Small town life: I needed to update our mailing address for our property taxes and also our car vehicle registrations/titles. I just emailed our county records clerk to ask how I do it. She said she'll take care of it, no trip in to the county office needed. She's also the wife of the guy that did most of our excavating work, haha.

So, the roofer who did our shop roof stopped by yesterday. He's the guy our contractor uses most often, but he also said he has gone into "gouge mode" just like all the subs, so he's been having to find other roofers to stay in budget on his jobs. The guy now wants $300 "a sheet".  Our contractor says that's ridiculous. A roofer can do 3 sheets an hour.....so he's making $600 an hour!! WTH?!! Then framer and contractor say "well, it costs whatever it costs". DH was like No! it's going to cost what you put in for the cost when you gave us (and the bank) the cost breakdown for this job!

The contractors HVAC guy was supposed to come yesterday to make sure the contractor's number is right (it's not, we already know that) and so we can compare with another bid we got ourselves from a different HVAC company. He never showed up, of course.

Hey! I finally found DH's missing password list. When we were packing to move (now I remember) he handed me a bunch of slips of paper with names and phone numbers and business cards, as well as his password list all folded up and told me to hold on to them. I put it all in a big envelope and forgot that I had it or what was in it. Came across it yesterday, as I was looking for something else.  

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thursday this and that

Bits of this and that:

3 close by gun shots at 4am this morning. Who would be shooting in the dark at 4am? LOL. DH said it sounded like a "22" so they couldn't be shooting at anything too big.

Now a good friend's FIL just passed away. Another nice man I knew. He ran a auto repair shop and the only guy we trusted to take our cars to, when we needed repairs.

The excavating guy we use said if he ever builds a house he's going to steal our plans ;) He came yesterday afternoon to prep for our front porch concrete and also prepped the pad in front of the big tall shop door.

This morning the head framer says the excavating guy didn't do the front porch pad big enough, it was supposed to be 2 feet outside of the posts. Well....maybe if you would have been here working yesterday you could have seen that while he was doing it..........

It's 28 degrees outside this morning, but supposed to get to 65 degrees today. Wooo!

Our fence guy recommended an electrician to get a bid from. He came out yesterday. We both really liked him a lot. We are so hoping his pricing his more reasonable. Even his business card says "Our prices won't shock you!"  haha.  He also had some good suggestions.

DH has twice now said "I really like the guy who is building down on the last lot". I still have not met him yet! I've talked to his wife several times, but it's always during the day and he's at work. He was pulling in our street, home from work, when DH and the excavator were out there talking, so he stopped to say hi to them. They are finishing the inside of their home themselves. Ahh to be young again.

My foot just fell asleep for no reason

Yesterday, our black dog (aka the chipmunk hunter) was obsessed with our neighbors little pickup truck they have parked on the edge of their driveway. Figured it must have some critter hiding in the engine compartment. Gave him a call with a heads up. LOL  He said he's had to set traps before (usually a pack rat).

Our yellow lab mix dog needs a winter coat! He wants to be outside all morning with DH and the work crew, but he gets cold, so he's back at the door to come in. Then 5 minutes later he forgets how cold it was outside and wants back in.            

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Another friend lost

It seems like there has been so much death in relatives, friends and acquaintances this year. Yesterday we found out a friend we had, when our son raced, passed away after a long battle with cancer. DH knew him better than I did. When at the races I wasn't usually in the mix of talking race cars with the guys, haha. But, I remember him as a very nice guy and our sons were good friends and the same age (when most of the racers were older adults guys). They stopped racing about a year after we did. I'm not sure why, but assumed it was for the same reason we did....just too expensive. We've all kept in touch via Facebook, over the last 6 years or so. 

I was trying to figure out why the news of his death hit me so hard yesterday. And then DD kind of said the same thing. She said she just felt so sad over it. It's not like we were super close family friends. Just for a few years, basically. We didn't socialize outside of racing. DH sent his son a message saying how sorry he was to hear about his dad. His son actually sent back words of comfort. He said "my dad really liked you and 2010 was the best times we ever had and you and your family were a big part of it".

Then I realized why this man's death has affected me so much. We did a racing tour that summer of 2010. While hard, it was so much fun at the same time. I think that's probably what I also link this nice man to, the memory of that time together, as families and friends. A time when our son was still with us. He had just graduated high school and the future seemed so promising. Honestly, I would have thought this other kid would have been the one to turn out like our son has. He was such a goofball teenager. Didn't care much about school, etc. I've been pleased to watch him turn into a very hardworking, responsible young man and father, himself. He learned a very high paying trade and does well.

RIP friend. I'm glad to know he won't be suffering from that horrible disease any longer.