Saturday, July 4, 2020

A dinner guest

Yesterday morning I went into town hoping to find some bags of topsoil/potting soil so we could plant the stuff I bought Thursday. I was pretty sure the hardware store had some, but decided to try the lumber store first and they had them. DH had told me to get 4 bags. But that was only about half of what we needed LOL, so an hour later I was back getting 4 more. And we still didn't quite have enough, then I found a little bit left in a bag in our garage.

We planted 10 small ornamental grass type plants and 2 bushes. At about 9:30 last night, while watching tv something catches my eye out the front window. At first I though it was a big bird landed on the bench on the back patio, but as I stood up to get a better look I see this!
Happily munching away on my flowers. From where I was sitting on the couch, I could only see his ears and antlers. He was hardly afraid of us at all, he didn't really want to leave. After he did we then realized he ate most of the brand new bush planted right behind him. UGH! Then I realized he also munched down the big strawberry plant sitting on the patio right next to that bench. We got up this morning to the other bush at the other end of the patio all eaten, too. Guess he decided his $30 dinner wasn't enough, he needed the $30 dessert, too :(

I suppose we'll have to try some deer repellent.

Yesterday morning, at about 8:15 (I was in the shower) I hear our dogs start barking, like someone is here. Who could be here that early? too early for UPS/FedEx. After I turn the shower off I hear talking. Then I realize who it is. It's our "loud" friend, haha. He had been over at his property and was heading back home and stopped by on his way. He has a brand new 8 week old lab puppy. He didn't stay too long, as he had a 7 hour drive ahead of him.

I actually got to sleep in this morning for almost an extra hour. Finally, after weeks, my older dog didn't get up a half our earlier than normal. I don't know why he's been doing that. It's gotten annoying.

Hopefully today I can finally make that peach cobbler with those peaches. They are ripe now and I finally have free time today....I think....I don't think Dh has any plans. 

I received an email my Netflix gift card is about to run out, so I just canceled it. I don't watch it enough to justify $9 a month and I'm sure DD will get me a gift card for Christmas and I can renew it then.

Happy 4th of July Independence Day. Hopefully this county gets itself headed back in the right direction soon. There are too many good people in this country to let these radicals destroy it, yet it seems like that is just what we are all doing. I pray for peace and prosperity for all.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Did I just have a week off?

Friday already. Were did my week off vacation go? Doesn't even feel like I've had one at all. Boo!

Yesterday I had to take my mom back to the wound care office so they could check out the progress. Her appointment was at 10:30 and starting around 8am I was waiting for her call telling me she just didn't feel well. Sure enough, around 8:30 my phone rings. But, miracle of miracles, it was just her telling me she was showered and dressed and just waiting for her breakfast.

I got to her place about 9:45, so I wanted to see her rash compared to Tuesday afternoon, last I saw it. Now the open sore part was completely gone. Still very red in where the open sore had been, but way better. The dr. was running about a half hour late, which of course is mostly frustrating because every other minute my mom is commenting on it and worried I have other stuff to do. I kept telling her dr's are rarely on time and I always budget myself 45 minutes at a dr. office. Then she tries to tell me again she could get a car and start driving herself to these appointments. I again told her she doesn't know where anything is around here and would get lost. She said she could learn. I said do you remember coming here last week? She did not, LOL.

Dr. (and nurse) thought her yeast infection looked so much better and were very happy with the progress. Since the open wound part is healed she doesn't need to keep the bandage dressing on (that was changed every 2 days). Just apply the anti fungal cream 2x a day and keep that cotton strip tucked in underneath her stomach. They gave us another roll of cotton and another tube. I decided since it's improving and no dressing to change every 2 days, she doesn't need to come back to my place. I cut up all the cotton into the size strips she needs. Set them, along with the cream on top of her little medicine cabinet below her bathroom mirror and taped a note with the 2 instructions on the mirror behind it. Of course, I will be calling/reminding daily to do the cream and cotton.

As we are leaving the parking lot she again mentions she should have her own car and drive. I said I'm sorry but you won't be able to remember the directions to places. Then I said do you remember what the doctor just told you a few minutes ago for what you need to do for your rash now? She did not. The next time she brings it up I'm just going to say well, then you'd have to take the driving and written test to get a license here. LOL.

After I drove to the other side of town to drop off the payment to our sprinkler system guy at his office. I'm driving down streets/part of town I've never even been on and my mom says "oh this looks familiar, I think I've been here before". I laughed and said I've never even been here before, so you for sure haven't. LOL. We owed him for what we had him add to our system at his last visit. I had gotten his address off their website and had told his daughter the day before, after she emailed me the bill, I would drop it off (though of course half hour later than I thought, as dr was running late). I get there and the place (old house) is now an insurance company office. I tried to call but no answer and left a message. Then decided to get my mom back to her place so she could have lunch. I had sent dh a text that I was waiting for a call as to where their office really was, LOL. He got a hold of the owner guy via his cell phone and called me with the address.

After I dropped the payment off, and ready to head home, I decided to stop at Home Depot and look for some small ornamental grass type plants we want in numerous spots. I got like 10 of those (3 different kinds) and 2 larger bush type plants to put near each end of our back patio. 4 of the grass plants were on clearance for $3. They looked in great condition and inside were some more, that looked exactly same, but still at regular price of $8. But, stupid me, forgot we were out of potting soil. This morning I'm going to run into our little town hardware store and hope they have some.

A week or so ago DH put some fertilizer on all our lawn. It was different shades of green all over. Dark green, spots of light green, medium green, etc. Within a week now our lawn is completely all one dark green color. He's very pleased. He had asked a friend, who's lawn is very nice, what he did, so he gave DH the name of the type of fertilizer he uses.

My mom called me yesterday afternoon that she had gone downstairs to play bingo - and won twice. I'm so glad she is doing activities. I'm sure it will be so good for her.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The doctor visit

Yesterday was my mom's appointment to get established with a primary care physician. I took her to my doctor's office. I see a PA there, but felt my mom should probably have an MD, so she saw someone different than I see. She seemed very nice and I liked her. She seemed to listen and pay attention to what I told her.

She sits down to start her questions to my mom and of course says "so do you have any issues going on or concerns?" My mom's reply: "Nope. I'm good".

So, then of course, I said, well we do have a few issues going on we'd like to discuss. 1) I told her about the yeast rash and treatment so far. I asked if by chance they had another bandage because the place hadn't given me enough thru Thursday (next appt), to change every 2 days. She said they did not. I also asked her about the strip of cotton we are supposed to keep there where her stomach skin folds over, because it doesn't seem to want to stay put very well. She explained it was ok and just keep it tucked up in there (might need adjusting after going to bathroom or walking around much) but it was just to help keep skin dry and she said that her excess stomach skin hanging down over her groin allows it to stay moist there and causing the yeast infection.

2) her common mornings of "just not feeling well". I told the doctor the only symptom I can get her to describe is her forehead is sweaty and hot (though no fever ever). I told her it's been going on at least a couple of years and that it completely goes away in an hour or two. I said I had originally thought maybe it was from her missing doses of her meds quite often, but we have fixed that issue. Then I told her I recently had realized she's been taking Tylenol PM quite often and sometimes 2 pills at bedtime and that I realized it's just benadryl. She said that is definitely not a good thing to be taking regularly. She said it can cause other issues, as well as memory problems! I said yes, that is what I had read about it too. She then said if you are having trouble sleeping we can look into a different option, that is specifically for sleeping (not benadryl) but then my mom (as she almost always says to me) "oh, I sleep pretty good". I'm not sure why she had been taking the Tylenol PM but I'm guessing it's something she probably started using years ago (before her memory problems) and it was now in her mind it's something that helps her or she needed to take it at bedtime.  The doctor said she really doesn't have any idea on what could be causing the mornings, but offered maybe it's anxiety, which is what I think it is too (now that her meds are under control and the Tylenol PM has been discontinued).

3) I reviewed her meds list and also that once I got her medical records access, recently, I realized her previous dr had also told her to take a few supplements that she has not been taking. I'm guessing she had ran out sometime before and then didn't remember to re purchase (OTC). I told her I did have her taking just a multivitamin. She said the daily low dose aspirin she does not recommend, unless my mom had heart issues (she doesn't) and she felt the high dose of vitamin b12 wasn't necessary unless she was low (she's not) and thinks it might have been tried to see if it helped with her memory, but she didn't think it was necessary. I said, good, because at this point, the less for her to take the better.

4) and lastly I pointed out some "red spots" on her arms she is constantly worried about. As I figured, dr said they are just aging spots because the skin gets thinner as it gets older. They don't itch. Then mom says "well, I just feel self conscious about how they look". least now when she mentions them again (because she will forget what the dr said) I now know what to say about them.

In a couple of months (I guess due to when her last annual check up was last August) we are going to go back in for the actual wellness physical.

After the visit it was lunch time so we stopped in Burger King drive thru and then went across the street and ate in my car at the Walgreens parking lot. I wanted to get her a few things there. Wanted to find a similar bandage the wound care place had us use, so I could replace it before I left and then she'd be good with that until Thurs am appt. She also had mentioned before she wanted some sun screen and more easy crossword puzzle books. She also picked out some snack brownies that she thought looked good.

I got her back to her apartment (lots of nice welcome home to her from staff), set up her new microwave cart I had rolled in (though honestly I doubt she will even use the microwave either) and changed her bandage. She had gotten her mail and her stupid investment brokerage company apparently still doesn't have her new address! (that I have given twice). It went to her old address and forwarded. She also had a box at her door, where the wound care place had apparently sent some bandages....but they are HUGE, like 10" long size. Totally will not work, so I'm glad I got the 4" ones at Walgreens. Good grief. I showed her the sunscreen and was going to put it in her bathroom and she says "oh is this something I use on rash?" Oh no! it's just sunscreen, you said you wanted some for taking walks outside. Then she says "oh, I think I have some already". LOL

Oh, and the other thing I did while there is check her laundry hamper in her bathroom. It was at least half full of clothes and towels, etc. Ok, I feel better now. I had though she had brought all her dirty laundry for me to do and if that's all she used in the past month, is why I was so concerned! So, she is wearing/using quite a bit, she just didn't bring it all and she hasn't done it herself. At least I know that part and will now get the laundry hired out.

I then picked up my grocery order and headed home later in the afternoon. I was pooped! I took a short nap before I made dinner and then just relaxed the rest of the evening. When I pulled in I saw a pickup parked out in our street and DH out talking to a couple in our driveway. They were from California and looking at lot#6 that is for sale. Said they were about 15 years from retiring and looking for property they could build on at that time. They said they had no desire to stay in California after they retire. They seemed fairly young, so I'm guessing they want to retire at like 60 or early 60's. They seemed really nice, though they had more properties to look at and are more interested in low river bank property.

One of my chickens escaped the coop when I went in to give them a treat and fill up water, LOL. I was able to grab her up really quick before she got too far.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Just this and that Tuesday

Saturday afternoon, for something to do, I took mom out to a neighboring town that has a touristy gift shop. They have quite a bit of wall art/paintings for sale and we have gotten several from them the past few years. I've been wanting something (and waiting to have the extra money to spend) for the guest bedroom that has the bear carved log bed. The only thing on the walls in that room is a mirror. I found this painting of a black bear and it compliments the room nicely.

Last night we decided to go out to dinner for the first time in months and months. We went to our usual steakhouse, which has always been very good. I must say I was very disappointed! I know a year ago or so I had overheard the owner talking with some one about if she had sold the place yet. I'm guessing it now has new owners. I almost always order the grilled salmon. It is very good and melts in your mouth. I order their garlic mashed potatoes for my side. The salmon was half the size it normally is and not near as good (I'm guessing its from frozen, not fresh). The mashed potatoes were obviously instant type. Certainly not worth the $24 plate cost. DH always gets the fish and chips and said it hadn't changed any.

I think my mom's yeast infection rash is improving. The part that was the worst, open sore area was probably 3 inches across her groin area and when I changed the bandage yesterday it was now 2 much smaller sores. The area around it (still covered by the big 4" bandage) is still fairly red, but the area outside the bandage area is much better now. I know the wound care dr. took a picture of it last week, so that will be a good comparison to see how much it's improved. She goes back to that doctor on Thursday morning.

Today we see her new primary care physician at 11am. She did get up yesterday and remember that she was showering, so that was good. I am washing her dirty clothes up this morning so she will go back to her place with all clean stuff.

It poured rain yesterday and today is doing the same. Will not be a nice drive back to the city. Oh well. After I am done with mom I am picking up a Walmart grocery order. This is the first order I have done since the virus hit that they have our toilet paper in stock.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Here we go again...........

Our neighbor texted DH last night. Guess what? They have their sons 2 dogs AGAIN all summer, for at least 2 months. This is now the 4th summer in a row (that we know of) and always an excuse why they need to dump their dogs off on their parents. The first summer they were moving. The second summer (that was the summer we were building) was she was having a baby (their 3rd) and last summer it was because they were putting in a yard and didn't want the dogs around. (so they came and messed up the yard WE were trying to put in). This summer it's they are remodeling and don't want the dogs there. What crappy dog owners. We always feel sorry for the dogs to get separated from their family and home for months every year. And it's always longer than they say it's going to be (and because you know remodeling will take 3x as long as the estimate)

I also feel for their newer/problem dog that they got last Fall (right after the sons 2 dogs went home). He's finally adjusting to his new home and the other dogs and now has something new to deal with in 2 dogs he's not familiar with. Hopefully this isn't going to be another summer of barking issues - again. Good grief.

I'm usually up at 7am (dogs schedule) but got to sleep in until almost 7:30. That was after being woke up at 4:30 with our oldest dog puking up a chunk of grass. Not again! It took me awhile to fall back asleep. Then I'm up here in my office drinking coffee and typing this out and hear my mom get up (8am). She's standing outside her bedroom door and I ask how she's doing and she says oh, not the greatest. She kind of had a confused look on her face and then says I'm not sure but I thought they said I could call down to have breakfast brought up. I said well, yes at your apartment they are bringing your breakfast up to you in the mornings. Then she said ya, I don't know if I was just dreaming about that or what. I talked her into going back to bed for awhile, told her DH wasn't even up yet. I talked her into going back to bed for a bit. I could tell she wasn't ready to get up yet and I think she thinks because I am up she needs to get up. (nope! I like my free "me" time in the mornings! haha!)

Yesterday she remembered that she is taking a shower today. I wonder if she will still remember about it when she gets up this morning.

I don't think I mentioned it, but Saturday morning I did chop up all the red bell peppers and 3 of the onions. I got a quart sized ziploc full of each on the freezer now. I kept 3 of the onions whole, in my pantry, as I figured I'll probably use them up. I was going to make the peach cobbler, but then realized the peaches were not very ripe yet, so I am still waiting on them to get riper/softer. I did get my ice cream made at 4pm yesterday. Yummy!

Ok, mom's back up. Here we go :)

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Someone's going to have to remind me to take deep breaths and relax, LOL. My mom comes down this morning already dressed. Ok, but as we have done 3x a day for the last 3 days I need to change her dressing and put on the anti fungal cream first thing. Annnnnddd....I'm guessing she just left her undies on from yesterday. So, while she's eating breakfast I go upstairs to look in the laundry basket I set in her room for dirty clothes and sure enough, not another pair has been added.  After I get her back upstairs so we can put on the cream and new cotton bandage part, I explain to her that she needs to put on a fresh clean pair of undies. She was kind of like "oh, I guess I didn't". I then went into how, with clearing up this rash infection and making sure it stays gone, it is most important now that she puts on a fresh, clean pair every day. She starts to say "oh, well I'm not sure I have enough for that (she does) but I can wash them in the sink. So, then I had to explain, NO, we can't have you doing that any more. That is probably most likely what has caused this rash to get so bad and not heal the past few weeks (with the diflucan and cream we did for 2 weeks, it really should have started to get better and it got worse).

She seemed a bit confused and concerned, just by the look on her face. Then she said she thought the cleaning ladies did her laundry and I said no, they are only doing linens, you are responsible for your own clothes and we need to start having your clothes washed once a week now. She then was concerned "well, I don't have a big enough load to do it that often". I said well, if you have 7 undies, 7 pairs of socks, 2-3 jeans and tops, you should have enough. I said you can do a small load just as easy as a full load. I then told her if she doesn't want to have to do the laundry there is a lady who does other residents laundry to help them out and we can get her to start coming in once a week. She doesn't charge very much (I have have no idea what she charges, LOL, I just made that part up to help convince her). I mentioned this a couple of times that we can just have her start coming in once a week to do wash your clothes, like she does for other residents. She tried to mention again she could just do her undies in the sink. I'm like NO, we are not doing that anymore. I asked her what soap she used to wash them. She's not sure. She guesses she just used some liquid laundry soap. I said that isn't getting them clean enough or they can't get rinsed out well enough. They have to be done in the washing machine from now on. When I commented again about doing laundry weekly, she'll have 7 undies, socks, etc she says well, usually I wear my socks an extra day. I told her for her skins health she needs to be putting on clean clothes.

So, tomorrow I'm calling the lady that the manager gave me her # for and see if she can start coming in weekly to do her laundry. Then I'm going to just have her start doing more and more to help my mom, so mom probably won't even realize it as we gradually add the help (like just making sure she showers at least every other day). I'm guessing the reason my mom isn't doing her laundry anymore is because she is forgetting how to do it/use the machines. I'm also guessing she was probably washing her undies in the sink at her old apartment, often, because she didn't think she had a big enough load to use her washing machine.

I'm also realizing (though I already knew it) how much of a homebody/introvert/recluse I am LOL. I read one time that introverts need to recharge by themselves after dealing with people. That is me, haha. I do not enjoy having to feel like I need to make small talk/chat all day with someone. It exhausts me.

This morning after I got up I made the mixture for the ice cream to be made in my kitchenaid ice cream attachment. I was going to make it yesterday around noon, but haven't made in a few years and forgot it needs to chill for 8 hours before making and I didn't want to be doing it at 8pm last night. So, now I'll get to do it around 4pm. About 9:30 this morning my mom went back upstairs to lay down, so I'm getting a little break.

The rash area that is around the bad part (that part is covered with bandage/dressing to leave on 2 days at a time and then change) is almost all cleared up, so that is very good. Still putting on cream 2x a day, of course, but glad to see it getting better. Tomorrow we get to change that bandage again (and shower) so I'm hoping that part is showing some more improvement.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

On my staycation

As if I needed anything else to deal with, while I we were waiting for my mom's dr. appt, I get a text from her banks fraud alert department. Did she make this charge to some unknown name (I can't remember what it is now) for $3.45? I texted back NO. Got a text back that her card was now restricted for use, call the bank. When I got home I logged into her banking and was also able to click on a few questions there that reported that as a charge she did not authorize. So, they canceled the card and now a new card is on it's way to her. I'm really hoping it will be in her mail by next week, so I can activate it for her and then change her auto pays that get charged to her card.

I kind of wondered the past many months what exactly my mom does all day with her time. She doesn't watch much tv, other than a little in the evening (jeopardy and wheel of fortune, of course). She never mentions napping much, but I had a feeling she must. She's already taken a nap before lunch and now at 1:30 she's taking another one. She did sit and work on her crossword puzzle book a bit.

Before we left for my mom's dr appt I remembered I need to turn off her medication alarms on her clock. Go to do that and realize the clock is unplugged! I asked her if she just did that and she said she did since she's going to be gone 5 days and didn't know how else to stop the alarm. I wonder if she really turned it off for that or had already unplugged it awhile back, because she doesn't like the alarms going off twice a day?! We'll see I guess, when I take her back and reset it and then see if it's still plugged in the next visit.

She had this envelope in her file cabinet safe that has been in there forever, so she brought it to have me look at it. It's for 200 shares of stock my dad bought back in like 1970 for a silver mining company. I looked it up. Apparently still in business. The stock value? A WHOPPING .11 (yes, that is cents) per share. LOL.  Too funny. No gold mine found in that silver mine ;) We had a good chuckle over it. I showed it to DH and he said that is actually the mine a friend of his works at now. Apparently the reason for the basically zero stock price is until just recently they were on strike for like the past 5 years.

Last evening we took a quick drive over to this area where elk and deer like to spend the evenings. We weren't seeing anything but came upon another car stopped like they were watching. He pointed out a herd of elk off in the distance on the other side of a grove of trees. He had binoculars, so was getting a better view than we could get. I do like how living here it's normal to just pull up and chat with people you don't even know. And with people you do know, haha. As we continued on down the loop road a truck was coming by and it was a guy we know from doing our site work when building, so we stopped in the road and chatted with him a minute.

Today starts my week off work. Yay! Once we get up and about this morning, I'm going to get started making/prepping stuff in the kitchen. First up will be making some ice cream. I haven't made any in at least a couple of years. Then I'm going to make a peach cobbler to try to use up the peaches I got and also chop up the onions and bell peppers for freezing. Those bell peppers would be good for my home made pizza I make - if I can ever find my Classico pizza sauce again. I haven't been able to find any to buy since Covid hit. Weird. Great, now pizza sounds good, haha.

The hot weather is taking a cool down turn starting today. It will only be 73 and then in the 60's tomorrow and in the high 50's on Monday. Summer? LOL  We had a young buck deer wandering through our front yard yesterday afternoon. Our dog started barking a little looking out the front door so my mom went over to see what he was barking at and got to watch him wander through a bit. She enjoyed that.

Sometime in the next few days I also want to drive her into our little town. Show her our previous house. Stop at the grocery store and get some more milk. Once she is up this morning I get to take off that one bandage to change it (and she can take a shower). I so hope it is starting to look better.