Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trying to get over the hump

Not much new going on today. The weather is back to summer temps and sunshine.  Now hopefully our mud hole the property turned into, after over 2 inches of rain since Friday night, will get dried out again. The electrician worked all day yesterday putting wire in. Still at it today. DH says the guy is a major talker. DH is getting worn out just listening to him, LOL. Says he has a story for everything. haha.

DH's dad got discharged and able to go home yesterday. DH's sis put a picture of FIL and MIL on facebook with a smile on their faces getting discharged. DH's older brother's wife comments stating why don't they know about this and what's this news he has cancer? SIL texts DH that older bro's wife must be drunk because SIL has been texting older brother the updates, just as she has been texting DH. She even got a text reply back from older bro "ok thanks". Then older bro's wife tells SIL that older bro's phone isn't sending texts, so send them to her phone. Good grief. Like SIL doesn't have enough on her plate dealing without having to deal with these two dumb^$##'s. They are 60 years old and have pickled their brains for the past 40+ years with alcohol and pot. (this isn't the brother than called DH recently, though he seems to be heading that direction)

DH called his dad last night and he seemed pretty good. Was glad to be home again. Hopefully once he gets to see his cardiologist again, they can figure out something to help his heart. SIL also said MIL is getting worse with her dementia and sometimes doesn't know who SIL is, even though she's almost a daily constant in her life. I'm pretty sure when one of them dies the other won't be far behind.

The stupid part with these two brother's of DH is they are acting suddenly all concerned, but neither of them call or see the parents for years now. Once in a blue moon and then it's by the parents trying to make contact. I find it annoying when people don't bother with someone until they are on their deathbed. Ok, so you got to ease you own conscious and now you feel so much better. What a crock. How about all these years you just flat out ignored them and couldn't be bothered? It's not that hard to pick up the phone once a week, or even once a month, and call.

I looked at my Amazon store card this morning -watching for the credit on the bad electrical part. It's showing what looks like to be another charge pending, not a credit! WTheck?! I guess I'll have to see if it turns into a credit when it posts. I'm going to be a bit miffed if it's another charge, to say the least.

DH had a visit at the property yesterday from an old acquaintance. We knew him, though another friend, years ago, but then he moved to this state. I think he lives about an hour and a half from us. They are facebook friends, so he knows where we live now and had asked DH where we are building. He was on the road - passing by, so stopped to say hi to DH. That was nice of him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The old heart and other broken parts

DH's dad finally had his doctor appointment last week with the cardiologist. Then had to wait until yesterday for results. Dr. immediately sent him to the ER. The plan was to do an angiogram to find the blockage and then put in a stent, or possibly do open heart surgery, if there was more than one blockage. I guess they found so many blockages they opted to do nothing until his cardiologist can assess risk, etc. So, he spent the night at the hospital and is supposed to be discharged today. Not sure when he will see his cardiologist, but it all doesn't sound very good. Hopefully they can do something to help him. Throw in that he also recently found out he has slow growing lung cancer in one lung.......He'll be 80 next month.

Our roofing on the shop got completed yesterday (again in the rain). I think it looks good and am happy with the color I picked hoping it will look good with the siding! LOL. The excavator guy is pushing us off again, so he can do other jobs he's taken on after agreeing to our job. Nice. He needs to come back and do the water lines now and finish backfilling around our gate piers, as well as he could do some driveway prep. 

Today the electrician is coming back to start the wiring, now that the roof is on and it's dry inside. We ordered this breaker part he said we needed. I bought it off an Amazon seller for $60. It was supposed to be new. Opened the box and it was definitely not new. I sent the seller a message asking about it and he said it's a new part. I said, no, it is definitely not new and sent him 3 pictures. The mounting had signs it had already been mounted. The lugs had obviously had a wrench put on them, as well as there was a chip in the casing! He replied back that he was so sorry. It got listed wrong. He said I could send it back and he'd credit me for it, plus return shipping, but he doesn't have a new one (though he still has a new one listed on Amazon). DH took it with him this morning to show it to the electrician. He tested it and it's no good. So now I gotta send it back and get credit and order another one from someplace else. GRRR! Well, he just emailed back that he has issued credit and just throw it away, don't worry about sending it back. Well, at least that is good I don't have to make a trip to the post office.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Where'd our summer weather go?

Weekend before last we had to have the rockery guy back to add a bit more to the back rockery, to add some to be level with where our back patio is ending up. It was a days machine rental and labor. The guy emailed the bill and I noticed he's set up that I can pay it online with debit, credit or ACH. The past bill I mailed him a check. Since it's an $800 bill, I've decided I might as well use his online payment option and use my 2% cash back credit card and get $16 in cash back. Then I'll just pay the credit card, rather than sending him a check.  $16 is a nice reward, to me. I'm also going to wait 2 more days to pay him. Why? because that's when my credit card starts a new billing cycle and that way that $800 can be paid back on the 29th, on my next payday, without incurring any interest and without making me stretched too thin this pay period.

Last night I made meatloaf for dinner. I froze half of it and half is just the perfect size for us two. I'm glad I started doing this. Even hamburger is getting so expensive.  I'm also being more mindful when I make a chicken recipe we have quite often. It's a chicken with rice and veggies dish. I use chicken tenderloins instead of chicken breasts. Instead of using the whole pack, I use just what we will eat and freeze the rest. Now I'm getting almost 2 meals out of the pack, rather than cooking it in the dish and then throwing out a few pieces (since DH won't eat leftovers and this is one dish I really don't care for as leftover).

The server went down at work a few minutes ago, so I'll just type up this post while I wait for them to get back up and running. Usually doesn't take them too long, when it happens. It's nice though that we have this message app called Slack that I just looked on with my phone and saw other's commenting that they lost remote connection (half our office gets to work from home on Mondays). I guess Comcast went down in the area.

The roofer didn't get finished yesterday, so had to come back today. He had told DH he needs to be finished and gone by 1pm. Well, he didn't show up until like 10:30 this morning (so much for I'll be there first thing, haha), so he'll probably be there all day again now.  The weather is rainy again today. You'd think with all the rain we've had since Friday night, our lawn here at the house would be emerald green again.

My realtor just texted that the reason the showing got cancelled yesterday was that the lookers were first time buyers and they decided it was too far a drive to the city. For 100k less for same kind of house, I'd make the 45 minute drive LOL.

My neighbor at the property brought over another vase of flowers from her yard when we were working in the shop on Saturday.  So pretty! I'm definitely going to plant some peonies! Just so big and pretty, and they smell "delicious" according to DH, LOL.

They are such nice people. I guess one of their dogs might have cancer. He's 11 (and the loudest barker!). Poor thing. We didn't see him outside on Saturday with the other dogs. Their dogs seem to have gotten used to us being there now and hardly bark much like they used to (non-stop!) so that is really nice and makes us relieved. Our oldest dog is almost 10 now. Makes me sad to know he probably doesn't have very many more years left. But so far he's doing well. Still can run and play. I think the cosequin I give him for his joints helps too. The vet recommended it a few years ago, so I give him one every day.   

Well, still can't get logged back into work. Guess I'll go unload the dishwasher........

Sunday, June 17, 2018

House work

It turned into a 12 hour day at the property yesterday. DH was going to install "blocking" up in the trusses, so that the electrician can install recessed lighting. That big shop needs A LOT of lights! 31 four foot LED fixtures. 31 blocking spots to put up. Up on a scaffolding. DH was up there, I just moved it around when he was ready to move to the next spot. Plus it was pouring down rain so hard the first couple of hours we were there. The roof leaks! Ok, not really, but it did. It dripped pretty much everywhere inside, since the roofing material wasn't on yet. It was not pleasant outside, for sure. There was only sheeting on the trusses. The roofer crew had just shown up when we got there. They were supposed to come Friday, but said they would get it done Saturday and Sunday. Ok. Then the guy realized he forgot a couple things so his daughter had to drive to the city to get them (like a 1 1/2 - 2 hour round trip). He and the other guy got started. After she got back they said they were going back to the hotel in town (they got a room for Sat night) so they could change to dry clothes and would be right back. After they left the rain stopped. 3 hours later they get back at 3pm. 2 minutes before they pulled in it started pouring again. They worked until about 7:30pm and only got about half of one side done. I was just out there again this morning at 11am, dropping off something to DH and they were still working on the same side, so I really don't think it's all getting done by the end of today!

It was a super long day. We didn't leave until like 9:40pm. My back hurt, my feet hurt, my hips hurt. Standing on concrete for 12 hours is not fun.

Our shower for the shop bathroom got delivered and installed Friday.

Our realtor texted yesterday that someone wanted to show the house on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Yay. So this morning we get up and get everything spiffed up. DH mowed the lawn. I vacuumed, etc. General tidying. At 10:30 my agent texts me that they cancelled. Boo!

Here is the roof with what they've gotten done so far. It's so hard to pick out colors! (at least for me it is). When the roofer guy opened the first bag the roofing comes in he said he really liked it, pretty color. I said I hope it will look good. He then asked what color the siding will be and I said a two tone brown (siding is pre-painted) and he said "oh, brown house - you should have done a green roof".  No, I do not like green roofs.  He also said right now it's a little darker looking than normal, because of all the rain on it.

 I have no idea if it's all going to look ok. It's so hard to look at the stuff on such a small scale and know it will look good. I tried to look at pictures of houses and roof colors but there is really everything. Dark house with light roof, light house with dark roof. Light house with light roof. It as giving me a headache, so I just decided to go with what I picked out.

this is the siding (at the building supply place). Again, it's just a small sample to look at.
The bottom 3 1/2 feet of the shop will have stonework around it. I think I might do a lighter color trim, like what is on the bottom of this siding sample. I hope it will all look ok. It's scary to make such a basically permanent decision. I certainly can't afford to re-do it!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday ramblings

When DH meets certain people he has a way of making an instant connection. Not everyone he meets, of course, but it happens quite often.  Me, never happens to, LOL. I think he's just more friendly than me. I always feel like I'd be coming on too strong - or maybe it's a difference between guys and gals? do guys bond easier?

When he met our neighbor across the street they had an instant connection. He's had to meet up with the electric co-op guy several times and email. He lives in the area (commutes to city) and they seem to have connected well. DH sent him an email that his crew guys came out and hooked up the power Wednesday (he just does the initial staking out) and to thank him for all his help and feel free to stop by there anytime and they can share a laugh over DH's building adventures. He replied back "thanks for being a friend, I drive by there every day and see it's making progress". He also connected really well with the guy that did our rockery wall. They still talk on the phone off and on.

So, the electrical meter panel we bought? Apparently missing parts! The electrician said it should have come with the $100 in parts I had to buy Wednesday. He actually called the manufacturer, spent like an hour on the phone with them and they agreed. Not sure what/why the one we got didn't. It kind of sounds like he and mfg. is making the electrical supply place deliver us a new one, that has all the parts it's supposed to and I should be getting a refund back on what I spent Wednesday.

Observation: living here compared to ultra metro area. The people you talk to on phone (or sometimes in person) with various service companies are so much nicer and friendlier. I don't know how to describe it. It's like they are more relaxed and actually listen. Whether it's someone from garbage, electric, telephone, etc, they all seem that way. It's like they actually enjoy their jobs. It's kind of refreshing.  They always tell you to have a nice day, but it genuinely sounds like they mean it, LOL.

I told my DD it's a good thing she's engaged and all spoken for or else I'd be making her move here and setting her up with any of these nice young men we keep meeting. They are all so dang polite (and nice looking too!). Builder has 4 sons - all so nice and polite and every one of them nice looking and hard working. Finally got to meet our neighbor across the streets youngest son. He's 23, wild fire fighter. So handsome. They must grow 'em right around here LOL. Plus  they all seem so grounded. Don't even get me started on if I see a young (or old,  haha!) cowboy! There's just something about a guy in a cowboy hat, I'm telling ya and it's certainly common to see around here, that's for sure.

And another thing - if a company doesn't have a "quick ship/same day ship" item in stock why list it as a "quick ship" item??!!  Why show the ship date as the date ordered, and not change it to a future date, if you don't have the damn stuff in stock. Oh I know, how about you order more for production BEFORE you start getting really low and run out?! This is what is going on with what I ordered for our shop and garage from where I work. (We rep the mfg'r). I ordered it a week ago, still hasn't shipped and now they are saying estimated 6/21.  I don't know how our customer service and sales people deal with this kind of stuff every day.

Speaking of work.....big boss (one of the owners) sent out an email to everyone today that we need to make this bonus payout  happen one way or the other. We need to be closer to our goal. It's kind of sounding like if we are pretty close, they'll pay it out. They should. The last 2 months payments from one our of mfg's have been almost double what we expected, just that in itself is enough to cover the mid year bonus's. I think we'll get there.

Being so busy the past couple of weeks, and adding in off and on rain we've been getting, we hadn't started watering our lawn yet. Well, all of a sudden this week it's looking dry and starting to turn brown. DH got the sprinkler out yesterday and we watered morning and evening. Watered really good again this morning. Gotta keep it looking nice since it's for sale, that's for sure.

It's payday. Time to pay some bills.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Back to normal-ness

It's early. I'm up (though I did get to sleep in a whole extra 15 minutes - wooo!). I've already logged into work. So far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed it will be a productive day.  oh ya, and add in to all the computer crap yesterday and I also had to get payroll done! Thankfully I had all but one employee entered yesterday morning before it all happened. Then I was able to log into the payroll company via anywhere (so I used DH's computer) and finished it up and submitted it.

I was going to order DD's fiance's birthday present Tuesday to make sure it was there in time. Ended up completely forgetting about it until last night. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime - it will still be there in time.

Here's a recent drone picture (for Jennifer!) with the power line dug
The shop is huge, especially because it has such a steep roof pitch. Maybe it's just the angle of the photo, but it makes it look like it's going to be bigger than the house and garage LOL. It's actually smaller than the house part.

Nothing is going on down at the house being built on the last lot. It's been like 6 weeks or more since their foundation was poured. Someone told DH it was that they had to wait 30 days for their concrete slab to cure, because they are having concrete floors (heated) in their house and it has to set 30 days before they can put the coating/epoxy/whatever down on it. But now it's been like at least 45 days, probably closer to 60.

Not much else is new. The weather is sunny, but cool and 66 today. I like that, for sure.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Another weird day

The rest of yesterday afternoon got even weirder and more hectic. After I was able to start using my work computer again, whatever they did created other issues. A couple have been resolved, another is still not working.

Just as I was getting back to getting some work done, DH starts bombarding me with texts and calls. Apparently we still needed more electrical parts for our meter panel. Geez. That's the whole reason we went to an actual electrical supplier to get what would be needed, rather than big box store, where it would have been cheaper, but no one would have been able to answer questions and make sure we had what we needed.  DH had even asked when we bought the meter panel if there was anything else he'd need to go with the install. Well, the electrician said we needed some lug kit and a ground bar kit, too. I called the electrical place, only to find out that what the electrician was calling the parts was not the terminology they use. OMG. As I'm on the phone with them, trying to figure out, trying to text DH back their questions (they should have called the electrical supplier themselves!) and knowing my realtor is going to arrive any minute = stress. Of course the realtor arrived as I was still on the phone. The guy was able to order what we needed and get it in first thing next morning. Well, that's good because the power company is coming to hook up and those parts need to be in! He got them ordered with 15 minutes to spare.

Got off phone and was able to deal with my realtor, who took all the pics for the listing. That didn't really take too long. The photos aren't near as professional as the realtor we used on our previous house (she had a professional come and take pics) but they are way better than the stuff I've seen from this local realtor in town. Realtor wanted to go see our property and the progress. So, since DH had my car, I rode out there with the realtor. We showed him around. Decided he'd just email us the docs to sign for listing rather than standing there trying to sign on the hood of a car, LOL. By then it was about 4:20 so I just hung out and waited for DH to get done, for about an hour, which turned into another half hour as we stood and talked to one of the builder's sons.

Yesterday the excavating got done for the power and telephone line from road to shop and conduit laid. The meter panel was installed on the side of the shop. The framers got more of the roof trusses framed, but they were short a guy again, too.

This morning we were back up at 5:30 (with a crappy nights sleep as DH was snoring so bad, I had to go sleep in the spare room). Get ready quick and dropped DH off at the property, while I drove into the city to pick up the electrical parts. As we pulled up to the property we got to see two deer on our property.

Got back home at 8:45 to get started with work and needed help from our IT because one of my functions wasn't working anymore after they did whatever they did yesterday. It's an app that attaches to our accounting software to send data over from our salespeoples expense reports. It had disappeared from the program after they reinstalled the accounting program yesterday. As soon as the guy logged into my computer to see, the program froze again and it was yesterday all over again - for yet another 5 hours on the phone with a different IT guy. It was a very long day. I'm beat