Friday, November 24, 2017

Turkey goodness

We have a very quiet little Thanksgiving, just the two of us.  DD Facetimed me in the morning (right as I was stuffing stuffing up the birds butt!) and we had a nice chat and I got to see her nicely set table. My mom also gave her nice set of white dishes to DD. Her BF wanted to cook their turkey in his new smoker, so I guess they got that going at like midnight the night before.  She sent me a pic of it...oh my. it looks pretty charred/black (which she laughed about) but said inside it was very tasty. He had stuffed it with apples and onions or something like that. She also said not a peep from BIL's sister (or mom) about her Christmas decorations LOL

We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and the usual trimmings. I did not make a pumpkin pie this year, since DH won't eat it and I do not need to eat a whole pie to myself. But later last evening, I was really wanting a slice of pie :( The turkey turned out nice and juicy. It was done earlier than I expected, but no big deal since it was just the two of us. We weren't on any time schedule.

We watched a movie on Amazon. Allied, with Brad Pitt. Eh. It was ok, nothing great. Honestly, I've never really much cared for any of his movies, other than Money Ball. It pretty much rained all day. Thankfully today is dry and we'll get started on our Christmas decorating. DH will do the outside and I'll do the inside. I'm excited to put up my new tree I bought on sale last winter. The one that cost $400 at Kohls and I got it for like $57 (or something like that, I can't remember now exactly how much).

I did a bit of online shopping yesterday. I really wanted to stock up on DH's Wrangler jeans that were on sale at Walmart for $10, but of course they were out of his size in every wash/color but one. He prefers the dark or medium wash, but I did order one pair of light wash. I also ordered him some sweatpants. For myself I got a $10 pair of jeans and a jean shirt that is fleece lined inside. Should keep me warm this winter. I also ordered him 4 of his favorite old movies (one of them is MoneyBall) to put in his stocking and while DD and BF are here over Christmas we can watch them. I also ordered 4 of the pre-lit garland that Lowe's had on sale for $5 each. I had a $25 Walmart gift card from swagbucks, so I used that on my Walmart purchase and only had to pay about $30 out of pocket. Speaking of Swagbucks, I placed that Target order a week or so ago and got zero points for it. It shows I placed the order, but says 0 points. I wonder why.

Well, off to decorate........

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Our town newspaper (weekly) ran "How to Cook a Turkey" by the local 3rd graders.  Here are a few of my favorites :)

First skin the turkey. (Cut the head off). Beware of blood spilling on new floors. Make a hole inside turkey. Stuff with carrots, onions, and celery. Cook for six hours.

Hey Dad I see a turkey can I shoot it? Yes you can, bang so we took it home so we can pluck it and gut it and after that we will put it in the ovin for 6 hours. There is your turkey.

Put the turkey in the pressore cooker. Cook it for 60 minutes. Then take it out and dump it in the oil machine for two seconds. The put salt on it than put in in the pressore cooker for 20 minutes and then then it out of the pressor cooker. Then there is your turkey ready to eat.

Who knew we've been doing all wrong all this time LOL

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 20, 2017

Getting in the Christmas spirit

The days just seem to be flying by. I can't even get a grip on getting ready for Christmas. I'll have to do most of my shopping online, but even that I feel like I don't have enough time. Maybe with this long weekend after Thanksgiving I will get in gear.  I did send DD a list of gift ideas for DH....I was sitting here the other day at my computer, while he was at his, and all of a sudden he started rattling off gift ideas, so I wrote them all down. Now I need to send her my list. I have most of it written in a "note" in my ipad. It should be easy to send to her and yet I still haven't done it. Plus she has only give me 2 ideas for herself and none for her BF. I told her I need a better list!

I know most of the Black Friday ads are out online and the only one I've even looked at is Lowes. I'm going to order a few of their 9' lighted garlands that will be on sale for $4.98 (reg. $11.98). I can use them out along our front porch rail and then in our new house I can use them on the stairs banister.  I did quickly look at Walmart's ad. Honestly, most all the stores ads are nothing I ever usually buy as gifts anyway. My goal will be to try and get all my online shopping done this weekend.

I do see things in the ads (big ticket type items) we would need for the new house, but it's too early to buy and we just don't have the storage space anyway.

Had a bit of fun on Facebook with DD and another friend yesterday. This is basically DD's first Christmas in her house. They moved in a week before xmas last year so were still unpacking. No tree, no decorations. So, being the girl she is (loves to decorate and loves xmas) she is gung ho to decorate all out. She had just ordered some xmas stockings for her, BF, dog and cat. Two of them arrived last week and she laid them on the back of her couch, snapped a pic and posted it on Facebook about how excited she was to decorate for xmas.  Her BF's sister makes a comment "Brother, you have Christmas decorations in your house before Christmas! with a shocked face emoticon." DD texted me "oh the horror! I took a pic of some xmas stockings" LOL. Weekend before last my mom gave her all her xmas houses. She's been trying to decide where she is going to put them and finally figured where (and a plug in for the lights in houses) so she decided just to mess with her BF's sister (when she comes for Thanksgiving dinner) she'd display them now, along with the stockings hanging above on the stair banister,  and posted it on Facebook. Of course she got several likes and a few comments. About 15 minutes later BF's sister makes a post on her own wall with a meme about decorating before xmas and a comment in her own words about she loves the season but it shouldn't start until after Thanksgiving. I was texting a friend who LOVES Christmas more than anyone I know and told her about BF's Christmas Killer sister (dd's words). She started tagging DD in Christmas decor posts (she's already started decorating, too) and DD just kept decorating even more LOL.  She has a nice big window ledge above her kitchen sink and put some lights and decor with a comment "and while I'm cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner, I'll enjoy my lights" LOL.  Not a peep out of BF's Grinch sister.  My friend texted me "maybe her heart will grow 3 sizes while being there at Thanksgiving" hahaha!

I gave our pooch his second ear drops treatment yesterday after dinner. He really doesn't seem much better today. Ear is still kind of red and she's shaking his head still. I can't even tell if I'm getting the medicine in his ear too much or too little. You have to put the bottle long tip down in his ear and "lightly" squeeze 8 times/drops, but you can't see if it's going in or not. I'm a terrible nurse.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Vet visit

Well, I'm $118 poorer, but one of my dogs is on his way to feeling better. Poor guy had a yeast ear infection.  While the nearest vet is almost an hour away, at least they are open on weekends and I was able to get him an appointment yesterday afternoon. For the next 9 days I have to treat his ear with a rinse and then this drop type of ointment. The meds were the pricey part of the visit. I only have $10 in my Capital One "pet" savings account, but I do have $100 in my "travel" account again, and since I just made a trip at the end of September to visit DD and mom, I probably won't be needing to go again until at least next Spring. I might transfer half of that balance over to Pets to put toward the $118 I spent.

We have free HBO on Dish this weekend and watched a good movie yesterday: Hidden Figures. I really enjoyed it, but like with most movies based on a true story, I will google it for more info. Then I was kind of disappointed to find out a lot of the things in the movie related to how they were treated did not really happen. I get that they would need to conflate the timeline of the women's 3 stories, but the one lady became a supervisor (and of whites) years before this movies timeline even started, not at the end. It was still a good movie, though. My favorite part was when the woman who wanted to be an engineer went to her first class and the teacher said "our curriculum isn't geared toward women" LOL.

DD did a craft bazaar yesterday to sell her soy candles. She sold $230 worth, so she was very happy. She did this last year and only sold like $110. I had sent her some big pine cones a few weeks ago I picked up out at our property and she had her table display really cute with a log sliced tray, the pine cones and her candles. She had two sizes and on the larger ($15) size she put a sign, buy 3 get one small candle free. That was probably a good idea as I think she sold that little combo 2 or 3 times.

Not much else going on. I really need to vacuum today, so that is going to happen. I will probably wash sheets and blankets too. DH needs to find something to do. He's bored and getting on my nerves. He found out last night an acquaintance (I guess you could call him that) passed away. About our age. DH knew him through when our kids raced. They never actually met in person (he lived in another state) but they had emailed about the sport quite a bit. They started off not really getting along at first, but then realized they were on the same page. They later became Facebook friends and their running joke was to call each other a-hole. He saw on Facebook that he passed away. Sad.

I woke up this morning wondering why the weekends go so darn fast, but then I remembered I only have to work 2 1/2 days this week. That will be a nice break to have. Then I'll have almost 2 weeks off between Christmas and New Years.

Friday, November 17, 2017

working through Friday

What a busy morning at work it's been for a Friday. Started with an email from my boss forwarding a list of detail needed by our CPA - to finally finish our 2016 tax return! Apparently, it's been a long delay due to some owner transfer of stock to some of the key management and trying to get all figured out or something. I know my boss is swamped and to get this list asking for 7 items was probably more than she wanted to deal with this morning, so I'm glad she passed it on to me. It took me almost a couple of hours, but it's done and sent to her now. I also took it upon myself yesterday to try and work though a prevailing wage issue we've been having. I hope I have resolved it. Boss has been in out of office meetings for past 2 days, so probably hasn't had time to look at my email about it.

I deserved a little break after that, so here I am. LOL.  One of our dogs has something in his ear that is driving him (and us) nuts. I put some ear solution in his ear last night and again this morning. I hate when that happens to him. There really doesn't seem a lot that can be done, other than it working itself out after a couple of days.  DD's puppy is having diarrhea the last 2 days and she doesn't know why. He did have more puppy shots last Friday, maybe a reaction? If he's still having it when they get home from work today, she's calling their vet. 

We got several inches of snow during the night, so I woke up to a white wonderland. DH is happy. Snow is his happyness. Now it's warmed up and all melted LOL.

No big weekend plans. I just had to send $125 to the state for registering our water well for the property. One more thing out of the way.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Buh Bye Walmart online

I came across a couple of recent online articles about Walmart raising their online prices, in order to encourage shoppers to visit the stores, rather than order online. What marketing genius thought this one up? The main reason I shop online is that going to the store is not convenient to me. It's almost an hour away. The main reason I shopped at Walmart online was because of the good prices and the free shipping if you ordered at least $35. When they started the free shipping with $35 order they touted it as no annual subscription fee (like Amazon) to get the free pricing.

Walmart (today) Walmart (August) Target

Del Monte Can Veg 1.48 0.98 0.59 sale price at Target
Crystal Light on the Go 3.28 2.48 2.59

Hamburger Helper 2.28 1.50 1.59

Carnation Inst. Breakfast 5.87 4.84 4.99

Campbell's soup 2.29 1.58 1.59

Jif Peanut Butter 28 oz 5.26 3.98 5.79 *40 oz at Target

Here's a few of the items I purchase regularly. Today's prices compared to what I paid just back in August, compared to what I could get at Target online today (and free shipping, too).

Gee, what do you think I'm going to do? Drive an hour to go visit the Walmart store in person, or order from Target online? At a minimum, I'm just going to shop at my pricey little town grocery store - same as online Walmart prices and I'm supporting local business, while I'm taking the hit to my budget.

Excuse me while I go give Target some of my business.....they are offering a $10 Target gift card with a $50 food purchase and those canned veggies are on a really good sale! Time to stock up.

Trying not to spend extra

When I had my doctor visit (to refill meds) last month I paid my co-pay for office visits of $25. Insurance processed it as a specialist visit at $50. It was in no way a specialist. I didn't even see an MD, she was an NP, for goodness sake.  Since many moons ago I worked in doctor office billing (for a pediatrician office) I know how this works. I called up the billing department (at a different office than where I went) and asked about it. She told me the office is considered a specialist office. Oh brother. It's not. The name is Women's Care and Family Wellness. They are just regular doctors. If a pediatrician's office isn't considered "specialist office" then neither would this.

So, I then called the office I went to.  They should know what they are LOL. She said No, we are not a specialist office and you saw an NP. Yep. So she asked me to bring in my EOB. I said I live an hour away can I just email it? Well, no, we can't email with you (oh brother) but can you fax it in? Ok. Well, I don't have a fax machine any more (who does? LOL) so I worked up a cover page and a copy of my eob and emailed it to our receptionist and asked her to please fax it for me from the office. I am not paying a specialist visit copay to see an NP about a cholesterol med refill!

I went to the little town grocery store at lunch yesterday to get my turkey. I had a few other items to pick up but saw they had a deal where if you spent $50 the turkey was .99/lb (vs. $1.69) . So, I added some more items to my cart. I couldn't add it up in my head, but figured how hard would it be to get to $50? Their stuff is expensive and I rarely get out of there for much less than that. I had her ring up everything but the turkey. Total: $49.70! I grabbed a candy bar.