Friday, August 16, 2019

Things that make you go hmmm.....

Speaking of Facebook......I'm still snooping on DS's (who we still don't hear from) ex GF...trying to figure out if she is still pregnant or what. But, other than a post back when she was apparently 2 months along, she has not mentioned it again. She never posts pics of herself (other than her profile), just of her youngest daughter. 99% of her posts (in the past month) are in an attempt to bash her ex (my son) LOL. She's 39 years old and about the equivalent mentality of a white trash teenager, it seems. Her latest post is a meme of a guy giving the finger "to everyone who believes my ex".  She and her little girl went to a wedding where she posted some pics, tagged some people. I went to one of the other peoples page, who had literally posted hundreds of pics from this wedding. I was trying to see if she was in any of the pics of all the guests/reception - to see if there was a pregnant lady (kind of hard to tell because most of them were overweight and looked like they could be 7 to 7 1/2 mos pregnant!). I couldn't find any pics of her that I could tell was her. BUT, what a total 110% redneck wedding, LOL.

oh my! I've never seen anything quite like it. Right down to the short little video clip of the bride holding a bottle of booze and smoking a joint..........

God, makes me so glad my DD has class, LOL. Like they say "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with".

Then last night she made a post to "defend" herself in her breakup. It was mostly a string of f-words and other cuss words. The gist of it sounding like he thinks he's too good for her, along with his friends. (gee, I wonder why....) Finally, down in one of the comments to someone she said she had lost the baby she was pregnant with. Another blessing in disguise. She sounds like she has had a very messy life so far. And I'm sure DS is just as much to blame in whatever caused their split. I'm just relieved (again) that there isn't going to be a child brought into their mess of a life. Now that I don't have to wonder if there was going to be a grandchild and I can put her out of my radar. (thank God)

So, then I just get an email from my bank loan officer. They tried to call and verify my employment one last time, before my loan closes to the new mortgage loan. They were told I no longer work at my company! Ok..... when someone calls for verification they call the company who is our PEO/Payroll processor. Which we just changed to a new company this past month. So, I sent an email back saying yes, I still work for my company. We just changed PEO's and I'm not sure who they are supposed to get verification from with this new company, but please just call or email my boss......she'll verify, LOL.  Why couldn't the old company just say "WE no longer are the PEO for her company, you will have to call them to verify", rather than telling them I no longer work there? Just dumb. Another good reason we left that company, eh?

It's my half work day Friday. We're going to go into the city this afternoon. DH needs a few things from Lowes and then we'll pick up our grocery order from Walmart. It sounds like tomorrow afternoon he will be having a guy drop off his backhoe, for DH to use for a few days. The rest of the stuff he has to do, he just cannot do by hand and a wheelbarrow.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Get out the tin foil

Boy, Facebook sure must be infiltrating our lives in just about every possible sense.. I remember a year or so ago hearing how people thought FB was listening to conversations because ads would show up for things talked about. It was denied. But, now I'm hearing they are saying it's true. I've pretty much suspected all along it was true. There is no way DH and I could talk about rattlesnakes and then an ad for a rattle snake rattler for sale at Walmart shows up in my FB feed! I mean, who even would have know that they sell those?! Another example. (these are examples where our phones are in our pockets). DH was talking with our roofer about different roof mfg's. He goes to his FB that evening and there are links to articles about roofing mfg's being sued. Just last weekend we were outside doing yard work. DH asked me to go get him the channel locks out of the tool box. A couple hours later I'm looking at FB and an ad for channel locks is in my feed. Another time we were outside talking to our neighbors visiting son. Talking about a pocket hole tool. Apparently FB didn't quite hear it right.....the ad that showed up later was for a pocket door, LOL.

The latest thing I have noticed is the new people that FB is showing me as "people I may know". Some of these people there is NO way FB would know I have any sort of connection to, unless they are mining my computer for data. Several are work contacts - people I have had contact with over the years via work emails or they are in my work outlook. Most of them are very old contacts....not even contacts anymore. They don't work at that company (different companies) anymore or we haven't done business with that company in years. I haven't emailed these people in YEARS, let alone have any connection to them whatsoever via FB or common friends.  They aren't even people I ever did or do contact on a regular basis.

I was in my work Outlook email contacts the other day and noticed a really really old contact. I don't recall if I clicked on it in outlook or not, I don't think I did. I just remember thinking to myself why do I still have him in my contacts list, but I didn't delete. He was a handyman guy my company used years and years ago and he would email me his bill. He showed up the other day as someone I might know on Facebook.

I haven't been using the Alexa feature on my new Firestick.....but I'm sure it's still able to listen via that little microphone. I'm sure it's still on and listening. In fact, I did a google search on it and found where I could listen to my Alexa commands that got recorded, under my Amazon account. I'm sure it's listening to all conversations, even if I haven't pressed the button for it to listen to my command. I found some instructions on how to toggle off the Alexa voice recordings through my Amazon account. Am I convinced that keeps them from listening? Not really, but I did it anyway. And supposedly you can turn off the microphone setting on your phone under the Facebook app. I did that, too, but DH's was never on to begin with and he still has the same "weird coincidences".

I really don't have much of a problem with ads being connected to things I search or type about on my computer or phone. But, I do have a problem that these devices are listening and recording our everyday conversations so that they can connect ads to us......let alone whatever else they are doing with the conversations...........

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Have a seat

I really like our 2 new patio chairs to replace the broken ones out on the front patio. They even got used yesterday - one of DH's friends stopped by for a visit and they sat out there on them. I do still want to find a small little side table to go in between them. But, I don't want to spend too much. I'm tempted to just go with something like this - super cheap at about $12.50.
But, I'd prefer something with a little more style, maybe wrought iron and glass top. But, those are more expensive, of course. I'm still thinking on it.  We decided not to try and fix the webbing on the old chairs. Pretty much the only webbing I could find was the "old style" stuff - you know, like green and white, or blue, and even then it was almost as much to fix as just to replace chairs.

My original plan for the back patio/river view furniture was to include two chaise lounges with cushions. But, it's not happening this summer. They are not cheap for any I can find, even on sale. I follow a page on Facebook called The Krazy Coupon Lady. A deal for 2 zero gravity lounge chairs came up the other day. The material is kind of similar to the chairs I just bought for the front. I'm kind of liking the minimalist look of them, compared to something with thick cushions. They are supposed to be super comfortable to lounge in. Plus they have a cup holder, cell phone and book holder on the sides. 2 chairs for $60, with coupon code, free shipping. I decided to go with these. I cannot beat the price and will have some decent looking seating on the back patio, outside our bedroom french doors.

The lounge chairs should be here pretty quick, so we'll get some summer time left to get some use out of them. Plus, they will fold up nice, for winter storage. Next summer I'll work on getting a table with 4 chairs. Maybe I'll just end up getting something similar to this style of seating, which might save some money.

I still have a list of things I need for inside the house. A queen size mattress set for the bear log bed. Bedding for it. Nightstands for this bed. An area rug for the living room. A chair, loveseat and small coffee table for the upstairs loft sitting area. Washer and dryer. Fake ficus tree. Farmhouse hutch (been watching Craigslist for that).

I thought I had posted about my new dining table chairs. I guess I did not. Here they are
I ordered them from Ashley Furniture. They were on sale for about $52 each. About the cheapest I could find and also be something I liked. My other choice was about $75 per chair. the lighting is kind of dark, but the seats are a tan fabric. These are the greatest chairs, but they'll do. The cushions are kind of "stiff" I guess is how to describe them.

Above is a picture of the living room I took the other day. We need something on the wall above the tv. Originally, I was going to put my farmhouse clock there, but it looked to small.  DH keeps saying it needs a big elk mount, LOL. Have to say I agree, though he doesn't hunt, so need to figure something else out, I guess. Behind the loveseat, under the open staircase is where I want to put a ficus tree. We were at least smart and planned ahead for the tv wiring to be up in the wall behind the tv so we don't have to see wires. If we ever do get satellite again, supposedly we would just put the box in our bedroom (the other side of the fireplace) and the remote would work through the wall. At least that's what the electricians told me would work, so I didn't have to have a cable box sitting on the mantel.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tuesday this and that

Whew! First payroll with new company done and in the books. That's a relief. I did end up having to work about an hour longer yesterday, to finish it up and have our last phone meeting of the day with our trainer, at 5pm.

I think DD got her gift card deal figured out. I had told her to contact the store the gift card is through, even though her friend already tried that. They told her if she had the receipt from the grocery store she purchased it, they could help. She had thrown it out, but I told her to contact the store and see if they could reprint a copy and they could. (she had used her phone number during the purchase for her loyalty card). She emailed the copy to someone with customer service with the store and they emailed back that they would get a new gift card processed to her. Scammers suck.

Speaking of people who suck....still nothing from the hard drive guy. I texted a long message this afternoon.  Asking him to please respond on what his plans our for our hard drive, that I did not understand why he could not reply to email, phone messages and texts...texts that show he has received. I said if he is not interested in trying to fix our hard drive to please just return it, so I can try to find someone else to fix it. I said my husband had saved some pictures of his parents on there, and they have both now passed away in recent months, and we'd really like to see if we can get it fixed. He read it minutes later. No reply. Who does that?!

Our neighbor was telling dh the story of their son's wedding pics. They hired a local guy to do pics. For some reason he didn't want them taking any of their own pics themselves during their son's wedding. He never gave them their pictures! They called, texted, emailed. One day he came into where she works and she said where's the flash drive with our son's wedding pics? He said it was out in his car. He went out and drove away! Then one day he was talking to neighbor guy on the phone, where he works, and didn't realize it was him. Was trying to get some work from where he worked, so he said ya, come on in. He came into the meeting room and neighbor guy came in and said, I want our son's wedding pictures. The guy was like "this is an ambush" and neighbor said yep! Finally, he gave them some pics, but it wasn't all of them. What a piece of crap. Again, who does that to people? The guy said to neighbor that he didn't give them because you were rude to me in your messages...Neighbor said not the first 20 messages!!!

I was reading comments on a friends Facebook post of some bread she made. "I can't seem to find bread mix for my bread machine anymore". O.M.G.....I so wanted to comment "have you ever heard of flour, water, and yeast? It makes bread!" LOL.

Well, that's about all I know for now. I'll need to run into town for a few groceries today. Almost out of bread and coffee creamer. I changed bread and thought these loaves were a little bigger and thought I had enough for 2 weeks, but nope.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Manic Monday

Yesterday we took a day off and just rested. I made Blueberry muffins for breakfast. We both took a nap. I read, DH watched stuff on YouTube on his phone. Then he started watching some clips of the comedian Gabriel Iglesias, which I guess he wasn't familiar with, so I brought one of his shows up on Netflix and we watched (and laughed!) at that. Dinner was a hashbrown casserole. I tried to invite our neighbor over for dinner, as his wife is out of town, but he was actually leaving to go pick her up at the airport around dinner time, so he had to pass. I wasn't sure when she was getting back. The weather was dark, cool, rainy and stormy. A good day to not do much.  I had ordered some felt pads in various sizes that you can stick on the feet of furniture, so we got those put on the new living room furniture and the coffee and end table. After dinner we watched another of the comedy shows on Netflix.

Work has been busy with the transition to the new payroll/HR company. This afternoon will be our first payroll processed under it. Our training guy will be walking it through, with me and my boss, step by step. Plus, our IT migrated our email system over to a new system over the weekend, so that's been fun all morning (not!). A lot of the settings didn't transfer. I couldn't find our company calendar, so I was really relieved that last Friday I had written down all those on vacation for this payroll. It appears all my saved emails in a zillion folders are slowly loading in. The calendars finally loaded, though everything is the same color, so a bit hard to read and separate out meetings from vacations, etc.  I did easily figure out how to delete the old email exchange from my phone and add the new one.

DH hooked up the extra dryer, that he had somehow forgotten about. Was able to dry laundry again.....and then the door handle to it broke off! Good grief.

Poor DD - she bought a $100 gift card for their friend who took the wedding pictures. The friend went to use it and it showed a zero balance and had been hacked. The store told him there was nothing they can do about it. I told DD to call the store who the gift card it to, and also the grocery store she bought it at. And also since she did buy it with her Discover Card, to check with them to see if that is something that could be covered under her fraud protection for card charges.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Saturday activites

Yesterday the weather finally cooled down and it was below 80 for the day.  DH was doing landscaping work and I helped him most of the day. He's still shoveling rock into the wheelbarrow. This time working on the side/end of our house. He had already put some large rocks around this little firepit he had made off the edge of our patio, but decided to put the smaller rock around it. I loaded up the wheelbarrow (several times) with the larger rocks and he hauled them off to another spot and then he filled in with the smaller stuff.

We also had some polypipe and drip line pipe that we had gotten free from a friend a year or more ago. He was moving (from like 160 acre ranch) and just needed to get rid of stuff and had said take whatever you can use. DH had hoped he could use this stuff down the road for our underground sprinkler system. We ran one length of the pipe along the end of the house and then covered with rocks. Then we ran another smaller drip line along the "bed" in the rockery wall and covered with rocks.

I also had him move our little stone bench, that was on the back patio, over next to the little firepit

By later afternoon the storm came in. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain.

Evening, I made a pizza for dinner and DH watched a pay per view race on the tv.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Headaches continue

it's just been one of those weeks.

Well, this hard drive repair guy deal is so strange. He has a toll free # on his website (I have his cell #), so I tried that. It rang and rang and finally went to a recording that said if you are getting this message the best way to contact him is to text him on his cell. So, I did. He apparently has an iphone too, so I was able to see that about 30 minutes later he read the text.  This morning I sent another text saying "can I get a reply, please?". It's been read and no reply. Good grief. How about just sending it back if he doesn't want to fix it? If he had been that hard to get a hold of initially I wouldn't have even sent it to him! I got his name and number from a computer repair shop. He called me right back. I sent him the drive and he got it the next day and emailed that he received it and that's the last from him. SO FRUSTRATING. Treating someone/anyone like that is just beyond my comprehension and understanding. How do you just completely ignore calls/emails/and texts? I would feel so completely rotten and guilty if I ever did that to someone I had agreed to do a job for, let alone any reason.

The overnighted dryer fuse and heating element arrived this morning. Of course neither of those fixed the problem. But, he wouldn't listen to me and take out the old one's first and do a multimeter test on them (still says he doesn't know how to use it) to see if that's what was bad. Then after he complained some more, I said "can't you just hook up that extra dryer we have?" He says "isn't that a washing machine?".'s a dryer! Rolling my eyes........We used that dryer at our previous house (left by owners) and not this dryer. He's the one who does 90% of the laundry - I'd think he'd know if he had 2 dryers or 2 washers. Then when we moved into the shop he decided to use our old dryer instead. Kinda like his memory when a few days ago he told me to start opening up a couple windows up stairs for a little while in the mornings - just to get some fresh air upstairs. So, yesterday morning he comes up to my office and asks me why I have the window cracked open.....

And all of a sudden, the past couple of weeks all his jeans are giving up and ripping out. Two ripped out last week, so on Monday, I ordered 2 new pair from Walmart (he wears Wranglers relaxed fit). Usually stuff ordered from Walmart gets here in about 3-4 days. Then this week another pair ripped out. Now he's down to 2 pair and no dryer to keep washing/drying those 2 pair...and of course the new ones I ordered are on the slow train to get here. They won't be here until next Monday. I'm going to order 2 more, since he lost 3.

Woke up to our power out this morning. Waited another 3 hours for it to come back on. Work delayed 2 hours since I couldn't get online.

It's cooled down 30 degrees and raining. I like it. So, at least there is that that is good.