Monday, August 20, 2018

Moving update

To say I am tired would be an understatement.  Friday was a 12 hour day. We got everything from our current shop loaded and dropped off at the property. DH had rented a small forklift for loading and the builder had delivered a larger "telehandler" type forklift to our property. It took like 5 or 6 trips with the trailer. DH still needed to let the floor "cure" so he just set all the pallets on our house garage pad and out in the gravel area. We covered most of it with tarps. Because you hasn't rained a drop in months, but of course it rained Friday. Saturday morning he called the guy he rented the forklift from (he just lives around the block) and when DH asked him how much he owed him, he said "nothing, don't worry about it". Nice :)

He was going to wait until Sunday to start moving all the stuff into the shop. Saturday morning we slept in a bit (that was nice!) and were just going out there to lay our the big piece of carpet we bought, to put in our sleeping/living area. Well, then he decided he'd start moving stuff in. We had bought some heavy weight flooring type paper (ram board) to lay underneath the pallets.  10 hours later we had most of it loaded inside. It's all completely stuffed in there, but DH ended up with a little bit more room than he thought he would have, so that helps. We slept in yesterday morning and he went out there by himself and did a bit more. I went out in the afternoon and helped him get our old t-bird car squeezed in as close to the pallets as possible. I'm not even taking a pic of it all. It's embarrassing, really how much "stuff" it all is. Old truck stuff, tons of old race car stuff, bins and more bins.

and mice are already chewing their way into the shop thru the corner of the garage doors! We set traps Saturday night before we left and caught one. This morning DH said two more were caught. Guess we'll be getting a shop cat.

Today he is out there waiting for a delivery and doing odds and ends. The phone/internet is supposed to get hooked up tomorrow. I'm home trying to finish up laundry (mostly just the bedding). Everything else is packed, other than the clothes, toiletries and food we need to take.

So, the appraisal on this house was supposed to get turned in Friday. It did not. So, obviously our closing is delayed at least a day now. I don't get it....she had a deadline to turn it in and just doesn't? She just gets to turn it in whenever she gets around to it?

Tomorrow the movers we hired are coming in the morning. Thank God we decided to do that! I don't think, well I know, we couldn't get all this furniture moved by ourselves as well as some heavy bins. Hopefully that all goes well.  And the weather is cooling down to 68 today.  So much nicer.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday ramblings

One more day of work and then I am off through next week. Eek! DH was wondering if we could just take our garbage can with us, since we are transferring service. They said yes and doing that will save a $7 fee to deliver a new can.

It pays to shop around for pricing. A couple weeks ago I went and got new flooring and countertop bids. The flooring was $2000 less than the other one, plus for some reason our builder put in his cost estimates $2500 more than was our first bid, so actually I am getting that flooring number down to actual by a total of $4500.  The second granite place was $3000 less, so that is good savings too.  The flooring guy also gave me a bid on materials for our master tiled shower. I talked with builder about labor costs and he thinks we should be able to get it done for $2500 lower than what he put in for a number.  He put in $7500! The materials (I'm using the porcelain planks that look like wood) came to $1160. I can't imagine over $6000 in labor to put in tile?!!!! How long could it possibly take to install tile planks in a master shower?

I had a phone call with my boss this morning. Big changes coming at work, being announced at a company meeting on Monday (that I won't be going to, since I'm in the middle of moving). We are dropping our huge mfg we rep and going with a smaller one. I guess this has been in the works for a good 6 months or so. We rep numerous small companies and the one big conglomerate. This will be a shift in focus - to concentrate more of our sales on the smaller mfgs (that we make a much better profit from). We have been with this big mfg for 7 years or so but apparently in the last couple of years they have gotten more and more difficult to work with and difficult to fulfill our orders with. Our inside and outside sales people spend almost all of their time on just this mfg and dealing with all the issues that come up. Even my boss spends a good majority of her day on this mfg. All in all it sounds like it might be for the better. We've guaranteed a set monthly payment for the next 3 years in our contract with this new company and with being able to focus more time on sales from our higher profit/smaller mfgs, we should actually make more money in the long run. Plus this new mfg we will be partnering with uses the same system we use, so that part should be pretty seamless and we should start seeing a lot more efficiencies in our employees day to day work load, as they aren't having to use two different ordering systems and aren't spending all day working through all of the issues from this other company.  I'm sure there will be some transition headaches. Always something to deal with. I'm just really happy I don't have to learn a new system again.

DH just verified he now has forklifts lined up on both ends for loading/unloading all his pallets of stuff. God, he has so much crap. He swears he's going to start getting rid of it, after he has the big shop to fully utilize (ie after house is built). He'd better, but I'm not holding my breath. He really is a hoarder, when all is said and done. A very organized hoarder, but a hoarder nonetheless. I have already given DD permission, that if I die before he dies, when he dies, she has permission to just unload it all, for nothing, if she has to. To not feel like she has to try and sell it off piece by piece, etc. Just dump it. I really don't get how people want to keep stuff they never use and can't even get to, since it's all stacked up and stored. Why not have space you can use and enjoy and money from the stuff stored, that you can use for something you can use and enjoy? Makes no sense to me. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


For some reason DH was thinking our closing date (which probably won't happen on that date anyway) of the 22nd was next Tuesday. He had me schedule the moving guys for next Monday. Then this morning he realized the 22nd is Wednesday, not Tuesday. Tuesday would be better for moving into the shop.....because the darn company doing the epoxy coating on our shop floor lied to us. DH had specifically asked the guy how soon we could get on the floor because we then right away had to start moving in. He said the next day. Well, when they started working on it Monday (they will be done today, a day early) they then said you should wait a week! DH was a bit mad. Anyhow, with being able to have the movers come Tuesday now, that gives the floor an extra day to cure.

It does look nice and shiny with the epoxy, but I wish DH had chosen the light tan color instead of the gray. Now he's wishing he had, too. It looks great, but the tan would have gone better with all our other colors. DH is a neat freak, so this shiny floor is just up his alley.

I just ordered my hot plate from Target. I had $5 gift card balance left, so got it for $12 and 2 day shipping so will be here on Friday. Thursday afternoon we are taking the pickup to the city to get the piece of carpet remnant and a small compact refrigerator. I ordered it online with Lowes for pickup, so that should save us time and I'm supposed to earn some ebates cash back.

Our older dog isn't limping anymore, so that is a big relief.

I did pick up some multi-vitamins, so I have started taking those.  Trying to use up what is is my freezer and fridge, but DH never feels like eating much dinner by the time he gets home. The compact fridge will have a small freezer on top, so hopefully I can fit in what is left.

I just called phone company. They are hooking up phone/internet on Friday. I wanted to find out if we could keep our same landline# and also if I would take my modem with me. Answers yes to both.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Got dirt?

Last Friday it was realized we are going to have some excess fill dirt. DH asked the excavator owner if he needs fill for another job? oh sure he does..........but he wants to charge US to haul it out and then he'll charge his other customer for the material and to haul it in! DH contacted another excavator guy and he said said thing. Seriously? You are getting free material (that you will make money off of) and want us to pay you?

So, DH walked down to the folks building on lot 7. Way back when were were looking at these properties it was lot 7 that was for sale (as well as lot 1) and the one we went to look at. It is actually 3 acres (the others are 2 acres) but it is a very long triangle shaped lot. Not very much building area at all, in order to build both a shop and a house a lot of fill would need to be brought in one part of it where it has a big dip. That would cost quite a bit extra to have fill brought in. We decided against this lot, ended up finding our our lot (#3) might be for sale and got it instead.  DH had heard they also plan to build a shop at some point and obviously the only spot left to build it is in the big dip, that would need to be filled up.....DH asked them if they needed any fill dirt? Yes, they do! DH said, well, you can have all my leftover fill, you'll just have to pay the excavator guy (we used same guy) to haul it down to your lot. They were thrilled and said yes. Excavator guy not so much....haha....he couldn't triple dip on the money!

Yesterday - the epoxy flooring guys are getting started. They have to clean the floor, then I guess they grind it. Then coat it with the epoxy. The whole project is supposed to take 4 days, but yesterday it sounded like they would have it done in 3 days, since prepping the floor didn't take as long as they estimated. DH lined up renting a local forklift from the guy two streets over, for loading our pallets here at house and lined up another one for at the shop to unload. The propane guys are supposed to be back today to install the propane heaters. Excavating employee guy is fiddling farting.....he apparently gave his notice to his boss, so of course now he's on short term-itits. Who knows when our site work will end up getting all done.

We decided to hire some movers to help move all the house stuff.  There is just no way DH and I can lift all this buy ourselves. Especially furniture and some of the heavy bins. Two guys with a moving truck are coming Monday at 9am.  For all the shop and garage stuff (that quite a bit is still on pallets from first move) DH is borrowing a friends trailer. He has a dump trailer like we do, except his has fold down sides, so it will be easy for DH to load onto it with a forklift (that we are renting from another neighbor). So nice of this guy to loan the trailer. He is one of my favorite people. He's the one who cut up all our trees into lumber. I've got most of the house all boxed up

This morning DH went to the dump to take all the construction trash that he's been loading in his dump trailer. Now he's got an empty trailer again. He's going to load it with as much stuff from our shop here at the house, as he can, then pull the tarp over and just store it at the property for now (ie less stuff we will need to find room for in our new shop). He's also got a flatbed type car trailer that he is going to do the same with. Hopefully with a nice tarp over it (temporarily) it won't look like a pile of junk sitting at our property.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday update

The weekend was a busy blur. Saturday morning we went to the property. Always something to do. DH wanted the floor in the loft area above the bathroom and utilities closet painted. I just used the leftover white wall paint. It didn't take me too long to do. I think sweeping it before took longer.  It'll just be an extra storage area up there. While I did that DH moved (again) the big stack of our lumber from cut down trees, as well as extra siding, roofing, etc, that has been sitting on our house garage floor. The big forklift was still there, so he figured he'd get use out of it to move the stuff. A few hours later I put a second coat of paint down and called it good. I think we got home fairly early - like 2pm or so. We did some more packing of house stuff. DH did all the outside yard stuff. I did two boxes of dishes. Why oh why in the world did I unpack my 12 place setting of good china after we moved here?! I don't even use it anyway! Now I just had to pack it all up good again.

Saturday evening we just relaxed. DH watched some racing on his computer and I watched some Netflix on the tv.

Sunday morning we got up to do it all again. I dropped DH off at the property. Now that the floor in the loft was dry he moved up boxes of lighting (for the house) to store. I dropped him off and went to the city for a little grocery shopping and misc stuff. I didn't want to get too much food, don't want to just have to move it all, so basically got enough for this week. I also stopped at Lowes and picked up a shower curtain rod, toilet paper holder and light bulbs. Except the 3 pack of bulbs I bought for the vanity light has one broken. I decided to grocery shop at Walmart, since I stopped there to get some towels we could put over the windows. It took me forever to get out of there. They had 1 checker for those with more than 15 items. I was in line at least 20 minutes. While I was waiting DH texted me to stop back at Lowes or Home Depot to see if they had a certain cement glue he texted me a picture of. While waiting to check out, I looked it up online at both stores to see if they even carried it. They didn't, so at least I didn't waste a trip there looking.

I went home and unloaded my groceries (mostly pop and water) and then went back out to the property to pick DH up. Our neighbor lady was there talking to him and showing her inside of the shop. We got home around 12:30 and spent the afternoon more packing. I helped DH pack up all his clothes he won't need and he actually put some in a goodwill pile. Our weight scale was in the closet. The last time I tried to use it a couple months ago it wouldn't work and had an error display. It's not a kind you can replace the battery, but I didn't throw it out. I told DH it doesn't work anymore so was taking it to the garbage can and decided to try it one more time. It worked! Ok, I've lost almost 10 pounds (that's good) and DH weighed himself (he  hasn't weighed in probably a year, haha) and he was down like 25-30 pounds! We know he's been loosing weight from all this work at the property he's been doing (as well as the stress) and he was 202 pounds. He hasn't been down that low in years and years. He was pretty happy and I'm sure it will help his cholesterol too. He almost fit into his old Levi's he found in his drawer, LOL.  I bought a take home pizza at the grocery store and we had that for dinner. It was really good. Much better than the Walmart take home pizza we've had a couple of times.

Our older dog hurt his leg somehow on Saturday. After we got home he was limping. DH thinks he may have accidentally stepped on his paw, but he was so busy he can't remember how/when for sure. Then Sunday morning he puked on the carpet. So then I was really worried about him. Today he is doing better and putting more weight on it, thank goodness.

We're just trying to pack and still in waiting mode on the appraisal for this house. Supposed to be turned in Friday. I hate waiting on those. I always think the worst is going to happen. Won't appraise enough, etc. I'm tentatively taking this Friday and all next week off. We'll see what happens, I guess. If closing got delayed a couple/few days that would be great.

My dear friend is still dealing with her estranged hubby. He came back for a few weeks, was awful to her and then told her he doesn't want to work through it (though had the nerve to make it HER fault!). It sounds like friend just keeps trying to get him to come back. They each just spent this past week on separate vacations. She to be miserable (she went and visited a friend) he to have fun. She messaged me last night that he told her again he doesn't want to work it out. She says she doesn't know what to do. I don't know what to say to her anymore. Over the weekend I told her if it was me I'd be telling him to take a hike. Right now he's got her and his girlfriend both wanting him to stay. He's got all the attention. I said maybe if she's not trying to get him to come back, I imagine then of course he'll want to, right?  So this girlfriend...he's 58. She's 34....with 3 kids, from 3 different dads, ages 4-12! Why in the world would he want to deal with all that crap at his age is beyond me.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Crash landing

DH crashed his drone good yesterday. He's crashed it a few times already, but it's a tough little thing and nothing broke. This time, not so lucky. But, the drone mfg apparently deals with this a lot and has a whole system set up for returning a drone for repair. I logged into his drone account, requested a repair ticket and they sent a shipping label. Send it in, they will assess, give you a quote to fix and when you pay online, they will fix and return. 

Except they won't return to a PO Box. We'll probably be at our new place by the time it is ready to be returned, so I texted DH that they won't ship to PO Box and so we'll need our mailbox set up by then at our new address. He replies back "I really don't have time to set up a mailbox right now, I was hoping we could just keep the PO Box for awhile". I replied back "yes, I plan to keep the PO Box for awhile, but they won't ship the drone back to a PO Box, so what do you want to do?!"  Apparently he didn't read my first text too well. He'll have to get the mailbox installed if he wants his drone back asap.  Plus he boxed and taped it all up last night (I didn't realize what he was doing). I figured to send it back will need some printed out form, or other source of identification put inside the box.......of course it does. Shaking my head.....

Yesterday the painter lady painted the inside doors - same light tan as the trim on the outside of shop. She still has to paint the outside of the man door dark brown. The shakes all got put up on the gable ends. The cabinet lady finally got me a new quote and layout done. It wasn't as lower as I expected, but then I remembered when we went in to give her our revised kitchen layout, we also decided to add a bit to the laundry room. But overall, it came in $1664 lower. She sent these layouts to granite places and that number should come down some too.

The propane tank got put in yesterday. Today I think they are finishing hooking it up to everything. I don't know how any of them are going to be able to stand 106 degrees out there today! There is still lots of backfilling and driveway prep work to do. The other day, even the electrician guy commented on how slow the excavator guy (he's the guy that works for the excavator owner, not the owner, he is really good on a machine) is. Hinted "boy, he sure like to move the dirt around doesn't he?" LOL. Half the reason all the site work is taking forever. If it was the owner doing it, it would have been all done in a matter of days.

On Monday some guys are coming to do a nice epoxy coating on the concrete floor (fancy!). That is supposed to take 4 days and then next Friday we can start moving in. I also asked the carpet flooring guy if he had a cheap remnant I could get approx 11x14ft that we could use to put under/around our sleeping area when we have to live in the shop. Don't care what color. Just cheap! He found a 12x15 he can sell me for $69, so that is pretty darn good. Now we just gotta find time to get in there and pick it up with our truck, because it won't fit in my car.

So glad it's Friday. Work is so busy too.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

A little of this and a little of that

One of the things I love about living in a really small town is how close and easy places are to get to. Need to run to the county courthouse? (like for our septic permit) Just pull right up front and park. In and out in minutes. Run and pick up the used microwave? Just a quick drive over to the business (that is closing doors, where my property neighbor has worked) and run in and pick it up. Need to get the electrical breaker that the electrician's wife found?. Ok, she dropped it off at her sister's place - where the old motel used to be that she's fixing up into little studio apartments. I think it took me 5 whole minutes to get there and back. LOL.  Need a plunger for the shop bathroom? just run downstairs in the grocery store to the hardware store and grab one.

When I was picking up the microwave from where our property neighbor lady works, she said DH mentioned I was thinking of getting a toaster oven. Well, she said she has one at home, just sitting in a closet that she doesn't use anymore, so I'm welcome to use it. Yay. Now, I've got both those covered and it didn't cost me anything. She brought it over to the shop after she got home from work yesterday. It's pretty tiny, but I'll give it a try.

The electricians finished up yesterday. DH had to have me bring out another one of our outdoor lights, as one wasn't working (though they think it can be fixed). There were two guys working on the electrical and one smiled and said something about Amazon.....I said "hey, are you making fun of my lights from Amazon?!" They (including DH) laughed and said yep. haha. Then I said, well all the recessed shop lights didn't come from Amazon (they are commercial quality) - does that count for something?! They were really nice and funny guys.

The builder's guy got one end of the shakes put up. He'll do the other end today. His wife is the painter and she painted some trim around the shakes and also painted trim around the two inside doors (a utility closet and bathroom doors) and is going to paint the doors today.

The excavator got our drainfield all filled back in and looks so much nicer area now. It will all be planted grass.

The propane tank hole is being dug today. Not sure if they are setting it in and hooking up today or tomorrow. While I was out at the property after work, I guess our neighbors discovered their septic pump wasn't working. They had a septic guy come out and he came over and asked if our electrician could come over for a few minutes and just test the pump. I guess it turns out it died on them, after 9 years of use. I asked DH how come we never had to replace that at our old house septic system and he said we didn't have a pump system there, it was a gravity fed system.

The toilet is awful - it barely flushes and clogs, so somehow that's going to have to get fixed. It's certainly not our water pressure, we have more than enough, even with multiple hoses/faucets running.

I picked DH up a knee support thing at the pharmacy yesterday. Do you think he put it on this morning? nope.

It's going to be 103 today and 107 tomorrow. No thank you.