Saturday, February 16, 2019

Things I'm looking forward to

Whenever we finally get to move into our new house there are of course some things I'm looking forward to!

A bathtub! Gosh, I miss being able to soak in a bathtub.

A kitchen - it will be nice to make a whole meal again with an oven and a sink close by. And a refrigerator to hold everything.

Space......LOTS of space! Space to move, space to breathe, space to store stuff and stock up on stuff. A kitchen pantry. Closets.

I also want to be able to do a little sewing, like for some window treatments or throw pillows. I'm not a huge sewer, but I do have a sewing machine that my mom and gotten DD when she was younger (just a basic Singer model) and we did use it some, but we just didn't have a lot of space when she was growing up to keep a sewing machine out. And the last few times I used it (several years ago now!) the tension was all messed up and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. I will have lots of room to set up the machine now for some projects so figuring out the tension problem will have to be first. I know it has something to do with the bobbin....I think.....Someday I'd like to learn how to make a quilt.

Did I mention a bathtub?


The tape and texture guy still is not done. He left early yesterday afternoon, because he said he needed to go pickup more supplies before they closed and that he was coming back this morning to work today, as he said he has to be done this weekend with this job. So, it's 10:30am and of course he hasn't shown up. Which means he didn't go get supplies, which means he won't be here until later Monday morning now, because he'll have to go get supplies then. (insert rolling eyes)

The garage did get finished painted yesterday by the contractor's guys, so that is ready for the garage doors to get hung next Tuesday.

DH is running out of room to push the snow into piles when he plows. It hasn't snowed for a couple of days, so that is good.

DH and our neighbor have been keeping our little road plowed all the way down to the end lot, where the younger couple lives. Honestly, I'm not sure why they have to do it! It's a long way down there and is wearing out our used quad and overheating it. DH stopped down there yesterday and told her that's about all he can do. She said they have a quad snow plow too, but her DH gets home from work and hasn't felt like putting the chains on it! DH is like well neither M nor I have needed chains on ours.....but DH also told me that he and M plow as soon as it gets a few inches deep, so it's easier to keep up with. Their driveway is deep now! it probably would take chains to get it plowed out.

I get the need to help neighbors and all, but they are making no effort at all to help themselves. He's a young guy - he should be out helping these two old guys! haha.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Flooring decisions

Yesterday afternoon Bob, the flooring guy came out again, to do final measurements. And I still hadn't finalized the flooring for bathrooms and laundry. Thankfully he brought a few samples :). He also brought his wife with him. She's as nice as he is. I'd say they are both in their 60's. I was wondering if he owns the flooring store and he does. They said their son will be the one installing our wood laminate flooring.

Last time he was here, the upstairs was getting framed, and now with all the changes to the upstairs floor plan, he had to re-measure a few areas.

Here is all my flooring samples laid out on the scaffolding. Not the greatest picture, but you get the general idea of what I have picked out
The left is the entry way tile, wood laminate through great room, dining, kitchen and den. Carpet in bedrooms, office and sitting room. Far right is bathroom and laundry room vinyl (kind of a stone look). Supposedly flooring is scheduled to start getting put in around March 1st. Soon!

The tape/texture guy keeps complaining how far (45 miles) it is to come out here.....yet if he'd take all the stinking days he only worked partial days, he could have been done 3 days ago! These people around here are something else, I tell ya. He showed up yesterday at 8am, sat in his pickup for 45 minutes (must have been on the phone), then left at like 1pm and was gone for the day. He said he was going to get lunch in town, never came back.

We just shake our heads and laugh when they complain about a 40 minute drive from the city. While my DD messages me that her 20 mile drive home from work took an hour and 20 minutes, because of traffic mess. These people don't know anything about long drives, LOL.

This morning taper guy pulls in at 8am. Sends DH a text message saying good morning. He didn't realize he had a warrant out in our county (from like 15 years ago) and he spent the night in the jail cell! Not even sure if we believe that (he came in this morning from other direction) as a week or so ago DH heard our little county jail was closed again, due to lack of staff. Not to mention on Monday he had told DH he was going to finish the inside by Wednesday, then go to another job he had on Thursday and come back and do our garage our guess is he really took off and went to that other job for the afternoon. Who knows. He did just explain to DH how it all transpired, so I guess it's possible. He said he went to town for lunch, got pulled over by not using turn signal. Found out about the warrant from when he was 22 years old. Went to jail. Called his dad in the city to come out and he paid the fine. Then he had to go back to the city and get cleaned up and change clothes to work this morning.

Just 2-3 more days of this guy and he will be gone out of our hair!!

It pretty much won't stop snowing. Our neighbor ended up driving his wife into work this morning and sounds like he will just stay in the city all day until she gets off. At least it's Friday and she gets the next couple of days off.

Today I was able to use my $10 Kohl's cash earned from buying DH's tennis shoes. I picked out a bathroom rug set on clearance. Regularly $40 and I got it for $4 after $10 and 30% off. And free shipping.

The color is "linen". I'm thinking to use them in the upstairs guest bathroom. From the description and reviews it sounds like it's pretty soft and plush.

TGIF!! It's been a long week with this stupid sinus crap. Plus today is my half work day Friday. Yay!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Winter wonderland

It's been pretty much snowing non-stop since last night. DH has plowed twice already this morning, starting at 6am. We weren't sure if the tape and texture guy was even going to show up today (he was supposed to be all done today.....BAHAHA!) and finish getting the garage textured, because the contractor is sending someone out the paint it, because the garage door guys are coming next week to hang the doors. He did finally show up. He's still got several days of work to finish the house, but DH needed the garage finished so the door install appointment stays on track.

The river has ice chunks floating down it.

DH had loaned our neighbor his fancy "snow plow shovel" to try out. Neighbor liked it so much they ordered one for themselves. And then of course he kept telling DH he'll give him the new one when it arrives and he'll keep ours. He is such a funny guy and not super handy with tools, which he freely admits. All's he had to tighten all the bolts was a crescent wrench. DH said give it me and he took it back to our shop and got everything all snug and tight. and wouldn't let him give us the new one, of course. Ours is fine, LOL.

Finally, 2 e-books have shook loose from the reserve category and I have something to read again. And now I can add two more to the hold list limit. Any recommendations?

My sinus's are starting to feel better today. Headache is mostly gone. Hopefully this is the direction it's headed now and the worst is over.  

I was getting ready to pay some bills for mid-month. For almost a year now I've been mailing a $95/mo payment to the local sanican company because we have to have one on site here for the workers. I mail it with a stamp every month. Suddenly, I thought to myself, why am I not just sending them the payment through my online banking? Saving a .50 stamp! Done.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


It was time to do a little "spring cleaning" on my blog list of blogs I like to read. I noticed about 7 of them have not blogged in months. So, I sadly removed them. I didn't remove Linda with Practical Parsimony....according to updates from Sluggy, she is still working on trying to get back to blogging.

And I added a few new blogs I have been reading lately.  I do from time to time, like to check out other's blog list, so that I can also find new blogs to enjoy reading. I think that is how I found these. Either that, or when I get a commenter that isn't someone I recognize as a regular, I check to see if they have a blog link and check out their blog.

One in awhile I toss around the idea of changing my blog name, haha! With the kids grown and gone now, I don't feel like I'm so much a "family" anymore, since it's just me and DH now (and the doggos). But, figuring out  how to change it, without causing too much confusion, hasn't been on my list of priorities this past year. Well, that and I haven't come up with a new blog name that strikes my fancy, either.

On an unrelated topic, I follow a Facebook page that is for our town. People post things for sale, upcoming events, etc. I am just amazed at how people will post something for sale and not clean it up or make it look nice in the picture. They are all like that. Some used car guy (from the city) uses it to post pics of auto's for sale. For goodness sake, is it that hard to take a broom and sweep off all the snow on the car before you take a picture of it?! Someone will post a couch for sale.......complete with all their laundry and kids toys all over it. Is it that hard to pull the stuff off and take a good picture of it?! And don't even get me started on the places people will post on homes for sale. OMG! I see the same thing on zillow, when I just look around it to see what is for sale. Is it really that hard to clean up your place?!

4 months ago I took DH off of unafforable healthcare insurance and put him on a short term plan. It was a 4 month (the longest available). So, it's time to get another plan going starting March. I see now I can get the same plan again, but for a 6 month term now. The application/sign up process is quick, so I still have a bit of time this month to still get it done. I'm going to do a search of all available plans and see if any are even longer than 6 months (I don't think so, at least for this state). We are saving almost $6000 a year by dumping Obamacare. I'm still ticked that Trump and the Republicans seem to have just let this promise of reform to Obamacare just slide away.  While I approve of what Trump has managed to accomplish with this country, so far, health insurance was one of the main reasons I voted for him.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How much do counselors make?

I've been playing marriage counselor to my friend again. Ahhhhh!! She's been seeing a real counselor off an on....and she tells me what he advises her and it's exactly what I have told her! Hmmm...maybe I'm in the wrong profession. NO! I would go insane listening to people's problems all day, especially when you don't see them making any progress.

Friend did, a few days ago (at counselor's advice), take her cheating husband off her facebook. Like her counselor told her, why should he be allowed to have any insight into her life anymore? She still needs to file the divorce papers she filled out 2 months ago. The counselor and I both said, maybe actually having to sign them will be the wake up call he needs. But, she's still worried he will actually sign them. She doesn't talk to him very often anymore. Last time was 2 weeks ago (he was late paying her some of their bills) and when he does he is mean and rude to her.

I finally told her today, I'm sorry, but if this was me I would SO be over letting him treat me like this (it's been since mid summer). And just because she loves him still, doesn't mean he gets to treat her like this! She's sad, she's lonely, she's heartbroken. Of course she is, but at some point enough is enough. I told her it may not seem like it right now, but she can find happiness in her life again and she needs to. One baby step at a time. One step or decision leads to the next step towards happiness.  Just hoping and wishing he changes back in the the husband she used to have isn't going to work. And most likely is not going to happen.

Thank God before all this happened she had gone back to school and got her 2 year degree and a full time administrative job, so at least she is able to support herself (though she may end up having to sell the house if they divorce). 

Monday, February 11, 2019

It's that time of year

It appears my annual winter sinus headache has arrived. It will last about a week or so and advil nor tylenol help one bit. Of course, I didn't think I have any sinus meds, since I only need them one week a year. Then this morning I remembered I have a box of misc bathroom stuff in a drawer and found some. That will at least help a little bit getting through this week.

I haven't read a book in a week now. Eeek! The only ebook in my borrowed bookshelf on my ipad is one I started but didn't read very long. I'm sure it's a good book, but I am tired of reading stories about WWII Europe. I've read so many the past couple of years.

So, I found a couple of movies to watch on Netflix, instead. Both were good. The first was The Hundred-Yard Journey, about a family from India who moves to a village in France and opens a restaurant. Helen Mirren owns a fancy french restaurant across the street. Can't go wrong with her in a movie. And the other was Wild Oats, with Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange. Sweet and funny, heartwarming movies.

But, I need some books to come off my hold list and give me something to read! It's getting ridiculous how hard it is to borrow a dang book anymore. I'm allowed to reserve 20 books and I have it filled up. Some of the books have been on hold since November! and it's not like they are new releases that everyone wants to read.

That's all I've got today - trying to work with a headache. Going to be a long day...........

Saturday, February 9, 2019

it's a shopping day

Thanks to Sue and Susie Q's comments, I was able to use the Kohl's 30% off AND free shipping code to save on DH's tennis shoes. I got them for $45.50, they are regularly priced $69.  I was just under $5 total to earn $10 Kohl's cash. Well...since it's free shipping, too, I might as well spend $4.50 to get $10 more back (at least that's my logic). So, I scanned the clearance "aisle". I always especially like to see what they have for Christmas decor. I got a cute Christmas pillow, regularly $18 for $5.
Hopefully I can again use the same codes and buy something with the $10 Kohl's cash. There were some cute Christmas bath rugs that were under $10 on clearance, reg. $30.

DH and I got up early this morning and went to the city to do our bi-weekly grocery shopping trip. If it wasn't for milk and a few other things, we could almost make it 3 weeks. Oh well, good to get out of the house, too! We stopped at Home Depot first and got a few things needed.  Then to Target for toilet paper and laundry detergent. DH was like that's all we're getting here? I said yep, it cheaper than the grocery store. He scoffed at me! ha.! So I said, we'll compare prices at the grocery store.  The toilet paper was $1.50 cheaper and the laundry detergent was a whopping $8 cheaper. He believed me, then :)

It's cooold out. It was 2 degrees and really windy on the drive. And getting out of the car to walk in the stores....brrr! that was why he thought it was a waste to stop at Target - because we had to park and walk in the biting freezing wind. On the way out of the city, it was only 10:30, but since he's always hungry he decided to stop at McD's. We didn't realize they don't serve burgers until 11, so DH had to get an egg mcmuffin. It was so cold his car window wouldn't roll down.

On the way back, on the freeway, he was grumbling about a car in front of him who was speeding up, slowing down, then of course when he went in the fast lane (which no one was using as it has lots of snow on it) to pass, he grumbles as the car of course speeds up a we pass the car I realize it's our neighbor lady!! HAHA! I said "it's L! can't yell at L!"  We got a good laugh over it. He then decided she's quite the Bada$$...being in  her late 60's and driving in this weather. She got home 3 minutes after we did LOL

I watched one of my favorite movies on Netflix last night, while DH was on the phone most of the evening. Billy Elliot. I just love that movie, probably seen it 4 or 5 times now, over the years.