Friday, July 21, 2017

More online shopping

As part of my deal in buying the bar stools from Kohl's last week, I received $20 in Kohl's cash, but could not use it until yesterday. I've hardly been shopping online with Kohl's anymore because of the minimum order amount to get free shipping is usually more than what I'm looking to buy (and I just haven't been buying "stuff" for the most part). But this month is a free shipping code (FREE4JULY, when you use your Kohl's charge card) and my Kohl's cash became available to use today. Plus the 30% off code (BBQ30 - again have to use your Kohl's card) is still good to use.

I've been wanting a "burnt orange" colored blanket to go on the end of my guest bed and matching the burnt orange throw pillows (got cheap at Walmart awhile back - like 2 for $15). In my "new house stuff" budget, I had budgeted wanting to pay no more than $30 for the blanket. I haven't found anything the right color or that cheap yet. Blankets can be pricey!

But Kohl's has one on sale for $60 (reg $120 - good grief!), the color is "Spice" (and I'm hoping it matches well enough with the pillows). Because Kohl's let's you stack up to 4 coupon codes, I was also able to take advantage of the $10 off $50 home purchase coupon code, as well. I noted in my budget/paycheck for the end of this month to log in and pay off the Kohl's balance I charged on the card.

$10 off, then $20 Kohl's cash off, then 30% off the remaining balance brought it down to $20.99 and also free shipping. I also went through Swagbucks site and got another .84 cents cash back (4%). I'm pleased to get another item on my "house stuff list" that is under my budgeted amount by 33%.

One set of the bar stools showed up already yesterday. We haven't opened up the box yet, but we will to make sure it's all there and nothing broken. The funny FedEx guy told DH "it's official - you are regular-regular's now, instead of semi-regulars" LOL. I laughed and told DH that means there are other people who order more than me, haha!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


As we spend more time around DH's friend who lives in the area, we are coming to realize he may have a drinking problem. Not that we ever see him really drunk, but just that he always seems to have to drink - no matter what we are doing or time of day, it seems. We go to a car show in the later morning and by noon he's having some beer coolers he brought in a cooler in his trunk. We stop by for a visit or dinner at their house and he's always having a drink. We met them last Saturday at the restaurant and from photos his wife put on Instagram he was drinking as they floated the river and then he had a drink at the restaurant. They go camping on weekends a couple times a month and I know they drink the whole weekend.

I'm sure that is most likely causing a lot of the marriage/family problems he is having. How could it not? She seems to drink too, but since we don't spend quite as much time around her, I'm not sure how much. I know if we are having dinner with them she will have a drink and she will  post on Facebook going out for drinks with her girlfriends quite often.

It just seems like a person should be able to go do something for several hours in the morning/middle of the day and not have to drink alcohol. Plus then he drives! DH has said to him that he's really putting his job on the line (he drives a truck for a living) to lose his CDL license if he ever got a DUI. Many people in this part of the country still do a lot of drinking and driving, it appears.

I'm pretty sure he comes home from work every day and have drinks. (I've seen their booze cabinet!) Of course, who then would feel like dealing with problems/family when you've had a few......

I just find it sad that he feels he needs that so much.  There should be more to life than always have to have a drink every day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Just watching the progress

Not much has been going on here, other than DH has been spending quite a bit of the last few days at the property. The guy should be done by mid day today. When he got done yesterday he told DH he just had a couple more hours of work.  It appears we will come in at or maybe even under budget with this project, which is very nice.

This picture was taken standing at what will be the master bathroom tub window, looking out toward front of property/road
Of course it will look different with landscaping and lawn. That bank area to the right will be a rockery type wall. If we have some money left over from this project, DH might get started on that project.

With the extremely hot weather there was some lightning Sunday night causing some fires in the area. We just have a volunteer fire dept so they have been busy up in the hills. They have headquartered and the 2 helicopters come in at the little airport a few miles from us. On Monday, after I got done working, as we were going out to the property so I could see it, we stopped in town at the grocery store and bought some ice cream sandwiches and put in a cooler of ice. We stopped at the little airstrip and dropped them off to the fire fighter guys. They seemed appreciative of the gesture and I'm sure was nice to have something cold to snack on.

It's been really nice having DH out of the house for part of the days this week. The weather is cooling down a little bit. 90 and low 90', though I'd much prefer about 10 to 15 degrees cooler!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Let the work commence

Sunday was more of a rest/take it easy day. Since the weather was still on the cool side in the morning, DH went out and mowed the lawn while I dusted and vacuumed inside. Later in the afternoon the guy who is doing our site work called and was taking his backhoe out there to drop off and wanted to see if DH could meet him out there again to go over some details. The guy decided to start work on it and end up doing 2-3 hours of work getting some dirt moved and a small grove of trees removed. DH took pics and it's starting to look a bit different already!

While DH was gone I watched a movie on Amazon. Tom Hanks A Hologram for the King. I'd never heard of it before. It was an ok movie. I enjoyed the taxi driver's humor. I can't imagine how that country (Saudi Arabia) gets anything done with the way they do business. LOL.

Here's a picture I took on Saturday, from the front of property, showing the trees that were going to have to go (because that's where our driveway and house is going). We were able to leave the pine tree in front and I think the one right behind the grove of trees, not sure about the pine tree right next to the grove. I know DH was going to try to keep it. I think the driveway will bend around in between the two pines.

Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday. That clear spot was where that group of trees had been and the other is our driveway rough cut in

The guy told DH "you watch, now that this will be all cleared and ready for building, someone will offer to buy it from you". DH was like ? why is that? He said it happens all the time. Most people see property that needs work and can't envision how it would look once all the dirt is moved or fill brought in, so they don't want the property. But once it's been prepped then they are like "oh, that's a great piece of property!" LOL

DH was stressing over the county drawings that show where the drain field and well are supposed to go. They have the drainfield right where just about anyone building here would decide to put the house. It's back up away from the bank edge (they'd prefer you didn't build right on the edge) and no one would want to put their house down in the low spot next to the road! Obviously you still want to see the river. Plus they they have the drainfield in the highest spot of the property. DH went and talked to the county planner guy. He agrees it doesn't seem to make sense and would run out there to take a look at it in person with DH. The county can authorize to move the drainfield for us, but if the drainfield gets moved the well will have to be moved and apparently that takes more bureaucracy and will probably cost us about $700. Whatever, just figure it all out. At the high spot we'd have to put in a pump type septic, rather than gravity fed, so we'd eat up that $700 and more by having to have a more expensive septic system.

The planner went out there mid day yesterday and agreed with DH. Said the way DEQ had drawn this out what the stupidest he'd ever seen LOL. He also said don't worry about moving the well. He'd approve it and we don't have to pay the extra $700. 

It's noisy and dusty and we got the perfect days to cause as minimal disruption to our neighbors as possible - they are out of town for at least a few days.

Speaking of neighbors. Our renter neighbor must be having an affair, but I do not know how his wife could not know. The kids know she's there and this is of course a very gossipy small town. DH says maybe she doesn't care. That woman with the two little ones, who always shows up at night (great mother to haul two babies around at 10 or 11pm and then back into her car at 2am or whenever she leaves), when wife is at work.....well, wife went to work Saturday evening (it appears she usually works 3-4 nights in a row and stays in the city). Girlfriend shows up later and spends the night. Sunday he, his 2 kids, the girlfriend and her two kids (a baby and approx 4 year old) all leave in his truck Sunday morning. Gone all day and get back early evening. About half hour later she loads up her kids in her car and DH had just gone outside to move a sprinkler and sees the guy leaned over at her car window - giving her a hug and a kiss.  Wife gets home from work the next morning. What a bunch of whackos. They give me the creeps just having them next door. LOL.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Metal detecting

It turned out to be kind of an exhausting, too hot, day Saturday. DH wanted to go back out to our property, with the metal detector he borrowed, and see if he could locate the 2 front property pins. We got out there about 9am, so the weather wasn't too warm. No luck getting the detector to beep where he thought the pins should be. He went to the next property over and found theirs. The detector wasn't a very expensive one, so it wasn't going to read down very far at all, we determined. Apparently just best used to find something you lost in the grass/ground or maybe just under the surface.

Then he took his weed eater out of the back of the car and cut the grass down so he could get the detector closer to the ground. Still no luck. We had some measurements of the width of properties and from the one we found on far side of neighboring lot, we took his long tape measure and marked out where the corner of our property should be and then again across our property (168 ft). Both spots were where DH thought the pins should be. They must have gotten buried (or taken out) when the road and utilities were put in, he guessed. He started digging on the corner between us and the neighbors that have a house there. This dirt was definitely fill and not native, so he kept digging and was down almost 2 feet and did see a piece of the broken off marker stick that had been in the ground. Neighbor got home as we were doing this and came out to chat with us. Love that guy. By then the weather was getting pretty warm. We chatted with him quite awhile and then he headed back toward his house. DH dug one more shovel full and finally found the pin! Found it! He yelled over to neighbor. So then neighbor came back over and DH told him how he was going to put a piece of plastic pipe down in the hole, over the pin and then fill it back up and we'd always have an easy way to locate it.

DH sent me back home to pick up the pipe he had. He hadn't been expecting to have to dig 2 feet down and hadn't brought that with him. I grabbed the pipe, made a quick lunch and brought another water and pop to him. By then it was hot out and he drank those right down and I finished the water I had left for me. Then the guy who let us borrow the metal detector was driving by and saw us, so of course he had to stop by and chat. That was probably an hour of getting nothing done. And getting hotter out! It was 90 by then. This guy used to actually own this 15 acre lot way back and sold it (to put his daughter thru college) and then it got subdivided and developed.

After he left, DH measured across the found pin 168 ft and quickly found the other pin, it was just a few inches under. Of course right where we had been looking all along. Then he wanted to do some measurements and marking with construction spray paint, for the site work guys. So now they'd know exactly where the edge of shop and house would be, where driveway should be, etc. By then I was getting way too hot and no water left. Neighbor guy had said feel free to come over and use the bathroom or get water if needed, so when we got finished we knocked on his door (his wife is out of town) to beg for some water!  It was so nice and cool in his house as I went back in with him to get some glasses with ice and water.

As we stood outside talking to him he left their door open and one of our dogs decided this was the best spot to be!

We got home around 2:30 (what a long time out there!) and were both exhausted from being out in the heat. I went to take a nap and DH was fiddling around with his drawings of the property. Our friends texted him that they were floating the river and their stop point was a restaurant about halfway between where they live and where we live and did we want to meet them there for dinner around 5:30. That sounded good and I'd still get my nap in. I finally doze off and the dang doorbell rings and woke me up. It was some guys selling satellite and internet service. So much for my nap.

We hadn't been to this restaurant yet. We both ordered the beer battered fish and chips and it was delicious. We'll definitely go there to eat again, it's only about a 15-20 minute drive away. They also had some live music, which was good to listen to, though a bit loud in trying to have dinner conversations.

Got home around 8:30 and as we are getting close to town we notice the road is wet! It  had rained! Finally! We were both tired and really didn't feel like having to do our nightly watering of the lawn, shrubs and flowers. It even rained a little more after we got home and the temp had gone down to 73 (the night before at this time the temp was still 98). It's cooled down to 85 the last couple of days. I'll take that over the 103 it was on Friday, that's for sure.

Friday, July 14, 2017

I drive myself nuts

One of the things I often times dislike about myself is my ability to make a decisions when it comes to purchases. I over think them to death - especially with trying to get the best deal. Then when I do come across a great deal, I question if it's the style or whatever that I really want, yada, yada, yada.

So, I've been thinking it would be smart of me to keep my eye out for great deals on things we would need for the new house. I said to DH that I sure wish we had some storage space because I'd like to spend the next year buying things for the new house if I come across a really good deal (like I did on the xmas tree awhile back) and he said to just buy the stuff - he will make room (he's a master organizer). We also have some storage room in the crawl space under the house we could use (and it was like 50 degrees down there all winter) Like we will need some bar stools for the bar counter between kitchen and dining room. Bar stools seem to run at least $75 for good ones (and of course on up in price). I really don't even know for sure what style I want......or what height I will end up needing - bar stool height or counter height.

But, I came across a really good deal through Kohl's - making the bar stools $28 ea, plus I'd get 4% in Swagbucks and 1% in debit card rewards back, making them $26.60 ea.  I like the bar stools just fine. They have wood, metal and a neutral color seat cushion. They are regularly priced $150 for a set of 2 (I will need 4) on sale for $90, plus the coupons, etc. The reviews are good on them. They would look perfectly fine in my new home.

We aren't going to have a huge budget to furnish this place. I want to bargain shop on anything I can. I even have a list I  made of each room and stuff I will need for it and estimated costs. This purchase would save me $150 from what I budgeted ($300 for 4 bar stools).

But I've kinda had in mind something stools a bit more rustic - all wood and with no backs. They have those, but at twice the price as the great deal on the one's with the backs. Plus the one's with the backs are adjustable height when you put them together. And since I don't know yet if my island bar seating area will end up counter or bar height, this stool would be good.

But if I bought a different one and went ahead and got bar height, I could always return them if my mind changed down the road. I looked up Kohl's return policy and it says they can go back 36 months and credit your Kohl's card.

So while I typed this, looked at the different bar stools some more, typed this some more, went to dinner (cuz it's 103 freaking degrees out and I'm not cooking!), compared stools some more, and then back here typing this......I'm wearing myself out! Now I'm kind of liking the ones with the back better. Ok, I've decided...... I think........I'll get the cheaper/best deal ones. They'll be kept in a box until we get our house built and if I change my mind I can return and exchange for something else, right?!

 Besides, $26 for some nice bar stools is a darn good deal.

Good lord - and I'm going to put myself through all this for just about every purchase? EEK! Oh, and the coffee maker I was thinking about with the  points promo through work, where I would get it free? Well, I think I've changed my mind altogether again. One of the items to choose is a nice wood cased dart board. We would love to have one of those in our bonus room over the garage. DH thought it was a good idea to get, too. Something for the house we could use  - and free! I'm not a major coffee drinker and if/when my Keurig (I had rec'd as a gift) dies I'll get something cheaper. I think this points promo deal through work is an annual thing so maybe next year I'll get some more points to get a coffee maker.

Medical issues

When DH went to the new doctor/PA last week, he got his rosuvastatin refilled and they sent it to the little pharmacy here in town. Pills look the same, but since he started taking them he's feeling sick to his stomach all the time now. I called our old pharmacy (Target/CVS) to find out the mfg of what they use. Then I called the pharmacist here in town to see what they use. It is a different mfg. I asked if this could be causing the problem and he said it is possible.  Mfg's use different inert ingredients to make up their pills and could be causing an absorption issue with his stomach. He suggested taking with food, if he's not, or vice versa if he has been taking with food. If he's still having problems this pharmacist can see about getting it through that same mfg Target uses....or I can just start getting the refills back at Target.

DH is very grumpy and frustrating. Of course it has to be me that calls and tries to figure this out. Certainly not something he can do himself. And then when I give him the info he just says he's not going to take it at all anymore. "So, what I can maybe live a few more years?". It doesn't matter what I say or do this week, it's wrong or my fault. I'm the one that told the nurse - and then the doctor - that I wanted to use CVS (while DH is saying "oh the pharmacy in town is ok") and then the dr. walks back in and says she filled it in town.

Plus last week the nurse left a voicemail about his lab work. It shows he's pre-diabetic and should walk (because she knows he can't exercise as much as possible). Well, that is pretty hard for him to do very much of (though he does walk quite a bit when he feels like it) since his muscles hurt most of the time. So, of course when I told him about the lab results he was upset about that too. He doesn't understand what exercise has to do with it. I've tried to tell him the online research I then did about it and exercise being very helpful in diabetes. Lots of fruits and veggies are also helpful, I read, so we can definitely do that more.

They also just emailed me a login where I can read his labs. The glucose level was 103 and should be between 65-99, so at least it's on the lower level of being over. She didn't mention his cholesterol on the voicemail. Well it's 304. Last time (about year and a half ago) he went in and had it checked it was higher (like over 250) so dr. upped the crestor to 10 mg....DH took it that first week and didn't feel well, so ended up going back to the 5mg.....obviously that is not doing enough. He did go a week without anything prior to this appointment last week - he ran out and they ended up postponing his appt for another 5 days.  It's also been said by this dr. and his previous dr. that his high cholesterol is most likely "familial" and not so much diet related. I'm sure though that diet and not being able to exercise is part of it, but he needs the meds.

Anytime he gets bad news from a doctor then he just wants to shut down and not do what they say or go back anymore. I'm sure he'll calm down about it all and be logical. I usually just have to let him have his fit and then he'll think about it and realize I'm right.  It's just very frustrating. I said sure, you might not live a few more years, but you also might have a heart attack and cause me 10's of thousands of dollars in the process.......

This morning I walk into my office and there is a rotting banana peel left on my oak desk that he apparently left there from last night. His "desk" is right next to my desk. His desk is really an old lower cabinet the old owner had used as storage in this office room (they left me the oak desk too). It has a counter top like our kitchen and bathrooms......wouldn't that have been the better place to leave a banana peel laying? If I had left a banana peel to rot away all night on his desk he would have had a total fit!