Thursday, April 19, 2018

4 day weekend starts now

It was nice to wake up (even it was too early LOL) this morning and not have to work today. I have tomorrow off, too, and will drop DH off at the property and then head into the city to stock up on some much needed groceries and supplies. The weather has gotten nice and sunny and really warms up during the day now. The ground at the building site is drying out quickly and the mud is going away.  DH says the neighbor dogs have been great the past couple of days. They bark when everyone gets there. DH goes over and says hello to them all at the fence and then they have been quiet all day. Hopefully they stay like that from here forward.

They are getting the shop foundation walls ready to pour, which is supposed to be tomorrow. DH thinks he might go with that other guy for finishing the water well system. We'd save a little bit and it includes work DH was going to do himself.

I have another month left on my Netflix giftcard and haven't been watching anything. Earlier in the week I decided I'd better find something to watch so I started watching The Ranch. Pretty good. Kinda funny. I guess I'm a prude though because, really, it would be just as good, if they didn't find the need to write in the F word 10 times a show.  DH and I haven't had time to get back to watching the new season of Bosch on Amazon Prime. Maybe this weekend we can.

DD hasn't had any luck finding a place to rent for the weekend to host a small wedding. Most places don't want a wedding held there. She found one that does hold small weddings there, but then wanted to charge her an extra $25 per person, after 12 people. Their guest list is like 25-30. She's like they will only be there a few hours! No one else is spending the night there. But she has lots of time to keep looking and she will find something.

Off to enjoy my peace and quiet sunny day with no work (well, other than house cleaning stuff). I have a book I really need to finish. It's the last one of the series and I only have it a couple more days via library e-book borrowing. It was such a long book, hard to finish in 21 days. I've have to read quite a bit every day on it. I don't want to almost get to the end and have it be gone from my ipad. I had to wait a long time to borrow it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It's sorta like Friday

DH got one little part of his yard hydrants done for free. It's hard to explain what he's actually doing, but so far everyone that understands it is like "oh, that's a neat idea". Basically he's reversing a pitless adapter that is used for a well pump and attaching it to the bottom of the hydrant. That way, if it ever goes bad and needs to come back out of the ground, he will just have to unscrew it and pull it up (it will be inside pvc pipe). Otherwise,you'd have to actually dig up the hydrant and DH wants to make things easy to take care of, as we get older. The 4 pitless adapters needed a hole drilled in each of them....through brass. He dropped them off with the fabricating guy, who built our gate skeletons, figuring maybe having a $50 bill or something. I think they had to be drilled with one of his fancy machines. He didn't charge DH anything :)

We are also getting another bid on finishing our water well. It's only been dug and capped off - still needs a pump system. A new guy just bought out this other local guy's well business. We had decided not to go with the local guy, (last summer when we had it dug) and used a company from the city. The local guy, from what we heard, was having lots of personal problems. Had actually went missing earlier last year. I guess they found him in Nevada or somewhere and then he tried to commit suicide. Very sad, but we just didn't want to get in the middle of drilling for a well and have him disappear or something. Any how, this new guy apparently gave the couple building on lot 7 a quote to finish their well with the pump and it was cheaper than the city company (who they used to dig their well, too). DH told him, sure, go ahead and give me a bid. If his bid is same or less AND includes the actual installing of the water lines (which dh was going to buy and do himself) then we will probably go with this new guy.

DH is getting total brain overload. He's lost his phone like 4 times this week. One time he set it on top of the car. Drove two miles, stopped and how I don't know, but the phone was still on the top of the car! He's only getting one $650 iphone (that I still have half left to pay off) so he better not lose it! Last night he left it in his jeans pocket and put the jeans in the laundry basket. We walked around looking for it. This morning I let the dogs outside, after he left, and didn't realize he left the gate open. 

Lot's of work getting done this week. Concrete footings on the shop poured yesterday. It's busy out there so that is good.

I'm trying furiously to get the first quarter financials to my side job. Usually finish about 25th of the month or so, but she asked for them. Not quite sure I understand the reason....she said she's trying to figure out what to do with some money she inherited from her mom's passing and needs the financials for a bank loan. If you just inherited money why would you need a bank loan? LOL.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It's too early

I'm not used to getting up an hour or hour and a half earlier than normal. This is for the birds! DH spends all day at the property, so I pack him a lunch. Yesterday I went back to bed for an hour LOL. This morning he slept about an extra 15 minutes, so I just stayed up instead of crawling back in bed. I'll get this post typed up before I have to start work in 15 minutes.

It was 2 young guys setting the boards for the foundations yesterday. DH apologized for them having to fix his goof on the shop. They said it was no big deal and really didn't take them long, because the excavating guy did such a great job that the "floor" is so even and smooth, they haven't had to dig or fill at all. They will finish up on the garage today, I believe, while the concrete is poured on the shop. One of the young men said he was just going to camp overnight in his pickup, rather than drive the hour or so back to city. (brrr!). He told DH he had some hot dogs he'd cook over a little fire. DH got home as I was making dinner, a tuna casserole. We decided to take some out to the kid for dinner after we were done. I put the casserole and some green beans, all still hot, in a container and then put in inside a warming bag I have that holds a bigger casserole dish. It seemed to stay pretty warm the 15 minute drive. The kid was talking to our neighbor when we pulled up. He opened the container and dug right in and seemed happy and thankful for the little meal :) When I handed it to him I said if you don't like tuna casserole, don't feel like you have to eat it, but he said no, it was great.

For breakfast, I often fix DH an egg muffin sandwich, so this morning he had me make 2 extra. One to give the kid that camped out and one to give the other kid that was coming back to work. I figure bellies with some food in them work better than empty ones LOL.

Well, time to start work. Lots to get done the next two days, before I have two days off. I think that's the reason I haven't bothered taking like a whole week off (other than last Christmas) is because I really don't want to deal with all the catch up work I'd have to do!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Let's do a short week

I opened up a new post earlier this morning and realized I couldn't think of anything to say. LOL.  DH is out at the property. The builder's crew was out Friday for a few hours and basically got the footings for the shop done. When DH looked at his drone picture he realized the corner towards the house garage looked off a bit. We went out and re-measured and sure enough it was off about 10 inches. The corner opposite it was right on. DH couldn't figure out how that happened, but when he was out there again yesterday with his buddy they figured it out. They were measuring off our side property line, but it's not at an exact 90 degree line to the front of property line. Anyhow, they were able to fix it this morning, fairly easy, because they hadn't staked down all the boards, so all is good. It would have made a difference on how close it was to the corner of the garage and where our septic tank is fitting in between.

It rained too much last night for them to have the concrete poured on the shop, as planned, but now supposed to be tomorrow. They have been spending the rest of today putting in the house footings. This is the front entrance. DH likes to send me pics, which is nice.
As long as they are working something, that's all that matters. The builder told DH on Friday that from here on out, there should be at least some work going on every day. We'll see.....Good news is starting Wednesday the weather is supposed to take a turn for the better. Sunny days and 60 degrees or better for at least a week. The whole site will look a lot better when they can get the foundations backfilled and all the huge piles of dirt gone. It looks like a bomb went off on the property.

Here's a weird thing. When we went out there Friday after dinner we noticed they had just left tools and things just laying the open! Ok, I know this is a very low crime area, but still! Just leave a generator sitting there in plain site with a bunch of other tools? Saws, etc. Weird. DH decided to take that big waterfall pond shell we got and lay it over what  he could. Plus, why would they want all that to get rained on? I don't get it. I'm sure DH probably asked them about it today.

I found my egg cooker's measuring cup! I was looking for something else in my cupboards and found it. The last two times I tried to make hard boiled eggs (with guessing/googling how much water) the shells totally stuck to the eggs. I just tried making 4, as well as using the piercing point that is on the measuring cup to poke the eggs. They turned out perfect. Shells came off slick as a whistle.

I think I am taking off Thursday and Friday this week to use up some vacation days. I was going to take Friday and next Monday, but my boss, as well as our Project manager supervisor will be gone Monday. Someone needs to be available for doing Purchase Orders. I'm the main person, my boss is my back up and if we are both gone (rarely/sometimes) then the PM supervisor is the backup. So, with both of them gone Monday, I need to be available. I need to get into the city and get my blood drawn for cholesterol test as well as mammogram. Neither need an appointment, so they say, so I'll get that done one of those mornings and then get a bit of grocery shopping done. Most likely there will be some more building supplies DH will need to pick up took, anyway.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekend update

Friday seemed to be a day "mess with One's money" day. LOL. I was done working at 12:30 and we headed to the city, with trailer in tow, to pick up a bunch of stuff. 4 stops scheduled to supply places. First stop was the water parts supply place. A friendly cat greeted us as we walked in the door and proceeded to want lots of love for about 5 mintues, then he was gone :). DH had gotten a quote on the lawn hydrants and misc fittings. We had plans to stop at another water supply place to pick up "pitless adapters", when DH asked the guy at this first place, hey - do you carry them? He did and DH said ok, how much (knowing what we were going to be paying at the other place) and he said $43. We were going to pay $108 EA at the other place!! Of course we took them from this place. Plus DH changed his mind and decided to only have 4 hydrants, instead of 5, so that brought down our cost quite a bit too.  Instead of spending $540 on the adapters (for 5 at the other place) we spent $173 (for 4) at this place. Plus one less hydrant at $145 ea. I was happy. Other than the fact that we were there for over an hour. Not quite sure what took so long, but I guess DH was changing his mind on this and that.

I had gotten a credit card (with 2% cashback) for these kinds of purchases and we will get reimbursed by our construction loan, when we submit bills with our builder, for a draw. So, I charged this big bill on it.  Then we were able to skip the other water supply place and go to the electrical supply place to pick up the electrical meter panel we had ordered the day before.  Last stop was another electrical supply place where DH had ordered all the conduit he needs to lay for all the electrical wiring. The guy hands me the invoice to go pay with the lady at the desk, while DH and him go out to start loading up our trailer. I swipe my credit card and it declines! OMG! I said it just worked at the place we were at before here. She said "do you maybe have daily limit?" I'm not sure, I just got this card. Well, I went back out to the truck to let DH know, so they don't keep loading until I can figure this out and call the credit card company. I can't just write a check for this - we just used what cash I had left out of this paycheck to pay the rock delivery guy. I don't have $1154 - it's supposed to be covered by our construction loan funds. The credit card is through Paypal. Whenever I have had to call them about my debit card (hacked a couple of times over the years) it's been a very long wait on hold. Plus my phone was down to like 18%. Thankfully, I was not on hold at all. The customer service guy said it got denied because they deemed it a suspicious charge (and since such a large amount). I approved the charge and he released my card and I went back inside and paid. Whew!

It was after 4pm by then and we were pretty hungry, but decided to just head straight home, rather than trying to stop with the trailer and get food somewhere. I was just getting dinner started and DH wanted to go out to the property again as soon as we were done eating. He asks if I want to just stop and eat dinner at the restaurant here in town on our way, rather than making dinner. But, we need to save the money so we both decided I just keep making the scrambled eggs and hashbrowns I was about to start and save $20-$25 for dinner out. Willpower!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty cruddy. Sniffles and a cough. Not sure if I was catching cold or allergies. And I was so tired. I ended up taking two naps yesterday and never really felt rested. I did help DH inventory all the conduit and elbows to make sure we got all what we paid for. I guess they forgot one elbow, but for $1.90 it's not worth a special trip 110 miles RT to get it! We spent the evening watching a few episodes of season 4 of Bosch on Amazon Prime. At first DH was like "I don't think I'm going to like this show" and then he ended up liking it.

When I first got up this morning I felt about the same but I'm getting better as the day goes on, so I think it's from spring allergies. DH is tired from doing so much lately. We were just going to veg out and relax in front of the tv all day, but then DH's friend texted, asking if he could go out to our property to pick up some more of the stones he got Monday. He's starting a little project yesterday with them and decided to get the rest. So, DH went out to help him load them. I decided this was a good time to get the dusting and vacuuming done. Also doing laundry and washed all the pots and pans in the sink and scrubbed out the white sink with Cascade dishwashing soap so now all the stains are gone and it's shiney white again.

Now, I'm off to sit on the couch and read for awhile. Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Where's my money??!!

Last week I changed my paycheck direct deposit to go to my new bank account. Today is money in my new bank account!! I gotta figure out what's going on there. From my payroll login in it looks like the right routing and account number were entered. I can see the whole routing number and that is correct. I can see the last 4 digits of my account  number and those are right. I checked with my DD to see if her paycheck direct deposit shows up in her bank account the morning of payday and she said yes, usually sometime during the night before and I said yes, that's how mine has always been with my old bank. I really don't need this aggravation today.
After our builder replied to DH that he should be out to start on Friday, DH sent a text back that while he (dh) knows he is an over-communicator, he does at least expect a minimum of communication back as to what is going on with our build.  Builder called DH yesterday afternoon and said they are loading their truck and will be out this morning to get started. Then he says "is there power out there yet?". he were out doing the staking last week DH asked him about this and he told him he didn't need the power out their until he was done framing. OMG! make up your mind. Obviously he has generator to bring and use. DH is out there now (8am) and he's not even there yet.

This afternoon we will be running back to the city (I have a feeling lots of trips are on tap) to pick up the electrical meter panel, as well as some of the water line supplies we need for DH to make his hydrants. That is something he can make here at home.

My face is clearing up. Just a little bit left on one cheek. Hopefully it won't come back.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Finding some cost savings

First off the day started with getting up about 45 minutes early because one of the dogs was puking. Nothing serious, but of course had to get up, clean the little bit up, and then just stayed up.

DH met with the electric co-op company guy at the property again on Monday. He had originally given us a quote last Fall. But, in the meantime DH had changed where he was putting the main meter panel box (or whatever they are called), which meant farther away, ie, more money to bring in. Based on the numbers the guy had originally thrown out, of the per ft price of the wire, DH was expecting the new/revised quote to be like $1000-$1500 more. He had already assumed this extra cost in the cost breakdown for "utilities" in our construction loan, so it would be covered. Well, he sent us the new quote at the end of the day yesterday and it was only $500 more! Nice. That helps. But, it has to be paid up front, before they will put us in the schedule queue to come out and do the work. Well, we are tapped out on cash right now, as we are paying the rockery bill and taxes.

I called first thing this morning to see if I could put it on a credit card. Yes, we can, but no, they aren't set up to do it over the phone. Grrr.. We wanted to get this paid asap, so that we get set up in the schedule to get out here asap. So, we had to make a trip into the city this morning to get that taken care of. While there we also stopped at the electrical supply place to order the meter panel box. DH ended up changing what we needed on that one too - less stuff on you'd think it would be less than the one they quoted us last fall?! No, it was like $150 more. DH says "well, dang, that's not what I wanted to hear". Then the guy said hold on and got it down to about the same price as the other one they had quoted us on. They won't have it in until tomorrow, so we're going to have to make another trip in there to pick that up (and pay for it). That will just go on the credit card too, and then we'll submit with the excavator billing to our lender and we'll get reimbursed the electrical stuff and I'll pay off the credit card. This is a new to me credit card we got just to have for these kinds of things. It also has a 2% cash back on all purchases, so should be some nice cash back rewards coming our way.

We also stopped at the farm/feed supply store to get something DH needed. I could hear all the baby chicks cheeping, so of course I had to go look at all of them! I can't wait until next spring and I can get a few :)

DH is also changing his idea/plan for the 5 water hydrants he wants to install in various spots around the house, shop and property. He's changing the design a bit, less parts needed, so they will be a little cheaper now, too. 

He called his dad last night to do his weekly chat. Get this! So that 5-6 days MIL was in the hospital? Apparently the hospital turned FIL in for "malnutrition" of MIL and he got a visit by someone from the state or something! Are you kidding me?! C'mon...she's 85 years old, has half a lung, on oxygen, has dementia (and a host of other medical problems) and has never in her life weighed more than 100 pounds, anyway. Of course she doesn't have a huge appetite and doesn't eat a whole lot most of the time.  They guy dotes on her. Won't put her in a nursing home because he'd feel too guilty and wants to take care of her.  DH laughed and said mom was an AWFUL cook (she was!!) - she probably eats better now than when she had to make all the meals. LOL.