Monday, March 30, 2020

Lazy Sunday

Saturday night wasn't too bad, considering how some nights have been. I feel asleep on the couch at 8pm. got up at 9pm. Put some more ointment in and went to bed. Set my phone alarm for midnight to add more ointment. At like 10:40 I had an episode of pain, but it only lasted like 5 minutes before it subsided. It did this twice more during the night, but each time was only like 5 minutes. MUCH better than other nights, where it would be like an hour - each time. This morning my eye does feel much less irritated and not bothering me every time I blink. Still very blurry, but at least it's not so uncomfortable. I got up at 7:30 to let the dogs out and feed them. Went back to bed and got up at 9:30 when DH got up. Lots of sleep was good! I made my "view" larger so easier to ready while typing this and reading on computer, a little better.

I made us blueberry muffins for breakfast. DH is now outside replacing parts of the sod the curbing guys had to cut out and some of the leftovers are going into new areas (next to coop/shed). Our neighbor also had some extra sod where they had to cut his grass out some so I think he gave DH his extra.

I've just been watching Blacklist on Netflix on my ipad mini. I'm about halfway through season 3. I also started watching Cheers that is now on Netflix. 11 seasons on that should be something nice to fill in and watch on our tv sometimes, too. That was always a funny show. I miss reading!

yesterday afternoon I made brownies. For dinner was just some pot roast soup (canned) and some mashed potatoes. I use some of the soup broth as gravy. I made DH some strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Friday night DH talked with his buddy on the phone quite awhile. This is the guy that lives about half hour from us and as soon as we started building he just sort of disappeared and hardly contacted DH anymore. DH tried 2-3 times over the course of many months to contact and stay in touch with him. Anyhow, last year he had given dh the referral of the guy who does the lawn curbing, so Friday DH texted buddy and just said thanks for the referral, he did a good job. Buddy texted back a couple of times and then ended up calling DH (at dh's suggestion). They did talk quite awhile, so that was good. It also made DH realize it's not DH who is the problem. Buddy is just not happy with his life, always comparing himself to everyone else, and of course also drinks quite a bit. I'm sure most of his problem with DH is that he's jealous, though why I have no idea. But, at least DH finally seemed to realize it's not him with the problem.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Continued eye problem

While the contact lens over my eye was good and helpful Thursday day, night and half of Friday, by Friday afternoon it felt like I had a piece of fuzz in my eye. I kept putting drops in. Finally, it got a little better and then a couple hours later it was doing it again. I was able to get to sleep and it wasn't bad, but as soon as I got up this morning (to get ready to go see the eye dr) it was so bad.  DH had to drive me in and my eye just watered the whole 45 minute drive. I walked into his office and said you need to get this lens off my eye. He took off the lens and it felt so much better, and better of course because he put a numbing drop in (can he just give me those? LOL)

Anyhow, my eye will just not completely heal for some reason, so he is referring me to a specialist that he says is on call and to call first thing Monday morning and he thinks they should be able to get me in right away. So, for the weekend, I'm back to eye drops and eye ointment. But, honestly, I'd rather deal with the hour of pain during the night when it "sloughs off" the part healing and gives me pain for an hour that what I dealt with last evening and most especially this morning, with that lens in. So far, since I've been home it feel uncomfortable and like it's still scratched/abrasion, but nothing like when that lens was in the last 12 hours.

My mom said my son and his girlfriend went shopping for her this morning and got her milk, cereal, bread, some frozen dinners, etc. I guess she's been having the dining room bring her up soup for dinner but she said last night the soup was awful and too spicy so she called DS to see if he could take her to the store this morning (he lives in her area). I was hoping that he would just do the shopping for her, so she didn't have to leave/get exposure and that's what they did, so that is good. I also told her, I can't imagine her dining room is only serving soup every night! They have quite a menu, so I'd think there would at least be more she could have then soup. She said tonight she was just going to heat up one of the microwave dinners. I said next time she calls down to the dining room to ask them what's available for dinner besides soup! If she tells me it's soup again, I'm going to have to call the place and see what's up with the meals.

I'm not looking forward to another week of not really being able to work. I hope everyone is well and I keep praying for blogger T'Pols mother.

Friday, March 27, 2020


Ahh. what a good nights sleep will do. But, getting another one tonight will help even more.  Though when I got up this morning it was a good hour before my eye felt like it didn't have something foreign in it every single time I blinked. I'm sure it's just the contact lens. It's finally feeling better now and so I'm hoping I can at least get most of the day in work wise.

One of our employees complimented our owners/managers in our general team chat on how great it is that they had invested in the technology a couple years ago to have everyone set up to work from home and with everyone having to be at home now, it was just really a seamless transition for us all. Even our receptionist can do the phone system we have from her home and everyone's cell phones are linked to it. We can even transfer calls to each other from our desktop. On Monday we are having a virtual company "town hall" meeting online.

Our shed got all roofed yesterday afternoon, so now it's all dried in. Dh will get started on the siding. Not sure now when the mason will get to come and do the stonework. Starting tomorrow our state is on a stay at home order, like many others. We also had some guys come yesterday (planned quite awhile back) to put some curbing in around parts of our lawn. It looks really nice, and today they are coming back to do our neighbors lawn, as they wanted this done, too.

Since I have to go into the eye dr again tomorrow morning, and since I'll be in  the city, I'm going to stop in to a store and try to get a few groceries. I don't want to stop in, but at some point soon we'll need a few more things. We are about out of milk and I'd like to try and get more eggs. Earlier this week I tried to order like 5 or 6 things from that supposedly were all in stock. They've only shipped one of the items. Everything else is still out of stock/order on hold.

Well, I've managed to work for a few hours, but I can tell my eye is straining and starting to feel again like I've got something in it. I'm going to take a break for an hour or so and hopefully that will help. 

I still  have things to do work wise and personal wise that need to get done. Our company is transitioning 401k companies and I need to register/sign in to the new one, which I haven't done yet because it's too much reading. I need to see if I can get my prescriptions refilled since I doubt I can even get into see the dr for my annual check up. I need to try to submit my eye doctor bills to my health insurance and see if they will cover them. I need to get the census done online, which apparently needs to be done by next Wed. But, right now I'm going to go take a nap.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Eye and shed

ARGHHH. My eye! After the eye dr took off the contact lens Tuesday morning and it was about 80% healed he thought it would heal up the rest on it's own, if I keep drops in all day long and the ointment at night. So, that's what I did Tuesday day and Tuesday night. Yesterday felt much better. I continued with the same treatment all day and at bedtime put in the ointment and set my alarm for 1am to get up and put some more in. At 12:45 my eyelid scraped off the healing part again and instant pain. Pain that lasted a good hour. When it finally calmed down and I could get back to sleep I had then set my alarm for 5am, to add ointment again. At 4:30am it did it all over again. I would have been crying from the pain if my eye hadn't already been pouring tears out of it.

I went back to eye dr again this morning. It actually has healed more than when he looked at it Tuesday. Now there are like 5 small spots still healing, rather than a large area, but my eye just apparently gets too dried out while sleeping, even with the ointment. He put a contact lens back on but felt now it could be left on for 48 hours and is hoping that the little left to heal with now be able to completely heal. Keeping fingers crossed. I am so tired of dealing with than and not getting any sleep.  I had to get payroll done today, so at least after the contact was on and I got back home I was able to do that.

DH did his best to try and smooth things over with woodworker guy, but no go. But not surprising. The guy isn't exactly really friendly anyway, is he? LOL. DH tried to text him Tues night.  Said sorry you are mad, but I really just don't need someone constantly telling me what to do. He had left a couple of his tools here, said he replied was going to have that guy we hired stop by and pick them up. DH said I can run them over to you. Maybe we can talk this out. Nope. Again, DH tried to be reasonable. Then he texted later yesterday morning he was going to come over and pick up his tools. Ok. No, he sends his ex-wife over to get them, LOL. She says he's just an old man, set it his ways. He was just here as a friend, to help. DH told her I'm an old man. I'm 55 years old. I don't need a boss. He wasn't here as a friend - he was here to try to run this project, down to what nail we used.

Like I told DH, that isn't a friend. A friend doesn't spend every minute criticizing everything and bossing you around. When he had asked DH about the shed build a week or two before DH told him - you aren't getting up on that roof. Neither am I. It's too dangerous. (not having a 74 yr old do that kind of work, nor would ever expect him to, friend or no friend). Well, Dh said he could tell that he was upset when Dh told him he was hiring the other guy to do the shed with DH. We are guessing that's part of why he was such a complete jerk to DH and the other guy the whole time he was here "just trying to be a friend and help"

I knew it was bad with this guy (that's why the past couple of months I had just started avoiding visiting with him when he stops by). But, dang - after DH told me all the stuff, the guy literally never let up criticizing and telling DH what and how to do EVERY thing. Here's some other examples of his crap DH was dealing with this "friend". DH is meticulous. His 1999 pick up truck is meticulous. Part of the reason he doesn't drive it  much is because if he does take it out then he feels like he has to wash it before putting it back in the shop. (it has a custom paint job) but with his muscles he doesn't always feel much like spending the time to wash a big F350 truck. One time, while in the shop with DH and criticizing him about it, he said well, there's dust on it and actually wiped his finger across the dust. If you are a show car person you know what that can do to paint......DH was like "hey! knock that shit off!" Who would do that on someone's nice paint job? Now, whenever he's in the shop with DH he pulls out his pocket knife and pretends he's going to gouge the paint. Ha ha. so funny....

Then while they were working on the shed (the shed has our new sod around 3 sides of it) he starts spitting out nails with the nail gun onto the lawn, just for the fun of it, I guess. DH was like "hey, knock it off! I don't want to get a flat tire on my riding mower when I start mowing because of nails in the lawn". DH says you can't patch lawn mower tires, you just end up having to keep airing them up or just replace the tire. Guy thought he was being funny, I guess.  Also, when the sprinkler system guys put in the sprinkler system right before winter they left a whole bunch of little flags everywhere as markers. Some to mark where sprinkler heads are, some for other reasons, probably only known to them LOL. They will be coming back in spring to finish up and get it working. But, DH hasn't touched the little flags. Obviously they put them where they put them for a reason. There was one flag near the corner of the shed. Guy says to DH why is this flag here? there's no sprinkler head.  DH says maybe it got covered up with the sod and they marked it so they know to adjust the sod for it when they come back to finish. I don't know, but they put them there for a reason. Then guy grabs the flag out of the ground and throws it to the side! All because apparently he didn't want to have to walk around it and he didn't see a need for it there. DH walked back over to the flag, picked it up and put it back in the ground where it was and just didn't even respond to guy.

At one point early on the shed building start he says to DH "you're putting a metal roof on this, right?" DH says no.....and the guy goes off on how it needs to be a metal roof, etc. DH says I'm using shingles to match my house and shop. Not to mention I have boxes of shingles leftover that I've already paid for and need to get used up and out of my way. DH said he just would not let up on the metal roof

DH wanted Tyvek put on the wall sheeting, just as an extra layer of protection for the wood. DH also wanted a vapor barrier. Guy first argues with DH that he doesn't need Tyvek. Then he's adamant that the Tyek is also a vapor barrier. DH says no, it's not. Hired guy said no, it's not. Guy would just not be told he was wrong about this. (straight off Dupont's website: Tyvek is not a vapor barrier).

Of course now DH feels bad and is upset all this happened. I'm like why do you even care if you are friends with someone like this? This guy has been a complete jerk to you for quite awhile now. HE owes you an apology, you do not owe him one at all. Gosh, no wonder DH was completely exhausted after those 3-4 days. He just needs to be done with that "friendship". The guy is just a miserable person to be around. He can make nice wood crafts, but as far as personality goes he sucks.

The roofer guy actually showed up like he said he would today, so the roof is getting put on it now. He talked to the mason guy this morning and he will be able to come pretty, soon it sounds like. He's not too busy right now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The shed part 2

Linda (Practical Parsimony blogger) asked me how DH got rid of woodworker guy. I totally thought I wrote that part out, but apparently not. I think one eye is also leading to half a brain, LOL.

So, when the hired guy (guy in his 30's) showed up on Monday afternoon he and DH got busy working. No woodworker guy and they were both relieved thinking yay, he's not coming today. Nope. He shows up, walks up to stand there watching what they were working on and starts telling them what/how to do it. DH said he turned around and made the time out sign with his hands. Said time out! I don't need 3 bosses on this job. I know what I am doing and I know how to do it. If I didn't have 3 bosses (though the hired guy wasn't acting like that, DH was just trying to refer to all 3 of them) I wouldn't have had to spend 3 hours today fixing that window that was the wrong size (which is pretty hard to do once it's framed in!). We don't need to be told what to do. (DH didn't blame him specifically for the window being wrong.) Woodworker guy turned around and left.  The hired guy was like "good, about time someone said something to him".

It started with the concrete floor to the shed. The concrete guys poured it too late that season and it froze and crumbled and cracked. To fix it, rather than tear it all out and do it over they poured another slab on top. Well, that took away the little 4" concrete "wall" around the perimeter dh wanted. He wanted that because he likes to spray off the concrete flooring with a hose (that's how our shop and house garage are done). Woodworker guy says what's up with this concrete? why'd you do it that way? Dh says I didn't do it that way, the concrete guys messed it up and ended up doing it that way. Then Dh explained what he wanted so he could spray it out to clean the floor. Woodworker then had to go on and on telling DH to just sweep the concrete, that's all he does. (if he couldn't tell by now that DH is a neat freak?.......)

When Dh was starting to move all the lumber needed for framing from inside the garage (he had to pull it out from front garage door and carry it around to the back of the garage, where the shed is being built) woodworker guy starts in on that. He didn't ask either of them to help him with that. Why don't you just lay them across your little garden trailer and haul it back there? So, dh has to explain all that to him. First off there wouldn't be enough room to get it back there between garage and shed with the lumber laying that way across the little trailer. Second off there is no where to turn it around. Third off it's still basically fresh sod (because it got layed right before winter and never got to root in yet) and the frost is still coming up and dh doesn't want to damage the sod with the quad and trailer loaded down with lumber. "Well, you're gonna drive your new lawn tractor over it! it's just as heavy!" Dh says and I won't be driving the lawn tractor over it until after the frost has come up out of the ground......He still wanted to argue with DH about it. DH says I can carry the boards myself. I'm not paying someone $25/hr to haul boards and I can use the exercise. Good grief.

Among the many things woodworker friend questions DH about, last week it was the new (used) lawn tractor. What do you need that for? I have 2 acres of lawn and I use a walk behind mower. Are ya lazy? Again, dh says, well, as I've explained, my muscles can't do a walk behind mower, I get too cramped up, especially for as much lawn as we will have and in summer I usually end up mowing twice a week. Then DH says to him that our whole piece of property is 2 acres and he doubts that woodworker guy has 2 acres of lawn, LOL. Even I can tell that there is no way he has 2 acres of lawn! He does have a fairly large yard, as well as his ex-wife's yard in front and side of her little house. but there is in no way 2 acres of grass there to mow. Maybe a half acre in total at most.

He feels he has to tell DH how to do every thing. Even last fall when we were seeding the part of the lawn we were putting in that wasn't sod. DH is like I know - I've put in many lawns over the years. DH had mentioned to him that someday he hopes to pave our driveway. Guy is like what do you need to do that for? just use this crushed recycled stuff I have in my driveway. DH knows all about that stuff and it's crap material, so dh was standing in the guys driveway trying to explain what this stuff eventually does because it won't bind together. Guy just keeps arguing with dh about. DH finally just says you know, I worked in road construction for 25 years, so I'm not going to use that in my driveway.

Hired guy showed up again yesterday afternoon and they got all done what DH needed him to do. Now we are waiting on roofer (tomorrow I think) and dh will do the siding himself.

That open-ish part on the other end is where the chicken coop part is and will be wired in and a door on the end. The bigger enclosed part is the lawn tractor/garden storage part. DH also has a bunch of tongue and grove boards leftover that he will use up in the soffit area - to match our house and shop.

DH loves to joke around, but rarely ever at anyone else's expense. He usually does it at his own expense. But, this guy just takes it too far. He's obviously mad at DH over this, but just as well. DH doesn't need someone like that as a friend. That's not a friend. That's a bully/control freak.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

It's just a chicken coop

I went back to the eye doctor this morning. He took off the contact lens and my eye is now about 80% healed, so that is good. Since I live so far away and to avoid yet another drive into the city, he thinks that with how far it's progressed, that if I just keep putting drops (he has me now on Thera tears preservative free drops) in every half hour today and then use the ointment tonight, it should be getting all healed in the next day or two. He feels this will be ok, rather than putting another contact lens back on it for another 24 hours. The part that needs to heal, though, is still right over my vision, so it's still somewhat blurry and hard to read, so I am just doing very minimal computer work again today.

DH started on the shed/chicken coop on Saturday. He hired a local guy to help him. This guy basically does construction type jobs on the side, I guess. DH did not want woodworker friend to help, for several reasons. But, somehow he found out DH was starting on it and came over to help anyway (and probably because he knows DH will pay him if he helps)

So, on top of my eye it's been a frustrating 3-4 days because DH is beyond frustrated with woodworker guy. First off he's like 73 years old so DH didn't want him here helping, thinking he needed to be up on roof of shed, etc. Second off, he's EXTREMELY annoying to work with and DH just doesn't have the energy or patience to deal with him right now.

I think the reason he knew Dh was going to be starting on it was that DH posted a picture on Facebook of the roof trusses after they got delivered last week. So, he shows up Friday afternoon and starts in badgering DH about every little thing. Part of it is just his personality - he thinks he's joking/teasing, apparently. He's standing there (nothing had been started yet) and it was a bombardment of "how are you doing this? why are you doing it that way? that's stupid. It's just a chicken coop. You could have had this done in 2 hours. On and on. He basically thinks he's in charge of it all and he's so not.

Saturday later morning the guy we hired to help shows up and he and DH get started but then woodworker guy shows up to help. "No, you need to do it this way!" all day long. They got the second wall built and were trying to get it set (very heavy and tall) and he almost pushed it over on the other guy. DH was yelling at him to STOP! just stop moving it (he was trying to shove it onto the bolts in the floor) or we're gonna get hurt!

Here's what DH is dealing with every minute he's here:
it's just a shed (or it's just a chicken coop) you don't need to use 2x6's.
DH: I have lots of leftover 2x6's from the house build. I'm going to use those up so they are out of my way.
why are you putting stone around the base of it? - it's just a chicken coop!
DH: because I want the outbuilding to match my house and shop and because I have 7 boxes of stone left over. I want to use it up and get it out of my way.
you don't need a vapor barrier 
DH: yes, I do. Not to mention that's how I want it built.

It just goes on and on. He would constantly interrupt the other guy (and DH) to tell them how to do stuff.(this other guy knows what he is doing, too!) Then he tells DH that his girlfriend (he's a 73 year old dating a 40 some year old who is already supposedly married) has extra laying hens. She'll just give me a few of hers. DH tells him he'll have to talk to me. The actual chickens are my department. I happened to go outside later Sunday so he tells me and I say "oh, thanks anyway but I already told my friend I'll will take the 3 extra chicks she has. She's been keeping them for me". Then he goes on and on about well, these are already grown, I won't have to wait 4-6 months to find out one or more of them is a rooster. I finally, said that's ok, I'm good, but thanks anyway and I walked back into the house. DH said all day long DH kept trying to "joke" with him and say "if you are going to be my boss on this job, you're gonna have to pay me more" Hoping he'd get the hint that DH is the one making the decisions on how this is built. At one point dh said he had to get kinda crappy with him and say "stop. I don't care how you did it in Kentucky....I'm building this my way".

The guy we hired to help can't come back until about 4pm Monday (yesterday) because he's working on another job. No problem. Dh goes out to work on what he can. Then he realizes they made the window opening too small. He was so mad. He's paying to have it built and then having to spend 3 hours of his day to re-do it! DH knows it was woodworker guy who messed this up. Hired guy shows up at 4 and no woodworker guy, so dh was like "whew, he's not coming today" and they get busy. The other guy was relieved he wasn't there, too. DH was trying to explain to him that, yes some of the materials are more than necessary, but we're trying to use the leftovers up and also trying to make a really nice outbuilding. DH pointed over to our neighbors million dollar house....."I'm not building a crappy shed and a normal chicken coop". I'm building a very nice garden shed/outbuilding that just happens to have a chicken coop included at the end of it, so it all blends in.

I told DH on Saturday (they only worked like 4 hours on Saturday) to just tell woodworker guy, hey, I love ya but I can't work with ya, so that's why I hired S to help. Nothing personal, I just only need one person helping me. But, no, DH couldn't do that so then he had to deal with all this crap and get himself all upset.

I told DH last night that honestly, the more I've gotten to know the guy the less I can stand to be around him very long. He spends his whole time we are around him putting DH down. Tries to joke, but it's not joking. Then if I'm there he then tries to put dh down and get me involved. "How do you live with this guy? where'd you find him? Why'd you let him do it that way? is he always like this?" He just never lets up. I told DH that's why lately, if he stops by, I just stay in the house or up in my office. I don't feel like listening to him anymore. I get it that he lives on $800 a month social security (plus whatever he earns with his woodworking, etc) but just because there is a way to shortcut everything, there is also a right way if you don't want to short cut. We don't. We want this outbuilding to still be standing strong and looking good 15-20 years from now, not drooping, leaning and rotting because we threw up a cheap shoddy shed. I don't make $800/mo - I make his $800 in 2 working days - I think we can afford to do this so it's strong and structural and looks really nice on our property/in our nice neighborhood.

And of course the whole thing is taking WAY more time to build than DH thought. He figured they'd have it up and ready to roof and stone in 2-3 days. (certainly was going to take more than a couple of hours). Dh decided to see if the guy who roofed our shop and house could swing by and roof it sometime soon. He says he'll come on Thursday and do it for $300.  I'm not sure when the mason/stone guy is coming. DH loves the mason guy. They still keep in touch all the time via text so it will be really good to see him again when he comes.

Monday, March 23, 2020


Hey, I'm still here. Sorta sick....but nothing to do with the virus. Awhile back I apparently scratched my eye. It went back and forth a bit, but then felt better. But, it started bothering me again last week. On Thursday I decided to go see the eye doctor. The last time I went for an eye exam and new glasses I went to the optometrist in Costco. I don't have a Costco membership anymore and really didn't want to deal with going to Costco anyway, so I looked online for another eye dr in that area (none in our tiny town, of course). I got in to see one later Thursday morning. He said my eye was scratched and prescribed me a steroid drop to use 4x a day for 4 days.

Nights have been awful. After I've been asleep a few hours my eye dries out and my eyelid was basically rubbing against it and instant pain. After seeing the eye dr on Thursday, Thursday and Friday nights were just as bad, if not worse. I figured at a minimum I needed some type of ointment to put in my eye during the night. I remembered when I had looked them up on their website it said they were open Saturdays, too, so I called first thing Saturday. I was told that starting Monday they were closing for 2 weeks due to the virus and they had no doctor in today (Saturday). I asked if the doctor could at least follow up with me with a phone call? to address an existing condition? Nope!
Wow. I get that they are closing down from seeing patients, but can't even do a phone consult with an exiting patient problem? That's pretty bad.

So, I get online to see if there is some other place open on Saturday morning. I need something to help me. I then notice that the eye doctor I had seen before, for my exam and glasses at Costco, had a different address. He apparently moved out into his own office a few months ago and I didn't not realize this (or I would have called him to begin with). His website also said he's closed now to routine visits but will be seeing emergency care only for a couple hours each morning. I called and he said to come in Saturday morning and he'd see me.

He was so much better than this other doctor! He said that steroid drops were not going to do much for me at all. He did what I kind of figured would happen. Put me on an antibiotic drop (he didn't see an infection, but just wanted to be sure/safe), a day time lubricating drops and then an ointment for night time. Come back in Monday morning. He also took a picture of my eye so he could compare Saturday to Monday and see if it's healing. He also said he may end up putting a contact lens over it, to help it heal, but wanted to make sure I get some antibiotics in my eye a couple of days, first. I had to go to Walgreens and get the prescription and the drops and ointment were a special OTC kind called Muro 128, that apparently only Walgreens carries. They had the ointment, but were out of the drops. The dr. had given me his cell ph# in case I had any issues finding the stuff, so I called him. He said to just use the ointment also during the day as well as at night. He said the ointment was more important and helpful to me at this point, anyway.

Saturday night was a little better, but I still had a point where I guess the ointment dried out enough that it "sloughed off" (as he referred to it) again. Pain. But, at least the pain didn't last as long as the previous nights had. Sunday it felt a little better. And all this time since Thursday my right eye is totally blurry. Can't read anything with it. Last night I decided to set my phone alarm for about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours so I could get up and put some more ointment in it, hoping to avoid the pain if it sloughs off again. (the pain is awful) I made it until about 4:30am (my next alarm time was 5am) and it did it again. I got up, put some more ointment in it and this time the pain only lasted 5-10 minutes, at least. (instead of an hour or more)

I went in to see him again this morning and he compared it to the picture from Saturday and it's has definitely improved, but still needs more to get all the way healed. He put the contact lens on it, so that now should really help let it heal, without my eyelid rubbing on it. I do have to go back again tomorrow morning, so he can take off the contact and take a look at it again. I can already see a little better with the eye today, so that is good, too.

Hopefully it is now heading the the right direction with healing up. At least it feels much better, comfort wise and I am actually glad that other doctor wouldn't follow up with me because I think this doctor is so much better and thorough. I'm glad he's not through Costco anymore and I'll just continue to still see him as my eye doctor going forward.

I've been taking off work since Thursday. It's just too hard to sit at my computer for very long. I did this post in like 3 different sessions. Please excuse any typos (or any more than usual)

Next post..........the shed/chicken coop project.