Sunday, October 25, 2020

Back to normal

It was a really nice long weekend with DD and her DH. We totally got dumped on with snow on Friday and Friday night. 13 inches! I think they were a bit freaked out about having to drive home today (Sunday) but we told them with the snow stopping Saturday morning by Sunday the roads should be good and mostly dry and they are (well, one lane is). They just left about 10:30 and once they get the first 50 miles or so (where it snowed) they will be past all of it. It was -3 this morning and only up to 12 right now. But starting tomorrow up to 36 and the rest of the week back up to 50's, which I am glad of. While it's absolutely beautiful here right now, I'm not quite ready for all snow all the time, yet.

DD and I finally got that 1000 piece puzzle done yesterday. She agreed it was a hard one. They got here at 7pm Thursday, so they made good time getting over here at exactly 7 hours. So, we had the whole evening to visit. We weren't able to go see my mom, since they aren't allowing visitors and with a foot of snow on the way Friday afternoon, we didn't want to get caught in it driving back home. She had a good chat with her on the phone on Friday.

SIL brought his little smoker and smoked some salmon, which was delicious with crackers and cream cheese, which we snacked on Friday afternoon. Then he made a good meatloaf in his smoker that we had for dinner. DD made a good broccoli salad. I also made a cake, to celebrate her birthday a couple weeks early. And gave her a couple of presents to open.

Friday night we just watched a couple of movies on Amazon prime. DH was out plowing and shoveling most of that time, LOL. Last night we watched another movie after dinner, a Prime Original I think - Peanut Butter Falcon. Very cute movie, we all enjoyed it.

The only hard part of the weekend was their 2 dogs, haha. 4 dogs in the house is a bit chaotic and of course theirs were in new territory, so harder for them to relax. One of their dogs they got when he was already 5 and he apparently has some past trauma. It's like he has PTSD. He'll be fine but if any dog approaches him (sometimes even their other dog) he will bare his teeth and growl. He sounds like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon! He's not aggressive, just scared, so he sounds mean. And of course both dogs had to bark at any little sound they weren't familiar with. I know it was bothering DD, more than it was bothering us. My 2 dogs have more than enough dog fur for me, and 4 dogs is crazy. I feel like all's I did was pick up clumps of dog fur all weekend.

Last night I made my 4 cheese and bacon mac and cheese for dinner, which was good. Everyone had seconds and cake for dessert, later on.

I always have to laugh at how much stuff they always bring and it's everywhere LOL. I couldn't keep up with dishes and running the dishwasher. I'd fill it up, turn it on, and before it was done I'd have another sink full of dishes. I think I now know why I could never keep a clean house when I had kids at home, haha. I felt like my house was a mess, but after they loaded up all their stuff, it was pretty much back to normal. I was cleaning dishes at the sink before anyone got up this morning and looking along our bar (3 section) counter top. Each section had their stuff, LOL. One had snacks. One had dd's wallet, sunglasses and keys and 2 water bottles. Another section had SIL's wallet and keys. 

I wish the weather would have been "normal" so we could have gone to see my mom, or got out to do something, but it was still nice and super relaxing. I did send her home with 2 dozen eggs, which she was happy to get.

All quiet now. I think both of and the dogs are ready for a nap!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Starting the long weekend

DH is making his way through the pallets of storage bins (these things, in case anyone is wondering, haha)

One had some bedding in it and he brought it in. Now I remember it was stuff needing to go to Goodwill, but we didn't have time before we moved. I decided to ask my friend in town if she knows anyone that can use some twin bedding stuff. She works at the grade school and helps a lot of the families who are low income with a food pantry and such she has going on at school. I told her there is an alternative down comforter, a blanket, 2 duvet covers and 2 mattress covers. She said yes, she does! A couple just had their grandkids move in and they need some things. Perfect. I will go drop them off to her later today. DH also found 2 twin foam mattress toppers and she will take those, too.

I just got my messy desk all cleaned up. A stack of papers gone through (and most thrown away). As much as I try to go paperless, there still sure is a lot of papers. Desk is all nice and neat now, though. Looks like it's going to be a fairly sunny day. Cold though. It's only going to be 37 today.

Still on my list to do - clean chicken coop. Dust, vacuum, wrap birthday gifts, and go into town. Oh and dh wants his hair cut, too. I cleaned my kitchen and bathrooms yesterday and cleaned all up after I made dh's breakfast and my coffee this morning. I didn't finish the puzzle. The kids will have to help me, LOL.




Wednesday, October 21, 2020

I'm awake this afternoon

I have been having terrible afternoon sleepiness while trying to work the past month or two. I'm not a very good lunch eater. I usually just snack on something. Though sometimes I have a sandwich or soup (and still sleepy) Today I had 2 scrambled eggs. It's almost 3pm and no sleepiness today. I'll have to try that again and see if it helps.

DH was busy and tired by the end of yesterday. He cleaned all the bottom level windows on the house and shop, even each little window on the garage and shop roll up doors. He does have one of those window washing brushes and a squeegee, but like he says, he can't do it like the pros, haha. Maybe if he did it everyday, as a job, he'd get good at it, I suppose.

UPS is dropping something off today, so hopefully we can catch him so I can give him the old Firestick I need to ship back to Amazon. Usually we hear him pulling in - or I should say the dogs do. The neighbor dogs bark first because from their house they can see him pulling into our street (so we usually know someone is coming, haha) and then our dogs bark when they hear/see him pull in our driveway. It just has to be sent back by 11/3 (as they already gave me credit on my purchase of the new one) and worse comes to worse I can run into town and drop it off with the shipping counter at the grocery store. 

I made myself a to-do list for tomorrow - what all I need to get done before dd arrives. By the looks of the list I'll be busy all day! LOL. I did clean the toilet in the upstairs bathroom, today. The rest of the bathroom is clean and tidy. The room they will sleep in is ready, just needs vacuumed. Son in law is going to cook for us one of the nights, so that will be nice!

Today is just getting away from me. It's almost time to quit work and I still don't know what I'm making for dinner. Ugh. I didn't take anything out of the freezer and I can't think of anything to make that doesn't need thawed out. Soup doesn't sound good. I guess I'll defrost a couple of steaks and make some rice and a veggie.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tuesday good and bad

Yesterday was a day of kudos and thanks to myself and my boss. Our IRS audit is finally over and the final figure was very minimal. The company owners are thrilled and several emails thanking my boss and I for doing such a good job and a nice thank you message from my boss, directly to me about it. She took on most of the worry and stress, but we got through it. In part because I keep all emails and was able to go back to 2017 and 2018 and prove we had resolved our vendor 1099 issues. 

DH cleaned out the gutters from tree needles yesterday. He tried a new way - he used his shop vac, haha. It has a really long hose and he was able to stand on the ladder with the hose and suck most of them up. He was also able to reach more with the hose, so he didn't need to get down and move the ladder as often. Plus, he then didn't have to clean it all up off the ground around. He says today he is going to work on cleaning the windows outside. It's not supposed to rain today, which should help. 

There was a bird down on the back patio this morning chirping repeatedly like he's upset. I could hear him and looked out the window and see him wandering around down there. He's like "hey!! where's the birdbath??!". Sorry guy, we had to put it away for the winter. 

A friend of mine (since jr. high school) on Facebook felt the backlash of being a conservative yesterday. She doesn't usually post anything political, though I do on occasion see her comment on conservative pages (probably because we follow the same ones). She shared a video from years ago. Nothing you can argue about over it. Nothing even really very political, as far as opinions go. A few friends commented to the effect, yes times have changed. But a few others were rude. One saying she can't believe friend would support Trump, especially in her line of work So, now we have to be Democrat to work in a certain field? Friend asked if she is not allowed to have her own opinions now?  She also stood up for herself in a second reply, with complete respect. A few others, including myself also stood up for her. My reply was that the video she shared had nothing to do with Covid or Trump, whatsoever. It was to show how times have changed. It's a sad day when  friends feels the right to judge and insinuate you have a bad character, just because you believe in conservative values and policies.

Has anyone made their own vanilla extract before? My bottles of vodka and vanilla beans are still in the works. When I read online how to do it, I read several blogs or articles on it. Several said just to use cheap vodka, it didn't need to be expensive stuff. Well, a friend of mine who is crafty, just shared a pic on Facebook of when she made some a couple years ago and she was going to make some again, but she learned after the first time to use good vodka. I'm standing there in the kitchen looking at my cute bottles and thinking oh this not going to turn out good now? 😟 I will be bummed if this doesn't turn out well, since I wanted to use these as neighbor/friend Christmas gifts.

Two more sleeps and my dd will be here!

Monday, October 19, 2020


Yesterday continued our rain fest.  It was past time to get the dead annual flowers out of the pots and the pots stored away for the winter. With freezing temps on the way later in the week, it had to get done.  DH brought down the hanging baskets for me. We put all the pots in our little John Deere trailer, that pulls behind our lawn tractor.

My mom called about 3 times yesterday. It seems often Sundays are her day she tries to figure everything out, LOL.  She is so confused about having 2 bank accounts right now, as well as throw in that her credit card was hacked again last week and another new one is on the way, doesn't help one bit. She got her new bank debit card a couple weeks ago. We already talked about it. I know her new credit card is on it's way. She says yesterday I got this new Visa card, and I thought she meant it was her new cc had already come. So, I was confusing her more and then realized she was talking about her Visa debit card.....

I keep having to explain to her we have to keep the BofA accounts open until December, because Social Security takes over 2 months to change the banking info (good grief!) so we have to leave it open until it starts depositing to her new checking. Then I mentioned her new checks and she didn't think she got them. I said oh, I know you did, you said they came in a flat like folder, not a box....oh, right. There they are, sitting on top of her printer. I said a new "check register" should have come with the checks, so she can start keeping track of the transactions, but she says there is not one. I'll have to see if I have an extra one and mail it to her.

Then she called confused about why she has a medicare card and a Blue Cross card. What does she have for insurance? I said Blue Cross. She was apparently going to throw away her Medicare card. I said no, you need to keep that, too. She couldn't understand why. I said well, it's hard to explain but you are on Medicare, but they make you choose an insurance company that processes and pays your claims. I had to use that Medicare card info to enroll her with the new insurance company. Then she says well if I go to the doctor, which card do I give them. I said usually they just want the Blue Cross card. The she says well, I haven't had to go to the doctor in a long time.......ok....she's been like 5 times since she moved here and we did that virtual visit check up like 6 weeks ago.

Then she called while I was making dinner, so she said I could call her back. I knew when I called her back she would either have forgotten she even called or what she called about. I don't think she really knew, but she went to her desk and saw her voting ballot, so maybe that was why she called. I tried to help her over the phone......yikes, LOL. My guess is her ballot will end up being invalid when they receive it. I had to tell her a couple of times it has to be done in pen, not pencil. I also reminded her it needs to go in the secrecy envelope first and then the mailing envelope and the back of that needs to be signed and dated. 

We also decided to fortify the fencing around the maple trees! With the fencing only about 5 ft, our luck the deer would just reach over and grab leaves if they could reach far enough. We had leftover chicken coop material, so dh wanted to attach it to make the fencing higher around the tree. Only it wasn't enough to do both trees. He then decided he'd have to cut the fencing lengthwise. He had a wire snipping tool but it was taking FOREVER. I said, can't you use your new nifty saw you bought? oh ya! He went and got that and it was cut in like 30 seconds. We wrapped each piece around the top of the existing fencing we put up the day before and secured with many zip ties. It's over 6ft tall now, so pretty sure no deer can get to them.

We have my old vacuum DH uses in the shop to vacuum the rugs and mats he has, as well as the rugs (leftover pieces from our house carpeting) he has in the garage at the inside of doors. It won't pick up anything anymore. We took it apart and it was clogged with stuff.  We cleaned it all out really well and it works good now. It does need a new filter thing and need to order more vacuum bags. They get harder and harder to find as this vacuum is old and not made anymore. The filter I had to find on ebay. 

We are still waiting on that replacement panel to be installed on one of our garage doors. It was supposed to be done when the guy came and put up the shed door a couple weeks ago. Then it was supposed to be done last week, but no call. I emailed the guy on Friday and now he says he'll be out this Friday to install it. It's been like 3 months since we ordered it!

Neighbor brought over some "trick or treat" cookies she made yesterday. I'm not sure what kind they are, but very soft - molasses, I think. Yummy. Even dh liked them. But, if I would have made them he wouldn't have even tried them because he would say he doesn't like that kind.

Happy Monday :)

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Maple trees

We got the 2 Autumn Blaze maple trees planted, in the rain. I'm really happy with what I ordered online. They came quickly and were packaged really well. They look nice and healthy. Advertised as 5-6 ft, they are both a good 6ft (after planting), if not a bit taller (dh is 6').

Some day they are supposed to look like this! In our lifetime? haha.

Supposedly they will grow 3-5 ft a year. Nothing ever seems to grow as fast as they say.  I'm glad I thought ahead to buy some bags of potting soil, as we did use 2 of them. DH had both our fire pits going. He had a pile of brush and a whole lot of scrap wood to burn up and with the drizzly weather it was a good time. At least it didn't feel cold while we were outside, so that helped.

He had also burned some old papers from one of his bins and then I was able to add a small bankers box of old papers (from my side job, haha) to the fire. One less box in my office now. Years ago, before I had 2 monitors I always printed out the papers I had to work off of (reconciling commission payments) but after I started using 2 monitors I now just keep the report on once screen and do my work on the other. I hardly print out anything anymore, thank goodness.

DH used some of the leftover fencing wire and put up around the trees, to see if we can keep the deer from them until they can grow taller. Not pretty, but gotta do it. When the rain stops (doesn't sound like this week either), I'll spray some deer repellent around them. I had gone back in the house, but when I saw him starting that I went out to help as I figured it would be easier trying to handle the roll of wire, etc, and it did help quite a bit having 2 of us. Plus, I was able to pull the wire back for him while he pounded the posts in the ground. Our neighbor came out on her back deck and asked why we were out in the rain, LOL. I said well, it's not stopping, so here we are, haha.

Our backyard is down a fairly steep slope. After going up and down that numerous time yesterday, my hips hurt. I'm surprised it wasn't harder on my knees. They are still a bit achy today, but thankfully I really don't need to do much today.

I did get a short nap in later in the afternoon and finished a book. I remembered I had several free books I've downloaded from Amazon First Reads and had started one of them awhile back. They are ok books, nothing great, but at least something to read while I'm waiting on books I've reserved through the library. Then one of my library books became available, last evening, so I started that one. "A Gentleman in Moscow". I haven't gotten very far, but seems like it will be good. It was on the bestsellers list at one point.

I'm still working on that dang puzzle. Found another 10 pieces or so, while I ate my sandwich. I'm trying to get it done before's taking up half my dining table and I'll need it for eating when DD and her dh come. 

It's supposed to snow today, but so far it's still rain. Some friends in another part of the state got some snow yesterday.

I'm looking forward to a short work week, since I'm taking Thursday and Friday off.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Rain rain go away

It is pouring rain, again. Supposed to stay like this all weekend. Not a good time for planting the 2 maple trees that are delivering today. Ugh. I guess I'll still be wiping 8 wet/muddy paws for awhile. They are good though. They know to sit in front of me, while I take the dog drying towel and say "feet" and they hand me a paw. Then the next one. Then I say "back feet" and they stand up and let me clean the back paws.

DH has put up a bunch more pictures in the shop. And a few various signs. One he came across is a metal sign that says "mancave" He hates that term, LOL. He doesn't even know who gave him the sign. I said it wasn't me and I would usually remember if someone else gave it to him. He thought maybe dd, but she said no. I said just throw it out. Since he can't get rid of anything I see he put it over the door to the shop bathroom, LOL. Kinda fitting, haha. I got the firestick hooked up to his tv, so he has live tv out there now, which I'm sure helps, while he's out there fiddling around.

My car registration tabs, expiring at the end of this month arrived in the mail, so that is on the plate now. I paid for them online Thursday and they were in my mailbox the next day. Pretty fast service from our town office at the courthouse. My car insurance renewed for a new term the other day, so that new insurance card is in the glovebox. All good to go.

I had a hard time waking up this morning. I think because dh woke me up at like 12:30 last night, because he someone messed up his Facebook login. It was a blank white screen and wouldn't reload. He has Facebook accounts for our dogs he sometimes switches over to and somehow it didn't work. He tried to google the issue and was told to clear the cache and cookies. So, we did that and I made sure the box "saved logins/passwords" was not checked. That fixed the issue, but his saved logins for the dogs accounts was gone and he had only written down one of them for the email and password he used to set it up. I have no idea what he used and he did it years ago.

I took the scissors to my hair again and worked on putting more layers into it. I think it helped. I had done ok with some layers at the front of my face, but the back had none and looked dumb, haha.  I could use a bit more in the back, but didn't want to cut too much until I get comfortable with snipping away. 

Fed Ex just delivered our 2 trees, bright and early for them, but I think Saturday usually is earlier than weekdays. 

DH also might have someone buying one of the old race car frames. We'll see. Aside from the extra money, the main thing is it would free up more shop space for DH. The guy could change his mind or find something else, so I'm not holding my breath, but keeping fingers crossed.

Time to get in the shower....or maybe I should wait until after we plant the 2 trees, I'm sure I'll be soaked and wet. I think I'll wait.