Friday, September 30, 2016


The buyer FINALLY got her closing disclosure yesterday afternoon!!!! She is supposed to close on Monday and they are trying for a morning time frame. THANK GOD. I think this nightmare is almost over for us.

We will leave here Monday and close on our new house on Tuesday.

Yesterday my boss said she even got another request from my lender to verify again that I still work there and what is my continued employment probability of employment and her choices on the form were "good" and "not sure".  She said she wrote in Very Good. LOL. I said to her did you also write in that I'm so good I'm working on my vacation?!  haha!

I found a nice home for our 2 (annoying) parakeets. I listed them on craigslist and a nice young couple that already has 4 birds came and got them. They were really sweet and even sent me some text updates and a photo of them with their new flock. They will be much happier there! as they get to fly around all day.

oh geez, now I just got a call from the seller - he went in this morning and did his signing, but the title co person told him that we have to sign by Monday, because our lender docs are time sensitive and can't go past Monday? So, now checking with lender again on that, as no one mentioned that to me earlier this morning when I said I wanted to sign Tuesday.Always something! But at least it all seems to be moving forward now.

Just a few more days.........I hope. I am so completely skeptical of everything at this point.


  1. Great, great news!! It takes forever but so worth it in the end!
    Congrats!! :)

    1. Thanks Rosie - yes it will be worth it, which is why we haven't given up trying to make it happen. But we'll definitely be ready for a big rest after all this.

  2. I hope no one you are working with ever asks for a reference!

    1. no kidding, right! I will say though that everyone on my buying end has been very good and very responsive and seem to have their act together. My agent over there has not failed me one single time with anything, nor has the lender - (so far, knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc)