Tuesday, September 6, 2016

An Update

Boy, last week sure went by fast. It started out Sunday night with our older dog throwing up twice. Ugh. I just had him to the vet 2 weeks ago for diarrhea. I left for work Monday morning, got about 10 minutes away and DH called that he threw up again.  Well, since he was just sick a couple of weeks ago, and now sick again, I figured I'd better get him back to the vet (they never found anything wrong with him 2 weeks ago). I went ahead and had a bunch of blood work done. Dr. wanted to make sure it wasn't pancreatitis. It all came back normal, thankfully. She gave him an injection to help with the throwing up and I took him home and he had a 3 day diet of boiled chicken and rice, which he absolutely loved. No more problems, other than I was $330 poorer.

Tuesday the lady who was going to buy our house from last sale came and bought our 2 desks, 2 office chairs (they were getting old and time to replace) a twin bed and night stand. $400 richer.

I only went into the office once last week, which was nice. Friday was a half day for everyone as we headed into the nice long weekend.

No real news on selling/buying/moving. The appraisal was done on the house we are buying. The appraisal got ordered on our house, but we haven't been notified of a date yet. The lady who is buying stopped by again, she wanted to show her other son this time. She is just too darn excited about it, LOL.

DD came again for the whole weekend. We packed up most of my clothes. DH packed up his and even managed to let go of some really old shirts, LOL. I doubt he could even fit into them anymore anyway.  Then DD and I packed up what was left to do in the kitchen, other than just stuff I still need to get by with for everyday for next few weeks. It's pretty bare minimum at this point. Then we scrubbed inside all the cabinets and a few of them I put down some contact paper. Where there was years of pots and pans slid in and out of a bottom cupboard, just wouldn't come off with the magic eraser. Most of it did come off.

We also took a break and went and window shopped at this huge furniture store we love. They said they got in "Magnolia" items (from the show Fixer Upper) but we looked through just about every display and found exactly 2 items there were Magnolia stuff. DD was a bit disappointed. But we did have fun wandering through all the furniture and displays.  Then we stopped at U-haul and I bought 2 "tv boxes" for our 52" and 32" tvs.

We all went out to dinner for Mexican food Saturday night. We had a $50 gift card that needed to get used before we moved, which worked out well and I didn't have to pay much out of pocket. Sunday afternoon we went over to a friend of DH's place nearby. They have 3 horses and DD wanted to see them. She knows nothing about horses, but has this dream that one day she will have property and some horses. It was a little nerve wracking standing there with 3 horses moving around us and no fence in between. They are just so big. They did enjoy the apples we brought from our good neighbors trees.

It was nice to have an uneventful week as far as bad news goes. I'm still not feeling like we are out of the woods yet. I don't know what in the world else can go wrong, but I'm sure it will :/  It was really nice to get my paycheck last week and realize, after budgeting my normal expenses, I have $2000 left! It's going to be even better when my house payment goes from $2450 to $1050. We will be socking lots of money in the bank towards building our home in the future.

I was also pretty much exhausted all last week. Had 2 nights where I just didn't sleep good, which didn't help at all. I finally got a nap in yesterday afternoon, when DD left for home at 2pm. Woke up this morning feeling pretty refreshed and glad it's Tuesday and not Monday.


  1. Thanks for the update.
    Hang in there!

  2. I am glad things are OK. take care!