Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A little panic

We had a bit of a panic attack yesterday afternoon. An inspector showed up here to do an "FHA foundation inspection". HUH??? Our buyer is not financing FHA, so huh??  He had no idea. "Just doing what they told me to do".  All kind of thoughts were running through our minds for a couple of hours until I was finally able to get a hold of our agent to find out what is going on. FHA is now a 4 letter word to us after what we went through with last sale! I was imagining the agent telling me "oh, buyer had to change to FHA financing" or something like that.

She had no idea either, didn't order a foundation inspection, let alone, buyer is financing conventional. Turns out her lender wanted one done, even for conventional, since it's a manuf. home. Whatever. Stupid waste of her money since a certified foundation inspection was already done and they were supplied a copy of it.

I still have not been credited 1 of the 6 $500 fraudulent charges on our debit card. I don't know why 5 got done at same time and 1 wasn't. I called Monday to check on it and was told it was still in process and would be credited in 24-48 hours. Well, it's now been another 48 hours and still not credited and I'm still out the $500 from my bank account! I'm tired of calling about this.

Two more weeks and we will supposedly be moving. I am so ready to be done with this and start our new life. Mostly I'm just ready to get rid of all this stress we've been going through. Hard to remember anymore what life was like when it was calm and quiet. I am looking forward to not having to deal with all these people - agents, lenders, insurance agent, etc. Ready for no emails (other than my mom, half sister and daughter) and no phone calls.

It would be interesting to see what this place looks like in a year or two. It's a big yard to take care of and apparently this lady isn't exactly much on yard work. LOL. Sure, we have quite a bit of low maintenance landscaping, but there is still a lot that needs to be done on a regular basis. And it sounds like this lady is a busy gal - not at home much.

We are already making plans on what we will be doing to spruce up the landscaping at the new house, which it definitely needs. It's not a very big lot, so won't really cost us that much to fix up. The grass needs some fertilizing and re-seeding. The chain link fence needs a top rail to finish it off. The back yard has a rock garden type of area, but we think it would look better if it had a few plants/shrubs planted in it. Looks like some general weeding needs to be done all around.  The front area between street and front fence needs fixing up too.  It's just kind of gravel and weeds. I think we will try to plant a large tree or two to eventually help out with some shade. Hopefully we'll have a little time, weather wise, to get some of it done soon and not wait until Spring.

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