Wednesday, September 14, 2016


My to do list seems to keep growing.  And some of it is kind of dumb, but I'm having trouble figuring out the logistics of some of it. LOL.

For example, I do not have a new address, per se, yet.  There is no mail delivery to houses in the town, so will be getting a PO Box. I see that I can order/prepay for a PO Box online, but I will not, apparently, actually get assigned a PO Box # until I show up there with 2 forms of obviously I want to try to start re-routing my mail from my current address at least a day before we are moving, so that mail doesn't get delivered to new resident.  But, I have no address to forward it to.  I guess I could have my post office hold the mail for several days, until I actually get the PO Box # it can get forwarded too. Or forward temporarily to my mom and then forward permanently once I have PO Box. See? silly things I'm trying to figure out.

Finally got the last of the $500 debit card fraud charges credited to my account.  The new debit card has not arrived yet.

I did get some good news today. My broker/lender had said we can't really close on our new house until like a week after our house closes! I'm like really? even though I currently have the closing funds needed to close it in my bank account? I'm not waiting to receive funds for that part. But, of course, the condition of purchasing new house is that old house is sold. And then another 3 days is needed to give us our disclosures. But, today she said the lender will accept a copy of the estimated sale disclosure from the title company on the sale of our house and then we don't have to wait the extra 3 days, or something like that.  That helps.


  1. When moving, there are always a lot of complicated logistics involved. It doesn't always work smoothly. You just have to muddle through and finally you get to the other side. Your brain tends to block most of the memories when it's over unless something triggers a memory. Or that's been my experience.

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  3. When moving, there seems to be an infinite number of "little" things to plan and take care of. However, once you are done, you will be so much relieved. You will be in an area where you want to settle down, you will be far far away from stupid druggies and you will have a nice new home to decorate and the Holidays are just around the corner. In anticipation of all these nice things, I am sure, you will feel much better soon. I am so excited for you.

  4. Yes, I'm sure it will all seem easy compared to what we have been dealing with! Looking forward to decorating new home and all the peace and quiet :)