Thursday, September 22, 2016


Today will be a fairly busy day. I am working from home because my old friend from jr. high and high school and I are going to meet for lunch at a Panera near me.  Then at 1pm the buyer of our house is coming by to go over all the "systems" of the house and shop. She was going to come last week, but had to reschedule.

DD is coming here straight after she gets off work at 3pm.....though it will most likely take her 3 hours to drive the 70 miles to get here. She gets to work from home one Friday a month, so she will just work from home here tomorrow. Her last weekend at the house she grew up in! We will both work from home tomorrow and then take dog to vet in the afternoon.

We are picking up the big u-haul truck Saturday morning, so we have the weekend to load, with help of DD and her BF. He might bring a friend over to help too, which would be nice. Sunday we will load our big bed, as it's so heavy (a big king sized cherry wood sleigh bed) it will take all of us to do it. The only thing we are leaving till just before we move is a twin bed. DH (and dogs) will stay here Sun - Tues nights and I will just go over to my mom's and sleep at her house those last 3 nights. Will be good to spend with her a few days before we leave.

Look at me - making plans before this is all finalized. I'm sure I just jinxed myself.  We are still waiting on the appraisal to be turned in our our house! This ain't over yet!

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