Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday morning

Several weeks ago DD was commenting that she got a doctor bill for like $85, from an old visit, and it came at the same time as a big vet bill she just paid for her cat. I told her that I would of course pay her doctor bill, because I was still covering/paying for her medical until her work insurance started Sept 1st. I told her just to keep what she pays me in September for auto insurance and her share of the cell phone bill, rather than me sending her money and then her turning around and sending me money back for her bills.

The other night she texts me all happy that she got a reimbursement check back in the mail from the doctor office because apparently they made an error and she didn't owe. She said the visit was from last May, so I thought she was talking about a different bill than the one I said I'd cover.  Back and forth we went until we both got on the same page that this was the same bill. I WAS paying it (by letting her not pay me in Sept for her bills), so she will now still owe me her Sept bills, since the doctor office reimbursed her.  It was quite comical. Her final text to me "Buzz killer".  LOL

Got up this morning to start my cup of coffee and the "Not Ready" light just stayed on. Eek! Tried unplugging it, etc. Nothing. Tried googling the problem and finally came across a little you tube video. The handle wasn't seating down all the way properly. I gave it a good jiggle and it came on and thankfully I now have my cup of coffee (or my creamer with a bit of coffee, as I like to call it) and can start my day on the right foot.

I didn't get a whole lot more done yesterday. I went out and watered the flowers (which carrying the filled big watering can is heavy and always pulls my back a bit), made my bed back up. Took a short nap. Started watching where I had left off a couple of years ago with Vikings, made myself a spaghetti dinner (because DH hates spaghetti) and DD and her BF came by around 6:30 for about an hour.

DH will be texting sometime around noon to come meet/pick him up. His friend isn't bringing his huge race hauler all the way to our house (that would be out of his way and a total pain), so I am just meeting them at some point along a freeway off ramp, somewhere, I haven't heard exactly where yet, and picking him up. I'm sure DH will be very tired. He left at 4am yesterday. Drove 7 hours. Spent the afternoon/evening at friends and basically stayed over night there until early this morning when he met up with his ride back here.

So far I have several friends/people I know who are moving out of state. One of DH's oldest friends moved to Texas. Another just sold/early retired and are moving to Hawaii. My step sister early retired and just moved to Idaho. Our IT guy at work is leaving - to travel around the US with his wife and dog for a year or so and live in a camper. Not sure where he's going to land afterwards, but probably in a less populated area, it sounds. Another good friend is seriously considering moving to Montana, like we are. He's already found some acreage he's interested in and called up DH the other day, while stuck in traffic again (story of our life around here) and said he is so ready to get out of here, now he's thinking about next spring. If he does, we'll practically be neighbors, which would be nice.
Ok, off to the shower and then get at least the vacuuming done. Our black dog is shedding like crazy the past week or so.

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